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Fetish Confessions

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I have a hot wife and we have sex quite a lot, but she is not very experimental when we do have sex and generally likes routine. I have had a BDSM fantasy for a long time, but she is not interested in my fantasy in any way. A couple of weeks ago I went to a professional mistress. For an hour and a half she tied me up, whipped me, teased and tortured my nipples, teased and tortured my cock while stroking it constantly. At the end she tied me down, sat on my face, pushed her fingers up my arse while stroking my cock until I had a massive orgasm. It was good fun, but I would have enjoyed it much much more if it had been my wife who did it to me.

#bdsm   #fetish   #sex  

Back in January, I used some of my Christmas money to book a squashing session with one of my favorite SSBBWs.

As part of the deal, I booked a room at a hotel from a list she gave me. Even though the session was only scheduled for three hours (although I guess that’s a lot going by what she said in her emails), I got the room for the whole night. I don’t know if I actually expected her to stay the night or if I just didn’t feel like asking if I could book a room for a few hours, but regardless I still had the room for a night.

I wound up getting to the hotel about an hour early. I must have paced around the place about a dozen times, I was so nervous. She arrived exactly on time. She had a guy friend with her for safety, like she said she would, and he was pretty cool. He definitely gave her some side-eye when I showed her my (fake) ID, but he didn’t object. The three of us chatted for a bit to get comfortable, and after a while he asked if she felt okay with me and she said yes, so he left.

After her friend left, she asked me if I wanted to take anything off to start with, and if I wanted her to start fully clothed or not. She was fine with both of us starting in just our underwear, so that’s what we stripped down to. She had me lie down on the bed and looked me up and down. Before she sat down on me, she paused and asked, “How old are you really?”

I gulped and answered, “Fifteen.” I don’t know why I told the truth, but that bell’s already rung now.

She had a quick “oh shit” look on her face, then shrugged, laughed, and said, “Well, I guess I’m going to Hell anyway.”

She sat down on me, starting with my chest and stomach. I forget how much she weighs according to her latest weigh-in video, but it’s got to be over 450 pounds. I had no idea just how HEAVY that would feel, how completely overwhelming the pressure on my body, my ribs, and my lungs would be. Her whole ass spread out over me and I couldn’t see my arms; it was like her ass had completely devoured me.

I tapped out after no time at all, maybe ten seconds total, and she got up, waited until I’d almost caught my breath, and sat down on me again. She teased me about being a “baby cushion” the whole time and said I needed to learn how to hold me breath. She kept me just a little out of breath for almost half an hour, readjusting herself to squash my torso, then my chest, then finally my face.

Before she got up to sit on my face, she looked down at my crotch. I’d been hard since she took off her dress, and it took every ounce of control to not blow my load immediately. She looked down at me, gestured to her panties, and asked, “You want these to come off?” I nodded and she laughed, then peeled her panties off and climbed onto my face.

Her ass smelled of sweat, farts, and a hint of perfume. Her cheeks spilled out on either side of my face, completely engulfing me. She scooter and squirmed until her asshole was directly over my mouth, then she rubbed my face in her ass until I’d tapped out twice. As I gasped for air, she told me to kiss her ass or she’d squash me immediately. Even as I started kissing her ass—left cheek, right cheek, left, right, left, right, faster and faster—she lowered herself back down. “Now lick” was the last thing I heard before she was on me again.

Her asshole tasted like, well, exactly what you’d expect an asshole to taste like. I coughed. I gagged. I winced. But I licked, and I kept licking. I could tell she was putting a little less weight on me so I could rim her more easily. She moaned and purred with pleasure, and leaned forward and put her hand on the tent I was pitching in my boxer-briefs. She caressed my dick and balls through the fabric while telling me to tongue her ass faster. My tongue slipped into her asshole and she moaned even louder and slammed her ass completely down on my face and ground into me while her whole body shook.

