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Masterbation Confessions

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Last year I was going on a trip with my church and it was an all day trip. My boyfriend goes to my church and we've been dating for about two and a half years. It was maybe 9pm, so it was dark. We were in the very back and most of the van was sleep except us. We are always sexual. Out of no where he kisses me and he slides his hand into my pants fingering my pussy. I keep holding back my squeals and moans as my clit get wetter with every touch. He takes out his dick and puts his hoodie over it and he tells me to spit on his dick. When I spit on hit I sucked it and it was sloppy and he made me choke on it. After I was done he started stroking. He was moving all around and I kept kissing his neck while we were trying to be quiet and then he tapped me to let me know he was about to cum. He came in my mouth and I swallowed. He zipped up his pants and I pulled up mine. He kissed me and the van dropped us off.

It was great but I do feel bad because it was a church event. Lord forgive me.

#sex   #masterbation  

When I was 14 (19 now) i would use one of the toy arm things that can grab stuff. It had a rubber hand and i would put lotion in the palm and use it to jerk off. Haven't done it in years but I haven't found anything as satisfying (besides a real person)


I use to stay home from school fake sick in 6th and 7th grade and I would jack my dick in the window when people be stuck by train.

#masterbation   #dick   #uncut  

This is a rather long confession. I'm 13 years old and I love to touch myself. I often touch myself before I get in the shower. I lay down on the floor fully naked and rub my clit till I cum. I developed faster then most. My ass is bigger than a basketball, my waist is small, hips wide, and breast a good size. I started when I was younger and I would lay on my couch and rub my clit until I orgasmed. I didn't have any cum come out at the time it just felt really good. I stopped for 2 years then began to go at it for hours everyday. Then I stopped again. I recently started doing it again. I even went on this site called kikboys or something of that nature. I was talking to grown men and women. I don't think I'm a lesbian but I sometimes get turned by lesbians eating each other out and trading nudes with other girls. I touch myself a lot actually. I've touched my self for 6 days in a row and multiple times at that. I joined kik boys or Saturday. I felt like shit and stopped because I have a boyfriend. He has no clue that I'm like that. I find these confessions totally sexy. I get soaked. It makes me want to try new things. I used a massage thing yesterday but I had on some shorts, so the orgasm wasn't that amazing. I've also heard about edging. I've tried it but when I get so close I can't stop. I need to feel it. An orgasm is so good. I feel like I'm on top of the world. I love fingering my tight soaking wet pussy till I can't take it anymore. Please forgive me...

#masterbation   #fingering   #orgasm  

Me and my irlfriend wer giving each ither handjob and oral when my sister walks in. she dropped everything ran of then we spoke to her and we then went back upstairs to continue and she cam in again but this came over and took over

#masterbation   #sister   #fail   #true  

I confess that I masterbate daily.

I finger myself off then lick my fingers. I have got off before sex and after when I wake up in the night, I diddle myself off a few times.

I do have a few toys, two different size vibrators and a very large black realistic dildo. In fact, it is so big I normally use it only after I have had several orgasms so I am dripping wet when I slid it into me. Then pretending it is a real black cock fucking me, I cum hard several times.

#masterbation   #vibrators   #dildo  

when i was 10 i watched my neighbor fuck her boyfriend on the side of their house through my window they were on top of a towel and i watch his dick go in and out of her pussy i played with myself while watching it made my cat so wet and i knew he could see me. a few weaks laterly im hanging out with my older sister at a park my sister left to do some shit and i let dis boy i cannot stand lick my pussy and my neighbors boyfriend saw him licking my pussy and jerked off i never saw him again

#masterbation   #shameless  

I am male who is straight but loved everything anal. Even as a kid I remember playing with my butthole vaguely, but as a pubescent teenager I became more curious. When I got the chance I would "experiment" with my butt and I would fantasize about feeling dick sliding in and out of my hole as I finger my ass and it never seizes to make me shoot cum everywhere but never have a been attracted to guys but my hole is always hungry

#anal   #sex   #masterbation  

I have been addicted to porn and masturbation for 5 years. It has destroyed my self esteem and now its about to break my love life. I want to confess to my fianceé. I am scared she may leave me when I tell her the truth. No one knows about it but I have to tell someone so I can get help.

