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Kink Confessions

Read the best #kink confession stories

I confess... I have a huge crush one of my best friends. I mean, I'm REALLY into him, and I know he wants me too. We don't have any classes together, so I wait to see him inbetween classes and during lunch period. When we hug, I secretly get so turned on, yet I know I shouldn't. He's actually asked me out several times, but I've turned him down on all occasions. I'm not even playing hard to get, I'm just so shy. When I get bored in class, I fantasize about having a hard-core make out session, and losing my virginity to him. Offtenly, I tease him by "Accidentally" falling into his lap and rocking in my relaunchant haste to get up. God, I get so horny just thinking about all the kinky stuff he could do to me... he's a dom, I'm sure. I don't know what to do with myself. I'm ashamed of my high sex drive... yet I want him specifically, so bad. Wish I had the guts to tell him.

#kinky   #lust   #teenage   #crush  

I’m a 19 year old girl. I would consider myself straight. I’ve dated guys and I don’t think I could ever date a girl. Even sexually. I’ve watched girl on girl porn and I get off to it but I don’t think I would do anything sexual with a girl. But I have this weird attraction to other girls tongues. Whenever I see pictures and a girl is sticking her tongue out I just get a little turned on. I don’t know why but I find girl tongue so hot especially when they are long and wet. I was with some friends and there was a girl I met for the first time and while we were all hanging out she was sticking her tongue all the way out while making a joke and I got turned on. I just imagined tongue kissing her and sucking her tongue. It’s like if a girl has a sexy tongue I want to turn lesbian for them. Is this weird?

#lesbain   #tongue   #kink   #weird   #kissing  

My bf has been hitting me and "punishing" me in a non-sexual way... but I like it

#kink   #abuse   #fetish   #hiding   #bf  

For the past frickin 3-4 years I've been going out with girls who all have been a pain in my ass. I'm so done with them I swear to God I'm going gay. No joke. I'm going to tie up a little cute ass yaoi boy and and sex him up. Let's go. I'm done.

#gay   #bdsm   #kinky   #fetish  

So I’m 15, almost 16 and I just did something I’m pretty sure is illegal. I went on Omegle and decided to try the video chat option, because I never had before. I have large-ish boobs and wasn’t wearing a bra, just a t shirt. I get out on with this guy and start groping myself over the shirt. This guy gets a massive boner, so I panic and leave. Long story short I ended up on this call with a clearly 18+ British guy, who you could only describe as a dilf. I ended up naked except for my socks and was practically fisting myself as he jerked off, telling me how he wanted to bend me over his desk and pound my “tight little body” and wanted to make me take 2 cocks at once. He called himself daddy and called me his sweet slut and little whore. I sucked on my own tits and almost started moaning out loud. I’ve never done something like this before but it feels so good and I had the best orgasm of my life watching him cum. I can’t tell anyone I know, but I needed to confess.

#omegle   #underage   #daddy   #kink   #dilf   #threesome   #british   #teen   #sex  

I love reading people's confessions and masturbating.

#sex   #kink  

Hi, this is Barry again, widely known as Blowjob Barry. I am very pleased to report that I have continued to spend a lot of time with another guys' balls on my chin. I totally love slurping cocks.
This confession is more about what my friend Sara and a couple of her girlfriends have started. I recently gave 5 blowjobs in one day and they thought that was hilarious. They described me as kinky because I sucked off 5 different guys. They started saying that my new nickname would be "kinky cock cleaner".

#blowjob   #barry   #kinky  

I love to masturbate when other people are around like when my father will take a nap I'll sit with him and pleasure myself

#lust   #masterbation  

I am a 27 year old virgin guy with a huge foot fetish. I like heavy women with thick feet, specially ebonies and mature asian women. Ebony and Asian women have the best feet in the world. I really like thick feet with short toes and meaty heels. Juicy wrinkled soles are my weakness.