She got off of me after a little while, looking very happy. “There’s mouthwash in my bag,” she said. “Rinse out and get back here.” I did, and now she was on her back, legs spread and belly lifted to put her pussy on full display. “Lick,” she commanded. I got between her legs and started licking, and soon her legs closed around me, trapping and engulfing me between her huge fat thighs. I didn’t quite know what I was doing, but she seemed to like it. I settled into a breathing-and-licking rhythm, although the pressure from her legs didn’t make things any easier. From time to time she slapped her belly on top of my head and laughed even as she started to twitch in pleasure (I hope).

She came loud and hard after I’d been licking her for I don’t know how long. She pulled me on top of her and hugged and kissed me. My boner was straining against my underwear at this point, and it practically hurt. As she kissed me, she slid my underwear down and gently-but-firmly guided me until my dick was in line with her pussy, and then I slid myself in. No condom, no nothing, just me fucking one of my favorite SSBBWs in a hotel room. Just me feeling her whole body jiggle beneath me as I thrust into her. Just me cumming inside her, resting a couple minutes without taking myself out or off of her, and cumming inside her again.

I rolled off her after I came the second time, and we cuddled and spooned while we both recovered from how intense it was. After a while, she turned on the TV and had me order some pizzas. We spent the night together in that hotel room, fucking, watching movies, me feeding her pizza, her making me put my dick on a slice of pizza while she ate around it (you know, normal sex-pizza stuff, lol), and her sitting and lying on me until we both went to sleep.

She woke me up just after midnight by squeezing my ass. “Hey, kid,” she whispered into my ear. “Have you ever been fucked?” I was confused because we’d just been having sex, but she interrupted me with another butt-squeeze. “No, have you ever been FUCKED?” she asked.

Reading my silence as her answer, she turned on the lights and rummaged through her bag until she found a harness, a bottle of lube, and a purple dildo. “Help me put this on,” she said, and so I did. I’d seen strap-ons before, but never in person, and never on her. It was more than a little intimidating to see her sporting a big purple dick, but I was both intrigued and aroused. She told me to suck it “like a good little bitch boi,” and that got her further turned on. Then she had me lube her up and “assume the position” by bending over on the bed.

She applied a thick coating of the lube to just about every square inch of my ass before I finally felt her hands on my hips and her weight shifting behind me. She pressed the head of her dick against my asshole, and as much as I want to say it slid in, there were starts and stops and plenty of repositioning until we found the right angle and she could fully penetrate me. The sensation was wild, absolutely WILD, and it hurt as much as it felt good. When we both got more comfortable, she was really able to give it to me and put her full weight on my ass, and it felt like she was going to split me in half. I think I came another two times, and she seemed very pleased with herself.

“Thank you,” she whispered in my ear.

In the morning, we showered together, checked out together, are breakfast together, and went our separate ways. During quarantine, we’ve stayed in touch and we’ve had quite a few special webcam shows together too. Our state is reopening soon and we’re making plans to meet up in person again.

#bbw   #teen   #fetish   #model  

My g/f and I had a total infatuation with teenage girls. We like nothing better than to go out and pick up a slut for our gratification. One night we managed to entice two naughty young girls dressed in thier school uniform. After plying them both with drink and some recreational drug, that made them behave like absolute whores for us.
Setting up a video camera with began to give them orders, kiss one another, suck each others tits now rub your pussies, make each others panties wet. We both watched them behave like total sluts, their hands inside each others undies fingering each other crazy. OK girls stop it now, take your hands off each other. Eventually they both ceased touching one another and puzzlingly look toward us waiting for our next command.
Slip off your knickers girls please and swap with each other and put them on. Now make each other cum in your friends knickers. These two girls played with each other relentlessly for over an hour, screaming, panting, yelping and soaking each other knickers whilst being video'd and watched by us both.
Just before they were about to leave, we asked them both if we could keep both pairs of their knickers.
Looking at each other with a cheeky smirk, they both nodded before slipping each others panties off and throwing them at us.

