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Adultery Confessions

Read the best #adultery confession stories

Married 14 years, 14 faithful years until a few months ago. I had been going to coffee with a friend from my gym, I knew it had become flirtatious, but I figured it was harmless. I liked the attention and it felt good, but I never thought, I mean we only met in public and I just never thought it would be anything else. I'm completely guilty, I never told my husband how often I was seeing this guy or that we had been texting. In my mind there was no reason to, the texts were not dirty and the flirting was never really direct. Still I knew I had a secret. Instead of coffee one morning he invited me to his apartment for tea instead of coffee and I went. The entire time I was telling myself I just wanted to see his place and I would leave soon after we got there. He was complimenting me a lot and being really forward. It made me uncomfortable, but I didn't try to stop him. We started having sex on his sofa and he finished me on his bed. At times the guilt is overwhelming and at other times it's just like nothing has changed at home. My husband has no idea and neither does anyone else. Almost like it didn't happen. I don't deserve to get away with this, but I just can't admit what I did.


I'm a married man and I have been cheating with my coworker who is also married, 10 years older than me and with a kid. It started out just talking, joking sexual humor and the subtle comments, compliments. That progressed to dirty texts and sending pictures even videos to each other. Eventually it led to us making out in the backseat, getting head and eventually getting a hotel room for sex. We both love our spouses. its just for fun, we don't want to be in a relationship with each other. Its just physical.

#adultery   #cheating   #coworker  

I am in love with a married man. We met on a "fling" site and he told me up front he was in an open marriage. At first i declined him but we talked more and i really liked him. We met at a hotel and had sex and first time wasnt all that great. It was really hot in the room and the lights were on and i just wasnt feeling it. After that I ended it and for 2 wks didnt talk to him but i always thought of him. I reached out and after a week of on and off talking we decided to meet up again. I was about to move out of state with my husband my husband was actually coming in the next morning to drive our truck and I got a hotel room and he met me and we had the most mind blowing sex i have ever had. Everything i thought about its like he knew and did. I have never climaxed this way with anyone. We had sex for 2 hrs I rode his cock, he pounded me every which way, he was the most amazing kisser and i could have gone longer but he had to go. I said goodbye knowing this is last time for me cheating. I left and he knows nothing about my husband i just told him i was visiting family. He text me while i was gone and i told him i had to stay a little longer. 3 weeks go by on and off talking and I miss him so much. I fly in to see him under guise of a work trip and he meets me at my hotel and we had the 2nd most amazing sex of my life. I never knew what an orgasm felt like but he gave me one that night. The way he fucks me its amazing he takes me every way possible and then he kisses me and i could get lost in his lips. I went back to life and still off and on talking a few more weeks go by and i fly in to see him just for day my husband has no idea im even out of town. We fucked like rabbits and I was ready to give up everything for him. He admitted his marriage was on rocks but everytime she text him he wld respond while with me. When i went home i felt like shit thinking he doesnt feel the same so i ended things and basically gave him opportunity to tell
Me he wants me in his life. He never even responded back. I feel so empty i check my phone daily hoping he will text or call its been 4 days. I guess i get what i deserve since he never knew truth about me.

#sex   #adultery   #lies  

I have been a mistress to a married man for 10 years. We met when he was 21 and I was 30. We were seeing each while we were both single than he was forced into an arranged marriage with a woman from his home country. 10 years down the track I am still his side chick. Although I teach at a university, he insists on paying my bills, buys me gifts and his friends check on me to see if I need anything when he travels to his country. We see each other every night, I dont talk about his home life, and dont pressure him about leaving his wife. we carry on like a couple when he is with me. The only down side is doesnt want me to date anyone. If I were to get married he stills wants us to continue. He says he loves me and is obligated to his wife due to his religion. This doesnt bother me. I dont want to marriage. My children are grown and away. I have been with him for thsex. That was 10 years ago


Everyone thinks we are ideal gay couple- a model for straight and gay people to follow.

