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Desire Confessions

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Theres girl who says she is my friend and she once asked me to be her boyfriend I rejected but even after that we have sexual likings and we had done touch each other and have seen each other nude. Sounds weird but we dont talk much now. But i sometimes miss her so badly. Its like i cant luve without her dont know if she is feeling the same or having other resources.

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My husband works hard and is almost always tired but after years of having sex just once a week, and having unfulfilled desires, I kind of wish I could find someone to at least just sext with.

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I have sexual desires for my best friend of nearly 7 years. While I don't have feelings for her it's just plain attraction. I do want to sleep with her but I'm worried one or both of us will catch feelings because we're way too perfect as best friends. I jerk off to her pictures every now and then and it's amazing.

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I have these desires with my girlfriend, like watching her with other men, swinging, threesomes, gangbangs, orgies, bondage, MFM bi sex, but i'm scared she'll think i'm weird and leave me.

#lust   #sex   #desires   #lies   #cheating   #threesome  

I have sexual desires to rape my cousin. Fuck me


I confess I never confessed.. so this would take a really long time..

#secret   #desire   #confesions  

As I had for many years, I thought a little lust in the mind wouldn't hurt.
So for years, like almost anyone, there was some brain lust as I'll call it. But after a while, I think the real things kicked in. Real lust , not just being OK thinking about it. Well, this wasn't something I felt OK about.
But when I finally let go of my guilt. The lust started to go away.
My mind & soul were never tainted. And for me it was definitely a different experience. But I knew he was never anyone I'd kiss or anything else. That was what made it easier. I promised I'd never act on my feelings. I think , he mostly felt that way too. I'd have to much to
lose and very lttle to gain to have a relationship ant this time.

#lust   #desire  

Im a young Boy that keeps sinning by masturbation and lustful desires. Im disgusted in myself and the thoughts been mugging me! I Want to stay pure till marriage for my bad deeds and i sometimes feel like a bad person even if people deny it!

I have confessed to my mother and sometimes the lord for my bad deeds which they say is perfectly normal (only my mom) And i try to stop masturbating for 1 week even if it still mugs me and try 1 week at the time to fully control my emotions and lustful desires!


I recently visited an old friend. She has gotten so damn sexy over the years. She's a pinup model and she always looks and smells amazing. While she was at work I played with her dirty panties. Each day I'd find the panties she wore the day before and lay on her bed stroking my cock while I enjoyed her smell and taste. The last day I was there I accidentally fell asleep naked in her bed surrounded by her dirty panties! I woke to her yelling at me... We argued for a while but all I could think about was how amazing she looked and how much I wanted to taste her asshole. I snapped! I grabbed her and tore her shirt open! She looked so shocked but didn't say a word, I pushed her onto her bed and pulled off her skirt. I slowly slid her panties off and put them under my nose, staring at her while I smelled her panties I told her to roll over and stick her ass in the air. She asked why but I just screamed "NOW!" She did as she was told. It was amazing... Her ass and pussy looked so good, perfect. Waxed smooth and pink. I grabbed her ass cheeks and spread her wide open pushing my tongue deep inside her ass! She tasted so good! She must of liked it coz she started to wiggle and moan :) I was in heaven, I kept licking her ass for ages then I rolled her over and climbed on her face. Forcing my cock in her mouth while she playfully resisted. Her eyes looked so sexy staring into mine while I fucked her throat. Feeling like I might cum soon I quickly rolled her over again and spread her ass and forced my tongue deep inside her. Wanting more I stood up and put my cock against her little asshole, she said "No! Not..." Too late! I shoved my cock into her ass! She started to scream so I grabbed a pair of her dirty panties and gagged her while I fucked her hard. She started crying but that just turned me on more! Finally I pulled out and grabbed her by the hair, pulling her head down I held her face under my balls. "Lick! Lick them!" I yelled. She did as she was told, with her still crying I blew all over her face! I've never cum so hard in my life! I left her on the bed grabbed my things and left. I haven't heard from her since but nothing bad has happened to me so no regrets! :)

#pinup   #desire  

Im a teen girl and im bi. Im obsessed with boobs and vaginas and idk! Im just a horny teenage girl. Im not allowed to get sex toys and im starving for a dildo. I keep watching pornography shit and i masturbate to it. No one knows my dirty side.. i need someone to fill me up..

