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Sph Confessions

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My wife has had way bigger dicks than mine. At first i was depressed, now it is something which i am proud of.

#cucked   #cuckold   #sph   #smallpenis   #hotwife  

My wife looks at dick pics all the time i know coz she doesnt delete her history. Any suggestions?

#cuckold   #wife   #dickpic   #sph  

Hello all, I'm a Mid 30's married British Indian guy with a below average cock. My wife is gorgeous thick Indian woman size 14 38dd's and extremely vanilla! It's taken me years to get her into toys. the thought of another cock scares her! But I would love her to be a full size queen at the command of a real bull with a proper cock to satisfy her with. While I'm locked in chastity and humiliated. I think of all the fucked up shit I would have to do, get her ready to be fucked, bathing her shaving her getting her best lingerie ready that she only wears for a bull never for me... only for it to come back ruined after she has been used! Be their personal slave and errand boy obeying every humiliating command given. Guiding big dicks into her, lining them up before gaping her ass licking her pussy as she gets fucked, cleaning up her creampies. I fantasise about my humiliation, forced bi, only being able to fuck her using the bulls used condom, getting them to cum over my pillow ... work clothes etc. Watching them fuck and cumming over her wedding rings only to make her sick up all the cum!

I don't know why this turns me on so much but it does!
Is this normal??

#slave   #humiliated   #humiliation   #wife   #cuckold   #husband   #indian   #british   #degraded   #used   #abused   #bull   #sph   #tiny  

I dream of cocks all the time, no one knows but I've sucked a few. Old man cock, black cock, and more- and love it! The night I broke up with my last girl- I made three men cum on me. Loved feeling like a whore!

#sph   #caught  

I stuffed three hot dog buns up an eight graders vagina and I enjoyed every single second of it.

#sph   #kinky   #kink   #bdsm   #women  

Googled "World's smallest penis" a picture of my penis was in the search results...

#sph   #humiliated   #humiliation   #nsfw   #adult   #smallpenis   #tinydick  

My tiny micro penis is as small as clit, about the size of a penny coin 😒 possibly the smallest in the world..

#smalldick   #sph   #tinypenis   #smallcock   #tinycock  

A year ago in high school i saw this really hot girl with an amazing ass and i could not stop thinking about her. So i started to stalk her on social media and soon i just started to jerk to her everyday. One day i went to a party and i met her there. She was really wild like she was tipsy. So a few minutes into the conversation i felt myself getting hard so i got her to come sit on the couch with me, but she decided to sit on my lap! Her ass felt amazing but i knew she must be able to feel me too then. A minute later she must have figured it out as she said "hey little man, I've got a gift for you". She started to rock her ass back and forth so fast, she must have assumed i never had any action before because of my small size, which was true, i immediately begged her to stop but it was too late. I jizzed in my pants in less than 10 seconds. She asked me what i was doing because she could hear my soft moans, then she felt my cum through my pants and quickly hopped off of me. She must have thought it was really funny because she took her phone out to take a picture. She tried to call some of her girlfriends over but i ran out as fast as possible. She now notices me in the hallways of school and calls me little minuteman along with the rest of the school.

#humiliation   #sph   #embarrassment   #fetish  

One of my coworkers, a gorgeous brunette with an amazing figure complained that her hands were large for a woman. I said they aren’t too big. She said thanks, then asked me to put my hand up next to hers to compare. Her hand and fingers were about the same size as mine in length but not as fat. She giggled and said I have small hands for a guy and I just shrugged it off. She said she loves men with big hands and you know what they say, big hands, big you know what. I responded without thinking and said size doesn’t matter. Uh-huh she said firmly. She said size definitely matters and she likes men that are big enough to hit the spot. My coworker was sitting next to me and wearing shorts. She ran her hand back and forth along her leg knowing it would get my attention. She caught me looking and smiled. She said guys that say size doesn’t matter usually have small penises, then grinned. My coworker could tell I was embarrassed and she seemed delighted by it. She turned toward me and said I’m sure you don’t have that problem though, huh? She looked at me and smirked and I didn’t say anything.


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