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Shame Confessions

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I am 13 (female) and I masturbate to lesbian porn even though I am definitely straight. Just the fact that I masturbate is bad, and I know that it is a sin in the Catholic religion. I am ashamed of myself.

#catholic   #masturbation   #young   #ashamed  

I’ve revently sent a booty photo to my step father. I don’t think he knows it was me and I pray he doesn’t know into was me. It was a bad call, I wasnt thinking clearly. I downloaded a text app and sent it from a random number but I still felt so terrible afterwards... I’m digesting. I have deep emotional and mental issues that have been going on since I was very young. I don’t wanna be like this anymore. I’ve nevertheless been able to tell anyone about these things and I think that’s a big party of the reason why I can’t get over it. Idk.. but I hope this helps me

#father   #incest   #shame  

I secretly log into my mothers computer and go into her nude pictures and send them to my email, i have been doing this for almost two years now( im 24 and my mom is 44). when i have problems getting off i go to my email and i start to masturbate . its the taboo that really turns me on, but i would never touch my mother in that way. the worst part is that ive been married for four years and sometimes feel bad.

#taboo   #mom   #ashamed  

My mother in law gets confused a lot and since her husband died can not be left alone.
I am disabled and my wife works. So we took her in our house.
Little back ground on her: She has been a slut all her life. she hooked up with a much older man when she was thirteen, she got pregnant and married him. She had four children.
He left her when she trashed him for not begin able to satisfy her sexually. She married my wife's dad. he could satisfy her she told me. But in the large garage he owned, she took on three of the young guys in the cars and in the office. She told me once she got a hard fuck in the back room by a mechanic and went to the office to clean her self up.
One of the teens who pumped gas came in punch out from work. and she bent over the desk pulled up her skirt and told the teen boy. try some of this pussy and tell me if its good.
She said the boy got turned on pretty quick and he came quick in her. She made him sit in the chair until she could get him hard, and made him do her again.
She and my wife's dad divorced and she tried to breed every man in the city. Finally settling down with her now past husband.
She never stopped bashing him for not getting ti hard, not giving her sex. I wonder how he took it. He knew she would drop and spread for any man who turned her on.
Her mind may have slipped some but her desire for sex has never changed.
When she showered I had to help her get dressed or she would wear the same clothes for months. She has always walked around nude, I have seen her nude many times over the last twenty five years.
She is still a fair built woman. While her breast have gone a bit south, the huge areolas and nipples are right up front and still nice. She has a very thick pubic bush, with very dark hair. She walks out nude and takes me hand and ask, can we have sex today?
I keep telling her no, I am married to her daughter. She insist she will not mind.
My friends came over to play cards and she seemed to like my friends. One is a single man who lost his wife in an auto accident. He said he would like to try her out. So I told him when to be here and I let him be there when she came out of the morning shower.
She did her usual and on the bed, Can we have sex this morning? He told her yes. Got undressed and noticed she was masturbating her self. She told him she would be ready in a minute. When she finished she took him in hand and gave him oral sex. Once ready she lad back and spread the hair and opened right up. he said it went in nice and she worked her body as he stroked her.
now he wants to take her to his house. she is good enough in bed that he will sleep with her at night and hire a care taker for her when he is gone.
While he likes sex he is not for the relationship and the headaches of a new woman. She is perfect with the same desire as he has. He told me it would cost less to hire her a care taker and know he can have sex at night or in the morning.
I told me wife what he wants, and being totally truthful. She said she likes the arrangement for her.
My wife was friends with his past wife and she has always thought he was a good person. Knowing her mom would have a home, would be satisfied is a good thing.

#milf   #sex   #shameless   #sexual  

The worst thing I ever did. So me and my girlfriend were 20 she used to drink and party but I never did. She was my girlfriend for two years at this time and we were each others first. We were visiting Mexico having a good time with some new friends and we were at this weird hotel with a pool and bar. It was like 1 am. She was blacked out drunk sleeping in a pool chair near the bar which was closed. All our friends were in there rooms. I was sitting across the pool on my phone. A few random people were there either sleeping or in the corners. 3 guys approached my sleeping girlfriend. They touched her boobs and were kissing her neck and lips. One had touched her privates while another had her hand in his pants. I just watched in shock as they were doing this to her. I just sat there and watched as they all did this. They even flips her over so they could touch her butt. The furthest it got was them fingering her while kissing and one guy sat her on him lab so he could touch her easier. I didn’t stop them because I was scared and turned on. They eventually left after a while and I dragged her back to our room and slept. I never told her. We are 25 now and still together and she has no clue. She had Hickeys on her neck and I told her they were from me. I always want to tell her but I just can’t. Don’t think I ever will.

