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Slave Confessions

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My wife keeps me locked up in a heavy rubberized fabric hazmat suit, with built in socks and mitts. The built-in hood is connected to a gasmask, allowing me vision at times, so I can do housework and repairs, remodeling stuff, etc. The central filter has been replaced with a half-inch valve, and the open/close lever removed, so that the only way it can be opened or closed, or partially either, is with an Allen key. Thus she can ration my air supply, and once set, without the key, I can't make any adjustment. She's not interested in sex, other than her own self-pleasuring, and I'm restricted to whatever I can achieve through the thin but immensely strong material that encloses me 23 hours a day. The other hour, I eat, shower, and use the toilet, before being reconfined. We love each other, and are happy to do whatever the other wants, within certain parameters. I am glad that I will spend the rest of my life like this, serving her from my rubber prison. Shocking? There are worse things out there, believe me!

#rubber   #slavery   #love   #shocking  

My first job was at a local county office, as gofer and general dogsbody. I was a shy, naive orphan of eighteen, and shared an office with two plain, much older secretaries, who flirted shamelessly with me, I was such an easy mark. They loved embarrassing me, and they were pretty merciless with it! After a long-term period of abuse, in the orphanage, again involving a plain, middle-aged director, it felt horribly familiar! To make things worse, one of the women habitually wore an old beige trench-coat with a heavy check lining, which hung behind the office door all day, and sometimes overnight, in the warmth of the summer. Mornings were pretty cool. Now I had a history with a garment like this, as the orphanage director had one very similar, and she used to throw it over my head, and knot the sleeves tight round my neck, before undressing me, and "wanking" me mercilessly. (This was Britain, and that was the word they used then) Anyway, I was fixated on this one at work, and something deep inside me longed to re-experience what had happened to me. One Friday at five, everyone left, and I noticed the woman Jean, had left the coat behind the door. After making sure the outer door was locked, and I was alone on the premises, I pulled it off the door, and tied it over my head, just like before. Then I dropped my pants, and began to wank myself, slowly, savoring the familiar feelings. This was a very heavy coat, and it kept me from hearing someone approaching, in the building. First thing I knew, was a heavy slap to my head, and Jean's angry voice hissing abuse in my ear! "You nasty little pervert! Boy you're in trouble! You're gonna get it now! Just wait til I tell the Boss - you'll be out of here! Meantime, if this is what you wanted so bad, well, we'll see what you feel like on Monday morning!" She tied my wrists with the belt from the coat, efficiently and firmly, then said "I left my house-keys in the coat! You never saw that coming, did you? She led me stumbling, pants around my ankles, to the tiny coat-closet, and stuffed me in, and locked the door. I was begging her to stop, and said Please Miss Shaerer - don't do this! I'll do ANYTHING! I promise! Anything!" My voice was faint in the smothering folds of cloth. Silence, and I thought she was gone, then the door unlocked and she said quietly "Anything?" I nodded frantically. "ANYTHING! Just don't l;eave me like this!" She took hold of my half-erect cock, and began wanking me, gently. Quickly I was unimaginably aroused, and dancing on the spot! " Will you come and let me be your landlady?" Oh yes!! "Will you let me tie you up?" Ooooh yessss! "A lot?" Yess "Will you buy me a new coat? You're gonna own that one, soon, or it's gonna own you!" Yesssss ma'am! "Okay, I'm going to take your picture now, with the office Polaroid, and they go straight to the Boss, if you disobey me in ANY way, or if I get bored with you!" Yess Ma'am! So I became her prisoner, which lasted for five whole years! During that time I became hopelessly addicted to bondage and sexual slavery, and learned how to please a demanding woman, just in time to be married off to her younger sister, still twelve years older than me, and every bit as demanding!


