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I’ve been following this girl on Instagram. She’s a white girl, very sexy. Amazing body, nice tits. I just followed her to jerk to her if I’m honest. She isn’t even famous I just saw her one day and thought she was sexy. The problem is her beliefs are so bad. She’s one of those white girls who posts BLM and wants to defund police, she even wants gang members who literally murdered people to be given justice. If a bitch is supporting criminals then she’s mentally insane. So whenever I go to her page I see so much lib tard bullshit that’s just retarded. I’m her head police all suck, and people in jail should be let go because they were forced to be gang members and killers by the racist government. This bitch is so stupid. But she’s so hot that I have to put up with seeing it so I can see her sexy ass body. I know the cliche is hot girls are dumb but this bitch is next level retarded. She probably loves joe Biden and thinks high gas prices is good. Why do such hot bitches have to be so stupid.

#stupid   #liberal   #hot   #girl   #sexy   #sex  

I’m a 21 year old white guy and I madeout with a 16 year old black girl. Long story short I met her at a park and we got In my car and began kissing. It was pretty cloudy out so no one was around but us. I’ve never done anything with a black girl but her tits were huge and she had big juicy lips. We kissed and it was amazing. Tongue sucking lip biting titty grabbing. I drove her home after a bit of that and I expected to have sex after. She said she is with her parents and she is 16. I was a bit shocked and when I said I was 21 she just got excited and said she can pull older guys. I have her number and I think about her coming over. I know she’s younger but she was the best kisser I’ve ever seen and even though she was a little thicker she was sexy.

#hot   #kissing   #makeout   #ebony   #blackgirl  

I peed in my stepdad's hot tub. He lives with us for 4 months now and he bought a hot tub for him and my mom but me and my younger brother are not allowed to go in there. And because we don't like him we decided to play some pranks on him. This was the first one; next we are going to put some fishes in it.

#stepdad   #hate   #hot   #tub   #prank   #fish   #revenge   #confession  

I have cheated on every single one of my relationships.

#unfaithful   #wife   #hotwife   #cuckold   #cheating  

I was working at a restraint late at night after hours. Just packing up some boxes alone when this girl was walking across the parking lot. She was probably 40 and I was 21 at the time. She saw me and came to ask for a cigarette. I said I didn’t have one but I was weirdly confident and horny so instead of being shy I just told her she looked kinda sexy. She was like 5’8, but really thick. Her hair was super short but her ass was just so big. I couldn’t tell if she was homeless because even though she looked a little dirty she spoke pretty normally for a ghetto girl. She said I was fine too and long story short we fucked in a back closet at the restaurant I was at. It was amazing sex and I finished in her. Never saw her again but when she was leaving she stole my wallet. I only had 54 bucks in it so I figured it was a fair trade for her pussy.

#sex   #milf   #hot   #ghetto  

My girlfriends mom is very attractive. She’s in her early 40s but has very nice thick tan legs with a big butt and tits. Obviously these are just thoughts. I would never cheat as if I even had a chance with her mom. But I’ve been around them so much I kind of know there dark secrets. My girlfriends mom was raped and I know some details. One being she was choked fucked missionary while this guy came inside her slow and deep. At least I imagine it being like that. Anyways when I was sleeping with my girlfriend I kept imaging her mom and I would grab her throat and pretend I was raping her mom. It made me cum so hard because of how sexy her mom is. I felt guilty but it was so hot. I even steal her moms underwear and jerk with them or lick them.

#hot   #jerk   #cum   #sexy   #mom   #milf  

I was chatting with my son's girlfriend when she tells me she loves to masturbate because she cannot get enough sex. I took the bait and gave it a shot. We now fuck a few times a week.

#daughter   #fuck   #sex   #hot   #lust  

I take advantage of heavier more desperate girls when I go to bars or clubs. I’m 25 and I’m 6’3, and I’m in amazing shape. With this brings female attention. I do still have fun with hot girls but sometimes I get off on going for easy prey. With hot girls it’s me having to lead the convo and get them in bed but with desperate uglier fat girls its them coming at me wanting to get in bed. They probably get rejected a lot so when a good looking guy wants them they go all out. Best pussy I get is from fat chicks that are alone and drunk at the bar. Some have husbands and some are just lonely and want dick. I love using them and I never wear protection or pull out. I’m not going to see them again so I just cum inside then and dip.