#porn   #addiction   #masterbation   #love  

I like to jack off for strangers on kik

#masterbation   #kik   #dick   #cum   #sex  

When I was 11, I discovered porno on public access TV.
One night I was jacking it and my mom opened the door. I explained that it felt so GOOD!!! I told her I learned it from a friend that gave me his dad's stolen playboys!!!

#playboy   #masterbation   #caught   #fucking  

i've been in love with my best friend for 3 1/2 years.
i'm female. shes female.
met her 5 years ago in college. apartently we went to the same school, same class. she transfered shortly after i went into homeschooling; we didn't get on for the first year.
second year, we became friends. it was 6 months in i think, i'd developed a crush. shortly after i realised it was love.
when college finished that year, i made sure to stay in contact. i'm terrible at holding realtionships, but for her i'd do my best. luckily she is simular in the way she doesn't need constant contact.
we meet up once a month. some skyping inbetween, since we live far apart.

reason i haven't told her? well apart from the fact i don't want to damage our friendship and make it awkward. she's a devote christian. she's very much straight and won't have sex until marriage. i'm also a virgin, not as self concious about it thanks to her.
so basicaly, i have no chance.
she doesn't even know i'm bisexual.

i wish i could get rid of this love i feel. i think about her some nights when masterbating. another thing she doesn't do. i want to get close to her and show her how nice it feels. give her her first orgasm. fondle and lick her breasts.
i want to hug and kiss her as a couple as we play video games and watch tv.
i want to marry her. i want to have kids with her. either inseminated or adopted.

*sigh* maybe i'll tell her one day, when we are in our 30's and married to different people .

#crush   #bisexual   #christian   #masterbation   #secret  

I love to masturbate when other people are around like when my father will take a nap I'll sit with him and pleasure myself

#lust   #masterbation  

When I was 19 I went over a coworkers house to stay the night and ended up messing around with her son who was home from the military. It was Christmas Eve and everyone was drinking and I think he may have cought me looking at his cock in his Jeans but didn't say anything. When everyone started to get ready for bed I ended up sleeping in the bed with him and his younger brother who is a year younger than me. Since he was the smallest of the three of us he slept in the middle. In the middle of the night when I heard his younger brother snoring I started to get really close to the brother in the middle and kind of putting my butt on him to cuddle and all of a sudden I felt him start rubbing my hip and then reach around and start rubbing my now erect penis. He then made me lay on my back and pulled my penis out my shorts and started stoking it really nice and slow. I felt like I lost all control over my body and it was like he knew it as he played with my balls a little. I didn't last long at all; about 10 minutes of him touching was all it took for me to cum everywhere. Some even got on my face, and I didn't have anything to clean myself off so I used my socks and the whole time his little brother was asleep right next to us. He laughed a little after he saw how much I came and what I used to clean myself. I started to jack him off but he has really little so it didn't last long like about 15min of me jacking him off I just stopped cause he said he wasn't going to cum unless I gave him a bj but I didn't do it cause his little brother was right there but really I just wasn't ready for all that, it was my first time messing around with a guy. What makes it even worse is I have a girlfriend, everyone thinking I'm this super straight guy that's just really polite and his family didn't know he was gay, but not going to lie I really wish I would have given him a blow job even though he had a really small penis I would have loved to swallow his load. The next morning when we woke up he had his arm around me and his brother was already out the bed. He tried to jack me again but we heard someone coming tword the room so I stopped him. I haven't told anyone about this and haven't seen the guy since then but would really love to see him again and this time swallow his load, even thought I'm still with the same girl and it's been about 2years.

#gay   #lust   #masterbation  

I'm a female (15) and in school certain guys make me wet, it's so annoying because they see me as a friend and talk about wanking and practice fingering techniques on the table and I'm just sat there literally feeling all my juices gush out of me. Once I was sat in assembly in front of half the school and one of them leant forward to look at me in what I can only describe as "eye-fucking" and I couldn't stop jizzing in my panties and when I stood up I noticed that I had left a damp patch on the seat, no one else saw though. Often when I go home I touch myself and fantasise what it would feel like to have sex with one of them, sometimes I even have dreams about them. My best friend understands and is open about it but she only jizzes in her pants for one guy whereas at least 4 guys in my classes can make me wet without even looking at me. Idk what to do because no one else seems to get these spontaneous squirts like I do and it's very annoying.

#masterbation   #boys   #wet  

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