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Bathroom Confessions

Read the best #bathroom confession stories

Im 26 years old and i Have a girlfriend we have sex anytime we did quickiss sometimes at some public bathroom and some people heared us. we Moaned like we never moaned before. I told my girlfriend that i was horny and my cock is so hard. She was horny too. So we went to this bathroom and we did the deed. I licked her soaking wet pussy and she gave me a blowjob. It was so good, i loved the way she sucked my cock. I have a big cock. Then i told her to face back and i inserted my hard and big cock inside of her. I had to put my hand on her mouth so nobody could notice us doing the deed. I cummed loads in her mouth. And i cant wait to do it again..

#sex   #cum   #cock  

I'm 15, female and I love watching or reading porn and rubbing my clit really hard. I also love using the water jet from the shower and I have the best orgasms with it. Sometimes I do it in the bathroom stall at school while other people are in the bathroom because the idea of getting caught turns me on so bad. Sometimes I think about my crush while masturbating. I'm so horny I want to fuck him so bad but I'm a virgin. I want him to lick my pussy and finger me and make me cum.

#horny   #bathroom  

My room is right next to our bathroom. Everytime someone goes to the toilet I can hear them. My dad is a very loud and long pee-er, my mother makes a lot of pauses in between and my little sister can't pee without pooping.
I keep diary about their bathroom habits. Maybe they need it some time. You can't know.
Now, I can say who's on the toilet just by listening.

#bathroom   #toilet   #pause   #family   #diary   #habit  

We were both 15, we had just taken our impact testing so we could do sports. As we were walking around the school he pulled me in and gave a me kiss, not a long one just a peck. We both knew he had a girlfriend (even though she was 18 and almost 2 1/2 hours away.) We kept walking and occasionally he would grab my ass and pull me into him so my ass would press against his dick. I remember him whispering "come here and fell it through your big ass" then kissing my neck. He followed me into a bathroom and pushed me against a stall and then fingered me standing up while still kissing me with pecks (we didn't make out at all) after that we went back to our friends who didn't realize we left and just talked. It's kinda been weird between us but it should roll over, even though we have a pool party to go to next Saturday 😋💦

#almostraped   #bathroom   #regretnotsuckinghimoff  

I haven't told anyone about this and I really feel the need to get it out. I was at my local strip bar, taking a piss in the urinal. I had had a few beers so was a little buzzed. I glanced over sideways and saw a black older guy, like maybe 50, taking a piss too. I'm 34 years old. I recognized this guy as someone who just had a lap dance. Apparently he was still somewhat hard because I noticed he still had a what I suspected was a partial boner. This guy was honestly hung like a horse. I couldn't stop looking. I've never ever had a gay experience but this was weird. He caught me looking and just smiled. He then said, it's ok people stare at my cock in the bathroom all the time. I kind of nervously laughed and said I didn't mean to. He again said its ok, it's a big cock. He then invited me into the bathroom stall to jerk off, as he said we were both probably horny. I said it's ok but he said he's not gay either and opened the stall door and motioned me in. He said come inside, so I did. He pulled out his huge dick and started jerking it. He told me to pull out mine but I said I didn't want to. He then put my hand on his cock. I froze and couldn't pull it away. The bathroom stall was disgusting and I wanted to leave. I thought we'd get caught too. I kept my hand on his cock and then he started moving it for me and I started jerking his cock. I started getting really turned on, probably because of the beer. He then put his hand on my shoulder and pushed me slowly to my knees. He then put his hand on my head and guided his cock into my mouth with the other hand. Well it didn't take long for him to cum and he had a very heavy load. It surprised me at first and after a couple of shots in my mouth I pulled his cock out but he kept cumming on my face and clothes. After he was done, he put his cock back in his pants, apologized for cumming in my mouth, he said it was an accident. He then left the club.
I don't know how to feel about this but I needed to tell someone, which is why I came on here. I feel used and gross and I'm not gay but I felt excited for that moment.
I've seen this guy three more times at the same club. He always waits until I go to the bathroom and then follows me in. I've done the same thing to him on each occasion. I feel used and excited at the same time. I'm very confused on this.

#sex   #bathroom   #blowjob   #gay   #cum  

My boyfriend and I went to a party my best friend had invited us to, we weren't sure on going but later that night decided to go. At the party my boyfriend and I were dancing and we were pretty drunk then out of nowhere he pulled me to the closest restroom and he pushed me in and locked the door behind him then he pushed me up against the wall and started kissing me hard and then he kissed my neck then my chest all over and unbuttoned my shirt and started licking and kissing my stomach he unbuttoned my shorts and slid them off then he slid my panties to the side and stuck his fingers inside me i was moaning so loud and didn't care if any one heard because it felt so good that I had an orgasm then he took my bra off and sucked my titties and went down slowly kissing my stomach again and then he went down to my thighs and my body was shaking uncontrollably and he made his way to my pussy slid my panties off and ate me out for a good 15 mins then I started undressing him, he made me get down on my knees and kiss his stomach all over and then I licked my way down to his super hard dick and started sucking his cock, he picked me up put me on the counter and fucked the shit out of me. I came 5x and then he turned me over and fucked be from behind, he fucked me so hard I came 3 more times then he finally came all over my chest, helped me clean up and we unlocked the door and went back to was so damn hot I still have flashbacks. I love my man.