My Aunt is a big fat woman in her late 40s and has very meaty feet with short toes and bulging heels. Her size is US 8. I used to sleep at her home and sneak in her room at night. She is a heavy sleeper and I used to uncover her feet and jerk off to them. I used to cum on her flip flops, sandals and flats. Once I got so horny and took my kink to extreme level. I wore her bra and panty, put on her flip flops and walked around the house. Then I went to her room and put her undergarments off in front of her sleeping and cummed on her flip flops. I was too scared to do that because I was afraid that if she woke up and saw me naked and wanking in front of her, I'll be finished. I still did that and saw her walking in her flipflops I cummed on last night. That gave me an sense of satisfaction. I have really wanted to worship her feet but was too scared to do that because I did not want to get caught.

My fetish has made me do so many crazy things. My neighbour who is a very sexy milf with ultra sexy feet, used to keep her flipflops on her porch and when I saw that, I went so crazy. I used to steal her flip flops at night, rub them with my dick and put them back after cumming on them.

Once I cummed in a woman's flats while travelling on a bus. It was a long journey, I was sitting behind that woman. She was wearing red flats. I put my phone out and used the camera to see if she has her heels popped out of the flats. Her feet were out of the flats and she had her head tilted on the window. I assumed that she fell asleep while on the way. I quickly dragged one flat of hers towards me with my foot and covered my lap with my bag. I started jerking off, I was really scared to do that in public but luckily no one noticed as I was sitting on the very end of the bus. I exploded and filled her flat with my cum. I put it back just before getting off at my stop and that woman noticed that something sticky is inside her footwear. She started looking around but at time I had almost got off the bus.

I have fooled my female coworkers so many times and have got them to send pictures of their feet. There is skinny Indian girl in my office who leaves her footwear under her desk daily. I cum on her shoes every day after the office hours.

I know I am a pervert and get aroused by a non sexual thing. But I cannot stop it and the more I try the more I lose. I want someone to be as crazy as me and understand my needs. I want to stop doing all this and want to do all the stuff with one woman only.

#kink   #taboo   #ebony   #asian  

I fucking love to masturbate. I can't help it, I think about it all the time and I fucking myself at least twice a day. Today I drew a hot bath and then got a bucket of ice cubes. I started rubbing the ice around my clitoris and then stuck a cube up in my pussy. As the cold water leaked out of my cunt the warm water burned and it felt so hot. I started sticking a couple of ice cubes up my ass too, and that was pretty painful because I've never put anything up there before. After a while I got bored so I got a cough drop and started to rub it around my pussy. As my clitoris started burning I got some more ice and shoved like 5 pieces up into my pussy. Then I used baby oil to lube up a toothbrush which I inserted into my ass. It felt so good pushing that toothbrush in and out and my pussy dripping out ice water. I put another piece of ice in my ass and a bunch more in my vagina and then, leaving the cough drop on my throbbing clitoris, I put an electric toothbrush right on my clit and massaged it until I had the most violent, amazing orgasm ever. I feel like I should feel guilty but honestly writing this just makes me want to do it again. I'm so fucking wet I could come just thinking about it!

#masturbation   #kinky  

I love my boyfriend but I settled I know I did. He said he was into ddlg and he would be my Daddy but all he does is play video games all day while I work full time. We are both disabled in the sense we both deal with chronic pain but he is in the beginning stages of accepting that his life will be different than before the pain and fatigue so he is also depressed. Which means his libido is in the toilet. I am a curvy chicana with a fat ass but hardly any tits and feel really self conscious about this so I stay even though my sexual and mental needs aren't met. The confession is I want to leave to find a Daddy to tie me up and spank me and creep into the bed at night and fuck me hard and bathe me and change me and feed me and play with me etc.. I can't leave though because I love him and he has no one else.

#ddlg   #kink   #love   #bdsm   #sex  

I have to say that I have been a long time cross dresser since age ten or so. My wife of ten years does not know. I also enjoy looking at sissies with erections. I become very aroused with both of these obsessions I have.

#obsessions   #sissies   #erections   #kink  

So I'm 15 and I've masturbated since I was 13. It all started when I found out was smut was. I would read specific smut about justin bieber or a band I liked at the time. I was always afriad to stick something up my vagina, so I instead would rub my clit until orgasm. I have a weird kink where I keep my panties on and just rub my clit over my panties until I cum. And cumming for me usually involves me putting on a playlist of all the sexiest songs i know, while my mind is so deep into fantasies about justin bieber fucking my tight wet pussy into tomorrow. Fuck, I need Jesus.

