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Embarrassing Confessions

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(m/18) It's really embarrassing for me to tell you this. When I was in 8th grade, I pooped in my pants. I was in school that day, just before class started; couldn't make it to the toilet and all of the brown glory landed in my pants and underwear. It stank horrible and I tried to get rid of all the shit on my ass and in my pants, but somehow I just thought 'fuck it' and went with it. I think it didn't take more than 2 minutes for the others to notice the smell. It was just HORRIBLE. Every time they tried to find out where the stench came from I tried distracting them and stuff. But in 3rd period the worst thing happened. I went up to the board and because I was sitting on my ass the whole time, the shit got through my pants and there was one hell of a stain on my ass.Throughout school I was known as shitter from then on. It made my life miserable. I want to confess that I am one lazy bastard and had I just cleaned myself up that day I wouldn't have to go through hell.

#confessions   #shit   #pants   #embarrassing  

Around 3 am this night I woke up and since then I have the worst diarrhea I've ever had. I have to confess that I didn't make it to the toilet the third or fourth time and I had to poop in the kitchen sink. My mom cleaned it without saying a word. Sorry mom!

#diarrhea   #embarrassing   #mom   #sink   #toilet  

While working, I fell asleep on my laptop. It wouldn't have been much of a problem but I am drooler, I start drooling as soon as I am asleep.
The whole laptop got wet and after a while (I slept very deep), the screen shut off and now my laptop is broken.

I then went to my boss and explained to him that I "accidentally" dropped a glass of water over my computer. He then said, he caught me sleeping several times over the last few months and that he saw me sleeping that day.

He fired me and I had to replace him this laptop.

#embarrassing   #sleeping   #problem   #drool   #wet   #screen  

The very first time that I flashed anyone is also my most embarrassing flash. My sister
had invited hubby and I out for a BBQ and a swim in her pool. Hubby had just purchased
a new bikini for me, it was a silvery/gray and I liked the way it looked. What I didn't know
was that hubby had cut the lining out of both the top and bottom. While dry it was a cool
color and was solid. What I didn't know, (and to this day I don't even know if hubby knew),
was that once it got wet it became 100% transparent!

When we got to my sisters hubby went out back to the pool with my three nephews
(17, 18 & 18), and my brother-in-law. I poked my head into the kitchen to ask my sister if
she needed any help getting supper ready or setting places. She said that she had everything
under control and told me to go on out to the pool and have fun till supper. I went and got
changed into my new bikini I really liked it and it was quite sexy, maybe a little too sexy to
wear around family, but it was solid so it didn't show anything. I went out to the pool and
just like any other time that we went out for a visit we got a game of Marco Polo going.
Now, I was used to attention from my nephews and brother-in-laws as I was 26 years old at the
time, and I was only 105 pounds, 34"C 26" 30" and as I said my nephews were 17, 18 & 18 and
I was 20 years younger than my sister, (my brothers and sisters ranged from28 - 58). I often
wore heels, stockings/pantyhose, shorter skirts, and sexy tops, and was used to having a little
of their attention. The only difference that day was that my nephews stayed much closer than
usual so I chalked that up to the "SEXY" bikini and their teenage testosterone kicking in so I
didn't think much else about it.

The boys kept chasing me, diving under water right in front of me, behind me and even got
brave enough to start swimming between my legs. I just thought, teenage hormones, their
favourite aunt dressed extra sexy today. I never thought anything about it at all, but when I
got out of the pool and laid down on my towel to soak up some sun my nephews got out of
the pool and sat across from me, staring at their aunt in her "SEXY" new bikini. I couldn't
help but notice that they all started "pitching pup tents" and at that point I decided that
perhaps indeed it was way too sexy to wear around family.

I headed for the bathroom to change and as soon as I walked in (they have a wall to wall,
ceiling to floor mirror on one side of the bathroom), I saw what had my nephews attention.
I could see every inch of my body as if I was totally nude it was that transparent! Hubby and
the brother-in-law must have been enjoying the view too, because neither one let me know!
And if that wasn't bad enough all on its own, I also noticed what they saw when I was laying
out on my towel. The bottom had ridden up the crack of my ass and pussy and my labia
(pussy lips, mud flaps, whatever you prefer to call them) were hanging out on either side!!!
I was sooo embarrassed that I got changed went to the kitchen, told my sister that I wasn't
feeling well, yelled for hubby and had him take me home. It was later that evening that I
actually started to get turned on knowing that I was the centre of attention and was able to
arouse all the guys. It ended up making for a great evening of sex that night and any other
time afterwards that I think about it.

