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Jerk Confessions

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I'm 21 and my boyfriend is 24. My boyfriend is a very attractive guy and many girls want to be with him. Well my friend Courtney had mentioned drunk one time that she really wants to see his cock. I kinda liked the idea of another girl looking at my boyfriends cock. I told her that she could see it that night when we got home from the party. Her eyes lit up and she got super excited! This made me really horny knowing she wants my boyfriend but can't have him. We got back to his apartment and she whispered when she could see it. My boyfriend had no idea that I said that she could look at his cock. He was kinda drunk so we sat him on a chair and pulled his pants down. His cock fell out and she awed and grabbed it in her hand instantly. He started getting hard as she gripped his cock and started jerking him off. I asked her what the hell she was doing and she begged for me to let her jerk him off she begged and begged for it. My boyfriend seemed to like it so I said that it was ok. She screamed thank you and grabbed his cock firmly and jerked him off as he moaned for her to go faster. Then I took out his pocket pussy and told her to fuck his cock with it. She spit on his cock to lube it up and even tried to sneak that she sucked his cock for a second. His cock was throbbing and he was moaning her name and it made her so horny. Then he exploded all inside his pocket pussy and she slid it off and then sucked his cock clean. I have to say that it was super hot and has happened a few times since!

#friend   #jerking   #lust  

Last week my sons hot young girlfriend did her laundry at my house. While they were upstairs, i walked into the laundry room and found a pair of her panties. I lifted her silky little size 2 to my face and inhaled her musky sent. I could just imagine how wet she was when wearing these. I was so intoxicated with the sent I could not help but to take them into the bathroom. The gusset was small but it had a slit in-between the silky material and and the cotton. I proceeded to pull down my pants and slip my rock hard penis into the gusset. It stretched just enough to allow me to literally fuck it. It felt so good that soft material slowly grasping me! I came within a few minutes drenching the panties with my cum. I put the panties back in the basket with out anyone knowing. Today she is here at my house and I can see the top of those panties peaking out the top of her jeans. Rock hard again! "I need to take care of something". Damn I love her panties!

#panties   #masturbation  

I really like jerking off for girls, I've added random people on Snapchat just to do it, seems better with strangers.

#jerk   #snapchat   #exhibitionist   #wank  

For as long as I can remember I have always enjoyed stroking my dick and fondling my balls, I love jerking myself off more than anyone can imagine. I used to live with a girlfriend who absolutely loved watching my jerking off and cumming. She couldn’t get enough of watching me stroking my dick. I have to admit that I really loved being able to jerk off with her watching me, even though I have never been much off a exhibitionist. However on a few occasions I laid nude on our bed jerking myself off while she sat on one side of me watching while her sister sat on the other side of me also watching. Now days my wife isn’t like my old girlfriend she doesn’t like to see me jerking off so she will leave the room and return after I have cum. I still stroke my dick as much as I ever have. I just can’t get enough of the pleasure of feeling my hard dick in my hand and stroking it until I experience the ultimate pleasure of cumming on myself.

#jerking   #off  

Since the beginning of the summer I know that at least 8 neighborhood girls have seen me naked and probably all of them have watched me masturbate. It started with my next door neighbor Hanna whose house is connected to my house. Her patio is only a few feet away from my sliding door that goes into my rec. room. I knew she saw me naked and instead of being embarrassed by it I got a hard on. I'm 16 and Hanna and most of her friends are either 12 or 13 and she started having her friends look in at me. I make sure the drape is open enough for them to see in and I make sure there are plenty of lights on. I didn't jerk off right away but when I started seeing them almost every afternoon it made me so horny I started letting them not only see me naked but also jerking off. even now that school is back they still sneak over in the afternoon. My parents don't get home until 6 o'clock so i have plenty of time to stay naked for them. One day in August Hanna even told me she saw me naked but I just told her I didn't care. Beside Hanna I know most of the girls from the neighborhood but there are three I don't know.


My girlfriends mom is very attractive. She’s in her early 40s but has very nice thick tan legs with a big butt and tits. Obviously these are just thoughts. I would never cheat as if I even had a chance with her mom. But I’ve been around them so much I kind of know there dark secrets. My girlfriends mom was raped and I know some details. One being she was choked fucked missionary while this guy came inside her slow and deep. At least I imagine it being like that. Anyways when I was sleeping with my girlfriend I kept imaging her mom and I would grab her throat and pretend I was raping her mom. It made me cum so hard because of how sexy her mom is. I felt guilty but it was so hot. I even steal her moms underwear and jerk with them or lick them.

