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Rape Confessions

Read the best #rape confession stories

I am addicted to porn... most times all I want is to be fucked... sometimes I fantasize about being raped by a dirty stranger repeatedly.

#addiction   #fantasy   #rape  

I got drunk and lost my virginity to my friends dad. I was too drunk to remember exactly what happened but I was asleep and woke up to him thrusting inside me. Then I blacked out again. The next morning I woke up and found he didn't use a condom. Its basically rape and I fear I might have an std.

#sex   #virginty   #drunk   #date   #rape   #hurt   #pain   #std  

It's made me angry, but it's made me afraid, because I loved you, I love you, and now I'm scared of the people I don't know because I don't know them, and the people I love because I want to be close but if I get close to them then they can get close to me, and no, no, no, don't come close to me, don't touch me, go far, far away, I don't want to see you, but if I can't see you then I can't see you coming, and why can't you understand that there's a difference between trust and forgive because I forgive you and love you but because of you I can never trust you or anyone ever again and I still check under my bed and out my window, and check that I've locked my bedroom door more times than the front door, and I want to get out of here because here's where it happened, but out is where you are and I don't want to go where you are and I'm so lonely, lonely, lonely but I'm scared because I love you.

#rape   #mistrust   #lonely   #alone  

I have been raped and I was going to tell my friend what happened on that day but then she told me she likes porn bondage.... what do I do?

#rape   #bondage   #friend  

I hate most people, esp. the useless (enter race, origin, low social status, habits here).
Women I see only as sexual objects, to be used ad discharged. Often I fantasize on raping my old mother and one of my aunts.
I wish I could unsubscribe from 'society' so I don't have to deal with it anymore.
The apocalypse sounds pretty good to me, a opportunity to express my displeasure with society and people by raping and killing them without consequence!

#murder   #rape   #hate  

I have rape fantasies.


My friend who is 15 has been getting fucked by two older guys who she calls her, "sugar daddies" One of them knows she is 15 and the other does not and both of them are married with kids. We both go to a private school. I am only there because I am getting financial aid because my family is poor, but she is rich af even though both of our moms work together. And her sugar daddies pay her about 10,000$ a month, which is far more than my mom makes in a year. So beyond statutory rape, she makes more money from it than my parents.

#adultery   #money  

A few years ago when I was in my early 20ies, I had some serious troubles that I still notice today.
I was in a huge friend circle and we liked to party or generally hang out and relax. Most of them were my age, but some were a bit younger. The two youngest were two 16 year old girls and they were best friends. As I now know, one of them was totally and insanely in love with me. But she never told me or shown me, she was always kinda bitchy to me. I guess this was her way of showing me?

Anyway, one Friday night, we were all at a birthday party in a friend's house and those two were there as well. I actually can't remember what caused or triggered it (it must have been something rather trivial) when the girl that had been in love with me started acting up and blew the whole thing out of proportion and started screaming and crying at me. I remember that she called me a "stone-hearted asshole" that "does not care for other people's feelings". I never would have thought about myself in that light and I could have argued with her about it back then, but I thought I would just leave it at that and tried to ignore her as best as I could.
That seemed to spur her on more and I was told that she got completey wasted after I had gone home.

The next day, I woke up to dozens of angry and hateful text-messages from her and her best friend and they were threatening me and said that I would regret it and that I was an asshole and the like. I ignored the texts and even deleted them and that was the stupidest thing I could have done. Couple hours later, the police knocked on my door and arrested me. They told me that I had been accused of raping a girl.
As it turned out, those two bitches went to the police and told them that I had made her drunk and had sex with her without her consent. Her best friend acted as a witness.

After this, almost no one wanted anything to do with me. They all shunned me and labelled me as the "child fucker". Only one friend believed me.
Those two lied their asses off and (lucky for me) couldn't keep their stories straight and the examination of the "rape victim" had shown that she was still a virgin and definitely did not have sex with anyone the night before (as she said).
The case was dropped and I sued them. They only had to do some social work.
All of my friends still believed them and did not talk to me any longer.