#panties   #sluts   #fetish  

I was 14 at my high school and there will be times when we leave a class almost a whole period for a test. I would finish quickly to go to my home room with an reason to leave. What I will do is find a girl's water bottle and cum and pee in it at the time and it was testing season so it happen a lot and to cum loads with girls that are sexy I soon had to give up due to testing is over but I did have one girl spy on me while I was jerking of in my class she was surprised but hopefully she didn't tell about it but she joined in to rubbing he pussy with her phone you could tell she jizzed everywhere.

#cum   #fetish   #mastrubation   #pee  

I would like a group of women to squirt all over me. I'd lay on the ground and they could masturbate, or I'd lick them until they gushed all over my face. I would like to be covered in it, bathed in it. I would like it if some of them squirted on my dick while I rubbed it. It would be awesome if a bunch did it at the same time. I don't know where this comes from, but it would be so intense.

#squirt   #fetish   #confess  

I’m in love with this girl it’s to the point we’re i dream about her toes in my mouth and sucking her tits what should i do?

#fetish   #horny   #message   #me  

So I'm 16 years old and have always fantasized about being with an older man. I don't know why I'm like this but it's something that excites me. I absolutely dislike guys my age and their immature ways, it just doesn't satisfy me at all. No one knows about this but I'm currently talking to a 24 year old guy who my older sisters knew in high school and now he's talking to me. It all started with a friend request and then he messaged me. He was definitely flirtatious with me and I knew exactly what was going on. I know people will say that he's just using me for one thing but I don't care, I just love doing this and fantasize all the time about us having sex. I'm not sure if it will happen but I hope one day it will while I'm still young. I sound really dumb and naive but this is just my confession about myself.


i have a weird fetish i can't get rid off

please forgive


Sometimes when I'm home alone, I take my pants off, pee into a cup, and drink it.

I love the idea of a man turning me into his toilet and forcibly filling me with piss and shit in every hole. I want him to piss and cum in my ass, then plug it up so it can't get out. I want him to tie me to the wall, fart and shit on my face, and make me smell him.

I want to be forced to smell and taste his feet and armpits, his ass and balls, while he abuses me and treats me like a pig.

#fetish   #urination   #piss   #pee   #drink   #scat   #poop   #shit   #bdsm  

I barely watch porn and I am a virgin, but I have a serious nail fetish and nails are one of my biggest sexual turn ons. I never had a girlfriend yet but many of the people who I had feelings for had some amazing nails and all I could do is wish that I could be tickled and scratched by them, especially the nipples since that is my favorite spot to be touched at. Since I was 11 I would spend hours looking up pictures and videos of nails and just marvel and of course get turned on and would have to relieve myself. I would even watch nail videos of woman taking care of their natural nails, women and even sometimes men tapping and scratching objects with long nails, and even watching people get scratched and pinched and tickled by nails and all I could do is wish that I was there and that someone would touch me in that manner. I would even let my own grow and touch myself especially my nipples while looking at these pictures and videos, and I would pretend that as I touched myself that it was the women in the pics and videos touching and caressing me. Natural nails are one of the greatest important factors of a woman to me and I really hope my future wife won't find it weird that I would enjoy to be frequently touched and scratched by her it is seriously one of my heart's deepest desires.

#nail   #nails   #fingernails  

I am an artist, and I love drawing alien men, I find them very attractive, and I don't think I will ever be 100% happy in a relationship because I find regular humanoids boring. (Yautjas hot)

#alien   #aliens   #weird   #fetish  

I love wearing very short skirts and dresses and letting men see me without under wear. My husband has no idea I do this during the daytime while he is at work. I have gone as far as picking a guy who had enough guts to say something to me, I had sex with him in the car then walked around the mall with his dripping cum down the inside of my legs.