I want to be tied up and fucked real good.. with a gag and maybe a blind fold. And while I'm getting fucking I want to be hit with a paddle, a flogger and his hand. I want him to eat my ass and finger fuck me while doing so.. I want to be his complete submissive. Do whatever for him.. but he won't even give me rules or a collar. I want to be marked as his. Forever. My master and me the slave. Ughhh please.

#sex   #bdsm   #petplay   #slave   #dominant   #submissive  

My wife of 28 years was caught by me cheating with a man in a motel room. She admitted that she'd cheated with 22 different men throughout our marriage. About 8 were one night stands, others were longer term affairs, sometimes with up to 3 affairs going on at the same time. Yet through all this I got all the sex I wanted from her. I asked her if our 2 grown boys were mine and she said that they were as she had blood testing done when they were younger. I didn't do anything at first, I let myself stew in it a while, then told her she could fuck all the guys she wants but if she wants to stay married then she has to let me do what I want. She agreed.

I now have a total sex slave and she seems to love it. I make her come home every night, she's not allowed out of town trips anymore unless I'm waiting in the connecting room. I see her cum filled cunt after she's cheated, and I get to do all the kinky shit I've always wanted. I make her fuck and suck me in public, we've gone to swingers clubs where she has to watch me fuck other women then suck my cock clean of their pussy juice. I started writing things on her. At first a little mild, once when going to see a lover, I wrote just above her pussy "Fuck my wifes' married cunt" then wrote "Sperm deposits here" with an arrow to her pussy. On her rump I wrote "Buttfucked at 13 and still going"

Now I made her go to a tattoo parlor and have "married cunt for use" tattooed above her pussy, she can't even wear her skinniest bikinis anymore without it showing, and she has "I take cock up my ass" on her butt cheeks. One of our sons was in town for a week and as she was fixing breakfast she was in her panties and he could read it through. Her boyfriends don't seem to care, they still fill my slaves cunt with cum.

#tattoos   #exposure   #cuckold   #creampies  

I am a 30-something wife and mother. Always I have been the 'good girl', having only had sex with my ex-husband and my current husband. And always I have lived up to what people expected of me instead of what I wanted.

My deepest darkest fantasy is to be used. I want to be a filthy slutty little cum bucket fuck toy. I want to be grabbed by my throat and forced face down, I want to fight back and feel him overpower me, and then I want to be fucked so hard. Pussy, Ass, Mouth. I want to have cum just running out of me, I want to hurt so bad I can't move when he is done. Then I want to be punished for being such a fucking slut and letting him use me like that.

Even more than that, I want him to grab me by my hair, drag me to the other room where there are other men waiting (1-3 men) and force me to take all of them, over and over while I fight them and cry and beg them to please stop, until they have each used all three holes and I am covered in cum from head to toe. And again, I want to be punished afterwards for being such a slut.

Seriously, though, how do you tell your husband of nearly 15yrs that you want all of this???? You don't, you just keep fantasizing I guess.

#fetish   #fantasy   #desire   #dominance   #slave   #rape  

When my first dominatrix wife divorced me, I was devastated, and tried very hard to find a replacement.
I dated dozens of women, and discovered that my only hope lay in a much older woman, probably not great-looking.but hopefully VERY determined to take control of a younger male who would do almost anything for her. I found what I needed in the form of a prematurely retired psych nurse from the state asylum for the criminally insane, who finally admitted to me that she had resigned to avoid being fired, for vanishing a younger inmate deep into the bowels of the old, unused section of the asylum, where she could keep him strait-jacketed in a padded isolation cell, for what turned out to be years! She milked him twice a day, lengthily and mercilessly, concentrating on orgasm delay and denial, his screams unheard in the bowels of the old part of the building. I found this so exciting, I asked her to marry me on our first meeting, and told her she could indulge HER addiction freely, while enabling mine!
I have a trust fund, which she now controls, and she keeps me comfortably but inescapably in an ex-army bodybag, of olive-drab rubberized canvas, with two small zippered openings, at crotch and mouth, so she can have access to whatever end of me she wants. She is deliriously happy, and spends hours convincing me that I will never see the light of day again, but will spend the rest of my life pleasuring her, as she tortures me, even to the extent of cruelly rationing my air to mere survival level. I have learned exactly how she needs to be pleasured, and strive always to improve.