I had to move to a different city, find a new job and start again from the bottom. With only one other person believing in me. I has been some years now and I am happy again, but this story still leaves a very sore taste in my motuh.

#confession   #rape   #allegation   #untrue   #lie   #girls   #destroyed   #life   #wtf  

I moved to a city in the Midwest, I am male, 23 years old. Had no girlfriend and no prospects. I made friends with the woman in the next apartment, who I actually thought was a guy until I talked to her. She is a lesbian and what I would call (and she does too) a bull dyke. She dresses as a guy usually, sometimes binds her tits, has short masculine hair, tattoos, and brings incredible looking girls to her apartment for the night or weekend of very noisy sex and what must be some hitting, slapping, and general dominance over them. We get along really well,, hanging out, talking sports, going to bars, sometimes even hanging around one of our apartments for an evening of drinking and bullshit stories.

In the drunken talk I admitted that when I was 14 to 16 I'd had sex with four grown men during that time. Sometimes being the bottom and sometimes the top. I preferred the top, but didn't mind either. I got a girlfriend at 16 and realized I could do without dick but not mouth, ass and pussy. She said the same was true for her. She realized I hadn't been laid in over a year and brought me into her apartment and made her girlfriend of the weekend let me fuck her. The beautiful lesbian was really pissed about doing it, kicking and screaming which moved her pussy around more and I shot a big load up her pierced twat. Later she made the girl suck me off, and the next morning my friend told me to come back over and had the girl tied up spread eagle and told me to get some ass. I did. The lesbian kept screaming that I was raping her and my neighbor Carl (real name Elizabeth) slapped her a few times in the mouth and she shut up. I found it all pretty kinky really, a lesbian dyke watching me cum in her very beautiful lipstick lesbian girl. She would make her take my cum from her pussy and from her asshole and stick it directly into her mouth and swallow it all., in front of both of us.

This was repeated a few times the same girl a few times, then another. Time passed and we were both going through a dry spell, and in hanging out one evening, she asked if we could have sex . . . as friends. Not get involved but rather like a couple of guys hanging out and just helping each other out. We started just jacking each other off, her using her hand on my cock and I used my two fingers and thumb jacking off he biggest clit I'd seen in person. It stuck out of her outer lips about an inch. I'd seen pictures of bigger ones, but not in person. I eventually sucked her clit and gave her many orgasms. I would bob my head up and down like I was sucking a cock. She would talk to me like she was another guy and I was sucking her dick. Eventually she started taking off all her clothes and letting me suck her tits and once while fingering her and sucking her nipples, she laid over on her belly and told me to fuck her like I would another guy. So I fucked her up her asshole and it was really good. She didn't get off, just laid there breathing heavily, and stroking her clit. After I shot off she came using her fingers and hand on herself. She would sometimes bring over her strap on dildo and fuck me. We did almost everything we could but her pussy was out of bounds for anything by my hand and fingers. She could take my whole hand up her cunt.

So we were having a homosexual relationship though we were male and female. After a couple of months of fucking like two gay guys I was buttfucking her, and put my hand over her mouth, and shifted my weight to hold her still. I pulled my cock out of her ass and jammed my 9 inches straight into her pussy. She started screaming and yelling through my hand over her mouth, trying to shake me off, but I got her pussy fully anyway. I hadn't cum in about a week before that and I shoot a big load anyway. This one was massive, she was leaking my sperm out of her big pussy. Afterward she just laid there with my cock growing soft inside her and I realized she was crying. I tried to make light of it, and she wasn't having any of it. My cock slipped out, and she got up and used my underpants to wipe off the cum and try to get it out of her pussy. She didn't even cover up, just picked up her clothes and walked toward the door.