#mexico   #shame   #sex   #kissing  

I am a straight guy, i never wanted to be with another man. I was recently in tge hospital for minor surgery. The nurses assistant was a little phillapino guy, he came in and said we have to give you a bed bath today. But first he gave me pain medication i think dillanden the dose looked large, then an hour later he gave me another one. He said time to get washed so another assistant came in with him. They closed the curtain stood me up and removed my gown, they started wiping me down and said we have to clean everything isaud ok they immediately removed my underwear and
One began cleaning my dick and the other my ass. I got hard and he was giving me a hand job, the other guy said bend over so i xan clean your ass good. When ibent over he had lubed his fingers and put two fibgers in my ass as far as he could then he started rotating them it felt good when i was drugged up. Then he put his cock inside me i trued to fight but they held me.
He fucked me hard and fast while the other guy was jacking me off. I was never that hard before. It kind of hurt because he was huge. Then he came in me u could feel the warm cum side me, then they switched places and the other guy came in me. Right after the one guy started sucjing me abd i cane quick ib his mouth, he swallowed every drop. Then they cleaned me up. They did it two more times. Now i do it with other guys bcause i l LOVE it.

#sex   #shame   #confess  

My white wife is 63 and still very attractive. She got turned on by a 30 something black man and started dressing for him. I find it so hot that I started buying her sexy outfits to wear for him. I even suggested she wear tight tops without a bra just to tease him. I would to love her fuck him!

#wife   #shame   #confess  

I am a married women of 34. I have two children and have lived conservative life. I have been married for 12 years and met my husband who is a reason in our church and 14 year older than me. I was a virgin in when we married and have no experience of any one else. I am home all day looking after children. I recently saw my neighbour naked through his window. This played on my mind all day. I have into temptation and spied on his window the next morning. I am ashamed to say that I masturbated at the excitement and anticipation of seeing him again but he was not naked. I feel guilty and as though I have betrayed my husband I have never masturbated before we it's a sin. I am now living in guilt and frustration as I can not stop feeling I want to do it agian.

#ashamed   #guilty   #secret  

I edged up to a married woman and seduced her. Now she wants to get a divorce to be with me. But I just played with her, shit...
I feel ashamed.

#married   #sex   #divorce   #ashamed   #confession  

One time, after going down on my boyfriend and him cumming on my face, we went to the bathroom to clean up. So we get in the bath and I blow bubbles in the water just to be funny, but it made my boyfriend not want to make me cum. He left me hanging on purpose for something very dumb (more than once). Or he will guilt me into having anal sex with him after saying no, saying stuff like "we did it before", "it feels better" etc. but that was when I wanted to do it. When I confessed to him that I'm insecure about my vagina, he got offended and didn't wanna kiss me or do anything affectionate because he thinks that I "don't care what he says as I'm insecure over it anyway", expecting it to be gone after I've been insecure over it for years. He only started being affectionate like 4 hours later when I started crying. This all happened within 2 weeks. I'm 16.

#guilt   #shame   #insecurity   #boyfriend  

Would love to control my desires and sinful desires so I can focus on work and newly married life. I'm working on it through sinful meditations. These thoughts are sins. Forgive me lord

#shame   #trauma   #ptsd   #childhood   #problems   #war   #fighting   #veteran   #fetish   #pain   #sadism   #masochism   #bondage   #spirit   #grand   #domination   #switch   #game   #discord   #chess   #cashapp   #cash   #love   #royalty   #friendship   #army   #values   #manners   #ideals   #fwb   #negative   #aweful   #suck   #happy   #yes  