It also led to one of the 18 year old nephews starting to come by for a visit almost every day
shortly after hubby would leave for work. About three weeks later my nephew flat out asked if
there would be a repeat performance some time. I was embarrassed but also flattered,
especially considering how much it actually turned me on knowing that he thought that way
of me. I told him not right now, but after two more weeks of him continuously coming over
always asking I finally decided that the next day would be the special day!

I got up before hubby, showered, did my hair and make-up, put on a pair of sheer black stay-up
stockings, a pair of 6" heels, and nothing else. I set a few of hubbies photo albums of my nude
pictures out on the coffee table in the living room and loaded a video of me stripping and
masturbating in the VCR, put the TV/VCR remotes beside the photo albums, then I went to the
kitchen, made hubby his favourite breakfast. I told him that he'd better be ready for a fun evening!

When hubby went out the door for work, I put on a frumpy old housecoat and waited for my nephew.
I knew he'd be along soon. When he came over I told him to go sit in the living room and relax and I
said that I'd make coffee and be out in a few minutes. I think he noticed my heels and stockings
sticking out from the bottom of my house coat because he started smiling ear to ear, ( I always wore
my big fuzzy slippers in the morning). I peaked out of the kitchen to the living room to see that he had
discovered the photo albums and his eyes were wide and staring intently at my pictures! That actually
turned me on enough to start dripping down my thighs in anticipation! When I walked out to the living
room he didn't even notice me coming in.

I set the coffees down and asked if he was enjoying the pictures. I dropped my housecoat to the floor,
turned the TV on, pushed play on the VCR and sat down beside him. He went 50 shades of red, started
stuttering and tried to hide his now raging hard-on.

I started teaching him how to stimulate a woman when all of the sudden he fired what would be
the first of many loads all over himself and his shorts! I decided that I would lick the mess clean
and for his second load I would just continue and made him the second load down my throat! Then
I had him go down on my pussy and I taught him how to eat pussy like a champ! Then I made him fuck
me over and over! It was the first of many "special" visits that we've had. He still comes to visit his
favourite aunt once or twice a year even though he's now married and has kids of his own.

#trenton   #ontario   #naughty   #embarrassing   #exhibition   #incest  

I am a person who can easily memorize all kind of stuff. But not important stuff, only stuff no one needs. For example birthdays of celebrities and embarrassing things of other people. When I meet people I often pretend not to know something about them they told me ages ago because I don't want to be called a creep.

#creep   #memorize   #embarrassing   #celebs   #confession  

My boyfriend was meeting my family. I went into the bathroom and took a nude and airdropped it. IT SENT TO MY GRANDMA. She gave me a look, went into the bathroom. I got airdropped a picture of her nude.


As long as I can remember I piss in the shower. Many years ago, in late 1995, I went to Rome with my class, we were around 14 or 15 years old.
The problem was, there were only shared showers, I can't remember why. We all decided to leave our underwear on, I guess because we felt ashamed or something, I can't remember.
As soon as I am in the shower, I start pissing. The same happened back then in Rome. Of course, everyone noticed. I told them it was just dirt but I don't know if they believed me.

#lie   #embarrassing   #shower   #pee   #piss   #rome   #class  

I started working a new job on Monday. I had to start at 8 and when I arrived I was almost shitting bricks because I was so nervous. And I mean LITERALLY my tummy was growling and I was feeling a bit unwell. My new boss greeted me and showed me around and I couldn't focus, so I asked him where the restrooms where and that was a really wise choice. My butt did not even hit the throne yet when the worst case of diarrhea I ever had started. It was disgusting and took me around 15 minutes to finish, but I felt better afterwards.
My boss was waiting for me in the room in front of the restrooms and I can only hope that he did not hear anything! But when I got out I swear he was kind of smirking.
So boys and girls, I recommend eating a lot of fibers before starting a new job!