Truth is, I've been cheating on my husband since I started dating him. I lost count of the number of cocks I've sucked or had up my ass- or how many mouths and asses I've fucked.

I've cheated on him at my job, in public bathrooms, at porno theaters, and in our own bed.

I look for sex on the street, at work, online, and even with some of our mutual friends- especially those married to women.

I still love him more than anything and I dread the day that he finds out.

#adultery   #betrayal   #fake  

I've been sleeping with my aunts best friend regularly since I was 15. I'm now 26 and she is 36 and married with 3 kids. we still find time for eachother. as much as I feel bad about it I can't quit her. there is something about an older woman that keeps you coming back. my aunt would be very upset if she knew as well

#adultery   #cheat   #aunt   #sex   #taboo  

I work in the pharmaceutical industry. As most people know, pharma sales reps are quite attractive, (especially the females). In a former pharma company I worked for, I met the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. There was a mutual attraction the moment we met. Problem was, I was married and she was recently engaged. We talked almost daily for nearly a decade. The first time she ever texted me a naked picture of her, I nearly put my company car in a ditch. It was that moment that I decided I HAD to fuck her. I knew we would eventually.
Fast forward a decade later (this time last year), she was divorcing her husband and my wife and I were in a huge fight with no intimacy for months. One day she called me and asked me to meet her in a city 2 hours from my house and 2 hours from hers. I agreed. Twice we met in this city and twice we had sex literally all night until sex became painful. A few months later she would reconcile with her husband.
We have met up twice since her reconciliation but did not have sex. I'm sure she and I will have sex again someday. At least I hope we do!

#adultery   #confess  

My mom worked as a stripper and now works as a prostitute.. I'm so ashamed of her been my mom i getting bully in school, random txt videos of her getting bang in my neighborhood.what should I do.

#mom   #prostitute   #adultery   #exposed  

I have been in a relationship with a wonderful girl for several years now. She has her flaws, but I've believed her to be the love of my life, and I've asked her to marry me. At university, I've recently met a different girl that is completely perfect for me, has no flaws whatsoever, and is completely attracted to me. I don't believe in cheating, and I just don't want to break my fiancé's heart. The anxiety I've had over what I should do has caused me to cry myself to sleep for the last few months.

#engaged   #adultery   #confused  

My idiot sister in law got drunk at a party in June at her other sisters up in Pennsylvania. We were staying there for the weekend too for their daughters high school graduation and was flirting with her husband all night telling him that she was "gonna get you tonight!" when they went to bed later.
She got so drunk that she went in the wrong guestroom and gave me a blowjob,I had laid down because my back hurt and I was tired from the long drive, before she passed out drunk.
She's pretty, slim but is a drunk and at 33 she is starting to look older from all the boozing most likely.
She was calling me "Bill", her husbands name, and gave a helluva blowjob I have to admit.
I came in her mouth.
I didn't fuck her because she passed out but I probably would've if she'd stayed awake.
I doubt she even remembers giving the blowjob she was so drunk.
I never told my wife.

#adultery   #stupidity   #oral   #blowjob  

A few years after we married I met someone and brought him home wanting an open relationship, my husband was shocked but I told him it's either both of you or none of you and he backed down. I thought it would be more exciting but now I see how much damage I've done and the betrayal in my husbands eyes. I'm such a screwup.

#cheating   #adultery   #husband  

I'm 34 years old, and my husband and I have been married for 10 years. We both always wanted kids, but his sperm count was low. We agreed to do IVF when we turned 30. But I got impatient. When I was 28, there was this guy in our neighborhood, about ten years younger than us. Really hot, and he seemed into me. So we started having an affair. He was young, but so much more fun than my husband in bed. I'd let him do things I never let my husband do, including anal (which my husband said my ass was made for). It was a fun romp, but I ended up pregnant. Feeling guilty, I confessed to my husband. I didn't want him to have to raise another man's child if he didn't want to. Instead, he was totally okay with it. He said he'd love to watch next time. About two years later, wanting another kid, my husband suggested instead of invitro, we go out and find a guy for me to hook up with, and he'd watch us have sex. We wouldn't use protection, to increase my chances of getting pregnant, and every night I"d bring home a different guy. My husband would hide in the closet and watch us have sex. We'd do this every night until I had a positive pregnancy test. We repeated this again when we were 32, and now that we're 34 we're about to do it again. But I feel a bit guilty, and feel that there's something wrong with it. I mean I don't tell them that I'm on birth control, and they don't use a condom so they know it's a possibility. They're all just one night stands, but still it feels wrong knowing that they'll never know they have offspring out there. Part of me feels like there's nothing wrong with it. I mean it's their choice not to use protection. But part of me feels like they have a right to know.

