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Sad Confessions

Read the best #sad confession stories

I told a sweet person she needed to exercise & lose weight. Then I told her to find someone else. Why? She claimed to be someone from my past. She didn’t realize I had known the person she was pretending to be. The person from my past was very kind & had been hurt. I thought a lot of her & didn’t like someone posing as her. However; this person i couldn’t see in the chatroom was a very sweet person too, & also hurting. I tried to set aside my pain from my own broken heart, to help her. But then her friends didn’t like my advice & put me out of the room. I wish I could undo the mean things I said. I did not care about her weight. I just didn’t like her pretending to be someone I knew. Does that make sense? This person from my past was a very good person. I tried to help her before my life nearly ended. So it was odd to have someone posing as her. Plus she caught me at my worst, & then I experienced a health scare. But I feel so bad.
I’m also heart broken because I had a wonderful woman, but I hurt her. God gave me a wonderful person, & I broke her heart. Then I turned around & hurt someone else who was nothing but kind to me. I seem to keep hurting people. But I don’t mean too. I’m just overwhelmed. My heart is broke. Im lost. Now a big moment is coming in my life. So I’m trying to make my peace just in case. Hopefully I come out the other side. But if I don’t I at least tried to make things right. If your a person who thinks your overweight or not beautiful. Quit thinking that way. These are labels society put on us. People used to tell me they wished they looked like me. Well I paid a heavy price to look like this. So no ones appearance is perfect. That lady I met about 11 years ago was beautiful. She just couldn’t see herself the way I did. My ex was the same way. She also couldn’t see herself the way I did. Sadly. I couldn’t be the man she deserved. I let everyone who cares about me down. I am sorry for all the pain I caused others. A lady tried to flirt with me the other day. No way. I’ve already left a trail of broken hearts. I wish I could set those right. But I’m not going to hurt someone else. I’ve did enough harm. I don’t want to hurt sweet people I care about.

#sorrow   #pain   #sad   #remorse   #feelings   #hurt   #weight  

All I want to do it be in love and have a wife that loves me . I’ve been stuck in a loveless marriage for 13 years , I just Turned 30 and I look and feel the best I ever have I work out and show my wife love looking for it in return . She just ignores me and doesn’t try to make her self better then me .

It also scares the shit outta me that I’ve been with my wife since I was 16 and never had the chance to experience having sex with anyone else and that I probably will die only knowing her loveless sexual encounters .

#sex   #virgin   #basicallyavirgin   #nolove   #sad   #wife  

gosh i just want to run away from this im so tired why am I doing this what is it even for I'm just on a ball in space hurtling through the universe and I'm stuck doing chemistry for a career I might not even want to really do like don't get me wrong I think its cool and I want to help people but why am i doing this why cant i just run away into the woods and live in a cottage in the woods with my lover and have a cute little farm with some animals and bake break and desserts and just enjoy my life and not have to worry about anything anymore I'm so tired of living the same life and the same day over and over again just going through the motions I just want to feel something different than this im so lonely and tired and done and gosh I just dont want to be in this room anymore i want to be in love and i want to love is that too much to ask for

#sad   #lonely   #pls   #help  

My husband was the happiest man in the world as his new porsche arrived. He cared for it, he cleaned and polished it every day. It was his treasure. He didn't allow anyone to touch it expect he was present. Then, some night someone broke into our house and stole his car. You can believe how sad he was, he cried like a baby for hours.
We went to the police but they said they couldn't do much about it but they would "keep looking".
A week later they called us and told us that the car was found. Burned out and destroyed, around 100 miles away from our home in the woods.
I have to confess... It was me! I destroyed the car because I couldn't stand my husband anymore. He just cared for the car and for nothing else. Now it's gone and I am happy.

#happy   #car   #husband   #destroy   #world   #porsche   #sad  

I confess I watch cartoons all the day because I don't have something better to do. My wife and my kids left me several months ago. And today, I found a meme with my story on it. I am very depressed right now and I am waiting for my favourite cartoon show to be broadcast.