#job   #new   #boss   #diarrhea   #embarrassing   #nervous   #butt   #work  

I used to be obessed with my crush in 7th grade and then he movied and unfollowed me from instagram..

#loser   #confession   #embarrassing  

My mother has very unrealistic views of the world or life in general. She uneducated, loud and embarrassing. She has an opinion to everything and is very much known for declaring them to everyone who will listen. She spends a lot on money on useless crap, decorating the house with weird shit. She's not working.She has this really big tooth gap which makes her look even more stupid.She works in retail for over 30 years now and she's still not capable of dealing with costumers. She thinks she knows everything and is the best at everything. And now she thinks she needs to belittle me, because I do not want to live in this small dump she calls home. I moved to a bigger city, far far away from her and living my dream of being an architect. She thinks I am stupid to leave my hometown behind and that I will be coming back crying some day because the big city is too scary for me.Fuck you! I am so happy without you!!!I hate you. I hate you. I HATE YOU.

#hate   #anger   #mother   #mom   #mum   #confession   #movingaway   #stupid   #embarrassing   #dream   #uneducated  

I mixed up my depressants with my laxative and I now have to go to the toilet every few minutes, it's terrible! :(
Please release me from this! :(

#depressants   #laxative   #toilet   #terrible   #confession   #embarrassing  

male, 37 years old.
I just watched "The Lion King" with my 4 year old daughter.
She didn't bat an eye but I had to leave the room as mufasa was killed. I cried like a baby and hid in our bathroom.

#lion   #king   #daughter   #cry   #embarrassing   #dad   #confession  

Last night, I had a very weird dream.
I was at my aunt's birthday party when I noticed that I urgently needed to go on the toilet but in the whole building I was not able to find a restroom. The problem was that I didn't need to pee but to empty my intestine.
Don't remember much unfortunately but when I woke up I ... already emptied my gut, next to my almost-boyfriend. We were hooking up but of cource he saw what I did and rushed off.
Oh gosh, this was the most embarrassing moment in my life!!!!

#dream   #party   #toilet   #restroom   #intestine   #gut   #embarrassing   #confession  

I really am afraid of thunderstorms. I can't handle them and if I hear the slightest noise of a thunder, I hide under my bed crying.
I am 34 years old and I have a daughter.

#thunderstorms   #fear   #daughter   #thunder  

I like imagining I'm pregnant. hugely pregnant.
for some reason. I've always been embarrassed by the idea of getting pregnant- and that turns me on. I love anything that makes me feel humiliated. when you're pregnant, everyone knows you've slept with someone, your breasts get noticeably bigger, you get hornier.. but the weird thing is..
the hottest thing about it to me is the belly. the idea of having a huge pregnant belly get in the way of daily tasks and draw attention to me is humiliating. it's make me feel like a big walking balloon. it makes me so horny thinking about it, though. the thought of trying on shirts that are too small for me.. having trouble getting them over my belly... strangers wanting to rub my tummy.. not being able to see my toes.. being so big that it's hard to move..
it's especially hot to imagine it, since I'm still a teen and I'd be looked down on for it. I'd be seen as a slut.

I'm so ashamed to like this.
seriously, what is wrong with me?

