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Lust Confessions

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I was bored at work one day and I had always been curious so I decided to post on Craigslist. Well someone responded that was in same area of terminal I was at. I told him the restroom and stall I was in and to knock softly on stall door. He did so and I unlocked the door he came in and locked it..... very handsome guy smelled really good...... undid his pants and pulled out his semi-erect cock, I started to suck him and soon he was rock hard and continued to let me suck him all the while the restroom was kinda busy after about 15 minutes he came I swallowed every delicious drop and kept sucking.

#lust   #curiosity   #sex  

Im 16 and am a very sexual person despite never having sex, let alone my first kiss. I seem innocent enough even though I swear like a sailor sometimes. However, I can't say the same thing about my hormone-crazed mind. It all started when I was 8 and accidentally walked in on my parents fucking in the kitchen doggy-style. I heard odd sounds and wanted apple juice but then my parents shooed me away. I went to my bedroom and thought about what happened. I have a younger brother who is 3 years younger than me and at the time was 5 but very smart for a kid his age. For weeks, when my parents weren't looking, we did something called 'the thing' which was when he grinded himself against me. One time, when I thought my parents were distracted with cooking I got him to lay on top of me and dry hump me against my pussy and started to feel a nice slowly building pressure and then of course my mom walked in and I panicked and told him to get off of me. Being introverted, shy and just curious, I explained this to my mom and she understood and I asked her about how 'the thing' meaning sex felt and she said to wait till I'm a big girl.

A year later in fourth grade I had an odd friendship with this girl in my class. I lied to the teacher and said I wanted to go to the bathroom and said I wasn't feeling well, although this was only 20 percent accurate. My buddy, the girl said she wanted to try something she saw her parents do and before I knew it, her soft and slightly wet lips were on my neck and she started to rub her body against me. I didn't know what to do but all I recall is liking it and how she wanted me to lick her pussy. In one of the stalls, I curiously and slowly licked her and got wet myself and she started to do the same to me after I was done with her. She was surprisingly good at it is what I thought in my increasingly-hormonal mind (I started puberty early) and started to feel good when I found another student asking if I was ok. To cover our evidence she scurried into the next stall and locked it and I went back to class and lied again stating I threw up and the teacher kindly pulled me aside and told me next time to just go straight to the nurse.

Fast forward to when I was 13 and I discovered porn. I heard some boys talking about it and even some girls and me being me and wanting to look up new things like the little nerd I was I decided to check it out and I was in complete awe. This was what sex looked like? With the laptop on silent I watched some of the videos and felt an odd wetness and ache between my thighs that I had never ever felt before. To see those sluts screaming in ecstasy, racing their tight pussies up and down those big cocks apparently turned me on. I took off my panties to find myself incredibly wet. I peeled my panties off and locked the door to the bathroom, closing the history and leaving Incognito mode on the laptop with my homework assignment up in my room. Then, epiphany, I touched my pussy, just a small rub and almost came right there. I almost jumped off the toilet! I realized this came from my 'clit' and my opening in my vagina was where this wetness was coming from. I then rubbed my clit, slowly then faster until I almost screamed in orgasm but remained silent due to my mother in the kitchen cooking (new apartment, much bigger than childhood one but my mom fast to save her babies. don't need her thinking nothing! XD) I was sweating slightly, my knees felt weak and I wanted to do again so I did. Three more times. I humped the toilet by draping my soft towel against the closed seat and rubbed my pussy against it. So hot. Then I discovered erotic novels, and that included BDSM, finger fucking, ass fucking you name it. I started to masturbate on an almost daily basis. I loved doing it on Sundays because I washed my hair and took an hour in the shower (u know why). Shower masturbation is the best lol.

Two years later I'm 15 and my clit is huge and always seeming half hard and ready to fuck. It's almost like I am always horny. I've gotten crafty too. My electric toothbrush, humping my shampoo bottle, humping the wall, soaping my pussy and finger fucking myself etc. I got into lesbian porn, shemale, gay and all that. It was interesting and made me so hot. I even imagined myself having sex a few times but my fantasies will remain fantasies and thats it. XD My best orgasm was ironically the night of my 16th birthday, I had my electric toothbrush in my pussy but always needed my fingers on my clit to get me to orgasm; furiously fucking myself with the toothbrush in and out of my soaking, tight virgin pussy and my fingers rubbing my clit while I come hard. Then, it happened. I discovered my g-spot. I was very persistent with the brush and kept fucking myself with it from behind and deep in my pussy lying on my back. I occasionally took the brush out to finger myself then I curiously curled my fingers in and actually screamed and moaned loudly in ecstasy. Both my parents were listening to loud music and my brothers were at school but damn that orgasm was FABULOUS. I repeated this and circulated the brush and my fingers really fast for 10 seconds straight till I came so hard I almost passed out and I even squirted a bit. I was quaking and twitching with satisfaction.

