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Fetish Confessions

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I want so badly to have my feet tickled. I sometimes prop my bare feet up in front of a mirror so I can look at my soles, I wiggle my toes and masturbate to them, imagining that they are being tickled mercilessly.

As a Field Engineer, I had to travel to a big city often, and my mother in-law (mil) lives there. My wife says that I should just stay with her mother to save money. So I did, instead of staying at an expensive hotel, I stay at her mother's house. I have always had sexual fantasies about her mother, she is petite and cute and sexy. I masturbate thinking about fucking her mother. Her mother had a spare bedroom prepared for me to stay in, and I found that she laid one of her negligees on my bed for me to use. I jerk off and cumm into her negligee all night, I suspect she could hear me moaning when I would cumm. I leave her cumm soaked negligee on the bed for her to find each morning. It is a bit strange, but it is sexually stimulating for both of us, I think, and it relieves my sexual urges for now.
I hope that it will eventually develop into a full blown sexual affair with her mother! I want to sleep with her, and make passionate love to her all night long. I am not sure of my next steps, I need to be careful. Any tips appreciated.

#cheating   #incest   #mother   #inlaw   #cum   #fetish  

My sister's boyfriend is into disgusting things and she won't do the things he wants to do so when she's not around he comes over and I fulfill his sick fetishes for him. I dress in pantyhose and heels and he licks the crust shit out of my ass as I fart in his face. I admit it's super sexy and filthy and we both get off so much to it. He wears my crusty panties as he does it and I'll sniff them after he takes them off and I love the taste of it.

#fetish   #sniffing  

19/June/ 2021

I am a 39 year old white Aussie male

I am a Slave

I have been owned by a 24 Year old man for approximately 15 months now

I am a edge addict
I am a big boob addict

I am married to a Amazing Woman
I am in a sexless marriage

My owner has permanently banned me from all sexual contact with my wife

I have been told that I will Never again experience the feeling of pussy again

My owner has put me on a total cum ban

The last time I cum was 14/March / 2020

I have been told I will Never cum again

I Must Serve and Obey

I understand my owner has placed these banns on me for my own good

I understand my owner doesn’t place banns on me to be nasty

I understand my owner puts all banns on me for my health and for the health and growth of my Addiction
So my Addiction continues to grow and take over my life more and more

I are 100% committed to my Addiction

My Owner is the Most Important Thing in My Life

In my time under Malemaster2 Ownership my Addiction has grown and I hope it continues to grow

I understand at times I have Failed to complete set items as per my current contract and I need to learn to Do As I’m Told

#slave   #fetish  

When I feel horny I like to leave the house with the intention of showing off parts of my body to cute guys. For example things I have done in the last few months include leaving off my bra and wearing a low neckline blouse and bending over to fuss a cute looking guys dog in the park. I know the guy was looking down my blouse and could see my tits and hard nipples. It makes me wet thinking about it. I also like to leave my panties off and wear an above the knee lenth floaty skirt and in a department store walk down stairs when a guy is at the bottom of the stairs and can see up my skirt. I also get on a train and sit opposite a guy on his own. I will pretend to read a magazine and cross and uncross my legs in a short skirt knowing that my panties or lack of panties is on show. I sometimes open my legs and scratch my knee making sure I move my knee upwards so my groin is on show. All the while I pretend I am engrossed in my magazine. I got myself off in the train rest room last month , really juicy orgasm in my panties and then showed my wet panties, in the way described, to a guy opposite sat on his own. The fact that i had chosen thin white ones to wear it must have been obvious that I was very wet.

#fetish   #exhibitionist  

I love pulling my nipples and putting rubberbands around them

#fetish   #nipples   #bigtits  

I like imagining I'm pregnant. hugely pregnant.
for some reason. I've always been embarrassed by the idea of getting pregnant- and that turns me on. I love anything that makes me feel humiliated. when you're pregnant, everyone knows you've slept with someone, your breasts get noticeably bigger, you get hornier.. but the weird thing is..
the hottest thing about it to me is the belly. the idea of having a huge pregnant belly get in the way of daily tasks and draw attention to me is humiliating. it's make me feel like a big walking balloon. it makes me so horny thinking about it, though. the thought of trying on shirts that are too small for me.. having trouble getting them over my belly... strangers wanting to rub my tummy.. not being able to see my toes.. being so big that it's hard to move..
it's especially hot to imagine it, since I'm still a teen and I'd be looked down on for it. I'd be seen as a slut.

I'm so ashamed to like this.
seriously, what is wrong with me?

#pregnancy   #fetish   #embarrassing   #pregnant  

There's this asian girl at my work and I fantasize about wearing her panties. I honestly don't know why I have this overwhelming urge to wear this girl's underwear.

#fetish   #panties  

My name is David and I'm 25. I fantanize about being forcibly feminized and sissified. The thought of wearing girls clothes and panties turns me on so much I can't control it it's all I think about. I want someone to transform me into a shemale porn star

#fetish   #feminization   #sissification  

I love wearing very short skirts and dresses and letting men see me without under wear. My husband has no idea I do this during the daytime while he is at work. I have gone as far as picking a guy who had enough guts to say something to me, I had sex with him in the car then walked around the mall with his dripping cum down the inside of my legs.

#exhibitionism   #fetish   #cheating   #cum  

I have a crazy weird fetish for womens necks especially if its flexible. I love when a female can really tilt her back or is able to twist her neck around a little further then normal. Its not really a thing and there's not a lot of videos about it, especially with the specific fetish that im into. I honestly wish more females were into it and would try out what I'm into but i havent found any and that's kind of aggravating. I wish I could tell my friends about it to see if they would try it, but I know it'll freak them out. I'm not sure if this is normal but I feel like Im the only one with this fetish and that I should find some way to stop liking it. The super crazy thing about it is that I'm straight female that has a boyfriend that knows nothing of this.