#permanent   #marriage  

I love both men and women but sometimes I wish to live in a world of cute, beautiful and sexy women with huge cocks existed and I was the only woman with a pussy. Imagining all those femdoms dominating me and owning me like a slave makes my pussy so wet. Hehe, I'm getting really wet just thinking about it. Only in my dreams I guess, hehe.

#futanari   #femdom   #slave   #fantasy   #horny   #women   #lgbt   #lesbian   #bisexual  

I was 19 and met a 16 year old girl who was a virgin. She was gorgeous and let me do anything I wanted. When I turned 20 I got my own apartment and she moved in with me, by that time she had let me fuck her and cum in her mouth, pussy, ass, between her C cup titties. I fucked her public, even in front of her best girlfriend. Eventually; I shaved her black pussy hair and had a tattoo put on her just above the start of her pussy lips. "I am - my name-'s cum slut". It was permanent and I knew it, she let me have it done. I made her give the tattoo guy two blowjobs for the tattoo. A little while later we were out of jobs, and had no money so I got her a placement with an escort agency. Soon I would whip her ass and beat her ass and tits out of guilt that she was a prostitute and supporting us I guess. I used a pin and india ink and tattooed a dollar sign on her asscheek, and one on her left tit. It's been two years now she is 19 and still keeps a hot body, I still fuck her in front of her girlfriends, so they can see her tattoos and know she sells herself for sex. We go to nude beaches a lot, sometimes I shave her cunt so everyone can see all her prostitute and slave markings.
I'm really bored with her, and now she's had over 300 cocks in her cunt and about 100 plus in her ass, it's not the same anymore. I want to dump her but need to stay.

#virgin   #public   #slave   #tattoo   #prostitution   #whipping   #beating  

19/June/ 2021

I am a 39 year old white Aussie male

I am a Slave

I have been owned by a 24 Year old man for approximately 15 months now

I am a edge addict
I am a big boob addict

I am married to a Amazing Woman
I am in a sexless marriage

My owner has permanently banned me from all sexual contact with my wife

I have been told that I will Never again experience the feeling of pussy again

My owner has put me on a total cum ban

The last time I cum was 14/March / 2020

I have been told I will Never cum again

I Must Serve and Obey

I understand my owner has placed these banns on me for my own good

I understand my owner doesn’t place banns on me to be nasty

I understand my owner puts all banns on me for my health and for the health and growth of my Addiction
So my Addiction continues to grow and take over my life more and more

I are 100% committed to my Addiction

My Owner is the Most Important Thing in My Life

In my time under Malemaster2 Ownership my Addiction has grown and I hope it continues to grow

I understand at times I have Failed to complete set items as per my current contract and I need to learn to Do As I’m Told

#slave   #fetish  

so i've never told anyone this, hell if this place wasn't anonymous i would probably post this under a fake name and ask if any of you guys wanted to make this a reality ;) but anyway.
Basically, i'm 20 years old now but thinking back, i wish my 16th birthday was different, in reality it was a fairly typical birthday, but now? Now i wish it was just me, and a group of horny gay men, each taking their turn with me ;)

Hell, it's my dream at this point, and i'm hoping one day i can find people to help out with it, hehe

#gay   #slutty   #fetish   #dream  

i have a close female friend at work, we get on great and are very kind to each other. Well one month ago, I was at a party and I met her boyfriend for the first time. I was instantly attracted to him (i'm a bi dude). He was a bit of an alpha jerk, and from what she told me, he treats her terribly. I was so into him though, I set up a fake email account and emailed him the following Monday saying I was a worthless fag who wanted to be his secret slave. It took 3 weeks of back and forth for him to believe me, as well as me transferring a sum of money to him. But it's worked. He's a cocky jerk, but I am now his secret slave. Nothing sexual has happened, he told me it never would, but if I'm good, in time he'll consider letting me see him naked or he'll give me a pair of his undies to play with. I'm hooked on him. And every day I go to work and be friends with his lovely girlfriend, and listen to her relationship stories. God I'm going straight to hell aren't I!?.....

