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Teen Confessions

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It all started when I was laying with my cousin on her couch and she told me she wanted a massage but I had to cover my eyes. She held my hand and started rubbing her nipples then she told me to go wait for her in the other room. She asked me if I wanted to see where my hand was and I definitely agreed and she took her shirt off and I started playing with her nipples. This went on for a long time and we would usually sleep at each other’s houses. During that she let me rub her pussy and rode me with her clothes on until I decided to fuck her. We both got naked and i made her suck my dick after she stroked it, then told her to lie on her back and hold my hand. I slowly inserted myself inside her and began fucking her tight pussy as she moaned loudly. I fucked her for a while then I came on her stomach.

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I'm a 15 yr old FtM bisexual (Female to Male trans) and I get way too horny on a daily basis. I love the idea of being penetrated in both holes, I even dream of being tied up and abused by a dom. I have a hair brush with a handle that I love to stick in my vagina and I'd masturbate so often that I'd pass out and leave the brush inside. Sometimes if I'm too needy, I'd fuck myself senseless by shoving a brush in both my ass and my vag, rushing and muffling myself so no one in my family catches me. Because I'm Trans, I imagine having my own prosthetic penis and fucking myself with it. But honestly, it feels way too fucking good and I'm serious in looking for friends with benefits.

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The first time I was just teasing and having fun when I rubbed my ass against his huge package. I wanted to watch it grow and give him pain. And it did, but I meant no harm. But I do like rubbing his bulge. Now he touches and grabs me here and there when no one is watching. I like it but limit him. He wants to sleep with me and doesn't like my telling him to wait a couple of years. Sometimes I feel my defenses go down as my urges go up. And I do have will power or I wouldn't be a virgin for all these years. I don't dare tell him I think of him when I masturbate. My parents would disown us both if I gave in and ended up pregnant. I put myself in a predicament.

#predicament   #bulge   #rub   #grab   #touches   #teen   #tease   #fun   #sex   #vulnerable   #willpower   #pregnant   #friend   #parents   #masturbate  

I take panties from a store into the bathroom and cum into them. I then put them back in the far end so that they are taken last.

#store   #teen   #panties   #public  

I look back at the pictures and feel like such a sissy. My totally hot young neighbor girl stopped by a few times. She got naked in my pool, she let me eat her pussy but wouldn't let me fuck her unless I wore her panties. I gladly did and she has pics of it but I never got to fuck her. This happened more then once too.

#sissy   #panties   #teen   #pics  

I recently started babysitting again and I watch this one family’s new born and three kids, the newborn wouldn’t take milk from the bottle and would keep tugging on my bra so I gave my nipple and she started my milk flow. All the kids now come to me when their thirsty and now I leak constantly. But I love it because now their dependent on me and my milk. Lowkey always had a breastfeeding fetish

#teen   #breastfeeding   #babysitting  

I've seen it online. Guys follow girls around filming them unknowingly with all focus on their bodies. The girls at work changed uniforms recently. Going from slacks to tights and leggings for some. Many of them like to stand instead of sitting. So their butt is out in the open. It took me a while before I could do it. We have cameras in our area that we see and monitor so I couldn't make it obvious. If I get caught I would get fired. But I had to have pictures for later. Staring and then going to the bathroom and trying to remember had been getting boring. I finally started getting my phone out in a way it looked like I was on it but the cameras couldn't see what's on it. Then just stand back from the girls. I got ten of one girls butt that's Russian and really pitite and in shape. Her butt is amazing and the way her slacks hold her butt makes anyone crazy. I wanted to get some of another girl but she left and comes back later. She's just 19 and has a bigger butt of them since she did athletics in school. The last one I haven't yet but she's engaged and has killer legs and a tight butt. She's flirty and talks about anything without a care. I want to smack her when she bends over.

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I am pregnant.
I let my boyfriend cum inside me just because. When we found out I talked about abortion. He wont pay for me to get one. Neither will my parents.

I dont want a baby. Maybe I kinda sorta thought I did. Im 12 weeks in. Ive heard the heartbeat and I just..i just dont want it. Honestly Im kind of hoping that something happens and I miscarry so I dont have to deal with it. I could also get more attention and sympathy that way.

