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Unfaithful Confessions

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I’m in love with this guy and we met before I got in a relationship with my boyfriend but sadly we can’t date so that’s when I started dating my boyfriend. Well me and this guy started back talking and my feelings for him have gotten bigger and now I don’t think I want to be with my boyfriend. I feel bad because at the beginning of our relationship it was good and then something happened and it just kinda fell off. Well to make matters even worse my boyfriend got me a promise ring and I don’t want it, I really just want to break it off with him but how do I tell him that after I met his whole family....

#lost   #confused   #love   #crush   #boyfriend   #unfaithful  

I have kept the cum stained panties (something blue) from my wedding day for 30 years, but it wasn't my husband's!

#unfaithful   #cheating  

She came in a relationship with me saying she Loved me like anything. It was exactly 46 days when she told i guess it was just an attraction and not love and then she suddenly ends up everything leaving me broken. I feel like taking a revenge on her. I want to make sure she never does anything like that again with anyone.

#revenge   #unfaithful  

it is the birthday of a female colleague today. she is only 21, has a kid and single. Im married and have a kid too. we have always been very closed, up to the point where at some point other people were thinking we were having an affair. i bet she knows that i have a little crush on me and so does she. i gave her some sexy lingerie as a present and later, she went to the toilet to take a pic of them on her and send me. i was so aroused and i told her she was very sexy in it. she asked if i was having a boner and i told her yes. she told me to go to the mans toilet and to message. which i did.
we were pretty shy at first but we ended up sexting in the toilets. we came hard. it was so hot. now everytime i see her in the office, we have a little smile. maybe one day it will be the real thing for me and her. she is a hottie.

#unfaithful   #office   #sexting   #birthday   #lingerie  

I have cheated on every single one of my relationships.

#unfaithful   #wife   #hotwife   #cuckold   #cheating  

I cheated on my boyfriend once. We have been together for seven years. It hurts me to think about it, but one more time, I ask for forgiveness and to forget it from my mind forever.

I barely knew the guy. I was 18 and I had only ever had sex with my boyfriend. I began feeling like I was missing out, that maybe I wanted to try with someone else once. I regret it. I pretend it never happened. My boyfriend started to make me dinner. I told him I was going out for a little while to get away and think. I met the guy. I didn't actually plan on going home with him, but when he showed up, he was really nice and we got along well. My boyfriend texted me a picture of the dinner he made and told me it was ready and asked if I was coming home.

I curse at myself for not going straight home. If I could rewind, I would have never left that day, I would have never contacted that guy, and I would have stayed home with my boyfriend and ate the dinner he made me.

The guy told me he would never make me do anything I didn't want to do. But I went with him anyway. I told myself I would just hang out for a little while. It had been three hours and I was debating in my head if I would do it or not. I told myself that I was already there and that I should just get it over with so I could have that experience and so I could find out if I really wanted to be with my boyfriend. I ended up having sex with the guy and by the time it was over it was past midnight. I did not even really enjoy it. The guy asked if I wanted to stay over, but he said that the only thing was that he would have to wake up early the next morning for something he had to do. I said no and he drove me home, and thank god he did!

When he was driving me home we passed by my house and I saw my boyfriend waiting outside, staring at his phone. I looked at my phone and realized that he had sent me a whole bunch of messages and calls, my mom, brother, and dad had called. I told the guy to drop me off a block away from my house and I went home.

When my boyfriend saw me walking around the corner, I could tell he had been crying. He started crying again. It broke me into a million pieces to see him that way. He was shaken and he was worried. He was so happy to see me home. He told me that he had called my mom and dad and everyone we knew, he had even called the cops. I noticed that he had not even touched the dinner that he made me, it sat cold on the stove. It hurt even more. The cops came by to ask if everything was okay and i was forced to call my mom and dad who were states away and tell them everything was okay. They had been ready to come pick me up.

At first I told my boyfriend that I had met some friends in town and that they had wanted to hang out and my phone was on silent. (that story is mainly for my family) but I ended up telling him about the guy because he had gone through my messages and saw pictures of him. I told him it was just a friend I had met and that he was gay, because he really did seem to be gay. He had been a male model but he wasn't gay. He just looked like it.

