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Public Confessions

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Vanity is what got me stripped in an outdoor rock concert. Don't know what I was thinking, when I decided to go in a mini skirt and flimsy tank top. Squished between a group of teenage boys, lost my skirt and panties and got my butt and pussy fingered. No one knew I was getting sexually groped under the bright lights and loud music. Remember some girls helping me out, walking out in nothing but sneakers and tank top around my neck, covering me with a jacket and giving me a ride home. Don't know how many showers I took that night. Took months to deal with the shame going back and forth between "how stupid could I be and deserving what I got" A lesson hard learned.

#stripped   #public   #groped  

Yesterday my lady came to visit me at work. She was looking so stunning in a orange dress. It was very short u could see her panties if she bent over. She was so hot I played with her through her panties. As our visit ended I took her panties with me. After a time of smelling her scent I finished my shift wearing her panties

#panties   #public   #work  

I get so turned on by being slutty. I'm too ashamed to do it in front of my friends but whenever I go out alone I love wearing the most revealing clothes that I own, jumping out onto the dance floor and just let anyone wants grope me. Grabbing my boob's, humping me, sticking their hands down my pants, the more vulgarity the better.

I am litterally the easiest girl you'll ever find. Smile at me once and I'll fuck you in the restroom of the bar.

And just that has led to me having sex in multiple bar restrooms - in one night.

#slut   #lust   #confession  

I am 18 year old dutch woman. My boyfriend has 20 years and is very dom. I walked down a street in a town where we were not known. I walked past 2 streets at 13:00 and everyone on the street on market day, I was naked except for his collar that he makes me wear. He then took me behind a small wall in a park in full view of anyone passing. He had sex in me with everyone seeing what a hore I was.

#public   #exhibitionist  

When I was 18 I saw the student teacher, 23 years old, who taught my psychology class in a bar in town one night. I started talking to her and we had a few drinks together. Eventually I told her she was hot and I had a crush on her.

She said if I wanted good grades I should go outside with her, down the alley by the club and show her exactly how good a student I am.

When we got to the alley she told me to unzip and she got down on her knees and gave me a blowjob!

The next day we had a lesson and we were both a little worse for wear, but she asked me to stay behind at the end of the lesson.

She said we shouldn't have done what we did, but that she was glad she did.

I suggested I could return the favour so we locked the door and I ate her out in the class room.

#school   #teacher   #blowjob   #oral   #sex   #hot   #risky   #public  

I am a 46 year old woman, divorced twice, kids are grown. I have had 12 boyfriends and 2 husbands who have had sex with me in my life. I've always kept myself in shape and as thin as I could after 3 kids. My legs and ass have always stayed in good shape. I will let me cum in me in front, only my husbands and 2 others came in my mouth and I steadfastly refuse to have anyone in my butt.
I was on a date with a very wealthy super-handsome guy who is only 38 and divorced. After a very good and very expensive dinner and a trip to the theater, we were picked up by his limo. He raised the privacy window, and pulled out his cock and told me he wanted me to suck him. I don't know why but I just did it. I wasn't even appalled by his actions. I just started sucking his cock. As I did he pulled my 36C boobs out of my dress top and proceeded to stroke them and pinch my nipples. He came in my mouth and I swallowed it all and he deeply kissed my jizzed mouth moving his tongue around to get what remained. He pulled me over his knee, raised my dress and ripped off my panties and proceeded to spank me soundly. He said it was for being such a cum whore and an easy slut. After he was done we were at my place and he told his driver not to wait to get a change of clothes and meet him for the office at 7 in the morning.
Without being asked he came up to my place, the doorman could easily tell my hair was mussed, my lipstick messed up, and my boobs weren't placed back in my dress very well. I looked and my date hadn't bothered to zip up his pants. In my place I tried to recover and ask if he wanted a drink, when I turned back for an answer he was totally stripped and opening the drapes to the balcony so we could be seen. He told me to take off my clothes right there and I did it without question hoping I was going to get at least one orgasm out of the evening. I confess I'd planned on sex yet since it was our first time out together, so I was in full growth between my legs. It wasn't pretty. He asked if I had lube and I said I only had Vaseline, no vaginal lube, but I was wet enough. He went and got the Vaseline, and rubbed it on his cock. I told him he wouldn't need it. He replied that it was for me not for him.
"I made up my mind I'm fucking that ass tonight slut" he said
"No, I've never done that, and I don't do that, won't happen" I retorted
"Fuck you" was his answer.
With that he bent me over the back of my couch and I started screaming, he stuffed his socks in my mouth and said that he want' fucking that forest of a pussy but he was going to fuck me. He pushed it into my backdoor and it was hot and searing. After he was done he made me stand there even wiped up a bit of blood from my anus and showed it to me. Then took his belt to me. I was crying, my ass was red and swollen and I noticed he was hard again. He forced me on the floor face down, and fucked me again.
I came, not only did I get the biggest O I've had in my life, I had 3 of them while he banged me in my backside.
Now I beg him for it in my butt, suck him in public when he wants, let him fuck me in the front door anytime, anywhere, and beg him for anal sex.
He gives it to me but not enough. I now have two other guys who will do it to me that way, and I have several orgasms everytime I get a cock pistoning in and out of my butthole. I think back that I started letting the first boy fuck me at 14, and I've missed out on 31 years of sheer bliss.
I'm a buttwhore now totally, unwavering, submissively, giving my butt to any cock I can. I even went back to one of my ex husbands and let him do it to me.
too bad I missed out for soooooo long.