#pregnancy   #fetish   #embarrassing   #pregnant  

I am 14, I have a fairly flat chest and a bubble butt, and constantly get teased about it. One day, walking home from school, (my parents were out of town at the time, with a baby sitter watching me) I took a right to a shortcut in a wooded area, hoping it was quicker. I hadn't realized there were a group of girls (all older than me, bigger and more developed, too) had been waiting for me there, with a small gathering of other students of various ages (some younger, some similar ages to the girls and i) waiting to see what the girls would deem "my punishment." Two girls jumped out and grabbed me, one on each arm, and stripped off my backpack. "Welcome!" Another had said. "Today you will be punished!" "You're always such a posh bitch, pushing people around, flaunting your bubble butt, we decided to teach you a lesson!" She announced, with cheering and clapping from the crowd. I'd been wearing a school uniform white blouse, with a long navy blue skirt, pleated and high waisted. I wore black Mary Jane shoes and white tights with high waisted cotton granny panties with "diva" written all over them. Immediately, I was pinned down onto the forest floor on my back, and felt a tug on my skirt. "No!" I yelled, squirming. "Oh, would you rather do it yourself? Strip your little skirt and leggings off, you can keep the shoes if you want." One girl explained, taking out a camcorder and filming me, another girl ready to take pictures. I relented, "Fine." Thinking that was all I'd have to strip off. The two girls holding me down released me, glancing at me with a warning look not to run. I stood up, with the crowd lookin at me with anticipation. I began to unzip the side of my skirt, slipping out of it and handing it over to a waiting hand. Blushing tremendously, I stepped out of my shoes and hesitated with the edge of my leggings. "Do they HAVE to come off?" I asked. "Yep, now hurry, show us your panties." The girl responded. Finally, I pulled them off, stepping out of those as well, humiliated with my diva panties on show, bunched up around my hips. I pulled them all the way up in order to cover myself more, the waistband going halfway up my back and almost to the edge of my small breasts. Everyone was watching, laughing and snapping pictures. I was ordered to put my hand on my head and twirl around, showing off my panties. "Now take off your blouse for us, you'll do it or these pictures will be everywhere." The lead girl warned. Slowly, i unbuttoned my blouse and took that off as well. "And the bra! We know you barely have breasts anyway." I unclasped my bra from behind and let it drop, allowing it to be taken with the rest of my clothes. Again I was made to twirl around for everyone to see the high waisted panties. I was allowed to keep my shoes still. I only had my undies and shoes left. "Think those undies could go any higher, diva?" A girl had asked. "No, I don't think so..." I replied, confused. Suddenly, I was pinned to the floor face-first, with girls holding my arms above me, spread apart, and my legs spread apart too. "These are snug on your butt, huh?" The lead girl teased, playing with the waistband, groping my ass to further humiliate me. Then she pulled the waistband up, giving me a wedgie and exposing my bubble butt to the chilly wind. She gave two small tugs, then pulled up my underwear a bit more all around, so they weren't bunched up. She gave my butt a playful smack and allowed me to get up. "Don't pick your underwear." Then she took more pictures, directing me to hold my waistband up, so it would look like I gave myself the wedgie, taking more pictures. "You're free to go now." "Can I have my stuff back?" "No, you ungrateful brat. And don't pick your wedgie! I wanna see you walk home with your ads hanging out. You have undies and shoes, you can walk home." "No, please! Don't make me walk home like this!!" "Would you rather do it naked?" She offered. I sighed, "No..." "And we'll be right behind you! So don't think you can cover yourself and pick your wedgie!" "Wait, one more thing before you go! Say you love being in a wedgie and wear only undies and shoes! And smile for the camera!" "I love wedgies and wearing embarrassing undies and shoes, it's my favorite outfit." I said, begrudgingly. I ended up having cars honk and people come up to me to take pictures, slap my ass, or hoot as I passed by on my way home. I made it home, where my babysitter laughed at me and forced me to stay in my undies and only allowed me to wear undies and shoes for the rest of the time my parents were gone, following the girl's instructions given to them. They laughed at my humiliation and gave me wedgies too.

#wedgies   #wedgie   #embarrassing   #humiliating   #embarrassment   #humiliation   #diva   #panties   #undies  

I'm male, 21 years old and I've got serious trust issues.
Me and my girlfriend actually meet every day, in school, after school, on the weekend, in the holidays. We are together for almost half a year now. When we are not together (what doesn't happen very often), I always carry my mobile phone around. For the case she's calling or texting or something.
And when she doesn't text me back within... let's say 5 minutes... I become anxious, nervous and impatient.
I always imagine that I said/texted something wrong, that she's mad at me or that she doesn't want me anymore.
Or I think that she's betraying me or anything like that.

Last saturday, I thought she went out with some of her friends, so I texted her around 11 pm and then I waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and she didn't write me back. I really got worried and thought she would never contact me again. The night was horrible. I couldn't sleep properly, I was staring at my phone the whole night.
Next day, around 11.30 am, she texted me that she was so stressed the last night that she fell asleep around 9 pm and that she hadn't gone out with her girls.
All night long, I was a total wreck, I imagined all the worst things to happen.