Unfortunately it didn't stop there, it happened once more when my boyfriend had gotten mad because I didn't want him to meet the guy. It lasted maybe three to five minutes so I regretted that even more. We ended up moving back to my home state of New Jersey because our jobs had failed. Once back in our home state, things got better. We should have never left. It was almost as if it never happened. But I started thinking about it again and I was sad. My boyfriend would comfort me without knowing what was really wrong.

I thought maybe he didn't know. So tonight, I told him I don't like to think about that time. And he kind of understood. It was like an unspoken agreement. I told him I loved him so much and I would never ever hurt him like that. He trusts me a lot. And I brought up that incident and I couldn't believe my ears at what he said.

I knew that he had done something similar in the beginning of our relationship and he was so guilty he cried for hours and he stopped talking to any other girls and wouldn't even go near them. That is how I am now but with all the guys.

He told me that sometimes he thinks about that time away from our home in New Jersey and that he wonders if anything did happen with me and that guy, but he told me that whenever he thinks about that time, he knew that even if anything DID happen between me and that guy, he reminds himself that I had come home to HIM and I have never gone out again. He trusts me even more now that I have gotten it out of my system and I know deep in my heart that I would never do anything like that again. If I ever think about having sex with anyone other than my boyfriend, it disgusts me. I love him so much and we plan on getting married.

I am happy once again. Other girls may be debating on doing this (please don't make this mistake if you truly love the guy you're with, but then again sometimes you have to know for sure. All I ask is that you never cheat on your husband. Because you have already made that permanent commitment.), and other girls may look at this and call me a slut. I don't care, I know who I am and what kind of person I am. I am a good person who truly had a lapse during that time and I truly know that I fucked up. I know that I will never do it again. My boyfriend and I want to get married. Some people may scoff at that, but again, I couldn't care less. Fuck 'em I say. He is happy with me and trusts me completely and I am happy with him and trust him completely. For those people who think I will probably do it again, I will prove you wrong. In fact, you already are wrong.

#cheating   #regret   #unfaithful   #promises  

Wife in love with her dates. I love it.

First, I love going out with wife and watching her picking up guys. Sometimes the guy knows, sometimes not and I go home alone while she goes home with him. Sometimes she hooks up with a guy that is with a group of friends and she winds up at their table. She honestly has a good time but is aware of me watching. Her "date" has gone to the bathroom and she has taking the opportunity to flirt and kiss his friend. She knows that would be hot to me. Such a cheater and tease she is.

Anyway, she gets very attached to some guys who woo her and treat her so nice and slow dance and caress and soft kiss while they look in each others eyes.. I know she gets caught up in it and she is so into the moment. Like watching a love story. I know she truly wants him and she has told me that she is so wet while they are kissing and whispering to each other. She said she won't tell me what she says but I can guess. I confess, I like it. It is so hot to me. If she doesn't go home with him we have great sex while she fantasizes about it aloud. When the guy has known about me I have followed them to a hotel walking behind while they walk arm and arm, joking and kissing, almost mocking me. When inside I get to see my wife truly make love in all kinds of ways hardly ever acknowledging me. Some guys have said "I love you" and she has returned the sentiment. She does get some phones calls and she says it on the phone too. She has told me that, yes, she means it when she says it but not like us. Some guys she has seen more than once. As far as risk, she says we are life partners and she could never imagine life with anyone else and especially one who lets her do the things she does. I think she is happy. I am happy.

#adultery   #slut   #wife   #unfaithful   #cuckold   #promiscuous  

Ive been seeing a guy for about 2-2.5 months now, he barely gives me any attention but the sex is great.

Since i got "together" with him i have slept with 3 different guys, 2 being exes.

I was always so against cheating but i just need that attention and love like i get from my exes.

I know his sleeping with other girls but i just cant seem to end it with him.

