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Wife Confessions

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My white wife is 63 and still very attractive. She got turned on by a 30 something black man and started dressing for him. I find it so hot that I started buying her sexy outfits to wear for him. I even suggested she wear tight tops without a bra just to tease him. I would to love her fuck him!

#wife   #shame   #confess  

my ex wife cheated, I confronted her and kicked her out of the house. I set up my rifle and watched this guy eat lunch. I had the rifle on his head and safety off, my finger on the trigger and pressing. I came very close to shooting him but knew I would be found.
I planned a set up where I would tie her in a chair and make her watch as I executed her family one by one. The only thing that saved them was my love for her little sister. She thought of me as a father figure and did not deserve to die.
I thought of suicide myself and just ending it all.

I did not kill anyone and just found someone new. I have a great wife I can trust and children I am very proud of.

#cheating   #wife   #mistakes   #suicide   #killing   #rifle  

On the surface I'm a happily married man with a loving, lovely wife.
But I am obsessed with getting my wife to cheat on me.
I have no idea why, but the thought of her having sex with other men, particularly doing things for them that she won't do for me, is an immense turn on.
I have suggested she cuckold me but she always says not to be ridiculous and she's not interested in other men.
I have set her up - unknown to her - with male friends of mine.
I've shown them nude photos of her, offered to let them seduce her.
Several have tried. Some have been successful. My wife doesn't know that I know she's been having sex with these guys.
I've loaned my friends a small camera which they hide in their rooms before my wife arrives and record everything for me.
My friends take photos and videos of her doing things with them and send them to me, sometimes while she's still with them doing things.
I watch the videos or look at the pics later and masturbate, wishing I could have been there to see it all first hand.
Does anyone else feel like this about their wife?

#cuckold   #wife   #infidelity  

I am 42 and married to a very hot, slim, hardbodied 38 year old woman. She looks in her face like a 25 year old (genetics, her mother doesn't look a day over 40), and her body is one that teen girls wish they had. She was out with friends last night, got very drunk, very early and the dropped her off to sleep. She came in, said hi and went straight to our bedroom. She surprised me and Todd the 16 year old from next door. Todd was helping me with some remodeling. I gave her some time, went in and pulled the covers off my naked wife and saw that pretty trimmed patch of black pussy hair, and those nice, meaty nipples on her B cup tits. I finger fucked her, then gave those nipples each a very hard pinch and twist and she didn't stir. So I brought up Todd and let him see my naked wife passed out. I finger fucked her, and stuck my soaked finger fully into her mouth, then fingered her asshole. I let him finger fuck her and suck and twist her beautiful tits. Then we both jacked off on her tits. I would have let him fuck her, but she's not on the pill and I didn't have any rubbers in the house and she didn't have her diaphragm in. So I cleaned her up and let Todd watch me fuck my wife in her ass before he left. This morning she knew I'd fucked her drunk ass, but didn't know a thing about the neighbor having played with her naked body, and now that the 16 year old knows what she looks like naked, and knows what her tits and pussy taste and feel like.


I got a salary raise about half a year ago. I know earn 200 000 dollars a year. But I didn't tell my wife because she would budget all the money for useless things. Some time ago, she told me she wants a new car and wanted to re-decorate our house. I will keep quiet about it and enjoy the additonal money myself.

#money   #dollar   #wife   #salary   #raise   #additional   #confession  

I’ve been happily a married for 10 years to a woman I love more than anything on this planet and for all of those 10 years I’ve been doing the most VILE things to her…and she has no idea they’re happening. Long story short I started with small things and when they went unnoticed I just kept pushing the limit. I am here to tell the world about the newest one. Enjoy.

My married father in law loves reddit. I have no clue what he follows specifically, but I only care about him liking and following one reddit page: mine. I made a fake reddit account as a female, filled it with a handful of nudes, solo videos, and sex videos and then I start following HIM…and almost immediately he starts following me back. We chat, “get to know eachother”, etc for only minutes before he asks if I want to exchange pictures and videos and if I’d be ok if he sent me videos of him jacking off to my content. It’s precisely what I wanted and he overwhelms me with videos and pictures of his dick in frame with all my fake selfies, masturbation vids, and videos of “my husband” fucking me. He begged and pleaded over and over wishing it could be him doing those things to me.

My pictures and videos were not fake. My wife has been sending me nudes and solo videos of her for 10 years…we’ve recorded countless sex videos….and that’s the only content I sent him. My father in law spent WEEKS masturbating and saying the most awesome and awful sex acts he would do to the woman he had no clue was his daughter, thanks to cropping her face out of frame.

Whenever we have dinner with her parents I am hard 100% of the time knowing this dark and obscene secret.