#mf   #forced   #stripped   #public   #slut  

I (19, f) had/have sex with my History teacher (66, m) in his office after class. Admittedly, it's for my grades but he really knows how to make me cum. It's so hard keeping my voice down whenever we fuck. Sometimes i even imagine other teachers seeing us and openly masturbating while watching him eat me out like a 5 course meal.

#horny   #voyeurism  

Today is the day. I'm going to do it. I've been trying to talk myself into this for weeks now. I'm a guy who likes to be seen naked so I take risks. Today though, I'm going to a local park / swimming hole. I'm going to sneak in to the ladies room and strip completely. Then I'm going to sneak out and hide. In a short time it will be quite crowded there and my clothes will either be taken or thrown away but it won't matter because there will be no way for me to get back in to get my clothes once it's crowded. I'll be stranded totally nude with no way to get any clothes. If I wait all day my clothes will be gone anyway or someone will see me so all I can hope for is to find a towel or tiny bikini bottom or something to cover up with.

#flashing   #cfnm   #caught  

I was 19 and met a 16 year old girl who was a virgin. She was gorgeous and let me do anything I wanted. When I turned 20 I got my own apartment and she moved in with me, by that time she had let me fuck her and cum in her mouth, pussy, ass, between her C cup titties. I fucked her public, even in front of her best girlfriend. Eventually; I shaved her black pussy hair and had a tattoo put on her just above the start of her pussy lips. "I am - my name-'s cum slut". It was permanent and I knew it, she let me have it done. I made her give the tattoo guy two blowjobs for the tattoo. A little while later we were out of jobs, and had no money so I got her a placement with an escort agency. Soon I would whip her ass and beat her ass and tits out of guilt that she was a prostitute and supporting us I guess. I used a pin and india ink and tattooed a dollar sign on her asscheek, and one on her left tit. It's been two years now she is 19 and still keeps a hot body, I still fuck her in front of her girlfriends, so they can see her tattoos and know she sells herself for sex. We go to nude beaches a lot, sometimes I shave her cunt so everyone can see all her prostitute and slave markings.
I'm really bored with her, and now she's had over 300 cocks in her cunt and about 100 plus in her ass, it's not the same anymore. I want to dump her but need to stay.

#virgin   #public   #slave   #tattoo   #prostitution   #whipping   #beating  

I was 8. My 7 year old sister went to tell on me for something I didn't do. Next thing I knew I was being spanked naked on the kitchen table with my family watching. "What did you do ?" Asked dad. "Nothing !" I replied. This went on for a little while until he believed me. Frustrated, he called my sister out to the street and spanked her naked on the sidewalk before leaving her there for 10 minutes naked. When she came back in, she told dad I was lying. Confused, my father warned us that if the liar didn't come clean, he would humiliate us both so badly. Once he left, my sister and I went into our room to talk about it. We agreed to play scissors paper rock and the loser had to confess. I lost and went to be humiated. When my dad found out, he called the entire extended family over for lunch.

