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Whats SIM

Whats SIM

Verification service for WhatsApp, Telegram and online services

With our Whats SIM you can create second accounts for popular messengers like WhatsApp, Telegram or LINE. You don't need a real mobile or SIM card. "Whats SIM" have the necessary tools to verify and create an account on any platform you need a SMS or phone call verification.

Create an account and start using Whats SIM to create second accounts for WhatsApp, Telegram and any other service you need a text or phone verification.

Temporary phone numbers, also known as "burner" numbers, are a useful tool for verifying accounts with online services such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. These temporary numbers can be generated quickly and easily, allowing users to provide a valid phone number for account verification without revealing their personal information.

One of the main benefits of using a temporary phone number for verification is the added security and privacy it provides. By using a temporary number, users can avoid sharing their personal phone number with potentially untrustworthy services, protecting themselves from potential spam or scam calls and texts.

Additionally, temporary phone numbers can be useful for users who want to maintain multiple accounts on the same online service. By using different temporary numbers for each account, users can easily keep their accounts separate and avoid confusion or overlap.

Overall, temporary phone numbers are a valuable tool for online verification, offering a convenient and secure way for users to access the services they need without risking their personal information.

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