I have smoked weed while I knew I was pregnant. I also took Robotussin and Mucinex DM to robotrip. I still smoke cigs when I can. Because.well. i just dont care.

Its not that i dont care about my baby, i dont care about anyone, really. Thats something ive realized reading these confessions. I just like attention and doing what I want. I dont really care who I hurt. I know Ive manipulated people on purpose but it just doesnt really get to me. I think that now once Ive realized this and harnessed my true power I will take it to the extreme.

Before when I did things I really did feel bad..but now I dont care. At all.

I dont want forgiveness. I dont want to change either, honestly.

#baby   #abortion   #pregnant   #heartless   #careless   #mom   #mother   #teen   #manipulative  

I'm in 30s now. Back in my teenage years I was easily aroused. On the farm I would watch a duck having sex ( which goes quite long) I would start masterbating and my little dark monster would vomit as the animals finished. It's was with any animal that I witnessed like goats and bulls also. At one time I rubbed on a tree and came in my pants in the jungle while watching the cow and the bull. Those innocent days

Well since like 2 days ago I started fingering myself and rocking myself like if I had a pennis beneath me and I get so horny so 2 days ago I started going to the couch at night to finger myself but the couch is so fluffy that I started to jump and rub my vagina to the couch and imagined I was on top of someone and I even did that on the arm rest... Long story short I get horny when I sit on the couch

#horny   #fingeredmyself   #couch   #despair   #masturbation   #girl   #teen   #hornyteen  

I am here to relax and read which ultimately leads to masturbation. Here I get ideas, think I'm normal, and think some of my thoughts are weird, liking thinking of my boyfriend's dad to give me a big orgasm. I am a 17 yo virgin and the only sex has been with my current 16 yo boyfriend and it's pretty bland. I guess that's all the more reason I like to masterbate. That's all.

#older   #teen   #masturbation   #virgin   #read   #ideas   #orgasm  

im a 13 year old girl and I'm addicted to masturbation and porn. I watch porn almost everyday and masturbate anytime i can. Me and my bestfriend even had lesbian sex. It was so amazing. The first time we were in 5th grade. We started out kissing and touching each others tiny A cup tits. Then we got in the bathtub together and rubbed each others clits. Later on we mastered our sex. We would makeout in my locked room, then i continued to pull her shirt off and unclip her bra. I would suck her tits and massage them. Making my way down with one hand still on her breast i would start licking her pussy het legs would quiver and she would squirt everywhere which made me even more horny! Slowly i woild pump 2 fingers in and out of her while sucking on her breast this also made her body shake and cum. By now my whole bed is soaked and she would climb on top of me. Unclipping my bra she now sucked my tits. It felt so good! The way she would grab one while sucking the other was amazing. She often pinched my nipples (which she knew i had a fetish for) while licking my clit verry softly. Just as i was about to cum my legs would start shaking and she would stop then she went at it hard. Shoving her whole face into my pussy and pumped 3 fingers in and out of my tight teenage pussy. When we finished that we would 69 and i stuck my tongue up her pussy and swirled it around, she came all over my face and in my mouth i swallow it all. Then we would finish it off with sucking each others tits once more and making out. Then we would go to sleep (if we were having a sleep over) we no longer do that but i am still horny all the time. I often shove a hairbrush handle in and out of my pussy and rub my clit while watching porn. Or even to music. But i crave a cock. I want my crush to fuck me but i fear his dick wont be big enough. I want an older man to fuck me but im too shy, and my family is Mormon. Its kind of impossible to fulfill my sexual fantasies.. So i will just have to masturbate

#sex   #horny   #masturbation   #crave   #teen  

I'm a 17 year old boy and for a certain period of time I would go on craigslist and put up an ad. The legal age of consent where I live is 17. I should probably say I'm in a religious enough family. I met at least 5 different guys. A few one offs and 2 ongoing ones. I amn't exactly gay or bi as I amn't attracted to males but I would get erect from what I presume was their desire to be with me. So I guess I will always be slightly bi as I get off from people lusting for me.. I gave my limitations every time. I never kissed them, I never sucked them or got f*cked. One guy wanted to change our agreed payment when I went to his apartment. One guy was pansexual. One guy I guess I was temporarily friends with before I realised what our relationship was had got me an 89% small bottle of absinthe, a bat mirror and bought me food and alcohol when we met. But for paid meetings I would get at least 100. One nice guy helped me in life and I paid for things for my friends because I never want to lose my friends.
I am still tempted to try again, just for the money, as I hadn't done something like that in a while.