I wasnt exactly normal I always had lots of sexual imagination ranging darker and darker , but the thing is it was uncontrollable the desire was eating my brain and heart i felt like half human , But the thing is i decided to do something about it ,the sexual fantasies the depression after orgasm the dark and disgusting shit , i did the nofap program , itll be hard but its fucking healing mate, and trust me this dark energy is useful the desire to ravish and rape can be connected to the hear then i know this sounds wierd but give it a fucking try overcome your desires your addiction your past, remember dont look back youre not going that way

I am a 30-something wife and mother. Always I have been the 'good girl', having only had sex with my ex-husband and my current husband. And always I have lived up to what people expected of me instead of what I wanted.

My deepest darkest fantasy is to be used. I want to be a filthy slutty little cum bucket fuck toy. I want to be grabbed by my throat and forced face down, I want to fight back and feel him overpower me, and then I want to be fucked so hard. Pussy, Ass, Mouth. I want to have cum just running out of me, I want to hurt so bad I can't move when he is done. Then I want to be punished for being such a fucking slut and letting him use me like that.

Even more than that, I want him to grab me by my hair, drag me to the other room where there are other men waiting (1-3 men) and force me to take all of them, over and over while I fight them and cry and beg them to please stop, until they have each used all three holes and I am covered in cum from head to toe. And again, I want to be punished afterwards for being such a slut.

Seriously, though, how do you tell your husband of nearly 15yrs that you want all of this???? You don't, you just keep fantasizing I guess.

#fetish   #fantasy   #desire   #dominance   #slave   #rape  

i´m not sure about my sexuality,but i refuse to be a lesbian. i respect the LGBTQ comunity, but i refuse to accept that i like girls! but i know i may be the other day i went to a sleepover at my friends house and i was laying in bed with two of my girlfriends. one
of them said she was hot and lay down on the floor, then asked me to keep her company. my God. that big and tasty ass was deserving of a slap. I just wanted to take it and kiss it all, lick it. then move those little panties away from her vagina and lick it all. fuck. I have never felt such a strong sexual attraction to anyone. am i a lesbian or just want to fuck? help me please! ANY advice is welcome

#hot   #sex   #friend   #desire   #fuck  

I (m/20)'d like to confess that I think my cousin (f/19) is the most beautiful girl in the whole world for me.
She looks exactly like my dream girl would look like. Short, braun hair, evenly tanned skin, narrow shoulders, wide hips and a fantastic ass. She has cute little feet (yes, I just recently discovered this fetish for myself).
I am not in love or anything, but I just want to have her. Taste her and feel her. It drives me crazy knowing that I can't ever have that.

I haven't met another girl as beautiful as her. And believe me, I've looked.
I am not into old(er) women, they often times wear too much make up and they simply lack the W-O-W.

I am with my girlfriend for awhile now and she is exactly the opposite of the things I named above. I never cheated on her and I don't think I ever will (that is just not me) and I will not leave her because of this.
But I feel bad and helpless, because my cousin has everything I ever desired.

#cousin   #desire   #body   #perfect   #beautiful   #sex   #girlfriend   #male   #confess   #secret  

A year ago one of my best friends and I had a weekend together. We didn't fuck although I wanted to. We teased eachother a lot and he made me cum alot with his long fingers. He is married I should care because his wife was a good friend of mine too but I couldn't feel bad, I still don't. I've been in love with him for a while but never imagined we would become physical with eachother. I love the way he kisses me. for month and months we couldn't stop touching eachother. It was like we needed to know we were both still real and wouldn't disappear. Even at work we would sneak looks at eachother and gently touch spots on places on eachother knowing what we our turn ons. Everything changed when I announced I was moving across the country. He began ignoring me and inviting me over less. I was hurt and angry but couldn't say anything because he is marries. I've been living on the west coast for a month now and i miss him every damn day. If I believed in soulmates he woumine. needes

#adulterer   #desire   #discord   #wife  

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