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Crush Confessions

Read the best #crush confession stories

It is crazy to think that I was in love with my best friend but it is how it is. She has the most beautiful brown eyes I have ever seen and she is fearless. She likes dyeing her hair in crazy colors and she is not afraid of the outcome.
That seems not like much of a confession, huh?
Well, she is not gay nor has she ever shown interest in other girls. I always thought I am straight myself, but maybe not. I am not so sure.
So back to the story... We are both in our twenties (she 27, I am 28) and work in the same company, but not in the same department. She started dating one of MY co-workers and they hit it off like a house on fire. She had those lovey dovey heart shaped eyes for weeks and weeks on end. I tried to be happy for her, I really really tried, but I just couldn't take it anymore...
He came to me often for advice and asked me for my opinion on things to give her. At first I tried to be a friend and help him out but after a while I started telling him bullshit. She is a vegetarian (has been for ~10 years now) and apparently they never talked about this?!? They have been going out for like 6 weeks now and that never came up, wtf?
So, he asked me if she liked steak, because he wanted to cook for her. So I told him yes, that she loved steak and that she liked it English (i.e. almost raw) and of course he listened and cooked for her and made her the steak just as I told him, without checking with her or anything. He's such a dumbass, honestly...
I do not know what went down but it escalated apparently. They fought, they screamed and what not.
And the best of it? She did not find out that I told him about the meat!! She is not talking to him currently, but she came to me right afterwards and I was able to hold her in my arms and comfort her.
I'd definitely would do it again, even if it means that she's said.

#bff   #inlove   #crush   #confession   #secret   #lies   #vegetarian   #steak   #fight  

I'm male, 21 and I'm in love with one friend of mine but she says that she doesn't trust me because when she was 8, she was molested by a friend of her family and she never trusted anyone..
So I started to date a girl, to try to make her jealous... But she has a boyfriend and I have a crush on her.

#crush   #love   #confession   #secret  

I've got a problem... I confessed and told one of my best friends that I loved him... but that's not the problem, before I told him, he already had told me that he had a crush on me and that he loved me but ever since I told him I loved him back he won't say I love you or even talk about our relationship now.... What do I do?

#crush   #bf   #love   #relationship   #hopeless  

I have a crush on my friend Tina. She’s 50YO, about 5’2 and looks so much like actress Teri Hatcher. She is so cute and sexy. Love her smile and her sexy little body. I love to masturbate, and I have been masturbating to Tina so much. We meetup at tailgate parties and she looks so cute. For two of them this year, she wore tight little dresses that showed off her cleavage and her cute legs. She had flipflops clinging to her pretty, bare feet. Tina’s smile is so wonderful. I can’t get her image out of my head, and my masturbation to her is so good. I have such a masturbation crush on Tina. I want her to know and I want to masturbate in front of her so she can see what her beauty does to me!

#tina   #tailgate   #masturbation   #masturbate   #crush   #milf  

I sit beside this guy for half a year without talking to him. At one point we started chatting online. These conversations can go from deep to flirting.

I started liking him but this relationship feels so wrong. I want to confess but I'm scared that he was just playing me all this time.


My crush only likes me now because I’m best friends with Brad Pitt and I’m pretty sure he’s bi curious so he probably has a crush on him
I’m going to LA for a yacht party with Brad and Leo and a few other celebs
And they said I could bring a friend so I’m bringing my crush I’m worried about what is going to happen worst come worst I have Leo and Brad on my side so if my crush starts arguing with the famous celebs I’m friends with because that would be really really embarrassing. I hope Brad doesn’t flirt with my crush tho!!

#bradpitt   #crush   #worrid  

To get to school, I have to drive by bus. And on my bus is this guy, I don't want to say his real name... let's call him Bert.
Bert gets into the bus after me and he has the habit to always sit in the seat next to me.
And I guess he doesn't have flowing water at home or something because he smells really bad!

The most problem is, he has a crush on me. I am 100 percent sure about that. He stalks me on Facebook, as soon as I'm online, he writes me, makes me compliments and stuff... And on the bus, he doesn't say a word and I don't want to talk to him. He's very strange, creepy and he's not cultivated, at all!

And today, he asked me out and I was suddenly so angry, so I yelled at him, insulted him and ran away.
And I have to admit that I don't regret it. Maybe he'll leave me alone now.

#confession   #anonymous   #compliments   #bus  

I masturbate to pictures of my enemy - I secretly have a crush on him.