#exhibitionism   #fetish   #cheating   #cum  

I want to have mean rough sex but i am a virgin

#sex   #fetish  

I'm heavy into vore, I can't actually get off without it. I think I might be some sort of freak. It's been my sexual, impossible dream to get teased and swallowed by a beautiful giantess. I've tried to get some online sexual roleplay friends (Don't judge me) to act this out, but they said it was too weird and the closest I ever got was facelicking and light domination.

#vore   #giantess   #fetish  

I only recently turned 18 but I already started sex work. I’ve been selling nudes and worn panties, socks, and stockings. I feel kinda dirty doing it but it’s fun.

#panties   #nudes   #socks   #stockings   #horny   #seller   #selling   #fetish   #sex  

I have a really screwed up mind....i have a major footfetish...but i also fantasize about chubby middle aged woman having turns burying their feet in my crushes vagina while she is hanging off ropes upside there something wrong with me? I also fantasize about chubby black woman just stepping on my cock and squishing it. I know this makes me seem like a freak.


I have a satin fetish but my wife just does not understand why I love satin so much I have been caught several times all dressed up she found my satin stash the other day and threw stuff a way but kept some long gowns and other stuff what should I do??

#satin   #fetish  

I have a foot fetish, mostly sucking girls' toes. It all started one night when I was 14 while having a family sleep over. My cousin(a girl) and sister kept touching everyone with their feet. I tried avoiding them all night but they eventually got me. Figured instead of run or fight I'd get even so when they came to me lying on my bed they stuck their toes in my face so I put the toes in my mouth. All of a sudden I was super aroused and refused to let their toes go. They freaked out and ran but it was amazing to me.
After a few years my family had another get together and everyone got drunk. While so I went back to my cousin n pulled her aside in private and I sucked on her toes again which began my hardcore fetish. After that I've played with a few other girls feet and it has all been awesome. Now days I hang out with my 2 best friends(both girls) and thus far I've persuaded one to let me suck on her toes. My other friend thinks its weird but hopefully she warm up to it.

#feet   #fetish   #toes   #incest  

I have a scarf and blanket fetish! Absolutely love seeing a woman wearing a thick soft chunky scarf or lieing under a fuzzy blanket. Love imagining and experiencing the soft feel of the fabric on my skin and quite frankly it turns me on!

It has turned into a obession as well. I have bought a lot of scarves and blankets over the years, like a lot a lot! All different sizes and materials, the bigger the better. Always looking for a new piece, one that I dont have yet. Fantasizing about the feel and the softness of the fabric.

Blanket scarves are just the best thing ever, big soft warm and comfy! It does suck that females have it easy when it comes to this, they have so much choice... While the male equivalent is just blegh.. limited. Even started to buy 'female' scarves, but mostly gray and black ones. I have about 30 scarves now and sometimes I feel embaressed wearing them in public, like it is not the most manly thing to wear... Atleast that it what the voice in my head keeps saying. What can I say? I just love the comfy feeling a big soft scarf gives, so shut up voice! Gosh, winter cant come fast enough!

Same for blankets! There is nothing more relaxing than sitting on the couch all bundled up in blankets, nice and warm. My girlfriend loves it too. Hell we have over 10 thick soft blankets in the house, with more to come I reckon. All different fabrics, but all are comfy and soft.

Scarves and blankets! I love them :)

#obsession   #scarf   #blanket   #fetish   #embaressment  

I like to wear panties all the time. That's all I ever wear now. I fantasize all the time about doing a blow bang, Gang bang, I have sucked 5 dicks and swallowed I really love cum. in my life time but never 5 at once. I have only had anal sex with another guy once it was nothing like my mind thought it be. Maybe someday try anal sex again would like to be in control the next time maybe might enjoy it if I try it again, but I really do not feel attracted to men at all, just like watching cum shoot everywhere. I mostly did it for the experience of it, maybe to say hey I tried it not my cup of tea, but if an opportunity of happen stance to suck cock appears have not problem sucking dick & swallowing. I just don't actively seek it or pursue it like I do with pussy. Love that camel toe. I realize I look and appear confused. And I'm 40 something.

#panty   #fetish  

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