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Boobs Confessions

Read the best #boobs confession stories

I like this girl at my college. She’s really nice, but I won’t lie it’s her boobs that have me so obsessed with her. They are huge. I can’t even guess what size they are. Definitely bigger than DD. They’re distractingly big. We have gotten friendly. I follow her Instagram. And like any guy would do I was up one night and I wanted to jerk off to her pictures. But her Instagram only has old pictures of her. She’s probably 15 in them, the issue is those pictures her boobs are still big and she’s wearing bikinis in them. I tried to just not do it but I had to. I jerked to them. And I don’t really feel guilty because it’s just a photo, and I imagined she was the age she is now. I want her so bad. But I can’t imagine how many guys are thirsty in her messages because of how big her tits are.

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I’m not aloud to show my boobs off to anyone after my boob job. Who wants to see them? They’re my tits so my husband can get over it.

#sex   #fetish   #bigtits   #bigboobs   #boobjob   #sexy  

Hi. I am Lisa. I'm 15 right now and i have these wierd "i need to masturbate right now" feelings.
Well one day, i was alone at home and well, i had a sudden urge to masturbate.
I moved my hand down my boobs, covering them with my saliva. That made them erect and stand upright.
Mmmmmhhhmmm the feeling though!!
I moved my licked finger down my stomach and into my panties. I moved lower and i reached my pussy. I was turned on by then and wanted to masrurbate badly. I kept on teasing myself by moving my hand around my clit but then.........
My friend walked in. And she saw me.
She slowly removed her clothes which surprised me and came over to me.
She started lickin my clit and moving in a circular motion.
She inserted her fingers into my vagins causing md to flinch because of the anaazing pain.
We had massive orgasm and now we are in a relationship. We are going to be marrird in a few weeks. And mmm.
Guys being lesbian is an addiction

#sex   #confession   #boobs   #clothes  

I male am addicted to women's boobs so badly that my mind gets freezed and heart beats slow down when I see busty bosoms which bounce when they walk.

#boobs   #addiction  

I am very insucre about my boobs during sex because they are very big. I just turned 18 and im already at double dd. When im outside alot of people stare em when i go out guys point at me a lot and sometimes even laugh, but lately its been turning me on and that makes me feel very weird.

#boobs   #sex  

We were in a movie theater my girlfriend and I. We were making out she was stroking my dick and I was touching her nipples. As time passed I asked if I could see them and when I did; I instantly took her nipple into my mouth and sucked on it as I heard her moans pleading for more. I am an animal with instinct and now I want more.

#boobs   #breasts   #tits   #sucking   #theatre  

I’ve resulted to the internet to help financially and at a complete loss. And I afraid to tell my husband.

#marriage   #sex   #boobs   #sugardaddy  

Went to the next larger center for an equipment auction. Stayed overnight in a fancy hotel that has a sauna.
Asked chamber maids about it and got positive answers.
Went to skid row, bought cheap booze and two old whores. Had lots of non-fuck fun, more that i could have had with the MRS at home.
Did not penetrate either whore with tong or penis so my conscience does not plague me when I got home.
Managed to get a whole hand into one of them.
Had them massage my prostate and shot my load over their saggy boobs.
Money well spend, I dare say. Had to pretend they are my mother and aunt so I could get hard (not the same as if they where).

#sauna   #whores   #boobs   #pretend   #mother   #aunt  

I saw my sisters nudes on her cell, her boobs are huuugeee.

#incest   #sister   #sexyboobs   #boobs  

I'm 18 years old. Yesterday as i got out of the shower and was wearing my clothes i was not wearing any upper. my room was not locked my stepbrother came in by mistake.. he apologized for it. but today after breakfast he asked me whats my boob size (36d) i told him then he said they look perfect. he is actually very sexy. he said his penis is 7.. will my vagina be satisfied.? i said yes.. we were alone so we went to the room and he started kissing me.. he sucked my boobs so bad he almost ate them i enjoyed it so much then i asked him so show his cock his showed me and it was so huge i couldn't resist so i started sucking it i gave him a harcore blowjob it was soo wet he then put his cock inside my vagina and it was best feeling ever. we both enjoyed it so much.. and he showed pics of my boobs to his best friend so i am going to have sex with him today

#boobs   #sex   #brother   #blowjob  

31/F/Newly single

This was weird and unexpected but was so, so hot:

Last August I’d developed some ovarian cysts. They did an intravaginal ultrasound/sonogram, and it wasn’t a big deal.

At a recheck in January, another intravaginal ultrasound, again - not a big deal.

I went back in May prior to an IUD placement and it was at their other office building. The ultrasound tech was curvy/overweight, late 20’s with long, curly, brown hair and big full breasts. She had the lights down really low in the exam room, and talked in a low, warm, comforting voice.

She left the room for me to undress and get into the gown, then came back in to do the exam. I was on my back with my knees bent, legs slightly spread, and she sat to my right - facing me/the computer, with her right hand using the ultrasound wand inside me (hard and phallic-shaped). It felt so intimate, her warm breast was pushed into my leg as she reached around it, moving the wand inside me. Several times she asked quietly if I was doing okay - I was more than okay! I was so incredibly turned on, I needed it to end but at the same time didn’t want it to.

The exam took maybe 12-15 minutes, where the other ones had only taken about 5. She kept repositioning the wand to get the pictures she needed, perfectly hitting my g-spot. I had my eyes closed for much of it, as the visual of her boobs pressed into me, with her hand between my legs was just too much. I was truly concerned I might orgasm.

I went home and masturbated, and enjoy thinking back on that exam. If I ever have to go back for rechecks I’m going to request that office location.

#masturbation   #sex   #doctor   #exam   #sex   #sexual   #orgasm   #hot   #inappropriate   #horny   #bisexual   #females   #boobs   #vagina   #lust  

I am a woman (20 yrs old) and I can't stop thinking about big boobs. I want to sleep with women and suck their big breasts. Women make me so horny. I have so many fantasies about being dominated by busty milfs. I can't help it.

#lesbian   #bigboobs   #women   #horny   #sex   #bisexual  

I confess that I am about to break up with my girlfriend.
You have to know that I prefer girls with bigger boobies. My girlfriend is one of them.
Now, she told me that she's thinking about letting her tits get smaller.
I don't believe it! I tried to talk her out of that but she won't listen.
Either, she leaves her boobs like they are or I'll break up with her.
Easy as pie!


Now I’m grinding my pillow and watching my medium sized boobs bounce in the mirror in front of my bed, moaning and imagining myself riding my boy best friend who has given me compliments about my boobs several times.

#masturbation   #bouncing   #boobs   #imagination   #mirror  

It was long years back, when I was in 10th standard and enjoying summer vacations at my uncle's house (my father's elder brother). There I was spending my time with my elder cousin who is so beautiful and I admired her every time for her beauty. She was in college that time. We were good friends and shared every thing what was happening. We used to sleep in same room on same bed. One night when we were sleeping I touched her boobs from outside and she did not respond. Then I touched her again and again and she changed her position by bending towards me. it gave me opportunity to touch her ass with my dick. I even felt her panties lining which made me crazy like hell. I cuddled her and slept and next day everything was normal. She prepared tea for me and in whole summer vacations I did the same at night but could not fuck her.

#cousin   #boobs   #touching   #horny  

Pray and roll the dice for #boobs

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