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Humiliation Confessions

Read the best #humiliation confession stories

I never thought I'd be answering de door and seeing my15 year old brother standing outside crying and completely naked. He ran right passed me and into his room without saying a word to either me or my mother. I don't think I had ever seen my brother so naked, since we both little kids. It took some time for him to calm down and build up the courage to tell us what happed. He was obviously embarrassed about talking about it to his mother and his 17 year old sister. Like most nights he used to hang out in our community park a block away from home. A park where boys and girls form our neighborhood and the neighborhood on the other side of the park would meet. He told us some older boys were harassing him, took off his clothes and exhibited him naked in front of giggling girls. None of his friends help him and found himself with no clothes, stark naked, no place to hide and a crowd of girls having fun looking at him. Humiliated realizing his clothes were gone, he had no choice but to run a block home naked embarrassing himself. He now refuses to go to school, because most of the girls that saw him were from his school. End of the story and my brother now lives with my aunt, in a deferent town and deferent school. I stayed with my Mom, going to school and hearing girls getting themselves turned on talking about my brother's dick for months.

#forced   #stripping   #humiliation  

When I wear chastity I get curious about doing gay things. I want to be discovered and blackmailed into giving head.

#chastity   #curious   #humiliation  

One time I was about to have sex with this girl and her boyfriend arrived home. I didn't know she had a boyfriend so I apologised and was about to leave but she convinced me to suck his dick, so next thing I know I'm on my knees and she's bobbing my head back and forth at his crotch, taking his dick balls deep down my throat.

#humiliation   #kinky   #sex  

I get high on meth every day and when I get high, I rage with the desire to dress up as a woman (I'm a guy) and have sex with straight men who love to abuse sissies. I like being bullied, mistreated, and fucked, anything the guy wants to do I'll let him, the more humiliating the better.

#meth   #sissy   #cumdump   #humiliation  

Okay... this is something I've fantasized about for years. The sad thing is that there's no real way to experience it. At least nit in this reality, not to my knowledge anyway.

Growth and size fetishes are out there and I know there are plebty if guys who wouldn't mind being bigger where it counts. For myself though bigger just isn't enough for what's between my legs. Massive us a better description, but I want to be insanely huge to an impractical degree! Like having a cock litterally as big as a large breeding horse or bigger! And that's just the start...

Ironically, even if I had a giant dick, I can be very submissive. The fantasy starts with being enslaved to a Mistress who is obbsessed with makinging her play thing (me) so over endowed that only she would know how to satisfy and stimulate such a slave. To be teased and tormented with pleasure, humiliated even because of how grossly massive I would become! And not just my cock, but my balls to! So massive and full of cum that I can hardly walk, or be completely immobilized by the! A Mistress who would reduced me to nothing more than a lewd cum factor who's only good for is being milked of my seed and to my mistress' lewd whims. And if I don't comply with her that she would only make my over excessive cum production even more productive and deny me release for an extended period. Letting then fill and swell until they ache. Leaving me on the edge of orgasm and then just leave me in such a state. Knwing I can't satisfy myself on my own with hiw huge I'd be.

I know this is an extreamly lewd, let alone, an inpossible fantasy. I really do wish I could find a real life mistress with similar interests. Does anyone else have fantasies like this?

#size   #growth   #bondage   #humiliation   #femdom   #objectification  

I am in a complicated long distance submissive relationship with a guy from another country. He is a perfect Dominant and I don't deserve Him. I enjoy being monitored and told what to do by Him. I like Him to give me tasks and chores to please Him. I love my rules so much that I hate when I disobey them and make Him have to pick punishments for me. I have made very stupid mistakes in my past and He deserves a much better submissive than I am. I want to humiliate myself for Him and hopefully please Him by posting online to atone for a big rule I broke. I am no longer ashamed of my relationship, only by my inability to be perfect enough for Him.

#daddy   #humiliation   #embarrassment  

Always been a part girl and out to have fun. One new years eve something got slipped into my drink and later woke up in a public park bench, completely naked with beer bottle between my legs. If it hadn't been for two girls that picked me up in their car, I would have spent all night rooming the streets naked humiliating myself.