#gay   #crush   #truth  

So I met this person online, maybe December or November? Well yea I thought they were pretty chill so I asked to be friends with them, they said yes. I talked to them everyday starting from then, they played a game I played too so what id do was wait till they were online in that game instead of contacting on social media since they were sorta inactive there. Waited till 4am once, yeah was not mentally okay. On valentines day, I asked them to be my platonic valentine (excuse to say I had a valentine haha) and they agreed! Was psyched, after that we flirted alot. I said 10 fucking pickup lines in a row without them replying. Tell me you have attachment issues with telling me you do. I imagined fake scenarios with them, dirty ones included and I have no regrets lol. Then I found out their appearance and holy shit did it make me even more crazy about them. Shoulder length hair, 6,0, rings, nice hands, black clothing most the time and dark brown eyes. She was so pretty and I was absolutely starstruck. Then there was me, a 5,6 asian pansexual woman who sits in front of a screen 24/7. One pickup line (a more recent one) let me find out that im allowed to call them mine. We are still only friends keep in mind. A flirtationship was what I assumed it was and the urge to confess was unreal. My biggest peeve about this obsession was..pretending they were my partner when meeting new people, not sure if other people do this. Its so fucking silly lmao and I regret it so much, I also dont, it felt nice haha. The fake scenarios got bigger and bigger, pretending we went on dates and guess what? I plan on confessing on their birthday next year if I buck up the courage to. Probs won't but I hope they know I love them. I make it clearly fucking obvious im into them so im waiting for a good time. They send me websites on how to get better if im ill, they help me, flirt with me, tease me and care for me. Partner material. So uhh if you're 5,11 but 6,0 with good shoes and you think you know who this is, hi. I like you lol. Praying they dont find this though aha. Thanks for listening to my cringe obsession phase story time. -A.T

#onlinerelationship   #onlinecrush   #girlfriends   #crush   #wlw   #love   #cringeyobsessions   #attatchmentissues   #obssession   #lovesick  

I like some one who lives in another country we message over social media and he’s said I’m cute a few times but our conversations always fall flat he says he’s always busy (we have a time difference and) I wonder if he has any feelings for me I feel like I’ve given him the wrong signs like I’ve pushed him away because I wasn’t sure on how I felt before we’ve heard each other’s voices and we know one another look like he’s asked me who I like before I told him idk but I have this feeling we have something I’m not to sure obviously cause it seems like we do then we don’t idk felt like saying this some one tell me if I’m wasting my time

#crush   #boy   #cute   #sad   #far   #away  

So a little over 2 years ago my cousin showed me this girl she thought I might like, I thought the girl was cute but at the time just didn’t really want a relationship or anything. I did secretly follow the girl on a burner account I had and just casually would check on her if she popped up, I’d watch her stories or look at her posts. because I found her pretty hot if I’m honest. But she ended up getting a boyfriend and I kinda just forgot about her. Flash 2 years to the present and I was on that burner account when I see a post from her come up. Just a pic of her. I immediately thought wow she’s still so hot. I want to follow her on my main account and message her and see if I can’t get anything going with her. The issue is if she told my cousin or my cousin found out I’d be looked at as weird. I’d get questions like “how did you know her name” or “how did I randomly find her account” I’d rather just text the girl without anyone knowing. I wonder if that’s possible or if somehow word will get to my cousin that I am texting her friend. They aren’t that close but still. I’ll be exposed as the weird stalker guy I sometimes am.

#secret   #stalker   #crush   #instagram   #cute   #girl  

I wish I could adopt my mate , I feel so sorry for him, like how can people look at him and still want to hurt him. He has such a nice bum, in those black jeans he always wears, the one with hole on the back pocket. I am surprised no one else has mentioned about that hole, and he such a nice crotch too, and I hate I pretend I am not into him, but if he touched my arse I would touch his arse back. I love his voice, it is so smooth, and when he puts his hands in his back pockets, and gives me something out of them , I hate it when he plays pool with people he doesn’t know, because they could hurt him, or when I am working and he plays pool with the people who I don’t know , I wonder if anyone else sees his bum during pool, and wants to touch it, like that time he played pool with them, I wish they looked after him after, like I saw them yesterday, and I was that drunk, I wanted to say please don’t play pool with my mate, as I want him to be safe. I hate it when it’s busy at work and he comes in drinking, because all my attention will be on him, to make sure he is safe, like last night I only stayed in the smoking area to be with him, as to make sure no one starts on him. I only smoke , so I have a reason to join him in the smoking area.