Last night, I had a weird dream about toilets and bathrooms and stuff like that. I don't wanna talk about it in detail but I dreamt that I had to pee very urgently but I couldn't find a toilet, so I decided to pee behind a parking car.
In my dream, I peed behind this car.
In reality, I peed my pants.
In bed.
My boyfriend right next to me.

He woke me up because he felt something wet on his legs.

#toilet   #bathroom   #pee   #wet   #boyfriend   #bed   #embarrassment  

I share a flat with this dude and we get along quite well but we also have to share the bathroom and he always takes ages in there. We have to get up at the same time in the morning that can be tricky sometimes.
One night after a crazy night out partying I woke up hungover as hell but I noticed that I really needed to take a shit. Off to the bathroom I went only to see my flatmate closing the doof in my face. I thought I could hold it so I went back to my bed to wait it out. Oh boy. 20 minutes later and I could still hear the water running and it was getting critical. I really needed to take a dump.
After much debating I took my trash can and made my business in there. And oh lord that smell. You cannot believe what 20 beers and a late night pizza can do to your stomach! Disgusting.
After I done the deed I took the garbage bag (thank god there was one in there) and went out the back and threw it over the fence. I think it landed in our neighbours garden.
I am really sorry for whoever found that stinkbomb!!!!!

#dude   #flatmate   #sharing   #bathroom   #shit   #dump  

I met this guy in an anime app. At first we dont really have the intention to have feelings for each other but it happend and we just accepeted it. We're not offcially a couple yet because we felt like we have to get to know more about each other for a year so were just waitimg for us to reach a year then were offcial. That was our deal but that doesnt exclude us from doing things what normal couples do. Of course, we go on dates, and our families know about each other. Here's what we did one time he came to my house, (disclaimer: we havent had sex yet) it was my aunt's birthday, we're all at the yard having a good time eating and partying. It was a bit late and we both got bored. Mya partner and I went inside the house, knowing that no one is gonna come in for a while, we went inside the bathroom and made out. I dont know why, but im really obessesed when he kiss me hard. I like it when our tongue touches each other. We made out for a while and my surprise he lifted my shirt and bra and starts sucking my nipple. He covered my mouth with his hand so no one would hear us if someone would come inside the house. When we sensed that they might get in eventually, he stopped and kissed me again. It wasnt a quickie but we both enjoyed it.

#obsession   #bathroom  

I never wash my hands after I used the bathroom.

#bathroom   #hands   #wash   #confession  

In kindergarten we were about to go on a field trip and I was going to the bathroom while a bunch of girls were waiting outside of the bathrooms to go and the boys bathroom door didn't work well and doesn't lock so it swung open while I was going to the bathroom and one of the girls I liked for a couple years.

My girlfriend and I (m/30) have been together for around 10 years now. Her family is originally from Russia. Shortly, after we got together, she invited me to her birthday party with her family. Up until then, I never met her family or knew much about them. Of course I agreed to come and got her a nice present and some flowers for her mother. I actually thought that it would be a small and quiet celebration.
Oh boy, was I wrong.
When we pulled up to her parents' house, I was overwhelmed. It was (still is) a really big house with fine decour and everything. I got rather nervous that her family would not like me as they obviously were playing in another league than me.
So, it was a huge party and all her family from all around the country and from Russia came to celebrate. And as you might know, the Russians love their vodka. Everyone was very kind and everyone wanted to drink with me. As soon as my glass was empty, another relative came my way holding vodka shots. My girlfriend was very busy talking to everyone and did not notice what happened until it was too late.
So, we danced, we took shots, the food was amazing. Until I noticed that I wasn't feeling so well. I didn't make it back to the bathroom, but puked all over myself, the floor and some landed on my girlfriend's mother... I was mortified!
Somehow, my girlfriend, her mother and her aunt managed to get me into the bathtub and hosed me down. They got me a pyjama of my girlfriend's dad and they put me to bed.

The next morning when I woke up I felt horrible. I was utterly ashamed, but still went down for breakfast. Everyone still present was smirking and laughing at me, but it seemed everything in good fun. Her mother came up to me with a bottle of vodka shortly after and asked if I wanted to do some shots. I almost puked on her again.
So I guess I just wanted to get this off my chest before our wedding in June when I have to see her whole family again.

#girlfriend   #russian   #vodka   #drunk   #puked   #embarrassing   #family   #celebration   #party   #bathroom   #funny   #ashamed   #confession   #wedding   #russia  

In high school, I would sometimes go to a bathroom during lunch and masturbate at school. I'd walk to every bathroom on campus until I found an empty one.

One time, I was still trying to jerk off when the bell rang. I hurried and came all over the floor and a little on the stall door. I didn't have time to clean up, so I just pulled on my trousers and hurried out. I hope no one knew it was me.

#cum   #school   #bathroom  

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