I haven't told her about this because it's kind of embarrassing and I don't want her to feel sorry for me or anything.

#girlfriend   #anxious   #nervous   #impatient   #betrayal   #embarrassing  

I secretly want women to make fun of me for having a tiny little penis, and love sucking dick. Calling me a faggot, and more. I am a closet fag.

#embarrassing   #gay   #nervous  

When I was 12 me and my friend were very curious about our bodies. So we both decided we would have a sleepover and we would explore and figure things out. When we had the sleepover we waited for his grandparents and his mom to go to bed and then we took off all of our clothes and started exploring. We knew what masturbating was and tried it but, as soon as we started his mom came down and caught us masturbating. We kind of liked being caught and now to this day (we are 16 and 17) we sleepover and play truth or dare including us masturbating and doing really risky stuf like going outside fully naked!

#embarrassing   #masturbating   #caught  

I was 8. My 7 year old sister went to tell on me for something I didn't do. Next thing I knew I was being spanked naked on the kitchen table with my family watching. "What did you do ?" Asked dad. "Nothing !" I replied. This went on for a little while until he believed me. Frustrated, he called my sister out to the street and spanked her naked on the sidewalk before leaving her there for 10 minutes naked. When she came back in, she told dad I was lying. Confused, my father warned us that if the liar didn't come clean, he would humiliate us both so badly. Once he left, my sister and I went into our room to talk about it. We agreed to play scissors paper rock and the loser had to confess. I lost and went to be humiated. When my dad found out, he called the entire extended family over for lunch.

When they arrived, I was forced to eat naked and my cousins laughed their head off. Once lunch was over, dad made me put on some undies and hooked my up to a tree, giving me a massive wedgie. Once I was up, he cut off every thing that hid my parts leaving me with a massive wedgie naked. While I was hanging there, they played soccer for 45mins until my "undies" broke. As soon as I was down, dad bent me over and let everyone spank me for as long as they wanted, with a belt. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, dad went to the fence and asked the neighbours to come over. They did so and also spanked me. Once my but was as red as a tomato, dad got more undies and hung me up again, with the same cutting out. I was forced to stay there for 30mins while the cousins played with my butt as a piñata, hitting we ver and over again with a wooden spoon. When I thought it was finally over, my dad made me walk around the block naked, knocking on all the doors and telling them what I did, before asking them if they wanted to spank me. Most said yes. When I got home, I found out the cousins were going to stay and we were going to camp in the backyard.i asked dad for my clothes back, be he made me stay naked for the entire year when not at school, including when going outside. Anyway, for the rest of the arvo, we swam in the pool, spanked me, wedged me, and watched movies, while spanking me. Then at night, I was forced to sleep outside of the tents, naked, facing upwards. When I was awake, I found I was the first, and hurried inside to get some clothes, but when I walked out of my room, my dad was there. When he saw me dressed, he screamed, ripped them off me, made me put on a swimsuit ( the speedo kind ) and told me to follow him. We went to the table and he installed a hook into the roof, before hanging me on it until breakfast. At breakfast, he spoon fed me puréed apple and told me that today I was everyone's baby and had to what they said, and wasn't allowed to speak properly, shower, or use the toilet. Then he got me down, and put me in a nappy and shoved a binki in my mouth. He then told my little cousin, that I was a baby and needed to be looked after. She squealed with delight and took me to a room. Where I was fed a bottle. I got angry and spat it out, but she told me that if I didn't want my father to know, I had to do something for her. I immediately said yes and she told me I was to let her change my nappy. I obliged, and before I knew it, I was being washed and wiped by my 5 year old cousin. Then she put me in a pink nappy before deciding that she wanted me to not wear anything. So for the rest of the day, I was naked, being spanked, wedged and being wiped in the bum by my cousin. Just before they left, my family took a picture of all of us, and I was in the front, naked, and hating my sister.

#naked   #stripped   #family   #public   #wedgie   #spanking   #punishment   #embarrassing  

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