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Cousin Confessions

Read the best #cousin confession stories

I (m/20)'d like to confess that I think my cousin (f/19) is the most beautiful girl in the whole world for me.
She looks exactly like my dream girl would look like. Short, braun hair, evenly tanned skin, narrow shoulders, wide hips and a fantastic ass. She has cute little feet (yes, I just recently discovered this fetish for myself).
I am not in love or anything, but I just want to have her. Taste her and feel her. It drives me crazy knowing that I can't ever have that.

I haven't met another girl as beautiful as her. And believe me, I've looked.
I am not into old(er) women, they often times wear too much make up and they simply lack the W-O-W.

I am with my girlfriend for awhile now and she is exactly the opposite of the things I named above. I never cheated on her and I don't think I ever will (that is just not me) and I will not leave her because of this.
But I feel bad and helpless, because my cousin has everything I ever desired.

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I kissed my cousin but i have a boyfriend and he has a girlfriend and shes my best friend.

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My best friend is my cousin at the same time. We share everything together, even the family.
But she doesn't know that I use her toothbrush, too.

#toothbrush   #cousin  

Hi confessing again. I (25F) am still head over heels for my cousin (24M) and I don’t give a single fuck about it. I don’t care at all. No number of persons living or dead can make me. I want him to sit on my face and I want him to fuck me while he chokes me out and then bring me back just to choke me out again. I want him to spit on me and call me a disgusting fucking redneck backwood slut and I want him to break my nose and give me a black eye while he pulls my hair and twists my nipples. I’m too disgusting and I don’t fucking care because I know that it’s just I, Me, and Myself so no one, not even God herself can judge me. He’s coming to visit me this summer so I hope we hang out and get fucked up on weed and drinks so he can take advantage of me.

#incest   #slut   #cousins   #shameless   #proud  

I sleep with 3 of my cousins but they don't know about each other. Should I tell them that i sleep with the three of them before it's to late or just keep my mouth shut.

#cousin   #secrets  

So basically I love my cousin, and not in a family way, like he's my age and my bestfriend, but were not real cousins, because he's just my cousin by marriage. I know that doesn't make it any better but at least he's not my real family, I don't plan on telling anyone at all so I just did this because I didn't know what else to do, And I'm like attracted to him, LIKE BRO HE IS CUTE TO ME. I hate that I love him but what else can I do.

#girl   #cousin  

My cousin and i got more then handsie. After a family wedding we were at a house party, me 19 her 17 I believe. We were on teams playing beer pong and kept winning and she would jump on me and hug me. Eventually when the ping pong would go behind a car we both would chase it and make out behind the car then go back. Each time we chased the ball we'd get a little more riskier, I started rubbing her pussy through her underwear and pull her dress down and suck her nipples and she would grab and rub my cock. We didn't do anymore then that and I regret it. Wish we had sex but to risky with so much family around.