#prostitution   #teen   #confession  

All my teen and adult life I have been what they call claustrophilic (opposite of claustrophobic) and have been addicted to total enclosure bondage, everything from mail-bags, sleeping-bags, rubber body-bags (my absolute favorite? and latex suits etc. Consequently, my life has been full of what would be considered very strange people. Try getting a cheer-leader type in your own age-group to tie you up in a bag! However, I discovered that much older women will bend a lot of 'rules' to have total control of a young. fit and healthy male, well-endowed, and unable to refuse them ANYTHING they want.. Now this sounds like something out of Hollywood, but at work, I met an amazing woman, who was in charge of the firm's security protocols. Turns out she immigrated here at the time the Berlin Wall came down, from what was then East Germany. She was disparagingly referred to as the "Ice Queen" and studiously avoided. She did look rather off-putting, at first. Tall, slender but athletic, sixty-ish, thick grey hair, styled in a severe bun, with metal-rimmed glasses, prominent bone structure with rather Slavic cheekbones, and a small prim slit of a mouth. Grim, was the first impression she gave. Anyway, I tried to get to know her, sitting at her empty table in the cafeteria, and so forth. She discouraged me, but I was persistent, and she gradually softened, once it became apparent that I wasn't trying to trick her or humiliate her, and such. She finally accepted that I found her attractive, and we went out regularly, keeping it very discreet. I confessed one evening, after too much to drink that the powerful, self-assured, cold personality she projected really appealed to me, because I was naturally attracted to powerful women, and had a compulsion to submit to them, in th hope that they might take advantage of me. She laughed for the first time, really naturally, and asked, wiping a tear from her eye, did I know what she used to do in the former East Germany? I aid no, and she confessed that she had been a very experienced and effective interrogator for the Stasi, the state security people, who apparently had a fearsome reputation. She then asked if I wanted to leave, and I replied by asking if she had much experience in restraining people, maybe with sensory deprivation? She laughed again, and said "Gott-in-Himmel, you're not involved in THAT? Unbelievable! So you are probably very submissive, at least sexually? Or all the time?" Emboldened, I admitted that it was the most important thing in my life, and I thought she might be at least understanding, maybe even interested. "A pretty young boy like yourself? All of what, eighteen years? Of course I'm interested! So, you wish me to tie you up and interrogate you? Torture you? It would be a true pleasure, but be VERY sure it is what you want, because I have very strong needs and demands, having always enjoyed my work immensely, in the old days. You may well have cause to regret being involved with me, but it may well be too late to do anything about it by then. Are you willing to take that chance?" I said I certainly was, and we went back to my place, a nice secluded house I had inherited from an Aunt, my sole relative. She demanded to see my equipment, and I emptied the large holdall out on the floor in front of her. She stirred through it with her foot, whispering "Fascinating!" She selected an old olive-drab Vietnam-war era bodybag, of thin rubberized canvas, and asked "You would let me put you in this?" rather disbelievingly, her accent seeming stronger. "Absolutely!" I assured her. "But you do not know me! Perhaps I am a little crazy...maybe keep you in there longer than you wish? No?" I replied that I was happy to take my chances, and before I knew it, I was trussed tightly in the bag, now with only a small nylon zipper across my mouth, and two small holes over my nostrils. I was already forming a sizeable bulge right under the other zipper, to her amusement, as she slapped the bulge lightly, over and over, murmuring softly in German. Then she unzipped me, and all my goodies burst out into the open. She snugged the zipper tight round the roots, and informed me this was where the fun began! She wasn't kidding either! Her educated fingers turned me into a screaming writhing maniac, desperate for relief, as he mocking voice said "Now you tell me EVERYTHING I wish to know, ja?" And of course I did! She soon knew as much or more about me than I did myself, probably. She kept me in the bag all weekend, and I thought I was going to die with frustration. By six a.m on Monday, I had begged her to marry me, or at least move in permanently, and she said she'd give it serious consideration. That was ten years ago, and I don't get out much any more, as a rubber-sheathed house-husband, with endless housework and other duties to perform, during working hours, and then transferred to the bag when she gets home, for more grueling interrogations and torture! She is as healthy, fit and powerful as ever, and the ways things are going she may outlast me!