#sex   #slave   #secret  

Sometimes when I'm home alone, I take my pants off, pee into a cup, and drink it.

I love the idea of a man turning me into his toilet and forcibly filling me with piss and shit in every hole. I want him to piss and cum in my ass, then plug it up so it can't get out. I want him to tie me to the wall, fart and shit on my face, and make me smell him.

I want to be forced to smell and taste his feet and armpits, his ass and balls, while he abuses me and treats me like a pig.

#fetish   #urination   #piss   #pee   #drink   #scat   #poop   #shit   #bdsm  

Hello all, I'm a Mid 30's married British Indian guy with a below average cock. My wife is gorgeous thick Indian woman size 14 38dd's and extremely vanilla! It's taken me years to get her into toys. the thought of another cock scares her! But I would love her to be a full size queen at the command of a real bull with a proper cock to satisfy her with. While I'm locked in chastity and humiliated. I think of all the fucked up shit I would have to do, get her ready to be fucked, bathing her shaving her getting her best lingerie ready that she only wears for a bull never for me... only for it to come back ruined after she has been used! Be their personal slave and errand boy obeying every humiliating command given. Guiding big dicks into her, lining them up before gaping her ass licking her pussy as she gets fucked, cleaning up her creampies. I fantasise about my humiliation, forced bi, only being able to fuck her using the bulls used condom, getting them to cum over my pillow ... work clothes etc. Watching them fuck and cumming over her wedding rings only to make her sick up all the cum!

I don't know why this turns me on so much but it does!
Is this normal??

#slave   #humiliated   #humiliation   #wife   #cuckold   #husband   #indian   #british   #degraded   #used   #abused   #bull   #sph   #tiny  