#sex   #relationship   #unfaithful  

I am in a Committed relation since 3 Years now. But my girlfriend does not like sex that much. Even though we have sex, she remains a lot busy with her office work which she brings home with her. Sometimes we go for a dry spell for over a month. On the other hand i am kind of a Sex lover. I watch a lot of porn but lately i wanted to fuck somebody without any strings attached. So i started visiting Prostitutes. I started liking that & until now in a period of 5 months i had sex with over 6 different women.

#unfaithful   #prostitution  

I was in a long distance relationship with a girl on and off for the past 6 years or so. We sent nudes and all that shit, However she decided she was going to text my best friend (rip) and ask him if he wanted to see what i sent her. She was clearly obsessed with betraying me and lying to me constantly, so i had to spend my days stalking her online, she used to flirt with guys on stickam (rip stickam) behind my back and get high on cam all while telling me "i dont smoke anymore".

So one day i took a picture of my computer screen and what she was doing and sent it to her. She promised to straighten her shit out, long story short she didn't. after her constant betrayals i spammed her entire dox and nudes all over the internet and encouraged people to call the number. i left a bot on that repeated the message every 3 minutes. i was very hurt, and still am, she kept apologizing and wanting me back so of course i said yeah im sorry too. but a few months later i got sick of her shit AGAIN, so i blocked her number, her reaction was moving to kansas to turn into a drunk, while telling me all kinds of great lies, she got herself pregnant (for the second time, she had an abortion the first time). eventually on her birthday she called me crying like a bitch because nobody cared about her birthday and it was her first taste of the real world.

So for the next 2 years i tried to make things work with her even though she had somebody elses kid now. she didnt understand nor care how much it affected me. we had alot of arguments and instead of calling her a slut or a whore or whatever like i normally would i just started dishing out the truth on her and told her "you arent going to find somebody who wants a 22-23 year old single mother whos a pathological liar, that has fucked an excessive amount of people, is a complete bitch, has a history of drug and alcohol abuse, nobody is going to want you, and after all of that i am still talking to you." apparently she couldnt handle that.

she wanted to be FWB and that lasted all of 5 days. a few months ago she told me "its not going to work between us" so i replied "because im not good enough?" she says "No thats not it" "i want to live in a big house and have nice things and have more kids". I damn near died i just said "so basically im not good enough, sick contradictory statement". I told her i refuse to be friends with her under those circumstances if im going to be friendzoned and never given a legitimate chance at making a life with her.

I keep having dreams about her, i dont know what my problem is because i cant stop loving her, i wish i could, and i wish i could get over what she has done to me, i wish i could go more than 4 months without trying to talk to her. Hopefully this outlet will help me move on and i will find somebody who is actually worthy of my affection.

yes i know i didnt use proper punctuation and i dont care.

#betrayal   #lies   #unfaithfulness   #selfishness  

My wife finally confessed to me about her cheating on me, and I come to find out that she has been a cheating hot wife for many years. It is sexually stimulating and turns me on. One of her jobs was working in a maid service, and she had lots of sex with her clients as well as her co-workers. She was a little slut!
One of her stories was about a cute young boy she would drive in the car with, and she gave him handjobs along the way to their different jobs. She said that he would cumm so hard that it would hit the inside of the windshield of the car! He was a huge cummer evidently, and he would cumm very hard for my hot wife!
It turns me on that she made that young man cumm so much for her!

#unfaithful   #cheating   #wife   #cum  

I (female) found out three years ago that my ex boyfriend was cheating on me. Because he didn't know I found out, we met on that evening like every evening. I asked him about it and he said he was faithful.
As soon as he fell asleep, I got my cold wax strips out of my bag and stuck them everywhere, where he had hair; privat parts, head, back and on the chest. Then I left.
I haven't heard from him since.

#cold   #wax   #strips   #revenge   #ex   #cheat   #unfaithful  

Femal, 26 years old. I cheated on my boyfriend for several months and got pregnant from the other man. My (now) husband is still believing that she's his daughter. Thank god she looks a lot like me.

#confession   #cheating   #boyfriend   #pregnant   #affair   #daughter   #sin   #unfaithful  

Yo, couples therapy is a rip off. No one is going to stop a cheater from cheating if they are hooked to the thrill.