#claustrophilic   #addicted   #teen   #adult   #life  

I am 14 and pregnant but I don't know who the father is . My bf dosent know I've cheated many times . I want to abort it pls give me advic what should I do

#abortion   #underage   #teen  

I hate my life no one loves me my dad is either drunk or on some kind of drug and my mom hates and she never talks to me and she wonders why I cut my self and I'm anorexic its bc I'm not happy

#teen   #depressed  

When I was 14, my boyfriend at the time and I had been going out for about 4 months. We went to the movie theatre to see a movie and sat in the back. It was winter so we both had our big heavy coats in our laps. About halfway through the movie, I felt his hand on my thigh. I wasn't surprised by this so I just didn't react. A few minutes later, though, I felt his hand moving up towards my crotch. I was getting kinda nervous but also turned on so I let him keep going. He slipped his hand into my pants and rested it on top of my pussy through my underwear. I was really wanting it. He just left his hand there lightly pressing against my clit. I was practically dying for his fingers inside me so I shoved my own hand down his pants and started stroking his cock. I was surprised by how big it was lol but he took that as a cue to start fingering me. He slid his hand under my underwear and started rubbing me. He wasn't rubbing right where I like it, but it was dark and he'd never fingered anyone before (and it felt fucking good and hot) so I just kept jerking him. We pleasures eachother for the rest of the movie. Neither of us orgasmed, but we both had lots of fun. I have no idea what happened during the rest of the movie lol.

Every time he came over or I went over to his house after that though his hands went into my pants and he got steadily better. He even gave me oral for a few minutes once. Sadly we broke up before we could do anything else :(