#cousin   #family   #wedding  

I am a 24 year old girl and I had sex with my cousin twice already. I've been living with my uncle on my mother's side and his wife for two years now. Everything is fine until my cousin, their estranged adopted son, went back home. He is the son of my mother's sister, my uncle's just the one who raised him. Three years ago he went away because he got some woman pregnant and he has to take responsibility but he found out that the woman is having an affair with another man just recently. He decided to come back home. When he arrived, since there's no more available room for him to stay, we agreed on sharing one room.Well the room used to be his when he was still staying there. And we also shared the same bed. Everything is fine actually. We were okay. We became so close that he tells me everything that has happened to him in the last years, Before we sleep, we would talk about his life with the woman, his difficulties and all. One night he told me how they have sex. How he made her crazy about him when their having sex. How he used to give her oral sex and everything. EVERYTHING. I was just like "Really?" "No way!" "Gosh!' I mean what else could I say? After he told me that he asked me if I had a boyfriend before and I said yes because it's the truth. Then I just told him that I already had sex when I was 18 years old. I don't remember how and why did I say it. All I remember is that he was surprised to know that I'm not a virgin anymore. Then he asked me what my ex and I usually do. I'm not really that active with sex with my ex so i just said we do the normal stuffs. After that I heard him say "What if we do it? We'll just try." And I was "No way" then told him I'm going to sleep. I turned away from him and closed my eyes. Suddenly I felt him hugging me from the back saying "Let's cuddle". I just didn't mind it since he really used to hug me in his sleep during our first night sleeping on the same bed. I was already falling to sleep when I heard him saying "Bad thing you still have your period." I wasn't able to respond to that and I totally forgot it the next day. One night I arrived home and he was with his friends. They were drinking and asked me to join them. At first I refused but since they are persuasive I agreed. But since it's been a long time since the last time I drunk, I only had two shots. I already felt dizzy so I decided to lie down for a bit before taking my night shower. He came in and ask if I'm okay which I answered yes. After awhile, I took my shower, went to bed and because I'm feeling dizzy, immediately fell asleep. But I was awaken by voices talking to each other, when I checked my phone to see the time, it was past midnight. I heard that my cousin's friends are leaving. My aunt is seeing them out. I went back to sleep when I heard my cousin enter our room. He laid beside me. My back is turned to him so I don't know what he's doing. All I know is that he suddenly hugged me, turned me so I will be facing him, felt his hands caressing back and my arms and then next thing I knew he was kissing and licking my neck. I stopped him saying we're cousins but he's not listening to me. He's just kissing and caressing me and I was starting to lose myself. Then it happened. I got carried away and decided to let it go. I haven't had sex since the day I started living with my uncle and he is there waking my libido. I just couldn't resist it anymore. I just gave in. We did it twice that night and I admit, he's really good with it. The next morning when I wake up, I even asked myself if it really happened or is it just a dream. I'm having my coffee when he woke up. I looked at him and he looked at me too. I didn't feel anything so i thought it was just a silly dream. I shook my head and just smiled on it. But then when I went in our room to get ready to go to work I noticed some stain on the sheet. I went to it and smelled it and then told myself "Fuck it's cum!" That's then I realized it wasn't a dream after all. I immediately took off the sheet and replaced it., I suddenly felt shy towards him after that but he was acting so normal he still jokes at me so I got over it that day. The next nights we became intimate.. We kissed and cuddled. He's really turning me on. And I felt like being drawn to him, sexually. Then one night we did it again. And that was the last time. I just felt guilty. We still sleep in the same room now but we, as much as possible, stopped being intimate with each other every time we're alone. And I know it's wrong but until now, I still lust over him.

#cousins   #roommate  

I am a 38 yo housewife.
I am having an affair with my cousin's husband.
It's 4 years now.
I've had sex with him in my home many times while my husband worked.
I cannot stop.
God forgive me please!

#adultery   #cousin   #forgive  

I'm a 13 year old girl and I'm bi. I recently had a sleepover with my step-cousin( who is not related to me in any way) and my sister. I was sharing a room with my sis for the week because there was family in town.I had to sleep on the mattress that was on the floor with my cousin who is also a girl. When it was time for bed and the lights were turned out, I started to masturbate. I liked the idea of her catching me. All I kept thinking about was her being curious and letting me eat her out until she came in my mouth. I still get horny just thinking about it.

#cousin   #eat   #dirty  

my cousin is 17 and i am 20. he is skinny/fit with beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair...gorgeous. unfortunetly, he is my 2nd cousin by blood i believe/: we have been talking on and off for about 4 years and have only met up twice for a week each time every 2 years. we have so much in common and i feel a real connection with him on more than just a physical level. we have flirted and cuddled and i think i have real feelings for him and him for me. unfortunetly i have a bf whom i have been wanting to leave for quite some time now but i just havent had the heart really i not sure if its my heart or his that isnt ready. all i know is that since this relationship i have become depressed, anorexic, and violent. he is a wonderful guy but i feel like all of these negative things are happening because im not happy where i am in this relationship rn and i started loosing feelings for him a few months ago. and the weaker my feelings get for him the stronger they get for my going back to visit him before the next reunion in 2 years. i plan on visiting in a couple months but i havent let my bf know yet...idek if ill be togther with him,at that point...even if i do break up with him i wouldnt want to be with anyone else except for my cousin. what do i do? i cant stop wanting him but i know its wrong/:

#cousin   #love   #cheating   #struggle  

I haven't told this to anyone, but when I was 15 my first sex was homosexual anal. I fucked my boy cousins ass one night while staying at his house overnight, he was 15 also. The next day we went to the basement behind some shelves. He had his pants down and bent over the back of an old couch, with Vaseline on his butt and a jar of it in my hand I was going to lube up my cock and them use my receptive cum bucket again. He was wanting it as bad as I wanted to give it. We got so involved we didn't hear his sister (14) come down stairs with some laundry. She came back and asked what we were doing, and he stood bolt upright pulled up his tidy whiteys then his jeans and walked out. I was there with a jar of Vaseline in my hand and a hard 7" thin cock sticking straight out.
Oh, were you guys doing what we all used to do when we were little? she asked. I replied yes. From the time we were about 9 till 11 all three of us, plus one neighbor girl formed a club and used to get naked and play with each other. My cousin used to do strips for me and her brother in her bedroom if no one was around. She would let us rub our little cocks against her butt, even trying to insert them, I fingered her pussy and it got real wet before she chickened out and left me hanging, but once she started developing tits and pussy hair she stopped it all. We tried and tried to get her to at least show us her tits and hairy pussy but she wouldn't.
Don't tell my brother how much hair I have or anything, and you can only stick it in my butt, don't you dare stick it in me in my front, she insisted. Then she bent down and told me to rub some of the Vaseline on her butt. I did, then put some on my cock and fucked her up her ass.
My first and second fuck, were my cousins, a brother and sister, both anal. I continued to fuck them both for about 3 years. Her, only anal and eventually oral and her brother only anal. I did manage to suck his cock to completion about 5 times during that time though. Finally; one time when I took her on a date, we went to our normal motel, and I held her down while I ate her pussy, she loved it. About a month later I was eating her, and spread her legs, pinched her D cup tits and holding her down stuck my cock into her pussy. I finally got my first piece of pussy. Dark, hairy pussy that bled a lot. I always heard it only bled a little when breaking her hymen, but from eating her out the hymen was pretty thick. It bled for about 3 days actually, didn't stop until I fucked her a few more times. She hated that I forced her to fuck and stopped seeing me for a while. Then came back and I had a nice steady piece of pussy, ass, and mouth, plus her brothers ass.

#bi   #anal   #cousins  

It all started when I was laying with my cousin on her couch and she told me she wanted a massage but I had to cover my eyes. She held my hand and started rubbing her nipples then she told me to go wait for her in the other room. She asked me if I wanted to see where my hand was and I definitely agreed and she took her shirt off and I started playing with her nipples. This went on for a long time and we would usually sleep at each other’s houses. During that she let me rub her pussy and rode me with her clothes on until I decided to fuck her. We both got naked and i made her suck my dick after she stroked it, then told her to lie on her back and hold my hand. I slowly inserted myself inside her and began fucking her tight pussy as she moaned loudly. I fucked her for a while then I came on her stomach.

#14yo   #teen   #cousin  

I confess to having sex with my cousin, it started when she was 18 and I was 32. We had sex many times over 4 years, so many I can't count and each time was better than the other. She wanted me as much as I wanted her and we couldn't get enough of one another. She was always a beautiful girl and the first time she was spending the night, we decided to sleep in the same bed me in my underwear and her in a t shirt and panties. For some reason I started tickling her and as I did her shirt rose up and the next thing I knew I was licking her nipples. She was laying there enjoying every minute of it when she placed her hand on my dick after that I couldn't control myself and a moment later I had my dick inside of her. When we finished we said it should never happen again but we both knew it would. It lasted 4 years and now 15 years later we are good friends knowing we had something that most cousins don't have.