Throwing her clothes at me she said "I don't want the clothes from when I was raped by you". Then I realized that I had indeed raped my best friend. Raped a guy, but really a girl. Why couldn't I just stay fucking and cumming in her mouth and asshole, they were great, why did I need to fuck her pussy too? She left naked and went down the hall the short walk to her apartment. We avoided each other for a while, she didn't have any visitors at all. In the meantime I met a super hot girl, both body and face. We were fucking pretty regularly. One time when she was over and naked on the couch giving me a blowjob, Carl came to the door. Only it was Elizabeth this time. She was in a dress, full boobs without binding, a bit longer hair in a feminine style, even wearing make up. In front of my girlfriend she said very loudly "The day you raped me, You got me pregnant. What are you going to do about it?" I was stunned, my girlfriend got up, gathered her clothes and pulled on her tight, slinky dress, without undies on, sticking her bra, stockings and panties in her purse, she left saying that we obviously had things to work out.

To my surprise, and I mean really a surprise I was actually attracted to Elizabeth as a girl. She came in, and even told me I could fuck her again, anytime I wanted. In a few weeks her lease was up and we took both of our apartments and went into a two bedroom unit, one for us and one for the baby. I do miss having sex with her manly self, and she definitely misses young, beautiful women being between her legs, but I told her anytime she wants she can do that, with or without me. So now her tits are filling up, she's in the stage where she is horny as hell and she wants to get married before the baby comes. I do cum in her mouth, her pussy or her ass, anytime I want. She is still a very horny person, I think after the baby and she's done nursing she'll start bringing over some lesbians again. I hope so. I feel the need to rape one again.

#rape   #pregnancy  

I'm a girl and I have a fetish for dressing up like a little girl and being fucked by an older man. I've always looked younger than I actually am and I really love the cute Japanese style (like Hello kitty, Totoro, Pokemon etc). I'd love to dress in all pastel pink and put a pacifier in my mouth and be a helpless little girl being raped by an older man.

Me and my boyfriend use to roleplay this alot. I'm a little girl who is lost in the dark, creepy streets. Then a man (my boyfriend) approaches me to come to his home, where its warm and safe. So we lay in bed and my boyfriend grabs my arms, pulls my hair, spits on me, bites my neck and fucks my roughly while I try to fight back and run away.

#daddy   #rape   #bdsm   #roleplay   #dom   #dominant   #sub   #submissive  

I was raped


When I was 14 I was raped by my boyfriend at the time. When I tried to break up with him he threatened to post the pictures of me from that night on every social media imaginable, so I stayed with him for a year he was allowed to be with other people but I couldn't unless it was another girl or one of his friends and both had to be under his consent and used for his pleasure during that year I was verbally and physically abused and raped I was also forced to send him more pictures of myself to add to his 'collection' after he dropped out of school I finally got the courage to break up with him and the next day the pictures were everywhere I was slut shamed everyday for the next 3 years of my highschool career and I know it is not my fault but I feel like it is. 3 years later and I still feel like I will never mean anything more than sex to anybody and I wish I could change that because my heart wants a loving relationship with another but my mind will never let me forget and always gets in the way. I want to marry a virgin so that I know he doesn't want me for sex but I feel like I'll only corrupt the poor boy because I'm just damaged goods . . .