At 16 and a half, I am a such a sexual person I even surprise myself. I remain to be secret but am glad I got my dirty thoughts and actions off my chest. I feel like if I put it out anonymously I don't have to deal with any pressure even though there isn't really any. I sometimes feel like its an addiction even though I know masturbation is normal.

And that was my curious, dirty, and completely honest 100% true confession.

#lust   #hot   #horny   #addiction  

I just want someone to love me. So i fill my life with men, ones that just are in it for the sex

#love   #sex   #lust   #lonely  

Last night I want to a baseball game with hubby. We had a few drinks and were being flirty, about the 7th inning the home team was ahead and he looked at me and said, we can stay to watch, but they are going to win, or we can go home and fuck, which one ? I said I like how you put that with a smile and grabbed my purse.

In the car he slapped my thigh and moved his hand up sort of rubbing my pussy through my jeans, then he unbuttoned then and slid his hand in and rubbed me. He had to take his hand out to drive so reached over and rubbed him a little through his jeans. We don't live that far, when he went to pull into the garage I had to get out cause it's a small garage just barley fitting the car. I went inside while he parked and stripped down the my undies. It was totally dark when he walked in, he hung the keys up and started toward the stairs and ran right into me, he didn't see me it was so dark. He wrapped his arm around me and realized I didn't have on a shirt, then slid it down to discover I didn't have on pants. :). Then he attacked me...

He kissed me hard and took off my bra, he bent down and stripped me of my thong and while he was down there started to eat me out. I spread my legs for him and he ran his tongue up and down my slit, rolling over and circling my clit. He slid a finger and and I moaned as he started to move it in and out. After a couple of minutes he stood up and spun me around, bending me over the sofa.

At some point in all this he stripped also. He knelt behind me and put his fingers into me as he ran his tongue down my ass and pushed it against my asshole. It all felt so good and wild, my legs were shaking but I knew I wouldn't cum standing, but it was so close. I stopped him and we headed up the stairs, towards the top he grabbed me from behind and bent me over and started fucking me on the stairs...I was so wet...after a couple of minutes he stopped and we made it to the bed. I laid down on my back and he crawled up from the foot of the bed between my legs and went to town on my pussy. Sucking on my clit, licking between the lips, he pushed three fingers in and one into my ass, fucking me till I came.

Then he moved up and pushed himself into me, filling me on the first stroke. I wrapped my legs around him as he thrust hard into me, moaning and grunting from the force and pleasure of it. He pounded me till he came a few minutes later. I was close to another orgasim but it felt amazing anyway. Then we snuggled till we fell asleep.....

#sex   #lust   #fuck  

I met my current girlfriend on a dating site. She's attractive but not amazing, however, she has a truly sweet personality.
While I was on the site I saw the profile of a girl who was my idea of perfection. I'd messaged her but never got a reply.
Today, I was out shopping with my girlfriend and I saw that girl from the dating site. She looked so beautiful I felt like crying, I couldn't take my eyes off her.
I know my girlfriend is great and I'd recently decided I was in love with her but now all I can think about is the perfect girl I saw today, I will dream of being with her and feel really guilty about it

#crush   #guilt   #lust   #obsession  

Im a short chubby woman I am jobless, depressed and really insecure. I have sexted and sent my faceless nudes to 5 different people from different countries. I know sexting shouldn't be the answer but it felt like a drug it temporarily gave me some confidence then back to my worthless form. As of now im still in my battle of my depression and I do it by drawing because it's been a long time that I drew something and yeah I did missed that tall cute soldier I was sexting (I sooooo wanted a husband that looked like him) but anyways take care people

#sexting   #lust   #depression  

I am a 40 yrs old married man, my recently turned 18 female cousing has been leaving with us for a few months now, and i ve been having sex with her daily, i do love my wife but the sex with my cousing is out of this world, mostly quickies when my wife is in the shower, but man it is great!!!!

