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Idiot Confessions

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I accidentally gave my cat the wrong pill, she is now drugged up and may have liver problems. I feel like I've made an innocent creature go through grief for nothing, it kills me that there's nothing I can do now.

#cat   #idiot   #guilty   #drugs  

I'm trauma bonded to a married man, and I'm married. I have tried dozens of times to end contact and haven't spoken to him in over a month but I'm getting the itch again. I don't want to ruin my marriage anymore than I already have.
I want to be done with it but I'm compelled to be in touch with this asshole who doesn't give a shit if I exist most of the time.

He just pretends to be in love with me because I'm the only idiot who puts up with his abuse.... for more than a decade now.

#traumabond   #idiot   #married   #forbidden  

I was fooled by a prostitute but I can’t really do anything about it. I’m 44, divorced. My kids visit 3 days a week. And I do have a lot of things I enjoy in my life. But at 44 I’m not going to remarry and to find another partner is so difficult at this age. I met a girl outside of this store near my house. It was late and she approached my car asking for money. She was probably 20 something. But she looked good. Thick thighs and a big booty. But I could tell she was homeless by her cloths. Before I could answer she said she’d fuck me for 50 dollars. It was late and I’ll admit I made a mistake. We drive to my driveway. I wasn’t going to take her inside my home, but she pushed for it. We had sex in my bed. It was such a release I needed, but the guilt was so high after. She let herself out after I gave her the money. But then today I noticed my wallet had been dug through. 170 dollars gone. But what can I do. She knows where I live, and she could expose that I had sex with her to the police. I just wrote it off as a loss. Plus she’s like 20 and to be homeless at 20 having sex with a 44 year old is karma enough. Right?

#sex   #with   #young   #prostitue   #shame   #idiot  

wayne morris and jesse narc chronicals are spastic mongrel animals full of dog shit. they deserve to be burnt alive and I hope I see it happen. so I can clap with joy and ever after peace of mind knowing the world is safe from spastic low life loser men. wayne is a dead beat turd. life has not been hard enough for him. as for jesse hess. ... well he is a criminal like ugly garry type of middletons and is a loon spastic drug dealer and a bail hanging would do help well. people like that don't deserve to live. it doesn't take 10 years to get to know someone or help them either. and they are not helping anyone and as for jonny spastic depp. he is a very little weak pathetic piss of a man who will die a long hard death. born in a coffin and belongs in one forever. with his slut daughter. trying to prove they are better whites then the rest of us. wooowooo. how tribal of them. how out of date they are as well needing to stalk and abuse anyone. he deserves no man hood. he murdered everyone. every one died on the cross for him. millions of people won't like him and his drunken drugged out face and retarted ways.

look at kiss piss bat shit mad fake fucks. who should have been murdered ages ago and if you took off the make up you might find they are really dead and replaced anyway.

no one wants to see them. floridas pedos. like tanja mogoloid. and a few others. you can see related trash shit skins.

belong in hell and are dirty animals. no one will like their shows. other then their poor deformed aged mules.


I started smoking weed this year. I am not addicted. I don't get a lot and when I do get it. the times are very far away from each other. I think a lot. so when I get high i think more. it has gotten so bad. I think about life and death. everyday when I wake up. I wish I could go back because I think of everything too seriously. it's almost like I am on a never ending bad acid trip. I am only 17 so I have a lot of life left.

#stupid   #idiot  

I work in a 24 hours shop mostly nightshift.
My boss is a complete retard. He thinks he's the coolest guy on earth and everyone else is a loser and he doesn't realize that he's the jerk. Altough it would be his duty to count the money and bring the earnings to the bank, he doesn't do it. He always instructs me to do that. But that's not my job!
He's such a lazy ass. And because I don't like him and because he thinks he can do what he wants I take cigarettes and booze each time before I leave the store. He won't notice it because I have to keep track of all books.

#shop   #nightshift   #boss   #idiot   #jerk   #lazy   #cigarettes   #booze   #theft   #confession   #hate   #sin  

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