#public   #naked   #humiliation   #prank  

I want a group of girls to force me to wear women's underwear and then laugh at me and taunt me

#fantasy   #sissy   #humiliation  

A year ago in high school i saw this really hot girl with an amazing ass and i could not stop thinking about her. So i started to stalk her on social media and soon i just started to jerk to her everyday. One day i went to a party and i met her there. She was really wild like she was tipsy. So a few minutes into the conversation i felt myself getting hard so i got her to come sit on the couch with me, but she decided to sit on my lap! Her ass felt amazing but i knew she must be able to feel me too then. A minute later she must have figured it out as she said "hey little man, I've got a gift for you". She started to rock her ass back and forth so fast, she must have assumed i never had any action before because of my small size, which was true, i immediately begged her to stop but it was too late. I jizzed in my pants in less than 10 seconds. She asked me what i was doing because she could hear my soft moans, then she felt my cum through my pants and quickly hopped off of me. She must have thought it was really funny because she took her phone out to take a picture. She tried to call some of her girlfriends over but i ran out as fast as possible. She now notices me in the hallways of school and calls me little minuteman along with the rest of the school.

#humiliation   #sph   #embarrassment   #fetish  

I have a secret that I find embarrassing to talk about and feel ashamed when I think about it but I get so aroused just thinking about it! From a young age I wet the bed and even now it occasionally happens but I believe this has caused me to develop a fetish for urination. I have tried to block it out but it's always in the back of my mind and I get really turned on when I'm home alone and desperate for the toilet. I've never been comfortable to talk about this but for some reason I don't mind sharing it with the world.
Is it normal to have these thoughts and urges to want to be humiliated and peed on? I'd just love to know how common it is and if people have been able to tell their partners and enjoy this fetish together? I don't want to feel like I should shy away from it any more. I feel so nervous writing this but in a weird way find it quite erotic that people will read it.
I'm also worried about my desire to put on women's underwear at the same time I need to pee. I want to share and hopefully find some answers and other people to talk to that share this sexual desire. Just for reference I'm a 27 year old male. I hope I'm not a complete freak of nature lol

#peeing   #pissing   #watersports   #goldenshower   #humiliation   #dominating   #pee   #piss   #urine   #strange  

Hello all, I'm a Mid 30's married British Indian guy with a below average cock. My wife is gorgeous thick Indian woman size 14 38dd's and extremely vanilla! It's taken me years to get her into toys. the thought of another cock scares her! But I would love her to be a full size queen at the command of a real bull with a proper cock to satisfy her with. While I'm locked in chastity and humiliated. I think of all the fucked up shit I would have to do, get her ready to be fucked, bathing her shaving her getting her best lingerie ready that she only wears for a bull never for me... only for it to come back ruined after she has been used! Be their personal slave and errand boy obeying every humiliating command given. Guiding big dicks into her, lining them up before gaping her ass licking her pussy as she gets fucked, cleaning up her creampies. I fantasise about my humiliation, forced bi, only being able to fuck her using the bulls used condom, getting them to cum over my pillow ... work clothes etc. Watching them fuck and cumming over her wedding rings only to make her sick up all the cum!

I don't know why this turns me on so much but it does!
Is this normal??

#slave   #humiliated   #humiliation   #wife   #cuckold   #husband   #indian   #british   #degraded   #used   #abused   #bull   #sph   #tiny  

I was born in Nepal and in 1984 I was sent to Kathmandu to work in a factory, I was 12 years old. My brother went to school in Nepal but I was sent to work making money for family. Somehow one of the owners of the factory became my guardian along with another girl named Ruchita who was 11. The man who was our guardian began abusing us right away, his name was Ranjan. The first time he took us to his house he made both Ruchita and myself strip naked and bathe while he stood watching us, it was one of the most humiliating days of my young life. It was a small house and Ranjan's bedroom was across from the one Ruchita and I shared with only a curtain covering the doorway. Some days we were forced to stay naked and by the time the first week passed we had also seen Ranjan naked many times. If he became angry with either of us he would spank us with a switch always having us naked. Then he began making Ruchita or me go into his room at night where he taught us how to masturbate him. It soon led to him forcing us to give him oral sex with the threat of a beating if we didn't comply with his wishes. As this was going on he also touched us in our privates and over time began penetrating us vaginally and anally. By the time I was 13 I was no longer a virgin and Ruchita and I were taking turns sleeping with Ranjan a few nights a week. By that time both of us girls were dominated by him so badly that we just obeyed him since the the older we got the more severe the beatings became. I was 14 the first time Ranjan brought another man to the house and he was from England. I never considered it but today am convinced that man and two other men were paying Ranjan to have sex with Ruchita and me. It seemed like once a week one of those men came at night and I was ordered to have sex with them any way they wanted. There was one of them in particular who was extremely cruel forcing us to submit to rough sex and there were times when he would have both of us at the same time. There was no one to complain to because girls had no rights and no way to escape the situation. I was abused and beaten up until I was almost 20 years old. A man I knew from the factory helped me get to an agency that helped women. I tried to get Ruchita to come with me but she was to afraid fearing how we would be punished if Ranjan found out. I hid and moved around for almost a year before I was able to get into the US and became a legal citizen 10 years ago. Even today girls are being abused in Nepal and no one seems to care. Most girls and women are forced to work and most of the men I have ever met in Nepal or Kathmandu are pigs including my father, brother, and especially Ranjan who was the cruelest man I ever met.