#sex   #confession   #cousin  

It was long years back, when I was in 10th standard and enjoying summer vacations at my uncle's house (my father's elder brother). There I was spending my time with my elder cousin who is so beautiful and I admired her every time for her beauty. She was in college that time. We were good friends and shared every thing what was happening. We used to sleep in same room on same bed. One night when we were sleeping I touched her boobs from outside and she did not respond. Then I touched her again and again and she changed her position by bending towards me. it gave me opportunity to touch her ass with my dick. I even felt her panties lining which made me crazy like hell. I cuddled her and slept and next day everything was normal. She prepared tea for me and in whole summer vacations I did the same at night but could not fuck her.

#cousin   #boobs   #touching   #horny  

My cousin and I used to kiss and touch when we were 16, which led on to other things by the age of 18 but never the real deal which also led to me getting messed up because she stopped doing this and I had feelings for her .


I was 15 and my cousin was 12. She constantly came up to my house for her dinner. One day, she stayed overnight. There was only space in my room so she slept in a blow up bed. I went to sleep early that night since I stayed up until 4 the night before. At around 1 she woke me up, she asked what sex was like. Being 15 I didn't actually know, she asked me if I wanted to find out, but before I could answer she'd already taken her bra off. Her breasts were quite large for her age. She jumped onto my bed and started crawling towards me. She grabbed my hand and placed it on her breasts, they were incredibly soft and smooth. But before she could do anything else, I reminded her that we were cousins and she quickly jumped back into her bad, putting on her bra that she had taken off earlier.

#cousin   #breasts   #teen  

Me and my cousin were in her room playing Nintendo when I decided to ask her if she would let me touch her breasts and she said yes then I began to unbutton her shirt from her pajamas and began to touch her breasts then after a while I noticed that she was getting really wet and I asked her if I could touch her pussy at first she said no but after a while she told me that she was going to let me touch her pussy.

#cousin   #breast  

I have lustful thoughts about my cousin that will never go away. It all started when we were teenagers and she used to stay over at my mother's house. When no one was around she would felt me fondle and suck on her breasts and they felt amazing. I wanted to have sex with her but was too scared of getting her pregnant and landing in trouble. Ten plus years later and I still get the thought of fucking her out of my mind. She recently visited with her new baby (not mine, obviously) and all I could think about was getting her alone and fucking her in my bed. I couldn't, so I settled for staring down her shirt when no one was looking -- and she's only gotten thicker in the breasts and thighs, too. She's the reason I look up "my cousin" on porn sites and imagine her getting fucked and creamed.

#incest   #cousin   #lust   #grope   #fantasy  

When i was about 13 i was staying round my cousins house. we were both 13/14 at the time and we were both horny teenagers. we would often tease eachother- i would rub her tight little pussy while she bit the covers praying her mother wouldnt hear. But one night we decided to fuck, we planned it all out. set a date arranged it- i knew all this stuff from my older brothers so it wasnt much of a problem, also i watched a load of porn and was horny 24/7... desperate to lose my virginity i grabbed a condom from my brothers drawer and went to her house to see her. her mother was out so we had the house to ourself, it was awkward at first. we just layed in bed. adventually we started kissing and i slipped my hands down her pants gracefully- she had shaved a couple of days ago so there was a little stubble. i fingered her and rubbed her pussy till she was dripping wet. Then i asked if she was ready to fuck and she thankfully said yes- i slipped the condom on my rock hard dock then we tried to get it in being the newbies that we were. this faffing about made it kinda awkwar but finally i got it in and she slowly slid down until it was pretty much balls deep- we fucked and moved around a bit slowly because she compained it was hurting.. because we spent so long kissing and foreplaying there was barely anytime to fuck.. we was only going for about 10 mins until we heard a car door slam and the front door open, we both hurrily pulled our pants up and jumped out of bed. i didnt get to cum in the end so have been wanting to finish it off one last time but havnt had the courage to re-ask her. also i cant seem to get anymore condoms, i have one but im saving it for me & my girlfriend.. i wouldnt want to go unprotected for either of them

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