#lust   #sex   #wife   #confession  

I love to vibrate my pussy while my girlfriend rides the strap on my knee.

#imlustingagain   #lesbianlust  

Me and my son's girlfriend shopped all day for swimsuits. We shared changing rooms as we assisted one another. I confess I got wet, horny, and filled with naughty thoughts. I am straight but got so aroused by her. I found myself looking her over. And now I get wet thinking of touching her naked body, and more. Something is wrong with me.

#lust   #badthoughts   #sexy   #horny   #naked   #wet   #daughter   #son   #swimsuit   #confess   #help   #wrong  

I want to make passionate love to my little sister, so badly i fantasize about her all of the time even when i make love to my fiance.

#fantasy   #lust   #adultry  

So i tried using omegle again but now i tried doing a little dirty, i dont what came up to me that i decide to put sex and sexting on interests. To be honest i never had sex before and i dont even exactly know what sexting it. After few tries someone came up and told him that i havent had sex and i would like him to teach me how to do sexting. Fuck never felt something like that before. He's great. And the conservations gets dirty and suddenly the connection lost and i hung up feeling wet. After that im still feeling the hype and someone came up with the same interests and he's fucking good. His way too frank and straight forward. He said that im too good to be a newbie and he wants me to get pregnant with him lol. I wish we knew each other without lust. Lol. I slept at 2 am feeling fucked. Hahaha. And in the morning when i get up i wanted to have a morning shower because i felt so bad about being dirty. Anw thanks omegle.

#sexting   #lust   #sex  

I am attracted after 3 guys in my school. They are so hot.. I masturbate on their pics everyday. In school, I sometimes brush my hand across their butt/bulge on purpose without them knowing. I dream of them tied up and me doing things to them. I once even squeezed on of their butts during a crowded assembly..

#gay   #crush   #lust  

My first sexual experience was with one of my aunts. She’s never been married and to this day has always acted as if nothing happened. Even though she’s now 73 years old, I still fantasize about her daily and would leave my wife to be with her again if she asked.

#aunt   #lust   #taboo  

When I was 14, a female friend was sleeping at our home. I became curious and peeked inside her underwear. I got the feeling of arousal and shame at the same time. Now that I am married, when me and my wife get intimate, I get reminded of that time sometimes and feel guilt.

I don't know if I should tell my wife about this. I also don't know if I should tell my female friend because she and my wife know each other.


I have these desires with my girlfriend, like watching her with other men, swinging, threesomes, gangbangs, orgies, bondage, MFM bi sex, but i'm scared she'll think i'm weird and leave me.

#lust   #sex   #desires   #lies   #cheating   #threesome  

My girlfriend is at most 18 hours away from where I live and I (Female, 17) fantasize about her (19) pinning me down and having her way with me. Where I live its legal for us to date and I will see her soon but I'm nervous to tell her that I want her to have her way with me forcefully since she's such a sweet and kind girl!

#lust   #girlfriend   #teens   #embarrassment  

I confess that a year ago a young martied couple moved next door to me and my wife's house. He is a good looking guy and she has a very good tone body. Due to his and my line of work is hard to socialize but we have a good friendship, we try to have dinner parties on each other houses and even hone on a few eoad trips together.