#wife   #family   #sexy   #sex   #masturbation   #disgusting   #husband  

My wife said to me: "Honey I promise you I will always be completely honest and open in our communication. It’s so important to a perfect relationship.
"I want you to be happy.
"So when you told me all your girlfriends and first wife cheated on you. I thought how perfectly honest and open you are for trusting me to know that about you. I’m not asking you to change for me.
"So I promise to cheat on you too.
"Honey we are just going to be completely perfect for each other."

#cheating   #cuckold   #promise   #relationship   #girlfriends   #perfect   #honesty   #willing  

I wish my wife loved me as much as she says she does. I have given her everything and do everything I can to make her life easy. I work so she doesn't have to, I do various chores so she doesn't have to I cook and care for our children but yet everything that comes out of her mouth is negative. We barely have sex and when we do she just doesn't seem interested. I don't want to leave because I fear for my kids, not that they will be beaten but for the upbringing that she would provide would not be ideal. She yells and screams at them more than she should and I feel if I left she would go into a mental break.

#lost   #wife   #love   #despair   #confession  

I'm madly in love with one of my cousin. We share rooms and I really just love his eyes, his hair, how he speaks... it's insane.
But he has a wife the wife is my best friend. And honestly, I'd love to turn them against each other. She naive, and like me like a sister, so I know that and I guess I could use this to make her jealous or get her into thinking that he is cheating with other women's or he having an affairs. Been the median helper.. I just want feel him again inside me like the trio we did 2 yrs ago ...

#cheat   #latina   #wife   #affairs   #cousin   #adult  

This story may be long so please bear with me. I have been with my husband for 15 years and married for close to 10 years. Halfway throughout our marriage I was diagnosed with an illness which decreased my sex drive. I also have no kids due to my illness. Because of my low sex drive I would mostly say no to my husband if he wanted to have sex. Sex would occur maybe once a month of maybe every few months.  One day while watching TV I grabbed my husband's phone to look at some pictures that he took and he immediately took back his phone and started acting suspicious. My husband is a very bad liar so I knew instantly that he was hiding something. He confessed and showed me all the porn that he had been watching. I was so upset at him and cried because I felt betrayed. If he told me he was into porn I would have been okay with it and watched as well, I guess it was the sneaking behind my back that made me upset the most. Months went by and I could feel my hormones starting to change. I was always horny. This time when I wanted to have sex my husband never had the time (he works 2 jobs and gets exhausted). 1 night we made the plan to have sex when he got home, but it never happened. When he left for work I started watching porn but it did nothing for me. I then began to masturbate, but again nothing. I decided to go online and sex chat with strangers to see how it would make me feel. I chatted with a few guys and the feeling was incredible. Made me feel so bad. I would take sexy pictures and rejoice every time I received a compliment on my hott body. I felt wanted, which is the exact feeling I was longing for. I then began chatting with this new guy. He was different. He was funny and cute and also married and feeling lonely in his marriage. With him it wasn't about the sex it was more emotional. For me, I have an amazing relationship for my husband so i was purely looking for something sexual. I spoke to this guy for a month and finally decided that we should meet. I would wake up in the morning and my husband would tell me how beautiful I was and how lucky he was to have me. A week before meeting the other guy I started feeling knots in my stomach knowing that I couldn't betray my husband. I ended up coming clean to my husband one night after dinner. I told my husband about how I was going to meet a stranger to make out and told him it was because I was feeling unwanted from him. My husband was so graciously understanding and did not get upset at me. More than anything he was trying to understand where all of this was coming from. He kissed me and told me he was glad I came clean and that he would never be able to tolerate it if I actually cheated because he has too much self respect to stay with me. He said "if you ever cheat on me, I never want to know. If I know, I will leave you, and I never want to leave you". I stopped chatting with the other guy at this point and started to work on my marriage. Things were starting to get really good, but in the back of my mind I couldn't forget that rush I felt from talking to a strange man and have him admire my body. A few weeks after confessing to my husband I was back online. I started talking to this guy who was also married but with kids. He was looking for an NSA relationship just like me. He was so smooth with his words and somehow convinced me to meet him a week after we started chatting. I was at my friends bachelorette party and planned on meeting him in a McDonald's parking lot for a quick make out session before heading home. I get into his car and kept hearing him tell me how hott I was. He made out for 10 minutes, he even offered to lick me down south but I refused. As soon as I got home I was so turned on and ended up having the best sex imaginable with my husband. I continued talking to this guy and he turned out to be a decent human being. We would talk daily for 4 weeks and met up 3 times just to make out. One day after much thinking I decided to end things and told him I had to work on my marriage. He asked if we could meet one last time and i agreed that we could meet on his birthday. This guy had a way with his words and it was so hard to say no. So yesterday I went to see him, but this time it was in a hotel. I bought the sexiest outfit and lingerie I could find. He was so passionate. He kissed every part of my body and even did things I wouldn't allow my husband to do. I gave him a bj and made him cum within a matter of seconds. He called to check up on his kids and they weren't well so he wasn't able to get hard in time for us to actually have sex. But what we did enjoy was 3 hours of passion and I can't get it out of my mind. I am ashamed to say that i woke up this morning feeling no regret. I love my husband and will spend the rest of my life making it up to him. I will also take this secret with me to the grave. I guess the reason for my confession is to know how I could move forward. How can I make things better? A million thoughts and emotions have been running through my mind all day and I know in my heart that my husband deserves better. I know I'm a cheater, but that's not the only label that defines me. I love my husband more than I love my own mother. I always think about all the years I deprived him of sex, yet he still never cheated on me...and here I was after a few months of neglect going off and having an affair. He is my best friend and i could never imagine my life without him. I know he deserves better. How can I make myself better and worthy of him? I no longer speak to the other guy, but how can I stop myself from getting tempted again? I would appreciate some honest advice.