#hot   #sex   #cum   #fat   #sexy  

I hang around gay bars. one night, I was jacking off out behind the club and this hottie who had been eyeing me all night caught me. He told me that it turned him on and he started groping me. He fucked my throat while two other men watched and they took turns putting it in my ass and i felt amazing and slutty afterwards, I loved it.

#gay   #bar   #hot  

Im a 31 year old bi-sexual girl. And i must admit i do like my body. Wide hips, big ass, nice stomach, and avarage size boobs, and a cute face with sexy lips. Hazel eyes and long dirty blonde hair. I do have an odd fetish. Every morning as soon as i wake up before i go to the bathroom i walk to my glass patio door and slowly lean myself against it. As soon as my sensitive body parts hit the coolness i exhale hard and fog the glass. I slowly press everything hard against the glass while completely naked. Usually my body is pritty sticky and sweaty in the morning so i smear up the glass pritty good
: ). I stand as close as i can get my body to the glass and keep my legs touching eachother. Then i bend my knees forward untill they hit the window, then i lean the rest of my body inward and press everything hard against the cool surface. My knees, upper legs, thighs, hips, especially vagina, stomach, and tits get smashed flat against the window then i open my mouth wide and exhale hard but slow so my morning breath steams the glass up all around my face wich i duno why but loveeee doing. I can just stand there flat against the abused glass naked and breath heavy with my nose and lips slightly touching the cool glass and just watch the steam build up for hours and hours, and sometimes i actually have done it for hours. I can pass out from the bad smell comming from my morning breath as i make the glass smell grose. Hehe. I usually draw things in my breath like harts and all kinds of things, after a while i will start kissing the glass and perk my pritty pink sleepy lips up and smash them flat against the window with my botton nose pressed against it too. Thats when my puffy vagina starts to get real wet as well as im straining to keep it pressed hard against the glass. As i kiss the glass a couple times ill then lean just my face back a little bit and look at my kiss prints, uhhh they look so sexy as I turn myself on so i slide my finger over one of my lip smears as i get more and more horny and open my mouth to exhale heavy as i fog the glass up over and over i then start to grind my hips and thighs hard against the glass. Just thinking about what im doing fells amazing down there as i actually began to have long hard passionate sex with the glass door in my bedroom. My nipples feel like they can really cut glass there so hard and how im keeping them so flat and ferm against it. As i start breathing heavier i start panting on the window and kissing and sucking the glass. Uhh im so horny. My eyes are closed and im in feel good land were nothing else matters and all i can think about is me and the glass. I thrust myself hard against the glass, so hard i can actually feel the glass bending outward im fucking it so hard but it feels to good to care. Im after smashing mirrors before by having sex with them too hard, and once i lid one down on the floor and sat on it indian style with my legs and bum pressed so hard to it i smashed it into pieces. I only got a little cut on my left leg just under my ass cheek. But this glass door is stronger and thicker, Its ben putting up with me rapeing it for over five years now just about every morning and sometimes after i work out and i didnt smash it yet. So i keep rapeing the glass thrusting my vagina hard against it fucking it hard but slow so i can feel every grind. I reach down and open my pussy lips a little more and smash my soping wet sex organ flat on the glass again as i feel the inside of it flexing and spazing against the wet hot window im rapeing. I feel so sexy. I keep kissing and sucking hard as my mouth makes sounds. I picture watching myself on the other side looking at my wide hips bucking while flat. my sexy legs flat to the window leaving thick leg prints. my stomach expanding and contracting against the glass as i inhale and exhale, my tits flat as well while my nipples look like there gonna come through, my nose and lips smearing the glass so bad i can bearly see myself and my breath condinsation now beeding and dripping down the window and sooking my breast with my mouth open breathing heavy and moaning so loud i can hear myself clearly through the window. My pussy pressed so hard against it sliding up and down and leaving a trail of lust juice sliding down the glass, as i look close i can see the inside of my vagina twiching while flat cause of the sensation im getting from the smooth feeling of the glass. And i can clearly see the liquid oozing out the center while flat on glass. That section of glass is so lucky. My pussy has ben exploading life alternating orgasms while open wide and smashed on it almost every morning sence i lived here, sometimes twice a day feeling it spaz outta control and sucking it while flat as if it was trying to make it suffer. My naked body owns the glass for its my passion, my sex, my slave. while flat to glass my whole body feels so good. It feels like im taking it from the glass through my pussy and into my body, i just wanna press every inch of myself flat against the glass and rape it. As my pritty mouth keeps sucking and making a mess as well i start my orgasm and i really cannot explain the sensation. Its like i forget who i am for a bit and just become one with the glass as my whole body contorts and shakes. The only things i can feel is my extacy orgasm that no guy or girl ever gave me going into my pussy and through my body even to my toes. And my pussy felling like its a running tap. I cant handle it and i yell so loud if anyone is outside they would here me no problem, if not for the fact im plasterd to the glass with my sticky sweaty flesh i would colapse in orgasm. Im pritty sure i keep thrusting my hips while going through this. Thats how i smashed some of my mirrors. My sex was to much for it during orgasm i bucked to hard and never realized it. A part of me wants to smash the glass door into pieces too while in orgasm. Im surprized the feeling i get while in extacy doesnt come out my hot vagina and smash it as well, or even the wait of my naked body making it bow and bend. Its really really the best feeling in the world... And my friends wounder why i dont keep dates long. Its because the feeling i get is nothing compared to glassex. And the fact that i know ppl watch me is sexy too. There is a girl in the other wing of my building but her glass door is only like 20 feet or so from mine and every morning like clock work shes there leaning her legs and hips on the glass in her underwear watching me rape the glass, uhhh i loveeee it. But i think shes fully strait, which is to bad but i know i make her horny, she even leans in and kisses the glass sometimes when she knows im looking.