#adultery   #cheating   #pregnancy  

I have been seeing a married woman behind my wife's back. My wife is a cute Asian, and my lover is a hot Brazilian (Amy). This has been going on for many years now.
We don't get to see each other often,....only a few times a year, so when we do get together, it's all about sex. We've had internet sex while our spouses are in the next room. It's gets us off.
The last time we were together, I called my wife and put her on speaker phone and talked to her as I screwed my gf. On her back, naked, legs in the air I was deep inside of her as I placed the phone between her breasts. I talked to my wife about stupid things, while I rammed in and out of my gf. The look on Amy's face as she forced herself to be quite was priceless. The situation was incredibly exciting and Amy and I came together - she spread her legs wide as I ejaculated into her pussy. For a moment, it was difficult to say anything, but I quickly told my wife that I had to hang up and I let myself flop exhausted onto Amy. She went back to her husband with her panties soaked with my leaking come. I went home with my crusty cock. Later, my wife went down on me until I spilled into her mouth - all the time thinking of earlier that day.

We are planning anther meetup next week. This time, she will be calling her husband instead.

I know that people with think this is scummy, but it's difficult to stop - and we don't care what they think.

#adultery   #cheating   #wife  

My wife is having an affair with her nephew and does not even try to hide it from me or others.
She has him living in our home, while he is attending college, and was going upstairs to his bedroom every night to have sex with him.
How did I know?
She was loud as hell, would actually come down the stairs in the morning wearing one of his t-shirts, and he posted innuendos on facebook about it as well as numerous pictures of the two of them together..
One of her friends even asked me why I tolerated it.
When I confronted my wife she told me we could divorce or I could "shut up and accept it".
I sleep in the guest room now and her nephew is sleeping in our bedroom with her.

#adultery   #nephew   #asian  

A few years ago, I told my sister I couldn't go to her bachelorette party because I had to work. That wasn't totally a lie. I was working as a stripper, and worked her fiance's bachelor party. We ended up having sex. I felt guilty about it for years. Recently I had to move out of my apartment, and in with my sister and her (now) husband. I know he still has a thing for me, and I want to have sex with him. Sometimes when she's not home, I'll dress a little sexier, and show off a bit more skin. We haven't done anything more than flirt, but I want to give in so bad.


Every year, I go to school for labs. I am an online student, 31, married, and have 2 kids.

2 years ago on the plane I was sitting next to this gorgeous older woman. She was in great shape and had long, wavy brunette hair. She was clearly well kept and appeared to be the wife of a rich husband. She was getting her degree just for fun. We started to chat, then of course after us perusing through the skymall catalog, we dozed off on a 10 hour flight. I woke up and she was snuggled up against me. I wiggled a touch intentionally and she woke up slightly embarrassed, and acted stand offish for about 5 minutes. She then told me about how her husband has some kind of illness and just can't do anything, and pretty much gave me her life story, which I could have really given 2 craps about. We landed, decided to share a cab. I paid with my card, she gave me cash, and we parted ways in the hotel we were staying in.

2 days later, I met her in the dining facility and we exchanged numbers. After our school work was over she invited me for a celebratory drink. I didn't have any thing else to do so I did. We had our drinks and though we would go back together.

We did, we talked. It was pretty uneventful. However she somehow got my room number. There was a knock on my door, and she asked if she could come in and talk some more (wearing a robe, mind you). We were watching some movie, I don't know which one since I was paying attention to her more than the movie. As things go she was cuddled up with me and we started making out. I slid my hand up her robe and she was as soaking wet.