#fingering   #teen   #boyfriend  

I'm a fit guy in my mid forties and I take photos for a living. I've confessed here before about my sins, but this happened to me when I was in my early twenties and still living at home and trying to make a go of being a wedding and portrait photographer.
The family next door were from Sri Lanka, well the dad was, the Mum was English, but had met him there. They had four daughters, three stunners and one fat ugly one. She must've felt shit. Anyway, they had grown up while I'd lived there. The fat one had left home to go to university and next eldest was on a years trip back to the traditional family home in Sri Lanka. That left the 15year old and the 12year old to pretty much fend for themselves that summer. They took to sunbathing in the garden and as our houses are big Victorian places if I looked out of the rear attic windows (where my half-arsed photo studio was) I could spy on them,
One day, it was really hot, they were sunning themselves topless. Spying on them got me really horny and I couldn't help but play with my big cock as I watched. I had to get a closer look and ventured into the garden, pretending to water the plants. I worked out a lot then, so I looked good, and I was only wearing shorts. I was freshly shaved (I shaved all my chest hair then, but don't now). Pretending to be absently minding only my business I stepped onto the rear patio and peered over, as if by accident, and saw the girls, both on their backs, tits exposed.
The elder girl, Hatty, was in a bikini slip, the younger Bina, wore denim cut off shorts. Hatty had nice rounded tits with fat pink nipples, a stark contrast to her deep rich coffee skin. Bina had beautiful perky breasts with small teats.
I said "Hi" and frightened the daylights out of them.
They both grabbed for their tops, which was a hilarious scene. I said "Don't bother on my account. I'veseen you both like this before."
"How come?" says Hatty.
"From my window," i said and indicated.
She gasped. "You fucking pervert. Wait till I tell mum and dad."
"And let them know when they go to work you strip off and sun bathe? Your mum won't like that."
They were quite strict. I hadn't even seen boys visit the house - or any friends at all to be frank.
"if you like, " I continued, "You can see something of mine."
"Like what" asked Bina,
"Come over here and look over."
As they approached, I hastily unhoooked the tie on my shorts and dropped them to the floor. My erection bobbed out, long and thick
"Oh my fucking god," squealed Hatty. "oooooo" whsipered Bina.
They stared at me for a long time and I started to wank with one hand "Wanna try this?" I asked
"We shouldn't." Hatty was clearly in charge. Bina was whispering at her sisters ear. Hatty may have been nominally in control, but her little sister was pulling the strings.
They consdiered a bit. I stopped wanking and pulled up my shorts. "Maybe some other time then."
"No, now," said Bina.
i love young girls, they so innocent and naive. They do the dumbest things.
"Come on then. Come over and I'll show you how it works."
With Hatty reluctantly in her wake, Bina ran around the front drives and, eyes all agog, stood on the patio expectantly. Hatty was trying to grab her wrist and stop her, but it was too late for either girl to not look. I was sitting now on the bench and totally nude I was stroking my massive cock, its whole ten inches looking hugely impressive. They just stood and watched as I jerked for about five minutes. They moved closer, but not so near they could touch me. When I felt the urge, I told them I was going to cum and pointed my cock directly at them. My jizz spurted across the gap in big white strings and splattered on the paving stones. They jumped back to avoid it. I have a heavy load and I was cumming for a good thirty seconds.
"Shit," said Bina, "That was amazing."
"if you show me your tits, I'll do it again."
"I don't know," hatty was still being prissy.
"Come on, Hat, It'll be fine. He's always been nice. Yous aid yourself how much you faniced him."
That was sort of it. Now they argued again. I took the initiative, got off my seat and flicked at Bina's bra catch. She squealed and jumped as her bra fell away in my hand. She chased me, hatty in pursuit and I ran about naked for a few seconds until I let them catch me. Now we were all sort of play fighting and they got to accidentally rub against my cock. I squeezed Bina's tits. She screamed. A silly girly scream. Hatty tried to stop me, but I had her from behind and was grappling with the front catch on her bra. She reached back and pulled my cock. I grunted. She kept pulling. I released my hold on her, and she still pulled. I was getting hard. Bina saw it and she started to pull as well. I lay back and the two girls, one topless, one not, started to wank me. It wasdelicious. I tried to make one of them suck it but they wouldn't. Eventually I came again, thsi time all over my chest.
I need to wash this off" I said afterwards. They sat there whispering to each other, on their knees while I sprayed the hose all over my body.
I directed the water at them and they scrfeamed again and I chased them around with the hose soaking them.
After they'd managed to subdue me again, I said they needed to get out of their costumes.
"No way!" said Hatty. "You just want to see us naked."
"Yes. fairs Fair."
She sulked. Then, without urging, Bina started to peel off her shorts.
"No Bina, dont be silly."
"Oh shut up hat, You spoil everything."
Bina watched me as she undressed, first the shorts, thena pair of practical white undies, probably from M&S Kids. My cock grew again and she grinnned. "See what happens!" she said pointing.
She loooked gorgeous, with her cute hairless pussy exposed.
It was all i could do to start wanking again. "That's what you do to me, Bina." You're so sexy"
"Come on HAt, please, show me your tits," I pleaded, "I'll come again for you."
I was sounding like a schoolboy. Hat shrugged and pulled a face. Slowly, reluctantly, she took off ehr bra and flashed her boobs at me. Bina had taken hold of my cock again and her head was edging closer to it. I felt for her hair, which was shoulder length, and took hold. I moved her head inexorably towards my cok and automatically she opened her mouth and started to suck the end.
"Oh Bina, stop." was all hatty could say, She went to grab her sister, but Bina shoved her aside, the effect making her bite my cock.
She was so apologetic.
"You need to pay a forfeit. Or rather your sister does, it was her fault."
"No, we're leaving," said Hatty.
"No, you won't. I said. You could have left ages ago, but you're still here, you like it."
She didn't leave,
"Take off your bottoms."
"Go on, Hat," said Bin, "Its fine" She was stroking my cock again like a pro.
Reluctantly - even more reluctant than last time - those bikini bottoms came off. Hatty had a beautiful hairless shaven pussy with a plump mound and a pair of fat engorged lips hanging from her cunt. She was horny. This was turninmg her on.
Bina sucked my cock again and I lay back and simply gestured for Hatty to hold my hand. She took it and then, without encouragement, she knelt opposite her sis and sarted to lick my shaft and balls. (I always shave) I knew a third cumw as due soon, I was so excited but I ahd to do more than just wank now. I too was so horny. I reached out and squeezed Hatty's full boobs. She didn't resist. She sighed. Bina now had four inched of cock in her mouth. "Come here, " I said and got her to twist around so her legs were ove rmy face. My tongue speare dup at her little slit. iw as surprised to find it positively dripping with cunt juice. Hatty said nothing. We did thsi for a while and I felt Bina's lips exit my prod to be replaced by hatty's fully, plumper mouth. Above me I could just make out Bina playing with her tiny tits. The girls were talking in Sri lankan. Finaly, in English, Bina said, "You must, you ahve to go first, haty, your the older one."
Bina got off my face and I was welcomed by the sight of a beautiful naked Hatty crawling up my body, her cunt open for business and slick as the sea. Slowly delicately she lowered herself onto my fuck stick and breathed out long andhard. I lasted all of a minute, which must have been very disappointing for her, but I was too far gone. I pumped another enormous gush into her gash and she smiled and collapsed on top of me and hugged me.
"Oh I wanted this so much, " she said "So much."
We stayed like that as I went soft. "Sorry i was a prude. I'm so nervous. Mum won't let us do anything."
"Well anytime you wanna do anything, come round and we can do whatever you want." I reached for Bina's body and my arm circled her. "And you too, Bina."
"I want to do it now."
"You'll have to wait a bit I've cum too much."
In the event i couldn't take BIna's virgin pussy that afternoon as we didn't have time before their mum came home. Hatty became a regular visitor to my studio. Bina became the first underage girl I photographed naked - in fact my first nude shoot. She was the most outrageous and she introduced me to many of her friends which allowed me to begin regular photo and fuck sessions with young naive girls. Even though my life adventures have been wild, I remember that first experience as clear as the summer's day.

