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I haven't been working for 2 weeks now because I am on sick leave.
Actually I just want to watch the world cup, I haven't missed a game since it started. My boss thinks I am seriously ill. That was worth it!

#lie   #sick   #leave   #ill   #world   #cup   #game   #soccer   #confession  

My father is unfaithful for a few years now. I just wished my mom would finally leave him.

#unfaithful   #father   #mother   #wish   #leave   #confession  

I confess I love my girlfriend more than anything but sometimes I think about leaving her. Not because I don't like her anymore but I'd like to see if she fights for me and what she would do to get me back.
She's the love of my life but I guess sometimes I am kind of unhappy, she doesn't try to make our relationship work, she lives like before the time we got together.

#girlfriend   #leave   #love   #life   #unhappy  

I toy with the idea of leaving my wife. I can't be with her anymore, she makes my life a living hell and don't even notice it. It's like she doesn't know what she's doing but she does it in a way I don't like it.
For example: She bought a dog but she know's I'm afraid of it.

I am just too lazy to leave her. I would need to find a new place to life and who should tell our kids?

#leave   #wife   #hate   #hell   #divorce  

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