I’m gay and one of my friends just came out gay to me, and she has a crush on me. Problem is I ALSO have a crush on this other girl in my school, and she kinda hates me for reasons that don’t need to be revealed. Anyways, I always think of the girl at school by day, and my friend at night.


My friend took my phone and dm my crush he hates me now and we were almost together and then they sent him my nudes, he leaked them to everyone


So I have a crush on this guy, we'll call him N. I've known him forever. But I don't know how to tell him how I feel. I also don't know what to do after, because we're both too young for dating.


I need to confess this so This is when I was in 4th grade I had a Crush in this girl. And She didn't know and one day my mom gave me this Taylor swift thing and she loved Taylor so I took it and wrote a note saying I really like you from your something I don't remember what I wrote my name as. So then she saw it in. The front of the her desk and thrown it out so that made me feel like it was nothing. Now let's skip over to 5th grade summer I told her I liked her and she said she knew cause someone told her so I felt stupid and when she texted back she said thanks for telling me I didn't text back. Then let's skip over to 6th grade my friend (her bf) got mad at me and we had a fight and so did all his friends that we shared so I didn't talk to them for like a month and then they didn't care anymore but let's skip over to November of 6th and we were in Spanish class and the presentation said no name calling then something happened she said stop acting like an idiot to my other friendand the Spanish teacher thought it was him so she blamed them so much he cried and I got mad at Alexa I started talking crap to her like F**k you why would you do that to him and stuff now I'm over it and we're not friends anymore and I ignore her a lot once I was in Spanish and I went to get something from my locker and she was walking into Spanish I saw her and looked directly at my locker she said something to me but I didn't hear now we had Gym together and I have to do Push-ups next to her now I have a good friend relationship with a lot of the girls and they weren't doing the push ups and they were on there knees and they pretended to do them and I said you hands aren't even on the floor I joked but she said they actually are so I looked down and ignored her like I do and then she keeps on trying to talk to me so I texted her on Insta to stop bothering me and I don't know what happenes next because that was today but I want to be friends but I know she doesn't want to be.

#crush   #ignorance   #confession  

I've liked a guy for a while now but can't bring myself to tell him. He's confident, sassy, and extremely cute. We like a lot of the same things and I wish he didn't live so damn far away. I also really wanna top him. Aggressively. Fuck, what I would give to pound that man. Sexiest fucker I've talked to in ages. He's got such an attitude to him and I love it. But I also wanna get him a cocoa after because the guy deserves it. I feel like he deals with a lot more than he lets on. Kinda like me but with about 300x more confidence and significantly more cute freckles.

Anyways back to what you're reading this for, I'd rail that motherfucker with no regrets. Absolutely would destroy that guy. Pound that bitch into the bed like there's no tomorrow. His voice too, fuckin hell it's the sweetest sound on earth. Could listen to him for ages. He could whisper something stupid as hell like ostrich and I'd lose my goddamn mind. He knows how to dress as well, especially like this one robe he has. Looks super soft, I've got a similar one. Even if I could just sit and have a drink with the guy I'd be happy as a bear in a bee-less beehive.

#gay   #crush   #lust  

Not really a sin, I’m just pining for a guy that seems to have zero interest in me. I feel like he looks at me and sees a completely unsexual being. He talks about “hot girls” to me like I’m his bro. It sucks cause I met him at a time where I’m just really not looking or feeling like my true self. I’ve been going through some crazy shit. I used to be so pretty and happy and people had crushes on ME. I wasnt mean to the ppl or anything but definitely friendzoned my fair share. Now it’s like the universe is making fun of me and put me in the shoes of someone that once liked me. I cant help but think if he knew the old me instead of the now, he’d like me back.. it’s not fair he’ll never really know the me I wish he could and the me I wish I still was. Maybe my sinning was not making the most of how was I back in the day or not giving people more of a chance. Sorry universe. Forgive me?

#crush   #sad   #unfair  

I masturbate over the girl's in my class regularly... Which seems fine until I start to do it IN CLASS sometimes even over the teachers

#friends   #girls   #crush  

So i know it’s not uncommon to feel emotions towards your cousin but i have a serious crush on my cousin, she’s just perfect y’know and I don’t know what to do.

#crush   #embarrassment  

Pray and roll the dice for #crush

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