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Nurse Confessions

Read the best #nurse confession stories

Did my nurse show me her breasts on purpose? Was she talking about my big junk?
I don’t want to imply that. But I’ll let you decide.
I went to a new doc for a physical. Covid is making things nuts & their computer was down. So they took me out of order with another man needing a physical.
You know how physicals are. So at first I see a Young well endowed nurse. They are asking a million questions. I’m not talking sexual. I’m telling real answers that now seem sexual in hindsight.
Oh yeah. I’m older but look really young. The other guy was much younger. I think they thought I was younger. When she walked in I was standing there with a Captain America shirt on. People say I look like an actor. I have this huge upper body & neck. Tight waist with an 8 pack. Tree trunk muscular legs. This shirt was too tight. I have real thick muscular arms. I look all jacked up.
So I’m walks the nurse at first. She’s like ho hum. She looks at me. Its very early. I’m the first patient. They took me early by accident. I was really second. I just arrived early.
So she walks in. Dragging. Looks up. Eyes bulge. Big grin. She literally stood up so fast she jumped off the ground. She said wow. OK. Yeah. Well hello Captain America as she’s scanning me up and down. She starts brushing her hair. Adjusting her clothes. Getting nervous. Face blushes. I get this a lot. But I’m older now. So not as much as when I was young & really attractive. Back then women would follow me. Ask me out. Start giggling.
Well I’m setting there answering questions. Being honest about past medical issues. She asks about a procedure I had done. Then asks about my veins. She was now talking about the veins in my arm. I thought it was still the procedure.
So I said oh that was a female doctor and nurse. They said my main vein is by my inner thigh. They said it was really thick and had a good strong blood flow. She starts giggling & laughing. I’m like huh? She says well did they say it was long.
I said oh yeah. It’s really long I guess. It goes all the way down to my knee I guess. Or at least really close. She said really. That big. I said. Yeah. They were very impressed. They said they’d never seen one that thick and strong before. Realize. I’m talking about a real “vein” & conservation id had. But I think it seemed like I was talking about my penis. See they’d mixed me & much younger patient up. I’m in my 60’s. The other dude was like 30. But people think I’m like 30 for some reason. I get asked out by young women. I thought we were discussing a medical procedure I’d had not that long ago.
So she says I bet they were impressed if it’s that big. I’m thinking this young woman must have drunk an energy drink. Cause she is very happy. But I tend to get women excited. Sometimes to a ridiculous level.
So she’s staring at my inner thigh. But then she says do you exercise. Well not as much as I used to. She says well it looks like you do. I say oh that’s just natural. I always look jacked. People think I’m a body builder for some reason. So now she’s looking at my arms. There was other stuff that in hindsight seems like flirting.
She left for a moment. Came back to take blood. She says you’ve got good veins everywhere don’t you. I say yeah their all thick. Well she leans forward and my mind stayed well that’s some large breasts in my face. Her top was hanging low & one of those deep V things I guess. Well I realize her bra is below her big excited pink nipples. Huh. One breast is in the middle of the V & about to jump out. If it slips just a little. It’s gonna whack my face.
Well now it’s the whole strip thing. So I hear well she needs you to take everything off. I’m sorry. The computers down this morning so everything’s a mess & we’re behind so I need to hurry. If you could just take all your clothes off and hang them on the door I’ll go find you a gown. Is that OK? Oh sure. I have to strip a lot at my other doctor (True. A serious medical issue. Not sex stuff).
So I strip & my soldier jumps to attention thanks to the boob show. It really is quite impressive. But I’m thinking I didn’t know I was having s full physical today. So I hang my clothes in the hook. And here comes the door swinging open at me & an attractive younger doctor. No. I didn’t seek out a young doc. I had to get a new doc & old ones were harder to get in to see.
Well this female doc does the whole happy surprised thing. And freezes. She’s scanning me. Staring at my friend. She’s like oh hello there. As she starts trying to form words; I glance left. This is a tiny little place. So the desk nurse is very close & looking right at me. Another youngish nurse had been talking to her, but is now turned & gawking.
I’ve learned that women watch these movies. But don’t see men who really look like that very often.
So it’s that awkward moment. They were not expecting to see a nude super hero that early in the morning I guess.
I didn’t even expect to be nude. Certainly not with a large audience.
Well the spell gets broken when the other nurses patient she’d called back reaches my door. The doctor is in her way. So she stops & looks in. She was not young & attractive. But she certainly got happy.
The doctor tries to recover & greets her. Says I didnt know you were coming in today. She is still looking mostly at me and says. I brought my husband in. He isn’t feeling well. I was just going to look at the lab results from last time & then bring him in. But we can leave him out in the car for now.
I could drag it out but eventually I started getting a physical. I never did seem to get a gown until after they realized I was the wrong patient & that I didn’t even need the full physical.
It’s funny. As they were signing me out, they were bringing in the younger man. He’d had to wait. He was not a stud. They looked disappointed.
There was also a question about leakage out of my penis. She asked if it always did that. I looked down & it was leaking. She said is that urine. I said uh no. It’s uh I don’t know what it is. No she thought it might be an STD I guess. She asked if I had unprotected sex. Real doc questions. Did I only have one partner. I said oh. That’s normal. It does that sometimes if I’m over excited. She finally realized it was just that pre semen stuff that starts leaking out some time. Not a STD.
So I don’t know. It was all innocent. But I really do have to go be seen nude at times because of a serious issue. So I’ve gotten used to it. Just not quite like that.
I actually get nervous. But I have to live.