#cheating   #confession   #husband   #wife   #sex  

I have finally gotten my wife to understand that it is okay for other men to notice her. We have a new 'guideline' that they can check her out wherever she happens to be. She even jokes about telling guys that we've decided it's okay for them to look, but they can't touch. Obviously, they can't be rude or aggressive. She seems to like the idea that not only do I find her sexy, but that I know other people do too. I hope this allows her to be less... prudish when she is out in public. She used to get offended, then we got to the point where she only acted offended, now she's almost to the point of enjoying the attention. We've also talked, when fantasizing during foreplay or sex, about me watching her suck another cock (she had much less experience than me when we got together, and I told her it's only fair). I think she realizes that I'm serious, as long as we both think he's attractive. Oddly, she has ridden around in public absolutely naked. She has allowed me to go down on her under a blanket in the middle of thousands of people. She likes posing for pictures for me, but has always wanted them to remain private. I think it would be so hot to watch another man (or men?) see her naked.

#wife   #blowjob   #exhibitionist  

My wife satisfies all my kinks and weird desires sexually so I must satisfy hers. Her kink is that when she has her period and must wear pads and tampons, she makes me wear them also. I always have a tampon in my butt, 24 hours a day for 4 days of her period and if she's really heavy the first and second days I have to put in a pad also. She changes the tampon at least 3 times a day, with a fresh one going in before going to bed and a new one going in upon waking up.

She likes to change them and insert them, me lying naked over her knee (she is usually naked too) and then smacks me on my butt hard enough to leave a mark of her hand.

Considering all she has done for me. . . this is the very least I could do for her.

My wife finally confessed to me about her cheating on me, and I come to find out that she has been a cheating hot wife for many years. It is sexually stimulating and turns me on. One of her jobs was working in a maid service, and she had lots of sex with her clients as well as her co-workers. She was a little slut!
One of her stories was about a cute young boy she would drive in the car with, and she gave him handjobs along the way to their different jobs. She said that he would cumm so hard that it would hit the inside of the windshield of the car! He was a huge cummer evidently, and he would cumm very hard for my hot wife!
It turns me on that she made that young man cumm so much for her!

#unfaithful   #cheating   #wife   #cum  

I have cheated on my 20 plus times with Asian whores. I need to get my porn/whores/drinking together before it cost me my job and kids. It is time for me to man up.

When my husband and I were on vacation, we were hanging out with another couple on the beach when I needed to go back to the room to retrieve some things. The other couple needed some things also, and the husband, a tall, handsome black, middle aged gentleman volunteered to go back to the resort with me to get our things. As we walked through the resort people would look our way and immediately assume we were together. There was no problem, but I found myself getting kind of worked up thinking about this handsome black gentleman being my partner. It was a pretty long walk, and as we made our way we would occasionally brush together. At one point I took his arm and we walked arm in arm through the resort and toward the elevator. We stopped by our room first, and upon entering I began getting things together to take back to the beach, and as I moved about and bent over I could feel his eyes watching me. Just as I was about to say I was ready to go, he reached out and took me in his arms and kissed me deeply. I was quite take back by his assertiveness, but didn't offer resistance. I instinctively opened my mouth and allowed his tongue to enter and meet with mine. As we kissed his hands felt my ass. He had large hands and it felt so good, I felt like I was under his total control. He started playing with my boobs, so to allow easier access I lowered my top, and he began sucking my now hard nipples. I reached down and felt his huge erection through his swim suit, and with that he pushed me down and directed his beautiful black organ to my mouth. I tried to take as much as I could, but he was just too big. To make a long story short, he laid me on the edge of the bed, pulled my bikini crotch to the side and slowly entered my now very wet pussy. He went very slow at first, allowing time for me to get used to the size, the started slowly pumping in and out. I became so wet I could hear sloshing as I allowed this gentleman I had just met to have his way with me. He began to speed up and was fucking me as deep as he could, when he let loose a huge load of cum deep into my womb. Even after he pulled out all I could do was just lay there, completely satisfied and totally out of energy. I remember even thanking him for the best fucking I have ever had. My husband and I made love many times on that very bed throughout our vacation, and thought I was so wet solely because of him. I would never tell him any different, but the thoughts of my first black experience taking place on that very bed kept me moist and wet all week. I am now in search of my second black experience, and there is an executive at the company where I work that would be perfect for the job.

