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Caught Confessions

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I watched my college roommate masturbate without her knowing I was home. I liked it too much because my pussy got so wet that I went into the next room and masturbated as I imagined her walking in on me and going strait to eating my pussy. I felt so nasty and horny. Now I am embarrassed but also curious how it would be to have sex with another girl. We are two straight girls that only date guys.

#fantasy   #caught   #masturbate   #lesbian   #sexy   #horny   #wet   #pussy   #eating   #girlgirl  

Me and my professor got a little too close...
Sir asked me to stay back after class to 'discuss' some extra credit homework when I noticed how wide his eyes were as he stared at my busty chest. Immediately I felt myself dripping from between my thighs; I was so wet. Due to his young age (26) and incredibly sexy body he could've passed as a student. "Like what you see?" I giggled mindlessly while I snapped out of the fantasy I was dreaming of. What had I just done? My own teacher! This was way too innopropriet ! "As a matter of fact, Megan, yes. Yes I do" Shocked, my mouth hit the ground until he hungrily attacked my lips. Despite the vicious pace, sir's kisses were tender and caring. Suddenly, his large hands caressed my bare shoulders- followed by a long trail of small kisses. A soft moan escaped my mouth and a cheeky grin crept onto my professors face. He knew how gorgeous he was yet was not boastful. Tightly, manly arms wrapped around my waste and I could feel his massive bulge poking at my twitching pussy even from over our clothing. That was soon removed. naked in my hot teachers classroom. Wow. Not braking eye contact, he placed me over his wooden desk exposing my soaked pussy. Without warning he forced himself deep inside me and I reluctantly screamed as loud as I could. The fear of being caught turned us both on. He pumped steadily while slowly rubbing my clit. It felt so fucking good. simultaneously, we came. Cum shot all over my red ass as he smeared it further up my bare body. I was exhausted

#teacher   #student   #bad   #naughty   #caught   #rough   #sexy  

Masturbating at my cottage with computer on my lap. I thought I locked the door. Neighbor came in without knocking. Luckily my screen was hiding my erection. 2 steps either way and she would have seen everything. Exciting but scary.

#caught   #almost  

I dream of cocks all the time, no one knows but I've sucked a few. Old man cock, black cock, and more- and love it! The night I broke up with my last girl- I made three men cum on me. Loved feeling like a whore!

#sph   #caught  

A bonus of not wearing underwear. I love it when we go to the drive in theatre. Me and my brother in the back seat while my folks in the front. Both of my parents are leg shakers. Before the movie starts the car is already shaking. Since it’s dark all around me and my brother strips butt naked and have fun watching our ducks shake around. Last time our mom turned around to ask us about pizza and seen what we were doing. She pretended not to notice and turned around. I guess she realizes boys will be boys even though the car for the movie looked like someone was having sex in it.

#gay   #caught   #shaking  

When I was 12 me and my friend were very curious about our bodies. So we both decided we would have a sleepover and we would explore and figure things out. When we had the sleepover we waited for his grandparents and his mom to go to bed and then we took off all of our clothes and started exploring. We knew what masturbating was and tried it but, as soon as we started his mom came down and caught us masturbating. We kind of liked being caught and now to this day (we are 16 and 17) we sleepover and play truth or dare including us masturbating and doing really risky stuf like going outside fully naked!

#embarrassing   #masturbating   #caught  

When I was 11, I discovered porno on public access TV.
One night I was jacking it and my mom opened the door. I explained that it felt so GOOD!!! I told her I learned it from a friend that gave me his dad's stolen playboys!!!

#playboy   #masterbation   #caught   #fucking  

I've been talking to my ex as just friends lately, he has been with a his girlfriend for about 10 months. Through all that time I dated two guys the first guy cheated on me and the other lost feelings. I got more attached to the second guy and was frustrated because of his lies so I went to sext people to get my frustration out. We no longer talk. My ex has been telling that his girl doesn't show him love. One night at around 12 am he texted me saying he was horny. He called me and he kept telling me what he would do to me like "fuck me". I was getting turned on and he thought we should sneak out to our old elementary school and have sex. I just wanted to get out of the house and get my mind off things so I said yes. We got there and he layed down a blanket for me and I layed down he got on top me and we started making out. He kept trying to convince to have sex with him but I said no and then gave up for a little and I told him if I let him finger would he stop begging and he said ok. So I let him and it felt so good I haven't been pleased since last year. I had a blanket over me while he was fingering me and we were making out. Then the school security came in with a car around 1:45 am and they didn't even come out of the car they just stood there with the car lights on us. We ran back home and a couple minutes later we texted again. And he told me I had good pussy.

#sex   #caught  

I got caught by my roommate watching gay porn and sticking a dildo in my ass. Now to keep him quiet, because I don't want my secret out, I suck his dick whenever he wants.

#blackmail   #caught   #gay  

I sat at the back of the auditorium at my school during a play and fucked myself. I dont know what came over me but i couldnt stop and almost got caught, i wasnt masturbating to my classmates i was just really horny.