#weird   #twisted   #neck   #fetish  

I have a hot wife and we have sex quite a lot, but she is not very experimental when we do have sex and generally likes routine. I have had a BDSM fantasy for a long time, but she is not interested in my fantasy in any way. A couple of weeks ago I went to a professional mistress. For an hour and a half she tied me up, whipped me, teased and tortured my nipples, teased and tortured my cock while stroking it constantly. At the end she tied me down, sat on my face, pushed her fingers up my arse while stroking my cock until I had a massive orgasm. It was good fun, but I would have enjoyed it much much more if it had been my wife who did it to me.

#bdsm   #fetish   #sex  

I've seen it online. Guys follow girls around filming them unknowingly with all focus on their bodies. The girls at work changed uniforms recently. Going from slacks to tights and leggings for some. Many of them like to stand instead of sitting. So their butt is out in the open. It took me a while before I could do it. We have cameras in our area that we see and monitor so I couldn't make it obvious. If I get caught I would get fired. But I had to have pictures for later. Staring and then going to the bathroom and trying to remember had been getting boring. I finally started getting my phone out in a way it looked like I was on it but the cameras couldn't see what's on it. Then just stand back from the girls. I got ten of one girls butt that's Russian and really pitite and in shape. Her butt is amazing and the way her slacks hold her butt makes anyone crazy. I wanted to get some of another girl but she left and comes back later. She's just 19 and has a bigger butt of them since she did athletics in school. The last one I haven't yet but she's engaged and has killer legs and a tight butt. She's flirty and talks about anything without a care. I want to smack her when she bends over.

#butt   #teen   #fetish  

I was with my wife at one of her friends house. I went to use the restroom & noticed a pair of sexy black heels. I got turned on & I proceeded to masturbate in them. I shot my cum all over them. I cleaned them up & left the bathroom. Now, everytime I see her friend wearing them, I get so turned on !


So I posted just yesterday, it was confession #2541 which is a MUCH jucier confession, you should really go read it if you can find it. One other thing I wanted to add to that was that since my landlord is a very atractive female and she happens to go to her bedroom and get undressed and do her nightly routine to go to bed at the same time every night, which very conveniently is at the same time I get home from work and have had a chance to change myself, sometimes if I'm really horny I go up to her bedroom window and wait it out for the 5 or 10 minutes it takes her to come into her room and I like to watch her get undressed and have a quick jerk, which usually ends with me jizzing all over the glass on her sliding door just to make orgasm bettet lol but sometimes she's already in bed and I missed my chance and have to just go inside and jerk off and think about it but damn she has an incredible body.

#masturbating   #fetish  

I tend to hang out with my cousin and whenever i get the chance for him or any other part of the family to step away from my presence i sneak my way into the basement and flip through the hamper to find my aunties most sweatiest, shit stained panties i can find to take with and inhale and cherish. Ive almost been caught which is a bad fear i imagine. Which will ruin my life and would probably wanna commit suicide. But im so addicted to my dads sister pussy stench its really hard for me to stop now. Im so clever and sneaky its unbelievable. I would so do anything for another pair of her dirty panties .. or even rape her without her knowing it's me :/ shes around 44 or something. Ill post pics if i can of her and her panties. She only talks Spanish.

#fetish   #auntie   #fantasy  

I just always get so horny when I look at underwear. I love the look and all the different types.

#underwear   #fetish   #horny  

I'm a 23 year old guy and I'm in love with my best friend but she's not that into me. I fantasise about her all the time but its always been just that, fantasies and i have never acted on them. Until last week that is, when i decided to steal her panties. We work together. So i knew whenever she took a night shift. So I waited for the day after a night shift. When the day arrived, i waited until she was busy with work. Then i snuck into the room where her bag was kept. My heart was pounding extremely fast and i had an adrenaline rush. I went through her bag and i found a black panty. It was slightly damp from her wearing it all night and It had a stain where her pussy would be touching. I took it and kept it in my pocket. I closed the bag and practically ran to the restroom. I locked the door and took it out. I took a whiff. Omg the smell was heavenly. I became instantly hard and i thought what the hell, might as well rub one out. So i wanked off with her panty held to my nose. I knew i would cum soon. I took a deep whiff and came onto the gusset of her panty. I went back to the room and kept it back in her bag. She has no idea about any of this. Cant wait to do it again when a chance arises.

#panty   #fetish   #masturbate   #steal  

So basically I secretly want to be a bimbo... I never realized this really until I was experimenting with makeup and tried to give myself fuller lips. The effect of it made me, at least to myself, look like a bimbo with big fat fake lips. I loved it all the sudden I immediately got so horny looking at myself looking like a silly bimbo and now it's all that I think of. I do those big bimbo lips and take slutty pictures and will chat with people online acting like a total airhead silly happy bimbo. And now that's all I want to be and it feels so wrong like I'm only 18 what would my family think. I know this confession probably sounds totally ridiculous but there it is:)

#bimbo   #fetish   #silly   #18f  

My favorite season of the year is Summertime. The reason Summertime is my favorite season is because I'm a man who enjoys the opportunity of seeing other men in shorts, and that chance of being able to see other men's legs. I just love looking at other men's legs. It excites me and turns me on. Its a weird fetish I've had for a very long time, and for some reason I can't help it. I love seeing men in shorts with athletic legs, great calf muscles, or men with legs that just fill out their shorts handsomely.

#fetishes   #summertime   #shorts   #legs   #men   #muscles   #weird   #excite   #athletic  

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