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Whats SIM

How to use Whats SIM online verification service

Receive codes for WhatsApp or messengers like Telegram, LINE oder Wechat

Get a code for WhatsApp?

Follow these steps to get a WhatsApp Code to your Whats SIM:

  1. Add a Whats SIM number to your account

  2. Open WhatsApp and enter the number you added. Take care to selected the right country of your Whats SIM and enter the correct number

  3. First try to receive your WhatsApp Code with a SMS. Please check if you get a verification Code via SMS to your Whats SIM

  4. If you don't get a WhatsApp code via SMS, don't worry! Wait until you can click on the "call me" button. We automatically record any call to your Whats SIM and you can listen to it after we recorded your WhatsApp verification code

  5. Enter the Code you received as SMS or call

Can I delete my Whats SIM after a verification?

We highly recommend to keep your Whats SIM number!

If your Whats SIM is not active in your account you can lose your verification and all of your data at anytime.

Get a code for Telegram?

You can follow the same steps as for a WhatsApp code. First try to receive a Telegram code as message, if it don't work make a phone call to your Whats SIM number.

Verification for other messengers and services?

You can use your Whats SIM for any online service you need to register with a SMS or call. We save your received messages and calls securely in your account.

Don't get a verification code?

Here are some common solutions:

  • Always try both verification methods - with a SMS and a phone call

  • We record all verification calls, so it may take some minutes till you can listen to it

  • Please wait up to one hour and try again

  • Send a test SMS or make a test phone call to your Whats SIM

  • Double check, if you entered the Whats SIM number correct. Use all Whats SIM numbers in international format and choose the right country if a service needs to set it

  • If you tried different methods multiple times, always use the latest code you get

Can I add multiple numbers?

Yes, you can add multiple numbers from different countries to your account to verify with different service like WhatsApp, Telegra, LINE, Wechat.

I need a number from another country

You may try to use

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