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Boy Confessions

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I always knew I would come into money and I did. A really nice sum. Really good things just seem to always happen for me when everything else seems shitty for everyone else. I am quite happy about it-- it's just that now my bf that things have been rocky with is now suddenly very sweet and kind to me. Not sure how to take it. Yes, I love him, it's just he's been quite the shitheel to me and now suddenly it's "water under the bridge". I guess I'm not over him shoving me. We'll just see where this goes...

#boyfriend   #money   #hmmmm  

I am so happy I found this site. I have a story thats been burning at me for a long time and now I can put it out there without worry of exposing myself.

I had been friends with a couple for a while, about 5 years, they were nice to me we would go on holidays together and they would be there to support me morally and so on. The wife always had a problem with me though, i don't know why. She is really beautiful and has a sexy ass and she is intelligent etc etc. I on the other hand , I am not bad looking, I'm tall, attractive, slim, I have a great smile and personality too. At the time all of this was not so obvious to me. My then boyfriend would always tell me that the husband of that woman (20 years my senior) had a thing for me but i obviously brushed it off as him being a bit possessive.

Skip a few years my boyfriend died in a horrible way. So I was grieving and that man (who at this time I viewed as a brother) came to my house to comfort me and to help me through that painful time. After that he would check on me a few times a week . Calling, texting or emailing.
Understand this, during this period I was so angry at the world that my boyfriend had died, I didn't care about a lot of things or people. So when this man declared his undying love for me, I just wanted to know how far he would go with it.
We had been friends for a long time and I understood him a lot and i 'got' him . We thought on the same wave length and we had the same thoughts and feelings towards certain things . We just 'clicked!

Not long after that he wrote me an email describing the intense sexual attraction he had toward me and how he no longer viewed me as just a friend but someone he cold share his life with. In all honesty?? At that particular point in my life, that's all i needed to hear.

For years after that email we would go on trips together, make out heavily , we couldn't go all the way because we wanted to save that for when he had left his wife. At the same time me and him loved his wife so much we didn't want to break her heart with our 'affair'. So we just used to make out and talk and touch and dream. I fell in-love in a way I never knew possible . We fought , we cried, we yelled at each other but no matter what, after everything , we were always there for each other. It was an intense love on so many levels. We loved each other hard.
I could not bear the thought of breaking his wife's heart so i broke mine. I lied to him that i was going on vacation but i knew what i was doing. See, i decided to resettle in a different time-zone in a different continent, just so it would be difficult for me to be with him. Its worked. I'm not with him, hes still married, I'm still dating and having fun with it. But, my heart is with him and my dead boyfriend.... They are the only ones who will have my complete heart and soul.
I dream of a time we could have been together because i feel empty not knowing....

At the same time I'm okay with my decision... I loved hard and I know what its like to be loved right back with everything even when sex is off the table. But goddam I love him still

#sex   #love   #boyfriend   #adultery   #lovelost   #bittersweet  

So my boyfriend came over on a Friday and we decided to have sex. He took of my cloths than he took of his, he put me on my bed and banged me really hard, we did this for 2 hours. But after that I was about to give him a blowjob and his dick got really soft and fell off. I started screaming and I backed up to the door looking at a stub in fear! I cried and grabbed my blanket and left the house. I covered my naked body with the blanket as i ran down the road in the middle of the night. I banged on my neighbours door and he opened his door and gave me a weird look, I tried to come in but he pushed me away and shut his door than looked it, he Lockheed all his doors and windows and he left me there to die.

#boyfriend   #sex   #confession   #naked  

I have been cheating on my husband with my ex since before we were married. Actually it started not long after we started dating.
He came to me and said that he regretted breaking up with me in the first place and that he wanted to get back with me so I told him where to go. My boyfriend was better in bed and more considerate of my needs anyway so I had no reason to go back to him.
Not long after that he got a new girlfriend and so he stopped chasing me and I didn't think anything more of it.

Then about six months later I was talking to some of my girl friends and one of them told me that my ex had been cheating on his current girlfriend with her. The two of them had actually dated years ago and he always pined for her so this wasn't much of a surprise. Especially as I always had a strong feeling they were having sex behind my back when we were dating. Any way she said that he had learned a lot from his new girlfriend who was older and more experienced. She talked for almost an hour about how good he was in bed and how forceful he had become.

This all made me laugh because he was anything but forcful before. He was really clumsy and would apologise every time he thrust a little hard. But the idea that he was now this dominant man in bed did get me a little turned on.
It was only a day later that I went round to my ex's house while my boyfriend was at work. We've been sleeping together ever since.

He still has his girlfriend and as I said I'm now married. If he left his girlfriend I'd go with him in an instant but I've had to settle for second best. I suppose I do still love my husband in a way but not how I did when we got together. The only time we have any fun in the bedroom any more is when we have threesomes or if he lets me use toys.

I hate my ex's girlfriend. She is the only reason I have to live like this.

#cheating   #ex   #husband   #boyfriend  

When I was 13 I had this best friend Ryan who was also 13.. One day we were talking about sex and somehow I was able to get him to admit that he might try gay sex. I was also pretty turned by the thought of trying it but I didn't admit it. Then I told him he could suck my dick. He said he didn't want to but I told him he should anyway. I guess this where I was a real jerk because I told him if he didn't want me telling everyone what he told me then he'd better do it. I'll always feel guilty about the fear I saw in his eyes. I pulled my shorts down. I was already hard. It was really awkward. He had no idea what he was doing but I enjoyed it anyway. I'll never forget what it was like to see my dick in his mouth for the first time. He sucked and licked it for awhile until he said his jaw hurt. So I told him to give me a handjob and he did until I came. We didn't talk about until a week or so later I asked if he would do it again. He said yes and this time he was a lot better and seemed to enjoy. He was sucking away when I started to cum. It felt so good. He pulled me out I knew he got some in his mouth. Well after that it became a regular thing. In time he even started to swallow. But I never touched him. Truth was I really wanted to but I was afraid. I guess I thought I wasn't being gay if only did it to me. Then halfway through the school year his dad got a new job and they had to move. I felt so sad. And I felt bad for how I'd been. Just before he moved we were together and I told him I wanted to suck him. He seemed surprised. Man I sucked him as good as I could and swallowed my first load. I loved it. We had one last time together when he slept over at my house. We spent the whole night together naked in my bed. I can honestly say we made love that night. It's one of my favorite memories. I never saw him again.