#sex   #threesomes   #oral   #mothers   #young   #preteen   #abuse   #addiction   #greed   #lust   #obsession   #shamelessness   #interracial   #teen   #shaved   #cum   #bareback  

For three years now going on four I have been fucking my little 15yr old aunty fingering her asshole, giving her rimjobs & last year I finally popped a kid out of her but the thing is I've had this urge to wanna go into her 50yr old mums room while she was asleep and just start eating her lovely old pussy. I catch her all the time looking down at my cock especially wen I get out the shower all I feel are her eyes undressing me, Now that makes me just wanna grab my Nana & just bend her right over in my lounge room & go to town on her lovely pussy then after that slide my big black veiny cock right deep into her asshole then make my aunty suck all her mother's ass juice of my cock

#incest   #threesome   #mature   #teen   #bbc  

I´m and 18 year-old male and since when I was 11 I've been fucking with a classroom friend. It all began in a school trip when I was in fourth grade. At that time, however, I only jerked him off since he had a much developed dick and I was pretty nervous to get horny. Still, since then it has been a tradition to fuck during school trips. The best of all was in 7th grade when in the last day of the trip the hotel in which we stayed had only rooms of two. We locked our door and got full naked. First we sucked each other off and began to passionately kiss. He would finger me while we kissed. Then, he pushed me into doggy style and fucked me for 10 minutes with some condoms we secretly bought. I had to cover my mouth in order to avoid moaning. Then it was my turn, he had such a tight and delicious butthole. That night I slept with the taste of his cum in my mouth, so did he. Another great time was in 8th grade when me and my friends were gathered in the same room at night. As everyone talked, I slipped into my friend's behind and began fingering him in order to prepare him. I while after, hearing all my friends who talked unsuspected of what was happening, I inserted my penis. The rush of adrenaline and his slight movement made me cum in his anus a couple of minutes after. I loved how he talked with everyone as if nothing happened while I was in a rollercoaster of pleasure.

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