#wife   #willing   #interracial   #cheating  

While we were at a conference for my husbands company I found myself alone with his boss, a handsome black man, and he started flirting with me. I played along and he kissed me and started feeling my butt. I guess I was in a trance and showed no resistance. We didn't have long, so he pushed me down to my knees, unzipped, and pulled out a huge black dick and directed it towards my mouth. I immediately opened to accept its large head, and he started fucking my mouth like I was his personal slut or something. Truth be told, I not only showed no resistance. I would have probably done what ever he wanted. He started talking to me, encouraging me to suck him, and made the statement that he bet I had never had a dick like that before. Boy was he right. He held on to my head and I could feel him tensing up, so I knew what was coming; he unloaded a huge load of cum right down my throat. I swallowed every drop, then he helped me to my feet, zipped up and we made our way back to the gathering. On the way back I asked him to look at me and make sure I didn't have any cum on my face or blouse. I didn't , so we made our way back. When I saw my husband I walked over and gave him a kiss and a smile. I then looked over, and his boss was watching me from across the room. He smiled, and held up his glass as to toast me from across the room. I returned the smile, and toasted him as well.

#wife   #used   #willing   #husband   #boss  

I'm 30 years old latina and have been married for three years. For the past year we have been trying to get pregnant with no luck. This week I just found out that i'm pregnant. Problem is that two weeks ago I attended a conference for my company where I had to stay overnight. That evening my boss and I had dinner where we had a bottle of wine then afterward went to the bar for a couple more drinks. I then made the mistake of going back to his room for a nightcap where we ended up kissing which led to us sleeping together having unprotected intercourse. Now I have no idea whos baby I'm carrying but suspect it's his since my husband and I were having trouble conceiving.what i do now??

#adulting   #cheating   #latina   #sex   #confession   #boss  

After 32 years of marriage I am tired of my wife.
We have grown apart and I wish she would look at me like she used too.

My wife has had way bigger dicks than mine. At first i was depressed, now it is something which i am proud of.

#cucked   #cuckold   #sph   #smallpenis   #hotwife  

I have been married 25 years to my husband. We were at a party at some friends house last summer. Everybody was drinking and having a good time. By the time everyone decided to turn in, it was early morning, everyone was drunk and most passed out wherever they were t the time. I had laid out some blankets and pillows on the floor for hubby and I. He fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. I just lay there awake, when one of our friends husbands came over and started feeling my boobs. It was dark, and felt so good I just let him, and soon he had his hand down my pants and was fingering my pussy. I was so wet and he had me so excited. I had no problem when he removed my pants and laid on top of me. His cock slid into my wet pussy with ease, and I stayed as quiet as possible while he fucked me and filled my pussy with a huge load of cum. When he was through he kissed me, then got up and went to bed.
After laying there for a few minutes, I was almost asleep when another husband of a different friend came over and started playing with my boobs. As I did before, I gave no resistance. He played with me for a while, then took out his cock and brought it to my mouth, and started fucking my mouth slowly so as not to make me gag and make any noise. I let him have his way with my mouth until he rewarded me with a huge load of cum which I eagerly swallowed.
After he went to bed I fell asleep, but once again I was awoken yet again by another horny visitor. I had fallen asleep with my boobs and lags exposed, so our guests son decided to see what it felt like to play with a woman's boobs. He whispered it into my ear, and confessed to me that he had never felt a pussy before. With that I took his hand and moved it down to my very wet pussy, and let him feel around and finger me. I couldn't help but to reach out and feel his dick through his shorts. He was small, but rock hard. I lowered his shorts a little, and directed him on top of me. As soon as his dick was as deep as he could get it, he came probably the biggest load of cum I have ever had. He didn't go soft though, he kept pumping slowly like he was in a trance. He fucked me surprisingly well for such an inexperienced lad, then came again, filling me with more spurts of cum. By the time he pulled out I was dripping. Before he pulled up his shorts I pulled him to me and cleaned his small but potent dick with my mouth.
It was a night to remember, and to this day my husband has no clue his buddies and even the neighbor kid used me that night. I loved it, and cant wait for the next sleepover.

#wife   #used   #willing   #neighbor  

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