Everything change 4 months ago, i was off work, my wife was grocery shopping, he was at work and his wife who i call Mel was home alone. Right about noon that day she knocks on my door asking for help, her car wouldnt start. She was wearing tight jeans and a very tight shirt, i could see those beautifull titties trying to escape her bra. After adjusting the battery cables i had the car running in no time. She thank me and left for the store. While she was gone i couldnt help but fantasize with her, i hand to jerk off just of the idea..
Not even an hour later she knocks on my door and had a plate of food on her hands to thank me for helping her, lunch she said. I took the plate and invited her in for a soda or some ice tea, she smiled and agreed. After a few minutes of small talk and some ice tea she noticed how i couldnt help myself from staring at her breast and ask if i was entretained by the view, my fave turned red and i tried to apologized but she stopped me and said she is used to it, that guys always stared at her, to what i replied that i was sorry but also that is hard not to.
The conversation started to get more flirty and sexual from that moment. She left for the day and iwas left once again fantasizing about her, couldnt wait for my wife to get home so i could fu*k her and get this out of my mind.
Twi days later Mel came by before i left for work looking for my wife who was still in the shower she ask if she could come in and wait, i let her in and left for work. That evening her husband was at work and Mel was all alone my wife invited her over for diner, and some wine, thats how everything changed.
My wife and her shared a few bottles of wine i had a few beers and right after diner her husband called to check on her he wouldnt be home for a few hours. My wife and her were pretty much drunnk so my wife went to take a shower and go to bed, Mel could barely stand or walk straight so i took her home. Once inside i took her to her room upstairs and put her to bed as i lay her down she began to undress i ask her to stop to wait till i was gone but she kept saying it was to hot, before i knew her shirt and her bra went flying. What a few those perfevt tits that smooth skin i couldnt turn away to leave she started to undo her pants and i stopped her, she aaid that we are adults and she knew i wanted to have sex with her so what was the issue.
She took her jeans off and her panties, i could barely stand the erection in my pants, she stood up and sat on the edge of the bed and pull me in and began to unzip my pants.
She started to blow me and she took all of me in her mouth. She had me to the point of cumming when i stopped her and laid her down in bed, spread her legs open and started to lick her shaven pu**y, i lost my mind with how sweet and soft that pu**y is. As she orgasm she begged for me to fu*k her i couldnt wait no more.
As i placed the tip of my co*k on her pu**y the warmth and softness of it made me loose it completely amd i burries it in her. Her moans her wetness how tight it felt i was in heaven. I didnt care for nothing else but to fill her up with my seed and it didnt take long for me to burst deep inside of her.
I got off from top of her and began getting dress, she rooled over and fell asleep. I made my way home and as i walked i couldnt believe what has just happend then realized i just left my neighbors wife laying in bed full with my cum. Got home took a shower and i was still so turned on by what just happend i fu*k the hell out of my drunk wife to the point i had her screaming
Next morning as i get ready for work my wife had a very vague memory of what happend last night but she does remembered how good was the sex, i said there was more if asshe behaved when i got home from work.
That evening my wife and Mel were sotting in the living room talking and my heart skipped a beat, i was for sure in troubles. Mel never said anything to my wife or her husband. My wife got up to check on diner in the kitchen amd Mel took advantage of this to ask me if i liked what happend lastnight? I loved it let me know if you need me to get more wine. She smiled and ask me to make sure it stays our secret, and ever since then me and Mel have our sex sessions behind our spouses a few times a week she has even decided to have my baby, cant wait to see that belly bumb.