#kink   #panties  

I'm a 15 year old girl and I'm addicted to porn.
I know this isn't a great thing but what turns me on more is gay porn. I'm straight and I masturbate with the faucet gushing water on my pussy. I like watching twinks moan and get fucked helplessly. When I was really young, I used to touch my cousins pussy. But that doesn't make me lesbian or anything. It's just my kink. Now I have a 21 year old boyfriend and I want him to watch me fuck someone else. Is that bad?

#sex   #addiction   #incest   #kinks  

Being a young man I get horny for ugly girls. Idk why I’m like this. I’m a pretty good looking guy I just like these ugly weird girls. There was this one girl at a party who had blue hair, fat, pot head, hairy armpits, smelled like shit and hated trump. A girl no one would expect a guy like me to like. But once I had an opportunity alone with her we took it upstairs and just kissed and madeout for a really long time. She even left hickeys on my neck and so much saliva in my mouth. I sucked her tongue and tasted everything she ate that day. I would’ve fucked her too but she said she was bisexual but leaned more towards girls. But just the making out alone made me satisfied. Hotter girls would have been down to hookup at that party but I wanted this girl instead.

#sex   #hot   #fat   #fetish   #kink  

I cheated on my wife for 6 years with a woman who loved to take Molly (E) and fuck. We met at a club in NYC one night and went home together. We were both high on Molly and had crazy, kinky, explosive sex. This girl was in her 30's, from Hawaii, skinny, and tight. Just sexy as hell. She absolutely LOVED when I would deeply eat her ass and would have multiple earth-shaking orgasms because of it. She also likes bed pretty much anything anal. In a phrase; an amazing fuck slut.

We would meet every other month or so when my wife went out of town on business, take Molly, and just get nasty with one another. My most memorable experience is when I ate her ass after stretching it out with a butt plug, let her cum twice, then fucked her deep down n her ass until she squirted on her own face. She then sucked my dirty cock out of her ass and had my cum all over her face. I cleaned her face off with my piss after. Seriously. Stuff like this happened all the time. I felt guilty and knew it was wrong, but the high from both the drugs and the sex was too much to deny myself.

I dunno. There is something about Molly that made us so dark, so kinky, so willing to do perverted things we wouldn't otherwise do. It's an amazing sex drug.

Anyway, my wife found out 2 years ago and I broke off the sex relationship. Amazingly my wife didn't end our marriage and we are working on rebuilding. God I miss the crazy sex and the Molly though....

#anal   #kink   #molly  

I love being tied up so much that I pretend to be drinker than I am and start kissing my teenage nephew so that he and my sister will tie me up to stop me. I start telling for kisses until he gags me. Then I couldn't be happier.

#aunt   #nephew   #bondage   #gagged   #kink  

Today, I pissed in my own mouth, swallowed some, spit the rest out onto my feet, lucked it off my feet and sucked my toes til I came, and licked the cum off.

Gross, but so so fun.

#kink   #nasty   #masturbation   #confession   #sex  

I removed my IUD and I didn’t tell my husband. I don’t want to get pregnant and I’m not trying to trick him into a pregnancy (we are 42 and have two kids).
I’ve been using an ovulation prediction kit to make sure we don’t have sex when I am most fertile. We used natural family planning our entire marriage until after we had kid number two. That was I got the iud.
The thought of his cum deep inside me, hitting my unprotected cervix, gets me so hot and horny I can hardly concentrate. All I can think about is the next time we are going fuck. Where it will be , how I will initiate it, what positions we will do.
Like right now. I am aching to have him inside me, pounding me hard and he’s sleeping the night away.

#riskysex   #nobirthcontrol   #breedingkink   #sex  

One time I was about to have sex with this girl and her boyfriend arrived home. I didn't know she had a boyfriend so I apologised and was about to leave but she convinced me to suck his dick, so next thing I know I'm on my knees and she's bobbing my head back and forth at his crotch, taking his dick balls deep down my throat.

#humiliation   #kinky   #sex  

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