When they arrived, I was forced to eat naked and my cousins laughed their head off. Once lunch was over, dad made me put on some undies and hooked my up to a tree, giving me a massive wedgie. Once I was up, he cut off every thing that hid my parts leaving me with a massive wedgie naked. While I was hanging there, they played soccer for 45mins until my "undies" broke. As soon as I was down, dad bent me over and let everyone spank me for as long as they wanted, with a belt. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, dad went to the fence and asked the neighbours to come over. They did so and also spanked me. Once my but was as red as a tomato, dad got more undies and hung me up again, with the same cutting out. I was forced to stay there for 30mins while the cousins played with my butt as a piñata, hitting we ver and over again with a wooden spoon. When I thought it was finally over, my dad made me walk around the block naked, knocking on all the doors and telling them what I did, before asking them if they wanted to spank me. Most said yes. When I got home, I found out the cousins were going to stay and we were going to camp in the backyard.i asked dad for my clothes back, be he made me stay naked for the entire year when not at school, including when going outside. Anyway, for the rest of the arvo, we swam in the pool, spanked me, wedged me, and watched movies, while spanking me. Then at night, I was forced to sleep outside of the tents, naked, facing upwards. When I was awake, I found I was the first, and hurried inside to get some clothes, but when I walked out of my room, my dad was there. When he saw me dressed, he screamed, ripped them off me, made me put on a swimsuit ( the speedo kind ) and told me to follow him. We went to the table and he installed a hook into the roof, before hanging me on it until breakfast. At breakfast, he spoon fed me puréed apple and told me that today I was everyone's baby and had to what they said, and wasn't allowed to speak properly, shower, or use the toilet. Then he got me down, and put me in a nappy and shoved a binki in my mouth. He then told my little cousin, that I was a baby and needed to be looked after. She squealed with delight and took me to a room. Where I was fed a bottle. I got angry and spat it out, but she told me that if I didn't want my father to know, I had to do something for her. I immediately said yes and she told me I was to let her change my nappy. I obliged, and before I knew it, I was being washed and wiped by my 5 year old cousin. Then she put me in a pink nappy before deciding that she wanted me to not wear anything. So for the rest of the day, I was naked, being spanked, wedged and being wiped in the bum by my cousin. Just before they left, my family took a picture of all of us, and I was in the front, naked, and hating my sister.

#naked   #stripped   #family   #public   #wedgie   #spanking   #punishment   #embarrassing  

I’ve parked my car in a Metro park where women run in super tight spandex pants or shorts.

#voyeur   #public  

I love public sex,dressing in panties short shorts cut off t-shirt, looking for strangers to suck their cocks. Public sex at the parks or reststops is so sexy so hot so scary so exciting. I love it when other men watch or join in. I'm married 55 nice body hot and horny.

#public   #sex   #horny  

A couple of months ago, I was taking a train ride back home from a trip I had been on. I went to a sauna for the first time, and it was the first time I had ever been able to be casually nude in front of other people. However, I didn't realize how pent up I would be after this trip, as just the little vibrations from the train on the tracks were making me hard.

So, I decided to take a big risk. It was mid-January in New England, so I had brought a couple of coats with me to keep warm, on top of a sweatshirt. I took the coats off when I had gotten on the train and set them on the seat next to mine. There weren't too many people on the train, so this was ample enough cover. I pulled one of the bigger coats up just a little, tucked my hand back down the sleeve of my sweatshirt, and right down my pants. I was nervous as I jerked myself off under my clothes, but I was exhilarated; I secretly hoped that the couple of people that walked by would catch me breathing heavy and turning red as I got closer and closer to cumming.

I let out one of the biggest loads I've ever had right into my underwear. It was so big that it showed all the way through my jeans. The thought of people seeing that stain made me even more horny, and I ended up cumming just as much again when I returned home.

I think I need to take more train rides.

#public   #masturbation   #cum   #train  

I was in my late 20's, and in Florida for a few weeks working. After a few nights, I called an escort service and Marie came to my hotel room. She was dressed nicely, wore nice clothes, and had a nice body. She was about 35, 5ft. 6in tall, really nice figure, great legs which is my favorite. She was good looking and though this usually isn't appealing to me had 34DD boobs with nice pink areolae and nipples. Once naked as we talked she opened up that she had supposedly "just started" being a hooker. I figured she couldn't have too much experience as she was giving the entire GFE for the standard price. Then I asked her if she did anal and she told me yes, and didn't charge extra. I was very gentle and she remarked how her ex used to be really brutal when he did it to her, usually in the shower using soap as a lube. I had been fucking her pussy bareback (another reason I figured she might be new) for a long time, so didn't need to lube up, I just slipped in. She let me cum in her twice once in her puss and once in her butt, all for the same price.
All along she kept saying how she would like to see me "personally" if I'd like. I didn't answer and as she was dressed to leave I pulled up her skirt, pulled her panties down and bent her over the desk. While I shoved my finger up her butthole I told her to write down her personal phone number. She did and we started going out. Since we'd already fucked it was a sure thing that we'd have sex every time I wanted. She had an 8year old daughter and a 10 year old son. She and I went nude in front of the children, they accepted it as their mom and dad had always been nude around them Marie told me. Marie started sucking me in the living room while we were all watching television.
I started getting off on fucking her in front of the kids, I never touched them and wouldn't but knowing they were seeing me fuck their mother in her mouth, pussy and asshole was really great. Marie and I started fucking in public, which was really great, I liked that a lot. I left Florida a couple of weeks after my work was done, rather than immediately after. I spent those last two weeks at her house instead of a hotel. I still think back to her rolling over and telling the kids as she was coming while ramming my cock up her poop chute that I "wasn't hurting mommy" rather she said "he's making mommy's bottom and her pee pee, feel really good".
All that and my first natural blonde cunt too. Best $150 I ever spent.

