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Sad Confessions

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I cheated on my last chemistry test. And I still got a C-... I am such a disappointment!

#sad   #disappointed   #cheat   #test  

even if i had my bad decisions i prefer to pick you again



I miss her so much. I shouldn't hurt so bad. I'm a grown man, with a professional job.
She hurt and betrayed me for years, but I can't stop or let go.
I have been drinking for the last 8 days just to make it stop and it won't.
I am so afraid.
I don't want to die but I don't know how else to stop hurting.
I'm ruined.

#pain   #despair   #sadness  

I feel like im going crazy
I dont know how i feel or what
Im sad but no
I dont want to do this anymore
Nothing really exist its our mind.
We are nothing compared to the universe
We dont matter, at all.


I have been in love with the same person since the 6th grade. He and I are both adults now, me being a 23 year old F, but I still can't get him out of my mind. He never loved me and we never even dated. We were just friends. One day I decided to tell him my feelings on Facebook messages. Well, he read my confession and ignored it. A few minuets later I went to his Facebook page to see he made a post saying "Confused and don't know what to say." I was thinking about that post today and went to his old Facebook to see if it was still up and it was. The date on the post was July 26, 2012. 10 years.. 10 years of loving someone who probably never thinks of me. How pathetic.

#love   #sad  

I came out of a long and dark period of my life, finally on the up and happy. About 7-8 months back i changed jobs to what i now wanna make my career, i also met an amazing person there. I would consider her a good friend who helped me thru some stuff and helped me think things thru differently. Shes everything i ever dreamed of in a woman, smart, funny, aggressive, and down to earth. Most of all she made me feel cared about and that i matter to someone. I thought she would feel the same since we both went thru similar horrors and horrible things and because we get along so well. A month ago i confessed i liked her and she rejected me without a hesitation. Im not upset about that or really hurt.. just bummed. I started to sit back and look at it differently. Shes a one sided friend who really is only concerned about herself and actually doesnt care what im going thru as long as im there to listen to her problems. I come home to a mom who destroyed my family, up to my head in debt, dont have any friends or social skills, and my only best friend decided to walk out of my life 2 months back. Theres more but why would i bore you, picture painted that im isolated from the world living a horrible life. I thought i was happy, i thought i finally got out from the sadness, finally found a friend who genuinely cared about me..
i feel like I don’t belong to this world, i dont think about killing myself but i do think about how much no one would miss me if i did just drop dead. That i would just be a passing thought once and never thought of or missed after. My depression has me gripped by the throat and im struggling
I’ve dealt with these feelings since i was 15(26 now), and i just wanna know what true happiness is, what true friendship is, what true love is. Im tired of being tired, abused, lied to, and taken advantage of
I pray everyday just to feel the happiness i felt when i thought i beat this depression

#sad   #depression   #unhappy  

My ex’s mom & step convinced her we’d all be better off in a divorce. She’s on marriage number 7 or so. He’s a marriage flop too. All those failures somehow made them better. Of course. Failed losers who can’t find happiness in others; and only care about pleasing themselves, are experts on relationships.
So a very long happy marriage fell apart with their input. My ex was happy. We had a home paid off. Nice cars. Nice stuff. Investments. Happy children making straight A’s and in activities.
Fast forward. She’s very sick. Very sad. Massive debt. No longer has any outside interests. I’ve nearly died. Depression. Massive debt trying to help them.
One of my kids is disabled. Got depressed. Put on meds. Meds caused seizures. He’s nearly died. He’s very sad and barely functions now. Can’t do anything for himself anymore. The doctors never thought the meds would cause all of that. But I was against those meds. Can’t be undone.
One of my other kids got depressed. Therapy. Meds. That child’s finally doing ok.
All the kids quit sports and music. Grades fell. Don’t want college.
Oh yeah. Her POS parents definitely are a good influence.
I heard they’d take my place when I moved away. They are never there for my kids. If the house tears up I have to drive back and forth from another state to repair it.
It’s so funny. I was digging by her house to protect the foundation. Her step dad came over to get one of my kids to clean his home so he could go play golf. What a sorry POS. How about grabbing a shovel MOF? You helped ruin my kids lives. Why don’t you get off your bass and pitch in clown? Useless self important duck.
But she will never see it. Her faith blinds her. She owes her mom. The same mom who threw her out as a teen for no reason. The same mom who as a stay at home mom refused to cook or clean, and made her kids raise themselves.
I’ll never understand. But that does my children no good at all.
I guess I see the world differently. To me my life is about my children. But to most people they worry only about themselves. Her parents do not care about the damage they caused. They only care about themselves. They won. My kids clean their house. They can walk in the house I bought without wiping their feet. My ex will go do their shopping and cleaning. They can take my healthy child on vacation with them to tote their luggage. Take my ex to drive for them. But leave my disabled child behind with me so he doesn’t disturb them.
Selfishness. I don’t have it. But it’s a common trait among humans.
My ex said I need to have faith in God. Based on what? I’m an orphan who endured torture. I’m disabled. I have a disease. I lost my family and home. Where is God in all of that?
Best I can tell we are on our own in this thing. God is hands off. So I won’t blame Him for being useless. I’ll blame her parents for being selfish.
I don’t hate them. But them moving close to us is why my child has seizures, and they still don’t care. They had no problem at all ditching him for their trip. In fact; they want her to make him either live alone, or try a state hospital. This way she can sell the home; buy a tiny place right by their big nice place in their old retirement community for useless people who just chew up space in the malls as they walk. That way she will be right there for their beck and call.
You may think I’m being rude. But think on this. A tiny woman shaking she’s so sick. Working long hours. Then cooking and shopping for them. My children cleaning their home. Meanwhile; he’s off playing golf; they go play tennis, she’s off playing cards with friends. That’s messed up. They don’t give a chit if she dies. If my child now grown dies. They only care about them. Those a holes aren’t reaching Heaven acting like that.