#abuse   #humiliation   #manipulation   #spankings  

I stayed at a female friends place one night. The room she gave me was empty except for an air mattress and for some reason, a pair of her panties. She knows I wear panties and am submissive so I asked if she would like me to make a video of myself jerking off in her panties. She said yes, do it. Now she says I have to give her the video but when I do she is going to show it to everyone. She said to make copies too so she can actually give away copies of it to make it more public. I'm going to keep my promise but I'm nervous. She says she has another video of me that's going to be added to it as well. She showed me a short clip from a hidden camera she put in her bathroom. She also said I'll be making more videos, this time she wants everyone to see me in a bra and panties or wearing a skirt. We have a deal that I can't say no to anything like that.

#nude   #humiliation  

A bully would always beat me up at school and my mom would tell me to stick up for myself, but he was so much bigger and stronger I couldn't. She got mad and made her tell me who he was and where he lived so that she and I could go talk to his parents. We went over to his house and rang the doorbell and his mom answered the door and asked us what we wanted. My mom said she wanted her son to stop picking on me or else she would tell the principal what was happening. She said it couldn't be her son because he would do no such thing. But mom insisted so she called upstairs and told her son to come down. He came down the stairs and my mom saw him for the first time. He was grossly over weight and much bigger than me. Mom said to him would he please stop picking on me and he just laughed and said I had started it. Then his mom said, see I knew my son would not do that, it is your son who started it and my son just finished it. She then pushed my mom down and they both laughed at her as she fell on her butt and her skirt went up her legs and we could all see her panties! My bully then jumped on my moms" stomach and almost squished her. He then pulled her over and started spanking her very hard. My mom was trying to get away but he was very strong and held her down. He then pulled her skirt up and her panties down and starting spanking her bare butt! I tried to help but the bully's mom grabbed me and pulled me over her knees and pulled down my pants and started spanking me. She held me and faced me so I could see her son spanking my mom on her bare butt. She put me down and tied my hands and feet and left the room only to return with a camera and started taking some pictures of her son (my bully) spanking my mom on her bare butt. My mom was crying now and begging him to stop. His mom laughted and said, look she is enjoying it, shes opening her legs wider after every spank. We all looked down and saw that he was now unbuttoning her shirt and said he wanted to see her big breasts. He tore off the rest of her shirt and ripped her bra off and they both began hooting and hollering because without her padded bra she had small childlike breasts!.. My mom was so embarrassed she tried to cover them with her hands, but my bully pulled her hands away and his mom took some more pictures of her tiny breasts. He then started pinching her tiny buds and she screamed to please stop. I couldn't stop looking at my mom, lying there crying and begging my bully to stop. His mom then said for him to strip her completly and make her crawl around on her hands and knees while he smacked her butt and she would take more pictures. After totally humiliating her they said we could leave but they would show these pictures of her naked and being spanked by her son to all the neighbors and all my friends at school if we ever told anyone. We then left and ran home because they had given my mom only her torn shirt and short skirt and and told her with her tiny breasts no one would notice and took some more pictures of us running away. I have to admit that I got very excited seeing my mom naked and being humiliated by them!