#school   #play   #exibitionism   #caught   #guilt  

I am an 18 year old male who has just finished school. Earlier this year my parents house developed some structural issues and whilst it was undergoing serious repairs we had to move out, my parents and my younger sister went to live with mum's parents but a lack of space meant there was no room there for me. Fortunately my friend's parents had a spare room so I was able to go live with them.
The room was next to a workroom used by my friends mother who was into sewing, embroidery and knitting.
My room was rectangular but with workroom butting into it, meaning that even with the door open you could not see the bed.
Anyway one morning my friends father was at work and my friend was in school, my timetable meant that I didn't have any classes until the afternoon.
I was lying on the bed and masturbating and even though the door was only half closed and I heard my friends mum walk to her workroom I thought nothing of it assured that I could not be seen.
Anyway after finishing and then listening to some music I made ready to go into school to meet up with people for lunch.
As I was putting on my shoes my friend's mum sat near necand said "if you are going to do what you were doing this morning, and I don't mind you doing it, close the door, you can be seen in the mirror of the wardrobe on the wall beyond the end of the bed".
Talk about being embarrassed.
However afterwards I find the idea that she saw me masturbating a huge turn on and think about her, imagining her watching me, as I masturbate.

#masturbation   #caught  

A nurse caught me jacking off in the hospital bed. She just smiled and I just wanted her to help me.

#caught   #masturbating   #nurse  

Today is the day. I'm going to do it. I've been trying to talk myself into this for weeks now. I'm a guy who likes to be seen naked so I take risks. Today though, I'm going to a local park / swimming hole. I'm going to sneak in to the ladies room and strip completely. Then I'm going to sneak out and hide. In a short time it will be quite crowded there and my clothes will either be taken or thrown away but it won't matter because there will be no way for me to get back in to get my clothes once it's crowded. I'll be stranded totally nude with no way to get any clothes. If I wait all day my clothes will be gone anyway or someone will see me so all I can hope for is to find a towel or tiny bikini bottom or something to cover up with.

#flashing   #cfnm   #caught  

One time I was masturbating at night but I was reallyy tired so I fell asleep naked still and my phone still on the website and I woke up with my mom looking at me and she yelled at me and took my phone. It’s really embarrassing to think about and i want to forget about it. its all bad because i woke up she was looking through my phone and i hate when she does that.

#masturbation   #caught   #scared  

When I lived in my old flat I used to put the front door on the latch so a big gust of wind would be just enough to blow the door open.

I'd strip off naked and put on my girlfriend thong and swing on the chin up bar next to the door.

It was like Russian roulette if the door my open at any time with me swing in just panties.

As I'd get more aroused waiting for the door to open I'd sometimes get risky and open the door wide myself and stand erect so if my neighbour looked out their spy hole I'd be caught naked and erect.

Once I was so turned on I walked right out into the brightly lit shared hallway rubbing myself for all to see forgetting that the outside could see in so easily.

I don't know if anyone ever saw?

#naked   #erect   #public   #caught  

I need to take control and break my habbits. I like to touch myself too much and do it many times subconsciously. I get called out alot. A few weekends ago, I was lying on the couch watching tv. Out of habbit, my hand was down my jammies massaging as I relaxed and enjoyed. After the show I awoke from my daze. I removed my hand, adjusted my shorts and got up to go to bed. My stepdad was sitting there next to me. I totaly forgot we sat down together to watch the show. We said good night and off I went. I don't know how much I did or what he saw or heard. As far as I know, I have never masturbated in his presence. At least I was covered and I think I remained quiet and calm. I am trying to not be embarresed and believe he did not notice. Maybe he was too embarresed to let me know he knew what I was doing. If so I hope he enjoyed it. I might as well cause I cannot undue it.

#touch   #masturbating   #embarresed   #stepdad   #habbit   #caught   #nude  

Ever since I was 11 years old and a friend said to me I could cum by rubbing my cock with a pillow I have been an addicted self-pleasurer.
Even when i have girlfriends I will masturbate three or four times a day. This was great when i was young and full of cum, but even now in my mid forties, married and with children I still love to play with myself, so much so I have even been caught by my seven year old daughter (who thought it hilarious) and my mother-in-law (who didn't). My wife has tried to curb my urges with more sex - which is great for her - but it hasn't helped my problem. I've taken to using the toilets at work during lunch or at the end of the day, but the problem there is I can't strip nude and really enjoy the feeling. I need to stop, I think, but don't really have the spirit to try.

#masturbation   #caught  

I love to masturbate in public in kind of hoping I’m seen or get caught. I’ve masturbated in my car, while driving, while hiking, in public bathrooms, dressing rooms , at the beach and probably other places. Sometimes I do it to get caught by a girl or guy and see what happens , hopefully not getting arrested. I’ve even licked my own cum in public . While wearing masks during covid I would wipe cum on my mouth and chin and the talk to the young girls at the check out counter. Has anyone out there also done this and get caught or has anyone catch anyone masturbating in public and what happened?

#public   #masturbation   #caught  

I'm a girl and i like to masturbate in bed. I share a room with my sisters and I like the excitement of possibly getting caught. I almost got caught in the shower today

#excitement   #masturbating   #caught  

When I was little I had a next door neighbor my age. He was my best friend and we decided to date. So one day I decided to let him see me change my shirt. Long story short, I flashed him. A couple days later he let me see him change. I went into the bathroom with him and he changed and I saw He went out of the bathroom and I stayed in there cause his grandparents were right outside in the living room. So, I walked out a couple minutes later and his grandma said 'Were you two in the bathroom together'. We laughed and said no that's gross. It was a close call, we were almost caught, but I think she knew all along that we were in the bathroom together.

#embarrassing   #neighbor  

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