My girlfriend and I (m/30) have been together for around 10 years now. Her family is originally from Russia. Shortly, after we got together, she invited me to her birthday party with her family. Up until then, I never met her family or knew much about them. Of course I agreed to come and got her a nice present and some flowers for her mother. I actually thought that it would be a small and quiet celebration.
Oh boy, was I wrong.
When we pulled up to her parents' house, I was overwhelmed. It was (still is) a really big house with fine decour and everything. I got rather nervous that her family would not like me as they obviously were playing in another league than me.
So, it was a huge party and all her family from all around the country and from Russia came to celebrate. And as you might know, the Russians love their vodka. Everyone was very kind and everyone wanted to drink with me. As soon as my glass was empty, another relative came my way holding vodka shots. My girlfriend was very busy talking to everyone and did not notice what happened until it was too late.
So, we danced, we took shots, the food was amazing. Until I noticed that I wasn't feeling so well. I didn't make it back to the bathroom, but puked all over myself, the floor and some landed on my girlfriend's mother... I was mortified!
Somehow, my girlfriend, her mother and her aunt managed to get me into the bathtub and hosed me down. They got me a pyjama of my girlfriend's dad and they put me to bed.

The next morning when I woke up I felt horrible. I was utterly ashamed, but still went down for breakfast. Everyone still present was smirking and laughing at me, but it seemed everything in good fun. Her mother came up to me with a bottle of vodka shortly after and asked if I wanted to do some shots. I almost puked on her again.
So I guess I just wanted to get this off my chest before our wedding in June when I have to see her whole family again.

#girlfriend   #russian   #vodka   #drunk   #puked   #embarrassing   #family   #celebration   #party   #bathroom   #funny   #ashamed   #confession   #wedding   #russia  

I've always had a word turn on about being a whore. When I was 15 I really wanted to get lined up by the football team but I was also too embarrassed of the whole ordeal. I decided to give myself to them one by one separately. At first there was only about 6 guys who I thought were cute and sexy but the whole thing made me more curious about the whole team. I kept going and even got over to some of the jv players. By the end of the year I had fucked almost all of the football players on both teams. It was the best experience of my life, it made me excited for school, get good grades, and improved my status in the school. I got so used to the taste of cock that it got addicting, I could hardly stop thinking about having a medium size cock in my mouth (cuz I loved deep throating) that I eventually began thinking about my own brother's dick. He was 14 at the time. I continued this trend until I graduated, and now 34 with 3 kids, I still reminiscent about those times.

#teen   #sex   #whore   #slut   #milf   #shameless  

I told one of my friends that I was depressed when I was 11 because my mum and dad had a divorce. Except they didn’t and they’re happily married. It’s been on my mind a lot and honestly it really bugs me. I don’t want to tell her because we’re really close and I don’t want to ruin our friendship. I told her my sister didn’t know so don’t ask her but I’m scared she’s gonna bring it up in conversation.😬 what should I do

#secrets   #lies   #bad   #fake   #ashames  

I'm young but old enough to know for the last 15 months how I have let myself be dominated and humiliated by Lewis who I regretfully moved in with 2 years ago. He is 14 years older than me but kind at first. The first sign of his dominating obsession started with spankings he forced on me causing welts on my behind and inflicting pain. He built a table in the basement where he would tie me down on my back with my feet tied to boards where my knees were bent up with legs wide open and fully exposed to him. He insists on shaving my pubic hair then tortures my vagina and anus with sex toys including vibrators and butt plugs. He always has me snort drugs or smoke weed first and supplies me with oxycodone. After abusing me as I'm still laying there with my legs wide open he will either have intercourse, oral or anal sex with me. He takes me to the basement usually two nights during the week or whenever he wants to. I'm usually high but still aware of what he does to me. The first five or six weeks after he made up that table were bad enough but since then he has humiliated me further having his brother and three other friends here at different times. He not only lets them see me like that but also allows them to use the sex toys on me. He also forces me to give these guys oral sex and as I lay there. I am at his mercy and yet he is able to have me orgasm many times which I can't help. Most of the time there is only one of the other guys here but sometimes there are two of them and even though I am high on the drugs I am in tears with humiliation and shame. Its even humiliating when these guys just stop over for a beer. I want to leave Lewis but have no money and no where to go. Its like being a slave to him but I am so hooked on the drugs right now I can't do anything about it.