... True story : ) xo

#glassex   #glass   #sex   #window   #legs   #orgasm   #lips   #hips   #sexy   #female   #hot   #naked   #door   #ectacy   #tits   #nipples   #nose  

I get turned on imaging my girlfriend fucking other guys. She has only been with me and I’m her first. But just the stories of her kissing other guys would make me hard. I want to give away her panties so creepy guys can smell her and rub her pussy juice on there cocks. She’s thick and has a big ass. If I could watch guys cream inside her and make her cum on top of them I would cum soooo much. But at the same time I’d get jealous. So I guess I’ll have to keep imaging it.

#hot   #sexy   #cuck   #cuckhold  

A friend of mine got a new chimney. We loaded tons of firewood in it and fired it. The smoke was so heavy that you couldn't stand in a 50 feet area. Later, I told a really drunk friend of mine, he should fire the chimney some more.
I can still remember the fizz it made after he touched the hot knob.

#hot   #chimney   #drunk   #firewood   #smoke  

I am married for 8 yrs and recently started fucking strangers without my husband knowing. I meet them on a site and have had sex with 7 men at hotels some more than once this past month. One week i slept with guys just this week i fucked two guys and am meeting another. I crave dick constantly i want men to have their way with me fuck me and spank me and pull my hair I cant get enough... One guy i had just met i let fuck me bareback even thou its dangerous he fucked me seven times and i had cum dripping out of me when i left he came in me so much. I want dick all the time..