#hot   #jerk   #cum   #sexy   #mom   #milf  

I'm a 35 yo man and I lover bait straight married dad and straight guys especially ones I personally know and make them think I'm a young almost legal teen girl who need too be used and get them too send me videos of then strong and talking dirty to me about how they wanna fuck me behind their wives/girlfriends backs and abuse me in ways they only fantasize about but would never be able too tell anyone they know what turns them on because of how sick it can be. But I getting it out of them and get them to send me nudes and videos of then stroking for me and telling me how much they want me instead of their wives and they never find out that I'm really someone they know and have no idea I jerk off to house dirty and perverse they really are in the head it makes me cum hard


#lust   #deceive   #lie   #jerkoff   #cum  

I jerk off in the bathroom at work

#lust   #masturbation  

I am home alone all weekend what should I do??? Sexual and Non sexual ideas please.

#homealone   #nude   #nsfw   #cum   #incest   #horny   #jerkoff   #jerkingoff   #porn   #masturbate   #masturbating   #masturbation   #cumming  

I work in a 24 hours shop mostly nightshift.
My boss is a complete retard. He thinks he's the coolest guy on earth and everyone else is a loser and he doesn't realize that he's the jerk. Altough it would be his duty to count the money and bring the earnings to the bank, he doesn't do it. He always instructs me to do that. But that's not my job!
He's such a lazy ass. And because I don't like him and because he thinks he can do what he wants I take cigarettes and booze each time before I leave the store. He won't notice it because I have to keep track of all books.

#shop   #nightshift   #boss   #idiot   #jerk   #lazy   #cigarettes   #booze   #theft   #confession   #hate   #sin  

When I was 12 I watched my older sisters shower, dress, and sometimes masturbate. That is when I remember first getting a hardon. And it led to me masturbating. They never new I watched and jacked off thinking of their hot bodies. Now I am embarressed that this happened.

#horny   #sister   #masturbate   #hot   #sexy   #jerkoff  

I stayed with my step dads family in the summer, to help on the farm.
They had a huge old farm house where my step aunt and uncle lived. A women that lived there and helped with a handicapped son they had.
He stayed upstairs all the time. I slept down stairs in the back room.
I woke up one morning and heard the son yelling out strange sounds. I went up stairs and saw he and that care taker on the second floor balcony. She looked an awful like she was jerking him off. I would know, by that time i had a few years experience.
Then he fell limp and his head stopped shaking. she cleaned him up and brought him back in the center room.
I popped up and ask what was going on? She was startled and said she forgot iz was there. Told me I had to stay down stairs unless she called me. She gave him a bath every day, it would be improper for me to be there when it happened.
Told her I head him yelling and thought something was wrong. She told me he gets excited at bath time.

Few days later the step aunt let me sleep in, he woke me up yelling. I went up the steps and got in the spare room, From there i could see out the window. She was doing what i thought, she was jerking him off. She finished and cleaned him up, rolled him back in.

I walked out of the room and scared her again. I TOLD YOU and i stopped her. I told her I know she is abusing the boy in the wheel chair. She sat me down and told me.
he is autistic handicapped and few other issues. She has been with him for three years and in that time found that he got excited when she pulled his foreskin back to wash him. He got excited when she touched his penis.
She calmed him when he got really upset by penis massage. One day she took him to orgasm by massage. that night he was calm. the next day she did it again and he was calm.
When she skipped a day he did not sleep well and kept her and the family awake.
On her days off the replacement does not know, and he is pretty loud by the time she gets back.
She begged me to not tell the family, it would be her job. I said that I thought that was a fine way to treat him. That if for her comfort that was fine and i would not tell. I then grabbed a chair and pulled my pants down. "If you do mine to"
She did not want to do it, but she did. A latex glove and a some tissues. She lubed me up and massaged and jerked until I had satisfaction.
I was a horrible kid to make her do that.

#nurse   #jerk   #handicapped  

I used be a tech guy in my friend circle.
So few of my friends who got hacked several times trusted me to install a backdoor for me to check their devices.
Most of them don't even know how backdoor works. And I completely respect their privacy so I didn't interfere in their personal content other than security issue. But one time I accidently clicked one of my female friends personal pics. Man there are more than 100 photos of her (posing almost nude)
I quickly stopped looking at those but I couldn't stop myself jerking on her.
From that day it become my addiction.She is in a relationship so am I. I know its morally wrong. How to stop this addiction? I feel so guilty day by day but I can't resist myself.

#friend   #lust   #nude   #jerk   #backdoor  

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