#prostitution   #escort   #mf   #public   #watching   #anal   #oral  

Im 26 years old and i Have a girlfriend we have sex anytime we did quickiss sometimes at some public bathroom and some people heared us. we Moaned like we never moaned before. I told my girlfriend that i was horny and my cock is so hard. She was horny too. So we went to this bathroom and we did the deed. I licked her soaking wet pussy and she gave me a blowjob. It was so good, i loved the way she sucked my cock. I have a big cock. Then i told her to face back and i inserted my hard and big cock inside of her. I had to put my hand on her mouth so nobody could notice us doing the deed. I cummed loads in her mouth. And i cant wait to do it again..

#sex   #cum   #cock  

I'm a 15-year-old guy. I was walking home from school one day and it was really dark. I passed a park with no lights and decided to try playing with myself. It was right next to a busy road and I was super horny. I laid down on the ground and went to town on my dick. Whenever a car passed or someone walked by I got even more turned on, and I even got almost completely naked at one point. I finally came and it was amazing. I put my clothes back omg me went on my way. Now whenever I walk by that place, I have a new sweet memory. Masturbation rules!


Yesterday afternoon I had my girlfriend who is 16, I am 20 in the park. There were a lot of people out as it is near a university. I don't let her wear underwear unless I request it, and usually make her go out in short skirts, and white blouse and without her bra her brown areolae and nipples show nicely. We were at the edge of a clearing and I was kissing her, then pulled up her skirt so over 50 people saw her ass. Some guys playing Frisbee and tossing a football around stopped and were gawking at her very pretty, very firm ass. She protested and I moved her up against a tree and held her there, and raised her skirt so they could see her black haired pussy. She really balked at that, and I held her even firmer, tucking the bottom of her skirt up into the waist band. Telling her it would all be over with us if she didn't let me continue, she stopped, and let me open her blouse so they could all see her big C cup tits and her black haired pussy. I then pulled up the skirt in back and tucked it in, and with my arm holding her around the waist and her sniffling a bit, I walked her right through everyone and to the car. Men and women were watching her beautiful body.
She was crying and I was rock hard. I took her home and fucked the shit out of her.

#nc   #public   #exhibition  

Title- naked bi curious exibitionist bondage public humiliation slave wanna be.
I love to spend as much time as i possibly can every day buck naked.
When its warm and sunny i like to spray on tanning screan and let my fully nude bod soak up the rays.
By june i have a dark olive skin all over tan, no tan lines because i think it looks stupid to have a pale white ass with a great tan.
I work on it artfully, roasting everywhere to an eventual dark bronze natural skin tone, even my ass crack as i tan it hiked up and spread wide at the sun.
Spray misting my asshole with peroxide also enhances my smooth shaved butt by sun bleaching it.
By the time it gets really hot i shave all my body hair from the neck down to give myself the sexiest effect..
My tall thin tone bod, paired with my perfect little small but full meaty tight firm hot ass along with my bleach blonde flowing hair that reaches the small of my back makes me look like the hottest piece of fuckmeat from behind and would make any guy with a pulse rock hard especially when im oiled up and glistining in sweat beads.
Anyway, can u tell im obsessed yet?
I AM such a hot naked bicurious show off exibitionist bitchboy twink slave at heart and i fantisize all the time.
I want to be owned for 1 week and alternate between anything goes enslavement and acting out my own impulsive fetishes 24/7.
I want to walk around naked in public drenched in baby oil and dirty dance wildly shaking my ass.
I want to do an amature porn audition and drink Jack and do coke all day at a pool party with 10 skinny small tit sexy skanky fully shaved nymphos and 22 fully shaved 8-12in.juicy dick studs on viagra. I have to stop for now so this post is to be continued as Fetish obsessed part2.

#naked   #shaved   #slave   #public  

Been with husband for over 20yrs & for the past 2 yrs sex has just got better & better. Probably letting go of sexual inhibitions & trying anything & everything.. for me, I love the kink!

#married   #choke   #kink   #public   #sex  

i admit that i always pee in the public swimming pool or in lakes because i either think the public toilets are really disgusting or because i just dont want to go that far

#pee   #public   #toilet   #lake  

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