Without a flinch she started giving me a mouth hug. The best I've had in years. She was getting wetter as she did it. After she finally sucked every last drop out she sprung up and undid her robe.

My gosh. She was gorgeous. I later found out she was 22 years older than me. Who cares, she had a couple wrinkles but a body of a woman half her age. I sprung back with more vigor, I came in her at least 6 times that night. I kind of felt bad for her husband, neglecting her small little shaved and smooth pussy. But were sure to meet up every time I'm down there. We try to line our labs up just so I can spend a week drenching the sheets with our cum. I dont even feel bad. You cant let that talent go to waste.

#adultery   #cougar  

My best friend has been banging my mother for two years now. I find it hot to call him my dad now.

#incest   #mother   #momson   #sex   #adultery  

I am a 53 year old white woman named "Carol". My 26 year old daughter "Kim" married a black man, "Derrick" a few years ago. He's very nice and they're happily in love and I have a beautiful little grandson with another grandchild on the way. Things are wonderful.
Last year, my husband and I stayed at their home. they live in Atlanta, we live in Tampa, Florida.
While my husband was out one morning, and I thought the kids were up and out, I had a chore to do.
I was going to place a surprise anniversary gift for them, tickets for a trip to Cancun for a week on us, on their pillowcase for them to come home to. I thought Derrick had to work and Kim had said something about the gym in the morning.
I walked into their bedroom, the door was slightly open, and they were having sex. My daughter was on top of him and being very vocal about her enjoyment of it.I saw the look of pleasure in my daughter's eyes, and heard it in her voice, and realized that I'd never experienced anything like that in my life. Thankfully, they didn't see me but I cannot stop thinking about it.
When he withdrew from her I saw he was so well endowed that I almost gasped in shock. My God, how does she take that?!?!?!
I was so aroused by watching them that I feel ashamed that I have repeatedly masturbated about what I saw and fantasized and had dreams about having sex with Derrick myself.
I think I'm going mad.
Please pray for me.

#adultery   #envy   #lust   #black   #daughter   #mother   #envy   #embarassment  

I confess i want to make out and have hot sex with one of the girl that works in the same company as me.
im married and have a kid and shes has a bf and a kid too. we were very close before up to a point where people thought something was happening between us. it was before she got pregnant. i masturbate a lot thinking of her.

#adultery   #unfaithful   #workplace  

I'm 16, and I babysit for this couple in their 30's. They're both still pretty hot, and they have 3 kids under 6. I get paid $20/hour to babysit, which isn't bad. Usually, the husband comes home before the wife. After a few weeks of babysitting for them, he came home even earlier than usual. He asked me if I'd give him a blowjob for $50. I figured 'why not', so I got on my knees and sucked his dick. Not long after that, he started paying me for sex. Which I was cool with. I'm of age, and he's really hot and has a pretty big dick. Bigger than all of the boys I've been with anyway. After that, I started dressing a little sexier when I came to babysit. Nothing inappropriate, but I might not wear panties or a bra. I love the way he touches me, and part of me started wanting to steal him from his wife. Then one day, his wife came home earlier than him. She told me I looked cute, and then started touching me. She asked me if I'd ever been with a girl before, and I told her I hadn't. She asked me if I wanted to, and then grabbed my ass. I was horny, and even though I was hoping for her husband, I figured she'd do. I've always been a little bi-curious. She had me eat out her pussy, and then she ate me out. She's really good at it, better than her husband. So I've had sex with both of them several times now, and I don't think the other is aware of it. I want a threesome with them so bad! I want her husband to stick his cock in my pussy while I eat his wife's pussy out. I want to ride him, while he gives her oral sex. And I want to watch him fuck her while she eats my pussy out. I don't know how to approach them about it. But I would love it if she'd walk in on me riding her husband's dick, and then I ask her to join us. That'd be so hot! But I'd also be okay with just pre-arranging it too.


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