#bully   #embarrassed   #humiliation  

I'm young but old enough to know for the last 15 months how I have let myself be dominated and humiliated by Lewis who I regretfully moved in with 2 years ago. He is 14 years older than me but kind at first. The first sign of his dominating obsession started with spankings he forced on me causing welts on my behind and inflicting pain. He built a table in the basement where he would tie me down on my back with my feet tied to boards where my knees were bent up with legs wide open and fully exposed to him. He insists on shaving my pubic hair then tortures my vagina and anus with sex toys including vibrators and butt plugs. He always has me snort drugs or smoke weed first and supplies me with oxycodone. After abusing me as I'm still laying there with my legs wide open he will either have intercourse, oral or anal sex with me. He takes me to the basement usually two nights during the week or whenever he wants to. I'm usually high but still aware of what he does to me. The first five or six weeks after he made up that table were bad enough but since then he has humiliated me further having his brother and three other friends here at different times. He not only lets them see me like that but also allows them to use the sex toys on me. He also forces me to give these guys oral sex and as I lay there. I am at his mercy and yet he is able to have me orgasm many times which I can't help. Most of the time there is only one of the other guys here but sometimes there are two of them and even though I am high on the drugs I am in tears with humiliation and shame. Its even humiliating when these guys just stop over for a beer. I want to leave Lewis but have no money and no where to go. Its like being a slave to him but I am so hooked on the drugs right now I can't do anything about it.

#drugs   #humiliation   #shame  

I confess at once paid a girl that just got out the gym to let me lick her feet and spit in my face she loved it and I got her number she would always tell me on the phone how he would never even look at me twice unless I pay her and she made fun of my man boobs in public grabing themm laughing while other girls walk

#fetish   #humiliation   #domination   #femdom  

I was one of four college guys schedule for initiation. Spent the entire week thinking and talking to the other four guys about what they were going to make us do. I remember they took us to a house a few blocks away from college campus, that figured some guys were sharing. Standing in line they gave us the usual lecture about trust, unwavering obedience to fallow others witch we all had agree on. I remember they blind folded us, told us to strip our clothes off and with both hands on the shoulders of the guy in front and filed us into another room. I could hear chairs being shuffled as we stood in line completely naked and ordered to rub our dicks hard. "Do a good job" the voice said "it's a contest according to size" told us to take our blind folds off and discovered the humiliating shock of seeing six girls looking at us sitting right in front of us. "Meet the frat chicks that make this all possible" as we stood there in front of them with glass yard at the base of our feet witch were meant to be filled with our sperm. On top of having college shameless girls looking at us front, sideways and backwards, we had to fill those yards and them forced to swallow it. I remember this girls telling me I had small balls but a big dick and told me my price was her pussy. Didn't know exactly what she meant but ended up un the bathroom sucking her off. Apparently four guys against six girls un the guys had to suck twice.

#initiation   #oral   #mastubation   #humiliation  

When I was 13 myself and 3 friends were playing truth or dare and at one point I was dared to put one of the friends cock in my mouth (didn't have to suck it just put it in my mouth) I admit I was hesitant but I did it. By the end of the day I did end up sucking the same friend in front of the rest. That was the beginning of my gay sexual experiences.
Over the course of that summer it became a routine thing for me and him to suck each other while the rest watched and yes I sucked the others also. over the course of the last 40 years I went back and forth between girlfriends and gay sex. I am not sure it the game has anything to do with it but for the past 10 years after my last girlfriend I have only had sex with men and I found I prefer the dominate type men and although I am not out I do enjoy going to the big city (as I live in a small town) and hooking up with men in places where others can watch me sucking cock or taking it in my ass.
Recently I have been with a guy that likes to travel a little from his town and takes me with him and has got me into humiliation. We go to bars and strikes up conversations with guys and if he feels they might be okay with gay conversation he will tell them I like being a faggot or cum slut then tells me to tell them what I like and I have to tell them I love sucking cock and swallowing cum and being a bitch boy.
This usually leads to me having to pull my guys cock out and start kissing and sucking him which in turn ends up with me sucking the other guys cock or a few depending on how many are there. I have been taken into the restroom and spit roasted several times and they seem to love it that my cock is caged and not allowed to cum until he gives me the key.
I love doing sexual acts in front of others and realized I also enjoy being used and humiliated.

#gay   #anal   #humiliation  

Googled "World's smallest penis" a picture of my penis was in the search results...

