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Booze Confessions

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I work in a 24 hours shop mostly nightshift.
My boss is a complete retard. He thinks he's the coolest guy on earth and everyone else is a loser and he doesn't realize that he's the jerk. Altough it would be his duty to count the money and bring the earnings to the bank, he doesn't do it. He always instructs me to do that. But that's not my job!
He's such a lazy ass. And because I don't like him and because he thinks he can do what he wants I take cigarettes and booze each time before I leave the store. He won't notice it because I have to keep track of all books.

#shop   #nightshift   #boss   #idiot   #jerk   #lazy   #cigarettes   #booze   #theft   #confession   #hate   #sin  

I am drinking. I drink every day, all day. But I don't drink the normal booze like everyone else I really enjoy the expensive booze. Champagne especially. And to get drunk I need a looooot of champagne.
I am broke too. The money is from my sister's secret hiding place. She doesn't know what I do.

#alcohol   #sister   #booze   #champagne   #theft  

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