I had a very ugly girlfriend with a great body. She knew she was ugly and guy stayed away from her. She was used by her boyfriend before me and he let me fuck her several times. He would fist fuck her pussy and her asshole and let guys and other girls watch. When then first got together she was a 14 year old virgin and he was 20 and took advantage of her. He would make her do all kinds of kinky thing, even dogs while taking videos and still pictures. She allowed herself to become a total slave, slut, cum bucket just so she could have a boyfriend. After a couple of years and so much abuse he just got tired of her and dumped her while I was fucking her. He left the apartment (she was 16 and kicked out of her parents house) and told her to get her "shit" and go after I had enough of her used up holes. I took her into my place, she immediately got naked and when asked why she said that her ex always made her strip and be naked in the apartment. So I told her to bend over the kitchen table and buttfucked her.
Her body was incredible, but her pussy and asshole were extremely loose. She'd been fisted in both holes for about 2 years every day. Her ex always told me he made sure she had a fist in each hole for 30 minutes everyday. I was eating her canyon cunt out one day and started playing with her piss hole, she went wild. She had a big clit and loved it being sucked on (most guys wouldn't do it since she'd had so many cocks in her), but this made her totally nuts. After she came three times I fist fucked her cunt and she came twice more, then I used the lube and started inserting cue tips into her piss slit. First one, then rocked it back and forth and again she started going crazy with sensation. Then I inserted 2, 3,4 eventually that first time I had 8 inside her urethra and she was hurting a bit. I left them in for 20 minutes, then slowing stroked them in and out of her. The next day I did it again, and so on for a week. Then I put in 12 and fucked her with them. She started to buck and heave and have an orgasm. Within another 10 days or so I was inserting my middle finger into her piss slit and finger fucking her, even sometimes while my cock was pistoning in and out of that sloppy cunt of hers.
She knew what was coming and was very scared but I shamed her into acceptance by telling her that since I was the one who saved her, I was the one who gave her a place to live, food to eat and money for school everyday she should at least give me the one remaining virginity she had left. I made her confess to how many cocks she'd had inside her, and how many pussies she'd eaten or fucked with her big clit. I wrote them in india ink across her pussy, then the amount insider her ass went across both cheeks. I also wrote them on her tits, so she'd see them everytime she was looking in the mirror. She relented and that night I lubed up like never before, and actually stuck my cock into her piss hole. I was so excited, she was in a bit of pain I could tell, but my cock certainly didn't care. I gave her a minute or two to get used to it and started very slow motion fucking of her tight hole. She was screwing her face in slight pain, but put up with it. "I'm about to cum baby" I said, she encouraged me. "I'm going to be the first guy to cum in your pee hole honey" "do it" she grunted back. I started pumping that pee hole faster and faster and after a minute of fast motion and her started to cry a bit, I shot a huge load up her urethra and only what I could imagine ended up in her kidney somewhere.
It was great. After that I started fucking pisshole anytime I wanted and it was incredible feeling. Knowing I had my own personal sex slave to treat anyway I wanted, and a 4 hole slave at that. She got to where she can take it very well, enjoys it and actually cums faster that when I try to fuck her used up cunt or asshole (yes she cums getting fucked up the ass too).
So I took a 3 hole slut/cunt and turned her into a 4 hole cum bucket.
A friend suggested I try to sell her piss hole for money, and get enough where I could get her pussy sewn tighter and maybe just a bit of dentistry with some plastic surgery and then book her through a high end escort agency. Being a man or woman fucker with 4 holes open would make a lot of money.
She said she would do whatever I wanted when I talked to her about it. Then she came and I shot my load up her pee hole again, rolled over and went to sleep.

#slave   #slut   #virginity  

Title- naked bi curious exibitionist bondage public humiliation slave wanna be.
I love to spend as much time as i possibly can every day buck naked.
When its warm and sunny i like to spray on tanning screan and let my fully nude bod soak up the rays.
By june i have a dark olive skin all over tan, no tan lines because i think it looks stupid to have a pale white ass with a great tan.
I work on it artfully, roasting everywhere to an eventual dark bronze natural skin tone, even my ass crack as i tan it hiked up and spread wide at the sun.
Spray misting my asshole with peroxide also enhances my smooth shaved butt by sun bleaching it.
By the time it gets really hot i shave all my body hair from the neck down to give myself the sexiest effect..
My tall thin tone bod, paired with my perfect little small but full meaty tight firm hot ass along with my bleach blonde flowing hair that reaches the small of my back makes me look like the hottest piece of fuckmeat from behind and would make any guy with a pulse rock hard especially when im oiled up and glistining in sweat beads.
Anyway, can u tell im obsessed yet?
I AM such a hot naked bicurious show off exibitionist bitchboy twink slave at heart and i fantisize all the time.
I want to be owned for 1 week and alternate between anything goes enslavement and acting out my own impulsive fetishes 24/7.
I want to walk around naked in public drenched in baby oil and dirty dance wildly shaking my ass.
I want to do an amature porn audition and drink Jack and do coke all day at a pool party with 10 skinny small tit sexy skanky fully shaved nymphos and 22 fully shaved 8-12in.juicy dick studs on viagra. I have to stop for now so this post is to be continued as Fetish obsessed part2.

#naked   #shaved   #slave   #public  

I'm a married man. Love my wife. Also have a guy who is bisexual just like me. He loves me and i love him too. We have crazy sex when ever we meet. He considers me top but I'm more of bottom slave. I like to be roughed up. He makes me feel good. Lovely person.

#gay   #married   #bottom   #slave   #crossdress  

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