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Teens Confessions

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Im a 14 year old girl on my way to go fuck my 17 year old boyfriend. My parents think im going to go see a movie. But he lives right by the movie theater so were gonna sneak over as soon as my parents leave. He says he wants to make me feel good and special. He said he wants to show me how much he loves me. I can't wait i love him so much.

#sex   #defiance   #teens  

I confess when I was abused at 10 I loved it, being made to have fun with others and there I fantasize about it think I'm turning into a pedo would love to meet another one in UK to full fill my fantasy's with young boys just like I was, I live opposite a school and see lots, I've done stuff I've never spoken about to which was fun recent to

#sex   #boys   #willy   #teens  

I have so many secrets that I would never finish posting them all here. Some make feel bad, some excite me, and some I just want to relive. I wish I had a confidant, a real person just like me to share all those filthy secrets with and hear some of theirs too. I just need to get them off my chest somehow.

#secrets   #sex   #adultery   #incest   #teens  

My girlfriend is at most 18 hours away from where I live and I (Female, 17) fantasize about her (19) pinning me down and having her way with me. Where I live its legal for us to date and I will see her soon but I'm nervous to tell her that I want her to have her way with me forcefully since she's such a sweet and kind girl!

#lust   #girlfriend   #teens   #embarrassment  

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