#sph   #humiliated   #humiliation   #nsfw   #adult   #smallpenis   #tinydick  

I am 14, I have a fairly flat chest and a bubble butt, and constantly get teased about it. One day, walking home from school, (my parents were out of town at the time, with a baby sitter watching me) I took a right to a shortcut in a wooded area, hoping it was quicker. I hadn't realized there were a group of girls (all older than me, bigger and more developed, too) had been waiting for me there, with a small gathering of other students of various ages (some younger, some similar ages to the girls and i) waiting to see what the girls would deem "my punishment." Two girls jumped out and grabbed me, one on each arm, and stripped off my backpack. "Welcome!" Another had said. "Today you will be punished!" "You're always such a posh bitch, pushing people around, flaunting your bubble butt, we decided to teach you a lesson!" She announced, with cheering and clapping from the crowd. I'd been wearing a school uniform white blouse, with a long navy blue skirt, pleated and high waisted. I wore black Mary Jane shoes and white tights with high waisted cotton granny panties with "diva" written all over them. Immediately, I was pinned down onto the forest floor on my back, and felt a tug on my skirt. "No!" I yelled, squirming. "Oh, would you rather do it yourself? Strip your little skirt and leggings off, you can keep the shoes if you want." One girl explained, taking out a camcorder and filming me, another girl ready to take pictures. I relented, "Fine." Thinking that was all I'd have to strip off. The two girls holding me down released me, glancing at me with a warning look not to run. I stood up, with the crowd lookin at me with anticipation. I began to unzip the side of my skirt, slipping out of it and handing it over to a waiting hand. Blushing tremendously, I stepped out of my shoes and hesitated with the edge of my leggings. "Do they HAVE to come off?" I asked. "Yep, now hurry, show us your panties." The girl responded. Finally, I pulled them off, stepping out of those as well, humiliated with my diva panties on show, bunched up around my hips. I pulled them all the way up in order to cover myself more, the waistband going halfway up my back and almost to the edge of my small breasts. Everyone was watching, laughing and snapping pictures. I was ordered to put my hand on my head and twirl around, showing off my panties. "Now take off your blouse for us, you'll do it or these pictures will be everywhere." The lead girl warned. Slowly, i unbuttoned my blouse and took that off as well. "And the bra! We know you barely have breasts anyway." I unclasped my bra from behind and let it drop, allowing it to be taken with the rest of my clothes. Again I was made to twirl around for everyone to see the high waisted panties. I was allowed to keep my shoes still. I only had my undies and shoes left. "Think those undies could go any higher, diva?" A girl had asked. "No, I don't think so..." I replied, confused. Suddenly, I was pinned to the floor face-first, with girls holding my arms above me, spread apart, and my legs spread apart too. "These are snug on your butt, huh?" The lead girl teased, playing with the waistband, groping my ass to further humiliate me. Then she pulled the waistband up, giving me a wedgie and exposing my bubble butt to the chilly wind. She gave two small tugs, then pulled up my underwear a bit more all around, so they weren't bunched up. She gave my butt a playful smack and allowed me to get up. "Don't pick your underwear." Then she took more pictures, directing me to hold my waistband up, so it would look like I gave myself the wedgie, taking more pictures. "You're free to go now." "Can I have my stuff back?" "No, you ungrateful brat. And don't pick your wedgie! I wanna see you walk home with your ads hanging out. You have undies and shoes, you can walk home." "No, please! Don't make me walk home like this!!" "Would you rather do it naked?" She offered. I sighed, "No..." "And we'll be right behind you! So don't think you can cover yourself and pick your wedgie!" "Wait, one more thing before you go! Say you love being in a wedgie and wear only undies and shoes! And smile for the camera!" "I love wedgies and wearing embarrassing undies and shoes, it's my favorite outfit." I said, begrudgingly. I ended up having cars honk and people come up to me to take pictures, slap my ass, or hoot as I passed by on my way home. I made it home, where my babysitter laughed at me and forced me to stay in my undies and only allowed me to wear undies and shoes for the rest of the time my parents were gone, following the girl's instructions given to them. They laughed at my humiliation and gave me wedgies too.

#wedgies   #wedgie   #embarrassing   #humiliating   #embarrassment   #humiliation   #diva   #panties   #undies  

Pray and roll the dice for #humiliation

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