#rape   #abuse   #lost   #boyfriend   #threat   #disgust  

I married a much older woman, very active in crafting, quilting, sewing, and not very affectionate or loving, due to childhood trauma which she never would discuss, except in the vaguest terms. She never was interested in sex, but felt that a certain minimal attention to her "investment" was required. As I gradually revealed the depths of my obsession with total-enclosure confinement, she discovered that this had an addictive pleasure for her damaged psyche, and she participated with staggering cooperation and enthusiasm, exploring the limits of such behavior methodically and mercilessly. We live in an old rambling house, with many alterations over the years, and the den I turned into a sewing room for her, contained an alcove about eight feet by four, with a door-sized opening into it. At her insistence, I turned it into a sound-proof cell, with a wrought-iron 'barred' door, under a heavy sound-proofed outer door, into the sewing room. And there I lived, permanently, with a small mattress, a chair, and a bucket. There were various methods of totally enclosing me, from total sensory deprivation leather helmets, locked in place, to strait-jackets, full-head ex-Russian Army gas-masks, with or without sight, and with brass valves epoxied into the filter receptacle, as a substitute for the rubber hose that had dangled from the 'snout' to loose-fitting latex suits with attached hoods, feet and mittens. Once zipped up the back to the neck, and down the back of the hood so the metal tags met, and could share a brass padlock, they were inescapable. So she sewed and quilted, with her new-age music, as I stood at the barred door, often in forced silence, sometimes tied to it, with my goodies protruding through the bars, waiting for her to take a 'break' and torture me with lengthy orgasm denial, driving me to the point of insanity, with need to come, before going back to her 'work' leaving me in silent, agonizing frustration, until the next 'break'! This was fascinating stuff for a masochistic bondage freak like me, and when I was able to speak, I told her how much I loved and appreciated her, which made her quite girlish! Months went by, in agonies of orgasm delay and denial, and any time I got out, to carry out some chores, or get showered, she threatened me with a stun gun, until I resumed my 'rightful' position. Then one day her mother arrived to visit, at the age of about seventy-five, and I was shut away behind the soundproof door. Until suddenly it opened, and I was introduced to the white-haired harridan, who soon made it plain she thought her daughter was much too easy-going with me, and encouraged her to go off to a quilting festival out of state, leaving me at the tender mercies of this dreadful old woman! She was incredibly horny, still! She took me to her bed, in the guest room, strait-jacketed, and raped me over and over, my mouth filled with her tobacco-tasting tongue, her spry old body moving on top of me in slow intense, endless couplings, which she controlled by threat, into the length of time that satisfied her. To make a long story short, she moved in permanently, and her daughter told her she could do what she wanted with me, as it was all too much trouble for her, anyway! They're reading this over my shoulder, approvingly, and now it's time to return to my cell.

#imprisonment   #confinement   #rape  

I am a 30-something wife and mother. Always I have been the 'good girl', having only had sex with my ex-husband and my current husband. And always I have lived up to what people expected of me instead of what I wanted.

My deepest darkest fantasy is to be used. I want to be a filthy slutty little cum bucket fuck toy. I want to be grabbed by my throat and forced face down, I want to fight back and feel him overpower me, and then I want to be fucked so hard. Pussy, Ass, Mouth. I want to have cum just running out of me, I want to hurt so bad I can't move when he is done. Then I want to be punished for being such a fucking slut and letting him use me like that.

Even more than that, I want him to grab me by my hair, drag me to the other room where there are other men waiting (1-3 men) and force me to take all of them, over and over while I fight them and cry and beg them to please stop, until they have each used all three holes and I am covered in cum from head to toe. And again, I want to be punished afterwards for being such a slut.

Seriously, though, how do you tell your husband of nearly 15yrs that you want all of this???? You don't, you just keep fantasizing I guess.

#fetish   #fantasy   #desire   #dominance   #slave   #rape  

My bestfriend raped me last Sunday night. He and I have been friends for almost six years. We were driving and he started trying to put his hand uo my shirt. I played it off as a joke. He had never done anything like that before. When he didnt stop I tried to leave. He threw me face down on the floor and got on top on me. I just keep saying please dont do this. He got my jeans and underwear down enough to force himself inside of me. When he finished he just laid on top me pinning me down. I begged him to let me go. I told him I wouldnt say anything. He raped me one more time anally. When i tried to stop him he started hitting me. When he was done he got up and left. I locked the door and moved a bunch of stuff in front of the door to block it. He left me bleeding. I'm too ashamed to tell anyone. I was so sore it hurt to walk today. I didn't leave my house today. I dont know what to do. I feel so ashamed. I cant tell anyone. I hope saying it here makes me feel better. Im at least telling someone even if its a bunch of strangers. Im so stupid.

#rape   #betrayal   #shame  

I wasn't exactly sure what category to put this under.
I have sort of a rape fantasy about some tall, powerful Chechen militant with long hair (one in particular I saw on google images) and I am ashamed of it but every time I think about it I get super hot and bothered.
I just want him to dominate me, whisper dirty things in my ear in Russian, claim me as his property, abuse me, love on me etc.
God, I need to get laid lol

#fetish   #russian   #rape   #soldier   #dominance  

32 yr old woman ... I love to be dominated. I find it difficult to achieve orgasm at all if my partner is not dominating me in some way. Unfortunately, my husband will not partake in this particular proclivity of mine very often. I think he hopes I will "outgrow" this someday and believes that withholding this from me will help me get over it quicker. Sadly for him, it has only made my desire to be dominated turn into an outright obsession, something that I desperately NEED.