#drugs   #humiliation   #shame  

I'm a 41 year old man and happily married to my wife. I have three female cousins on my father's side, one which is the middle one is who I am very close with and are close in age. I have always spent a lot of time with her and we have had a special connection since we were younger. I recently came to the realization with the fact with what I have deep down at some level known for a long time in that I am in love with her. This is information that I don't know what to make of it nor do I want to act on it in any way shape or form. It's a simple statement of fact. She doesn't know my feelings nor feel the same way nor does my wife know. I don't want to feel this way and wish I wouldn't but it's the reality. I just needed to tell someone.

#shame   #love   #sad  

i feel like i’m just not a good person. that i could always do things better, that i create trouble and hurt people instead of being the ones to remove their troubles away. i always think i’m helping people and that they must think i’m nice but in reality i’m probably have little value in their life and don’t even contribute that much. i don’t know why i have such low view of myself, but now i do even more because i realize i made a lot of mistakes. im so mediocre.

#sad   #shame  

I'm married and I'm sleeping with a coworker.
I am leaving my husband for my boyfriend.


TL;DR: tricked into half naked teaching on Halloween :(

Last Halloween, my first year teaching, a student of mine (8th grade) made me promise to wear whatever costume she got me for Halloween. Didnt think much of it at first as we kept talking about it for weeks leading up. Then the day came, she pulled out a tiny, tiny dallas cowboys cheerleader costume, then plopped the boots for said costume on my desk (this specific one.. I was immediately alarmed to find how incredible short (and see thru) the shorts were and that I could not fit into the top! (I'm a 34 F breast). Being a woman of my word, I changed into the costume in the teachers bathroom and was promptly horrified by what I saw. so I went back into the classroom in my clothes as before and my students BOO'd me! they even hit me with my own ammo, as I preach keeping promises is paramount. One girl even said "how should we trust you if you lied to us like this?"... So I marched back into the teachers bathroom, put on the top I didn't fit into, slid on the shorts that were basically bikini underwear, and fastened my high healed knee high boots, buckled my huge star clad belt and marched to the door. I opened the door and was met by an eerie silence. All of the students just looked at me with no sounds being made. All of these 14 yr old girls staring at me scanning my body. So I just stood there.. in my tiny little cheerleading outfit, bottom of my breasts not even covered. What did my brilliant self do next? I just started the lesson. I made my worst mistake of all, bending over with my butt FACING the class in these shorts which rode them way up my rear. The class promptly started to giggle as I reached to cover my butt. Mortified, and with no other options in sight, the lesson began.. Social Studies, onto Science, onto Math. I taught it all in front of this class while barely clothed. bending over and reaching for things as few times as possible. Then finally the bell came at noon (half day thank god) and I dismissed the class. As I sat down at my desk I noticed at least 2 students pick up their phones off of their desks, which were covered by books. They were quick to leave, so before I could put two and two together they were long gone out of the school building and off to their weekend. So now I can only wonder if these students were recording the entire thing?

I didn't know what to do, so I just let them go. I couldn't go to the principal and tell her about it. I'd be fired before I could finish the sentence. The class never looked at me the same and always held me in a bit of contempt after that incident. Really horrifying and embarrassing. I don't even want to know if those girls were recording me and what they might have done with that video. fml.

#teacher   #students   #classroom   #cowboys   #cheerleader   #class   #lesson   #embarrassing   #shame   #rookie  

Now i am 25 year old.When i was 22 my crush rejected me, i got heartbroken and entered into a relationship with another classmate of mine. After I got into relationship with my classmate,my crush called me few times but I rejected her call. I was continuing my relationship with my classmate.One day when I was kissing my girlfriend(i.e. my classmate) in college campus a guy saw us kissing and he spreader the kissing story in whole college(My crush also got the new). After that incident my girlfriend dumped me and started talking to other guy. Although I was in relationship with my classmate I wasn't in love with her.I loved my crush since I was 21 and now I am 25 and I still love her. yesterday I proposed my crush and she said NO. (Its my story )



#help   #lost   #shame   #love   #death   #god  

Pray and roll the dice for #shame

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