I'm a temp medical transcriptionist. My current contract is transcribing at a psychotherapist clinic who specializes in marriage counseling. What a waste of money this shit is. I've been doing this job (transcribing) for so long I normally don't pay attention to what I'm transcribing anymore (partly ethics but mostly it slows me down if I stop and read/actively listen) but WOW wow wow. The shit I'm listening and reading makes you pay attention! The one-on-one sessions is like a podcast. This stuff is crazzzzzzy. There are hundreds of tapes/notes I'm transcribing and not a single cheater has stopped cheating!! Even after they've been busted the fuckers keep going at it, not a single one lol.

Anyway my warning is, you bust your partner cheating don't give them a second chance cause this has opened my eyes up for sure and my confession is I regularly blow one married guy in my car because he is hot as fuck and his wife is always cow to me so, yeah.

#adultery   #unfaithful  

I will only date men that I don’t really like or am particularly attracted to just so I can cheat on them because cheating sex is the only sex that gets me off. It’s always bareback and almost always guys with girlfriends or wives.

#adultery   #gay   #cheating   #unfaithful  

I had sex with my boyfriend's younger brother because he had a much bigger penis. My boyfriend doesn't know but now when we have sex I can't help noticing how small he is and it makes me think that he's kinda pathetic

#cheating   #unfaithful   #sex   #cuck  

I recently got engaged to the sweetest man in the world. I honestly don't deserve it. He has a very demanding job and out of the 5 years we have been together he worked away for two of those. The relationship was really strained and somewhere along the way the resentment grew and we lost the passion which once brought us together. He came back and wanted to work things out and just as I was about to fully commit I reconnected with an old friend. Now this friend of mine looks amazing and thinks the world of me, where as my fiance stopped taking care of himself and I don't desire him as much. For the last year I have been sleeping with both. Sex with my friend is hot, he makes me cum like crazy. He has the most beautiful cock, He is tall, dark, and handsome. He constantly texts me dirty stuff and we even had the most amazing phone sex. All I think about all day is fucking him and seeing the lust in his eyes. He makes me call him daddy and dominates me without being too rough. I am very petite and he says he loves fucking me because of my extra tight pussy. I want to stop but I feel addicted to this man. I love my fiance but I don't lust for him this way. I am constantly in fear that this will come back to bite me in the ass.

#adultery   #selfishness   #sex   #addiction   #betrayal   #unfaithful  

I have met and became friends with the guy after selling my car at job (dealership). We kept in touch via Facebook and text. Before long we became friends on Snapchat. After stopping by his job a few times to say hi one day he grabbed my butt while hugging me and saying bye.
Couple days later we began to exchange photos and lusting at each other to the point just looking at his cock pics has me wet and horny for him. We made plans to meet which fell through and finally we did and stroke his huge cock, he sucked on my hard nipples and licked my wet throbbing pussy. I wanted to fuck him so bad, I wanted and was tempted to take him to the other room and have him fucked me so bad and licked my pussy dry. But I was so nervous and scared since we are both married adults.
I Hope on our next encounter we can fullfill and finish what we started. I know he wanted to fucked me so bad but I could see his guilt and pleasure in his face. I just wish we weren't in our situations so we wouldn't have to hide n be involved.

#married   #sexual   #unfaithful   #cheater   #confession  

I am in love with a co-worker.
She is -as I am- married, we have to 'do it' in my work truck so nobody gets suspicious.
We both will not desert out partners, we have too much invested into out marriages.
The worst thing: when it comes to body type, she is a step down from my wife.


The past 8 months I have gotten back with the girl I lost my virginity to at 15, now 30...but here's the kicker. She's married with 3 kids. She thought at first I just wanted sex and I did want her sex but I want her too. I've recently made her squirt a few times and she says I'm the only guy to do that to her. I've fucked her on their couch, their bed, in her soccer mom can, and in their shower....not to mention in their bed I fucked her tight ass until I came all in it. And I haven't ever wore protection with her.....we shall see how this turns out.


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