#cartoons   #tv   #wife   #kids   #depressed   #sad  

My girlfriend broke up with me. I am 25 years old and I was in love. I just cannot fathom why she left me.
She left me without a real explanation, just said that she wasn't into me any more and that we doesn't want to see or talk to me any longer.

I tried calling her, but she blocked my phone and blocked me on all social media. Her friends also did that.

I know that she likes this one coffee place near her work that she visits frequently.
I confess that I've gone to this place every day in hopes of seeing her and talking to her to find out why she left me.

#girlfriend   #breakup   #love   #sad   #devastated   #coffee   #confession  

I’ve been with my wife since I was 17 , I love her and have only had sex with her because I met her so young and because I wasn’t attractive When I was younger so I had a harder time getting girls . She was 8 years older then me and was very sexually active before she met me and adventurous.

Now she’s not really into sex , barely giving it to me once a month And I look much better now that I work out and style myself and girls hit on me all the time . It’s sucks all I want is sex but I don’t want to ruin our marriage or family for it since she won’t ever give it up. I tell her all the time how good she looks and buy her gifts . It just sucks .ive tried talking to her about it but she thinks I should be happy with what I get .

Really blows . I feel like she doesn’t care about me or love me but I stay with her for my kids they are the best .

#depression   #sad   #lonley   #wife  

I am a 17 year old male, and I really want to kill someone. I just want to do it because I think it would feel exhilarating. I want to feel the persons warm blood flow down my fingers going to my hands. Seeing and feeling the life empty from their body. I have no remorse, and have never killed anything before. I want to start with a human because it would be the best thing to ever feel. I should also state that I watch quite a bit of pornography and it is really hard to get hard, but I found out that blood and death works. That is one reason why I want to kill someone, but then again I also want to see the life leave them and be in fear watching me plunge a knife into their body. So it's a mixture of pleasure and sadistic thoughts to get off and watch murder first hand. I can't be the only one who has this, but why so young to have this? It makes me wonder, but then my thoughts are overtaken by the thought of death.

#death   #murder   #blood   #masturbation   #sadistic  

I'm pregnant!
I'm pregnant by my boyfriend of 5 years. We live together and are in love. It was an accident and a shock as we use birth control. I've never been pregnant before and I've always wanted to be a mom.

We talk about having kids all the time after he graduates, but now's not the time. We're poor, like dirt poor. He's in college and we both have crap jobs.

I haven't told anyone but him. So this will be only time telling someone else. Because I'm getting an abortion Saturday. I'm doing my best not to get attached or think about it.

I'm really sad.

#sad   #pregnant  

I'm deathly afraid to let anyone into my life and open up to them. I've been rejected and mocked too many times by people that I thought I could trust to make that mistake another time. I'm so lonely but I would never forgive myself if I let it happen again


even if i had my bad decisions i prefer to pick you again



I haven't said the word "dad" since he died.

#depression   #death   #loss   #sad  

My boyfriend has a 3 years old daughter who visits us every second weekend. According to friends, her mother is a slut.
Their daughter can do what she wants when she's visiting us. She's his little princess and now he's considering taking her to life with us. And he didn't ask me. I am expecting a child - our first mutual child - and he doesn't feel the need to talk to be about it.
I feel worse each day and I really don't know how to handle this situation any longer.

I try to accept and like his daughter but I can't.