#nude   #pysical   #nurse  

I am at the hospital right now. It was a standard procedure, but I have to stay here for 5 days in total. It is day 2 right now and I would like to say that the nurses here are so rude!!
They are unfriendly, do not smile, only talk to rant and snarl at you.
Is it too much to ask to show a bit of kindness? Especially when you are working with sick people? It is not like it is their job to take care of people and I think that also includes some kind of courtesy and friendliness?
But the doctors are the complete counterpart - always happy, friendly and take their time to treat us patients right.

When I am out of here, I will stop smoking altogether. I will never set another foot in a hospital as a patient again!

#hospital   #bad   #nurses   #doctors   #unfriendly   #rude   #surgery   #patient  

I'd like to beat the crap out of my fellow students, they're just so f****** dumb!!
I feel like I am in a nursery school when I am around them. I hate them so much, these stupid, barbaric and ugly people!
You are stupid and lazy! You'll land on the street some day!

#hate   #stupid  

I stayed with my step dads family in the summer, to help on the farm.
They had a huge old farm house where my step aunt and uncle lived. A women that lived there and helped with a handicapped son they had.
He stayed upstairs all the time. I slept down stairs in the back room.
I woke up one morning and heard the son yelling out strange sounds. I went up stairs and saw he and that care taker on the second floor balcony. She looked an awful like she was jerking him off. I would know, by that time i had a few years experience.
Then he fell limp and his head stopped shaking. she cleaned him up and brought him back in the center room.
I popped up and ask what was going on? She was startled and said she forgot iz was there. Told me I had to stay down stairs unless she called me. She gave him a bath every day, it would be improper for me to be there when it happened.
Told her I head him yelling and thought something was wrong. She told me he gets excited at bath time.

Few days later the step aunt let me sleep in, he woke me up yelling. I went up the steps and got in the spare room, From there i could see out the window. She was doing what i thought, she was jerking him off. She finished and cleaned him up, rolled him back in.

I walked out of the room and scared her again. I TOLD YOU and i stopped her. I told her I know she is abusing the boy in the wheel chair. She sat me down and told me.
he is autistic handicapped and few other issues. She has been with him for three years and in that time found that he got excited when she pulled his foreskin back to wash him. He got excited when she touched his penis.
She calmed him when he got really upset by penis massage. One day she took him to orgasm by massage. that night he was calm. the next day she did it again and he was calm.
When she skipped a day he did not sleep well and kept her and the family awake.
On her days off the replacement does not know, and he is pretty loud by the time she gets back.
She begged me to not tell the family, it would be her job. I said that I thought that was a fine way to treat him. That if for her comfort that was fine and i would not tell. I then grabbed a chair and pulled my pants down. "If you do mine to"
She did not want to do it, but she did. A latex glove and a some tissues. She lubed me up and massaged and jerked until I had satisfaction.
I was a horrible kid to make her do that.

#nurse   #jerk   #handicapped  

I am a nurse, single, attractive, 33 years old. I agreed to let a guy do me once for $500.00. I hated it.

#slut   #nurse   #single  

My name is Fiona I'm 40yr brunette nurse in London. I was pregnant while still working and caring for patients in hospital. My job in the morning was to change a patient who had broken his leg, he was a tall attractive guy in his mid 30's. He would sometime try flirt with me and I would play it off but secret love it. One morning I came into his room to change him and he was alseep, but had a huge erection in his underwear. Now at this time I was 4 months pregnant and really horny all the time, and my breasts that are normally a D cup and swollen even bigger. I started to change him but would rub my hand into his cock for a second and then pull it away. I did this about three times and on the fourth he was up, I jumped and didn't know what to do. He just gave a little smile and said "you can carry on if you like". So I started giving him a handjob, he cock must of been at least 8 inches. I then started sucking it and could only get then half way it was that big. He played with my swollen breasts and sucked my nipple's which was so good. After about 5-6mins came into mouth, which no one had ever done not even my husband. He was moved the next day to go to the rehabilitation unit and didn't see him again. But will remember that for a good while.

#nurse   #adult   #confession   #pregnant   #horny   #handjob   #tits   #breasts   #cum   #cheating  

While at my regular hospital appointment I went to the nurse for her to take my blood for tests. She said to me not you again and as usual we flirted. She said you will feel a little prick. I told her that if she was lucky she could feel more than a little prick. She opened my trousers and pulled my cock out and we fucked on the desk.

#hotnurse   #sex   #hospital  

I know women who have been waiting for the Johnson & Johnson because the smartest one of them is a nurse and has two years of college.
I have multiple degrees. I warned the J&J had the potential for the most dangerous side effects. Statistically all 3 are much safer than risking the caronavirus. I just don’t get why people will argue with someone who’s more educated and has a higher IQ.
They fear the other two, even though I’ve calmly explained how it works. They even observed I had no side effects. They argued that I’m a giant man so the vaccine couldn’t kill me. They even said they wouldn’t even wear a mask if they were me, because I’m too big for the virus to kill.
It’s like talking to rocks. They think my large muscles can stop the virus.
They got mad when they found out large zoo primates were being vaccinated. They felt that vaccine should have been given to women. In fact they feel no large men like me should get it.
I’m much more at risk than most of these women. The zoo animals are getting a vaccine developed for them. It’s not for humans. But hey, they know a nurse.
I do know women who took phizer and Moderna. I’m just talking about this group of geniuses.

#dumb   #nurse   #women  

A nurse caught me jacking off in the hospital bed. She just smiled and I just wanted her to help me.

#caught   #masturbating   #nurse  

There’s a nurse where I work that has nude pics and vids posted on the internet. I see her walk into the building from the parking deck a few times a week, my cock gets so hard I have to bang one out within minutes or I will go insane! I think about fucking her all the time. She’s not bad looking for her age, but I’ve seen her fuck in her videos and she’s like the energizer bunny!

#hot   #sexy   #fantasy   #nurse  

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