So, whatever is a girl to do? Well, this girl, she comes in here and reads through all of the Sex, Fetish, Abuse, Violence, Adultery, Masturbation, confessions to live vicariously through others. The worse the confession, the better for me. Dominance and Submission, Rape, Anal Rape, even some of the underage girls confessions seriously get me going. So I read through all of these, then I go to my husband and let him think that HE is the reason that my pussy is pulsing and dripping wet and think that HE is the reason I have a completely mind blowing orgasm. When in reality, it is all of your confessions! (Thanks everyone!)

#obsession   #sex   #lust   #adultery   #rape   #fetish  

I'm 25 and engaged to get married next year there's just one major problem, the sex is terrible and I mean terrible! We've been together 2 years, but he's never made me orgasm by fucking me. Its driving me absolutely crazy. It wouldn't be so bad but when we do have sex I'm lucky if it lasts 2 whole minutes, I don't even really see what the point in doing it is. I've always had a really good sex life with past partners so I'm really finding it difficult, to the point I had a 1 night stand with a bloke my partner knows really well a few weeks ago. I don't even feel guilty, I know I'm going to end up doing it again. It sounds bad but I'm not interested in someone trying to gently make love to me, whether they want me marry them or not. I wanna be fucked, hard. I've got to the point now that last night, when I was walking home on my own at 3.A.M, steaming drunk after being in a club I got into a Car with 2 men I've never met offering to give me a lift home. They dropped me off but as I got out the car I wanted to scream at them, ' Are you both stupid? You've got a girl in your car who can barely stand. FUCK ME.' The reason I had got in the car with them is because I was actually hoping they were going to rape me. I wish they had of, I should of started masturbating on the back seat and asked if they wanted to suck my tits. Better luck next time.

#slut   #desperate   #rape   #cheating  

I'm a straight male (26). When I was very young, maybe 5-6 I was molested by an older female cousin. My memories are pretty vague but I remember her telling me it was a game, that she had a baby in her and the only way to get it out was for her to rub her pussy against my penis. This happened a few times. I remember she liked playing with my underage Cock and said that I had a nice one for being so young. I remember being confused when I got my first erection from her rubbing her wet pussy against my cock, covering it in her juices. finally one day she got brave and slowly lowered herself onto my adolescent bonner. She barely made it past the head when the door suddenly opened and my other cousin was standing in the doorway. She freaked out and ran to tell the adults. I remember not being allowed to play together anymore and other than the initial scolding my family has never talked about it. I think it's because of that experience that I'm unable to have healthy relationships and I'm still a virgin...

#sex   #incest   #rape   #cousin   #pussy   #virgin   #straight  

I'm 16 and young for 3rd year in college. I'm attending summer sessions to advance further. There was a wild party, and this very pretty girl of 21 passed out drunk. Some girls asked me to lift her and take her into the bedroom and lay her down. I did, she was totally out of it. While in there I pulled her blouse and bra up played with and sucked her tits. Then I lifted her skirt to see her pantie-less pussy and ass. She had brown pussy hair trimmed so it was about 2 inches wide and went straight up from the start of her pussy lips about 3 inches or more. She had light and soft hair on her pussy lips. I softly licked on her pussy, she moaned, I panicked, but she was out, just having a reaction. I licked some more, fingered her with two fingers, and walked over and quietly locked the door.
I raped her pussy. I then pulled her clothes back, covered her up and went to the party. It all sounds like I was gone a while, but it was my first time. . . it was all over in about 4 minutes, I'm ashamed to say.
That was Saturday, today; Monday I just finished a 2 hour class with her sitting next to me. I'd really like to date her but I'm so much younger and she knows it. It's that way with almost all the girls. I guess I'll have to wait for another party.

#drunk   #rape  

Pray and roll the dice for #rape

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