#boyfriend   #child   #pregnant   #daugther   #confession   #sad  

I got real sick. Nearly died. Fought back. Looked good. Divorce because her mom wanted it. My kids have paid for it. Depression. Not learning. The disabled one is doing terrible. I’ve been keeping their home fixed but was told kids would do better without me. That wasn’t so.
So she call me in. Disabled child having seizures. I help stabilize. He’s rarely seen me for couple of years.
The ex; I & kids had a ball for weeks. I got my disabled child to finally cheer up and laugh. He’s been talking to me about all the things we used to do.
He’s called me in to tuck him out. South him to sleep. Finally called me daddy again. Won’t call her mom.
She is a wonderful person. But she’s very sick. It looked like she’d die. I gave her all I had to help. I gave her advice from fighting my own disease that helped stabilize her for now.
She decided I’d start splitting time here once he was better.
Well she went on vacation with her mom. I wanted time alone with him to help him.
She calls a week later. I’ll have to move back to the other state. Her mom convinced her this isn’t fair to me.
I refuse not to love and pray for her mom. But what an ass hat. We had a happy marriage & family. She destroyed that. Every time we almost reconcile she ruins it.
Thing is she’s married. Doesn’t need our help. But she wants my ex as her personal servant.
Oh well. I gave up. God dealt me a lot of bad cards. I did the best I could.

Love just isn’t enough.

I have to be honest. I don’t think God loves or cares about me. I just can’t see proof. But I’ll serve my family and love the world anyways.


So my fiancé who has 4 kids with someone else (we have 7 together ) but anyway I feel like since he has so many kids with this woman she thinks they are together still. They have a parenting plan and they meet up to exchange the kids 2 times a week and they are always alone and for some odd reason I feel like he is in love with her still and also I feel like he like leads her on to making her think that he loved her still. I don’t even know what goes on behind closed dooors with her.

#jealousy   #mad   #sad   #confession   #children   #secret  

I used to be strong. I could help others. But disease took all of that. Then the pandemic hit. As a servant of my Creator I tried to shine bright. Between a disease & poverty I seem to be burning out. So I’m picking my moments. But I’m still swinging. Your light will go out on its own. But don’t turn it off yourself. Let your little light shine so that a lost soul can see hope. I’ll need someone to take my place when I burn out. Old warriors like me need brave young people to stand. Sometimes we only need them to stand for themselves. Not everyone was made to be a warrior. Some were made just to smile & be kind. Thats enough. Just be happy. Have the courage to just smile & love yourself.

#hope   #sad   #happy   #despair   #happiness  

This will sound so stupid, but I have to tell someone...
I am an adult woman (31), with an adult job and an adult life. But I still like to read fanfiction. I read all different types of fanfiction, everything I find interesting at the moment. My newest and most current obsession is about a band. I read a lot fanfiction about them the last couple of months.
But I finished one story yesterday that fucked me up.. One of the band members died at the end. It was a beautifully written story and everything, but I got so sad and I still am. As if he really died! I cried for hours and now I feel like I am grieving.

But why am I writing this... today, it was announced that the band member's sister died last night! I am so devastated for him and it breaks my heart in ways I cannot even explain. He doesn't even know I exist, that's crazy...

#crazy   #obsession   #fanfiction   #obsessed   #stories   #death   #sad   #devastated  

My best friend, who I was in love with for years, confessed that she liked me as more than a friend and I broke her heart. I just don't feel that way anymore and I know I destroyed our relationship forever. I made her cry.

#love   #heartbroken   #sadness   #friends  

I am in love with Y*** but he doesn’t feel the same. and i wish the feeling would just go away because i think about him 24/7 while he never thinks of me.

#love   #confusion   #sadness   #emotion  

I miss my best friend. He told me he can’t text anymore because of health issues with his brain. I know it messes with him and he gets bad migraines and hates texting because of it. I think he’s lying but he doesn’t lie. He’d rather tell the straight truth and get hit in the face than lie. He’s rare like that. I’m at a loss.

I denied he was sick when he told me by vanishing as I’m often a coward. He told me something we did over a decade ago before he split by being angry with me but he did if with a smile on purpose. We did do it but I tried to suppress it despite loving it. Happened just once and I started it but he never mentioned it again because he knows of my past. Now I want him more than ever again when I lied that I just see him a friend. I’m lost.I miss him.

#friend   #confused   #sad  

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