#lust   #sex  

I'm a 18 year old guy when I was 16 I sexual assaulted my girlfriend at the time she was 15 going on 16 and we were dating for 2 years we mostly talked and did a few fun things we never talked about sex before or anything we both were Christian and we met at a Christian Camp in the summer when I was 14 and she was 13 turning 14 fast forward to Junior year in high school all my guy friends were talking about their girlfriends and their sexual experiences and they kept telling me to have sex with my girlfriend I use to shruged at them or tell them when I'm ready but one day after gym class I heard one of the boys talking about my girlfriend how beautiful and sexy she was and that she had really big juicy succulent breast and what he wanted to do with her in bed and that he was gonna make a move on her I immediately became jealous and started to defend my girlfriend they laughed and called me a punk and that I had the best looking girlfriend out of the group and didn't want to touch her a couple of my other friends told me to make a move on her but how could I have done that we made a promise we would wait until marriage and keep our body's holy my bestfriend keep pressuring me into having sex with her but I knew she wouldn't want to so I never thought about my girl friend in a sexual way before and after he brought it to my attention my girlfriend was really sexy and her boobs were big her body looked a bit mature for her age anyways I told her how the guys were behaving and the things they were saying and she encouraged me not to let them get to me and I was a great boyfriend and she gave me a kiss on the cheek but I gave her a kiss on the lips she pulled away with a weird look on her face I asked if I could kiss her again but she told me she wasn't ready yet to do those kind of stuff I told her we could at least try to kiss and I leaned in to kiss her she pushed me away and told me I was thinking in a sinful way and if I'm going to do those stuff she wasn't going to talk to me I apologized to her and we were good after that every time I saw her I couldn't stop thinking looking at her boobs when I wasn't with her I kept thinking about them the things I would do to them me touching them fondling them and sucking on them every time we met I would hug her and pull her close and tight to my chest I remember my bestfriend telling me how a girl made him suck her boobs but her boobs were small and I was lucky to have a girlfriend with such big boobs every time I'm around the guys and my girl comes around they would tell her to have sex with me and she would be mad at me for them saying that and blame me for what they said I had to always apologize for it so fast forward to the summer before senior year she invited me over to her house to read the bible study and pray but I had different things on my mind after going over there I saw her looking so pretty and her breast were looking so beautiful I went in and we talked for an hour we were sitting on the couch when I asked her if I could give her a kiss after a few no she said ok so I leaned in to kiss her we kissed for a second when she pushed me away I begged her for another kiss she agreed hesitantly but I kissed her and her tongue against mine was a really great feeling I moved close to her and touched her left breast she paused me so hard I was frightened when she got up and asked if I was going out of my mind and I should leave I tried to calm her down but she was so angry I told her the reason why I did it was because I loved her breast and they were so big and I asked if I could see them without her bra on I'm not gonna exaggerate but I saw steam coming from her ears when she shouted leave now its over I tried to talk to her but she was too mad at me she didn't return my calls texts nothing she even blocked me from her Instagram summer camp was starting in the next two weeks so I had to see her to at least beg her to talk to me before that so I went to her house after hours of begging she asked me why I was thinking about her like that and why I wanted to see her breast without her bra on I told her that I just liked seeing her breast and wanted to touch them and suck on them she told me not to tell anyone and we went into her room she took her top and her bra off and showed me her breast they literally made me get hard she held my hands and put them on her breast I squeezed them tight and leaned in to suck on her nipple it felt so good in my mouth she laid back and let me suck on them and her sweet moans made me even hard for a second I forgot what to do with her breast but then I remember I saw how they sucked breast in a porn video so I did it like that I was o top of her and we were dry humping when I heard her door open it was her father he walked in on us I got up off her so fast and she pulled the sheet over her chest he didn't even look mad more like shocked I went home and it was obvious my parents knew and they punished me I went to Christian camp but she didn't it was our final year before college and we were looking so forward to it but when I returned I went to her house and her mother told me she was in England at a Christian board in school for her senior year and she would be going to college in England its pretty obvious her punishment was more severe than mine I'm now 18 going on 19 and I really miss her and those days in high school I blame my self for getting her into so much trouble I wish I could see her again I only see her on Instagram and I'm scared to dm her cause she could be mad at me for letting that happen to her plus she's living her best life with her new friends in England I just hope to see her again at least once.


I’m 24yrs old and have been with my bf for 3yrs and have a child with him. Unfortunately due to some rough patches we’ve gone through and still kind of are going through , I feel I’ve lost all attraction to him. In fact I know I have because I am now cheating on him something I had always said I’d never do and have NEVER done... until now that is..
I met this guy who just blows my mind. We started hanging out as friends of course and he was well aware I had/have a bf. He respected our relationship as in he never tried to even flirt with me and we quickly became good friends. So much to the point I started expressing our problems to him ( yup it’s going there ) he of course and listened to me and whatever we continued to bond. Well one of my problems in my relationship is that I am not satisfied sexuallyand my bf refuses to try anything new so I become sexually frustrated.. and one night I was so horny and ( let’s call him Nick) Seemingly randomly Nick started to flirt with me. At this point I’ve been talking to him for a few months and have had a crush on him the entire time..without even really thinking about it I responded back showing I was clearly interested. Got to the point of telling him I’m tired of fucking myself to which he got me to confess that I would so let him fuck me in a heartbeat. Well ever since that night we’ve been sexting eachother and I’m dying for the day he gets here ( we don’t live in the same state ) to secretly fuck me. I’m still very much with my bf and he knows that but just wants to give me a good time I so desperately need. He’s coming to my state in a few months and I’ve never wanted someone to fuck me so bad I get wet just talking about it. Yes we literally have a whole week planned of cheating and I don’t think anything is going to change my mind. I just needed to get it off my chest somewhere because I can’t tell a single soul about this and I know he has no problem with this being a secret which just turns me on more.

#cheating   #lust  

I'm a lesbian and I always end up having crushes on straight girls. I ways convince myself they're bisexual though so I feel like I have a chance.

There's one girl I have a crush on called Ella. She's gorgeous - blue eyes, dark blonde hair. Her smile is so pretty and she's

I think about her loads, what itd be like to have sex with her and kiss her and look after her. I wish I could ask her out or something but I don't know how. She's caught me staring at her loads in class so I wouldn't be surprised if she already knew.

Its so frustrating.

#girl   #lesbian   #gay   #crush   #love   #sex   #lust   #straight  

Pray and roll the dice for #lust

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