I like some one who lives in another country we message over social media and he’s said I’m cute a few times but our conversations always fall flat he says he’s always busy (we have a time difference and) I wonder if he has any feelings for me I feel like I’ve given him the wrong signs like I’ve pushed him away because I wasn’t sure on how I felt before we’ve heard each other’s voices and we know one another look like he’s asked me who I like before I told him idk but I have this feeling we have something I’m not to sure obviously cause it seems like we do then we don’t idk felt like saying this some one tell me if I’m wasting my time

#crush   #boy   #cute   #sad   #far   #away  

My husband was the happiest man in the world as his new porsche arrived. He cared for it, he cleaned and polished it every day. It was his treasure. He didn't allow anyone to touch it expect he was present. Then, some night someone broke into our house and stole his car. You can believe how sad he was, he cried like a baby for hours.
We went to the police but they said they couldn't do much about it but they would "keep looking".
A week later they called us and told us that the car was found. Burned out and destroyed, around 100 miles away from our home in the woods.
I have to confess... It was me! I destroyed the car because I couldn't stand my husband anymore. He just cared for the car and for nothing else. Now it's gone and I am happy.

#happy   #car   #husband   #destroy   #world   #porsche   #sad  

It’s not a confess but I want some help. I’m a 19 year-old Middle Eastern girl who loves a 27 year-old Brazilian guy whom I met online in December 2018. He travels a lot and he sometimes talks about traveling to my country and meet me. I love him as I mentioned above but he never mentioned that he loves me or not he just told me twice that he “admires me” and told me once that he doesn’t feel the age gap between us, nothing more. The problem is that I understand that we are so different to be together, for example I follow a religion while he doesn’t and the cultural differences of course. What should I do with this love?

#sadism   #heartless   #stupidy   #love  

So I had a neighbour until yesterday... He moved out... So here it is we used to come on terrace at the same time and stayed there till one of us left ... We never talked heck we don't even know each other's name but I was getting attached to this routine I mea. We did that for one and a half year but yesterday when he was moving out I cried really hard.... I wanted him to atleast say something but I guess it was just one sided... I knew he was gonna move one day but when he did I literally died inside .... Is it normal am I stupid to get obsessed about this one....

#life   #sad   #feelings   #crying  

my confession... where to start?

i've liked my best friend for seven months, until today.

he likes someone else, and i was dumb enough to think it was me. pure stupidity on my part, seeing that everything i thought were sign we're nothing.

what's really stupid is that i caught feelings when i shouldn't have.

#heartbreak   #crush   #feelings   #sad   #crying  

I miss my ex wife. Miss my kids. I’d just quit taking my meds & let body die but they still need me.


All I want to do it be in love and have a wife that loves me . I’ve been stuck in a loveless marriage for 13 years , I just Turned 30 and I look and feel the best I ever have I work out and show my wife love looking for it in return . She just ignores me and doesn’t try to make her self better then me .

It also scares the shit outta me that I’ve been with my wife since I was 16 and never had the chance to experience having sex with anyone else and that I probably will die only knowing her loveless sexual encounters .

#sex   #virgin   #basicallyavirgin   #nolove   #sad   #wife  

So every time my brother gets mad, he becomes this hateful demon. Hes an ass to my mom dad and every one else. Hes only like this at home or in public when hes super pissed. He says the meanest shit sometimes, but every time I make him really mad I fear for my life. Hes told me hes had murderous thoughts and the things he does really anger me. I honestly dont know if hes a good person bad or both.... im just confused why is this happening to my already sick mother? How much time will pass before he realizes how wrong he is? Will he ever?

#anger   #hate   #fear   #sadness   #family  

i feel like i’m just not a good person. that i could always do things better, that i create trouble and hurt people instead of being the ones to remove their troubles away. i always think i’m helping people and that they must think i’m nice but in reality i’m probably have little value in their life and don’t even contribute that much. i don’t know why i have such low view of myself, but now i do even more because i realize i made a lot of mistakes. im so mediocre.

#sad   #shame  

I've been really bad for a while, I've tried reaching out for help but nothing is happening, I'm still bad, I think I'm just giving up, I dont want to but I don't think I can stop it anymore.

#sad   #depressed   #lost   #alone  

I am just sick of being rejected and not being good enough. I have people around me all the time, but I'm just very lonely. I have a lot of troubles, and with all this new mess pilling up, I'm afraid it's sending me into depression and I don't know what to do. I'm scared to open up to someone because they wont understand it, take it seriously. Talk about it with other people. But I'm scared if I don't, I might lose it. I keep crying out loud, but people think I'm joking. At this point no one takes me seriously. Maybe I'm not worth fighting for.

#depression   #sad   #lonely  

I miss you so much it hurts. I'm anxious and depressed and I can't get out of my own head tonight. I just keep running through what ifs and the should haves... I just keep trying to figure out what to change so that I'm happy but I just can't figure it out..I'm sorry about the way everything turned out. This wasn't how our lives were supposed to end up.I miss being best friends...i miss you. I love you. I don't wish this pain on anybody.

#sad   #regrets  

I'm pregnant!
I'm pregnant by my boyfriend of 5 years. We live together and are in love. It was an accident and a shock as we use birth control. I've never been pregnant before and I've always wanted to be a mom.

We talk about having kids all the time after he graduates, but now's not the time. We're poor, like dirt poor. He's in college and we both have crap jobs.

I haven't told anyone but him. So this will be only time telling someone else. Because I'm getting an abortion Saturday. I'm doing my best not to get attached or think about it.

I'm really sad.

#sad   #pregnant  

Pray and roll the dice for #sad

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