#sex   #strangers   #hotels   #cum   #married  

My boyfriend and I went to a party my best friend had invited us to, we weren't sure on going but later that night decided to go. At the party my boyfriend and I were dancing and we were pretty drunk then out of nowhere he pulled me to the closest restroom and he pushed me in and locked the door behind him then he pushed me up against the wall and started kissing me hard and then he kissed my neck then my chest all over and unbuttoned my shirt and started licking and kissing my stomach he unbuttoned my shorts and slid them off then he slid my panties to the side and stuck his fingers inside me i was moaning so loud and didn't care if any one heard because it felt so good that I had an orgasm then he took my bra off and sucked my titties and went down slowly kissing my stomach again and then he went down to my thighs and my body was shaking uncontrollably and he made his way to my pussy slid my panties off and ate me out for a good 15 mins then I started undressing him, he made me get down on my knees and kiss his stomach all over and then I licked my way down to his super hard dick and started sucking his cock, he picked me up put me on the counter and fucked the shit out of me. I came 5x and then he turned me over and fucked be from behind, he fucked me so hard I came 3 more times then he finally came all over my chest, helped me clean up and we unlocked the door and went back to was so damn hot I still have flashbacks. I love my man.


Sometimes I date dirty, nasty, skanky girls because they turn me on more and do all the nasty hardcore sick shit I love. Other times I date nice girls and try to turn them out into dirty as it can get them to be without giving myself away

#dirty   #girls   #are   #hot  

I’m a white guy, 21 and I get super attracted when I see older big booty black girls. Today I was out working and saw this girl walking around. Maybe in her mid to late 30s. Really dark skin. And she was wearing white short shorts. Her booty was so big and I know she had to squeeze those shorts on. Every time she walked one ass cheek lifted and the other dropped. It was so hot. Even her legs. So smooth and dark. I honestly would love to fuck a dark thick black girl like that. I would cum inside them so deep. Even if it’s a hooker as long as they are dark and have a huge ass I’d fuck them.

#hot   #kink   #black   #porn   #sex  

Waiting for my girlfriend at her house. Her mum asked may I, as she lightly touched my crotch. I was stunned and said nothing. It ended with the best sex and my the first blowjob of my life. Now I make sure my girl is home before I visit. Her mom is very hot and I want more but I cannot risk getting caught. Why did she do this to me? She has been divorced for years and alone so I understand except that she is twice my age. I'm 16 and still a virgin.

#mom   #bj   #hot   #caught   #sex   #virgin  

My girlfriend has this best friend who I find way to attractive at times. So my girlfriend is Latina and her best friend is black. As a white guy ive always had a thing for black girls. And my girlfriend friend is just the type I like. Huge tits, thick thighs, big butt. And super slutty. Based on her previous hookups I know this girl would’ve fucked me. And I jerk to the thought. I would never do it but I can just imagine touching her huge tits and feeling her ass clap on my dick.

#hot   #sex   #thought   #horny  

I am not strong enough to tell my boyfriend that I sleep with his father, time to time.

#weak   #coward   #sex   #hot  

Was at my girlfriends house , got up in the morning and was using her inversion machine , I was upside down and her two daughters came in her oldest was 13 younger was ten, oldest walked up to me asked me what I was doing I said I was stretching , but she never took her eyes of my morning wood, I just had under wear on they we're pretty loose.
She must have stared for a good 10 seconds , I asked her what she was looking at as I wanted to tease her , she reached out and grab ed my dice and said this, I got full wood at this point , she said nothing more and easily pulled my dice out , and started suckling you Dickinson , I didn't think she even knew what to do, at this point I had been upside down for a bit.
I was so close to Cumming when her sister asked if she could try, they switched and her younger sister had maybe bobbed up and down 3 times when I came hard, I was shocked she swallowed all of my cum.
I told them I had to get verticalled again , wow what a head rush.
There mom was still in bed sleeping , they got into the bed with her , I wenthink to pee, came back out got into bed with all of them , cuddled up behind the 13 year old , she was pushing her butt against me hard .
I started fingerings her , was supreme I could get my finger inside her so easy she was very wet , I tried 2 and I got maybe a inch inside her .
She flipped on her back and I slowly got on top of her and was able to slip inside her , about 3 inches , I shallow fucked her until I could feel me getting close , I asked her if she had her period she said yes, and told
Her I better not cum inside her, just then her mom said go ahead , she had been watching , it was such a turn on I emptied my self into her as she orgasmed.
It was soo hot

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