#gay   #boys   #ryan   #hudson  

I really like my ex. He was my first boyfriend and I can't stop thinking about how funny, cute, and nice he was to me. He broke up with me because of long distance (We live in the same city, and just go to different schools). It's been 3 months. He's had over 4 other girls. I still like him, but just want to be friends. Any advice.

#firstboyfriend   #ex   #missingex   #crushing   #likemyex   #hopingtobefriends  

I like some one who lives in another country we message over social media and he’s said I’m cute a few times but our conversations always fall flat he says he’s always busy (we have a time difference and) I wonder if he has any feelings for me I feel like I’ve given him the wrong signs like I’ve pushed him away because I wasn’t sure on how I felt before we’ve heard each other’s voices and we know one another look like he’s asked me who I like before I told him idk but I have this feeling we have something I’m not to sure obviously cause it seems like we do then we don’t idk felt like saying this some one tell me if I’m wasting my time

#crush   #boy   #cute   #sad   #far   #away  

My ex bf has a new girlfriend. I broke up with him but now I'd do anything to get him back.

#boyfriend   #girlfriend  

My bf didn’t reply my messages almost 17 days, i guess it’s time to be single again. I love him. I rejected everyone because of him, i will wait for him another one month. I hope when the semester starts, we will be okay again. I hope it’s true when he said that his house doesn’t have internet signal, but deep in my heart i know sometimes he can find the signal. I can see his last online status actually hahahah but sometimes i see he didn’t online for 1 week. Online just for a few minutes but didn’t reply my messages hahhahhahahah
Please say that he wasn’t lying.

#love   #why   #secret   #despair   #relationship   #boyfriend   #single  

I love my boyfriend so much and he treats me so good both in the bedroom and out of it, but sometimes I want to experience a threesome.

#threesome   #boyfriend   #sex  

I am 16 with several boyfriends of the past, but intercourse only once. I am fixated on a man with lots of experience, but not sure how old to go. I am thinking to double my age and have him be 32, but what if he's a dud? So far they are all frauds and don't know how to please.

#horny   #experienced   #masturbate   #sex   #older   #duds   #boys  

I'm so jealous off my boyfriends vline, every time I see it I want to rip his pants off and start sucking his dick. You cannot believe how perfectly build his waist, dick, ass and legs are. He is asexual sadly. I crave his dick so hard I would kill to get it.

#nsfw   #gay   #asexual   #dick   #boyfriend   #sex  

Me and my bf has been dating for 2 years now and I still cant help but get jealous whenever he meets a new girl. I get really insecure especially when he talks about them and when I see they’re really pretty. I know its not my bfs fault and I shouldn’t make him stop making girl friends but I dont know how to deal with it without taking it out on him. I do trust him but I just get this haunting feeling that he might fall out of love and found someone better.

#boyfriend   #jealousy   #trust   #confession   #girl   #relationship  

I have a boyfriend, who I love, but I really want to hook up with this other guy. He's two years older and I can't stop thinking about him, but I can't tell anyone and I still love my boyfriend.

#lust   #boyfriend   #sex   #hookup  

I have as a boy done many sexual things and I can only once remember feeling embarrassed and ashamed. many years ago I was an attractive boy, some might say pretty. I was 14 and I was grabbed by some bigger boys and taken down to the service tunnel under the school. I was told to strip, said no, was tol that I would be hurt if I did not. I was grabbed and held standing. One boy produced a feather and started top tickle my penis, I struggle but no use. In a short while naturally the penis stood up, there was no way of controlling that. I started too get sexually aroused and ater a short while they did not have to hold me anymore, I just stood there and let it happen. As the feeling grew more intense I grabbed my penis and started to masturbate it. They grabbed me again and held me preventing me masturbating while the feather continued its work. I was getting desperate, they kept asking me what I wanted, they maid me say out loud and clearly what I wanted them to do to me, they made me beg for it and say please nd then I ejaculated. They all laughed and then to,d me to clean up the mess with my handkerchief. I was asked if I had liked what they had done with me, I had to say yes and thank you and pease do it again soon, then I was allowed .to leave. It was the most humlliating thing I ever experienced

#masturbation   #force   #boy  

I try to make my boyfriend angry because he said proudly announced once that no one and nothing can make him upset.
It's my new challenge to show him otherwise. :-)

#angry   #boyfriend   #upset   #challenge   #proud   #funny   #confession  

so, I met a guy 10 months ago, and of course we made it , since then we're together but what he doesnt know is that , even if i want , i cant be open with him about my life , i continue lying him abou everything in my life , just to feel loved , .. im a terrible person , i already cheated on him with 3 guys.
but somehow i do love him... even if im doing this

#boyfriend   #bad   #imaliar  

I love to squeeze my boyfriend's pimples.

#squeeze   #boyfriend   #pimples   #disgusting   #confession  

I am in a serious relationship for two years and recently ı started to fancy someone else. I love my partner with my whole heart and ı dont want to end or damage my relationship with him. But ı cant seem to stop looking at my friend differently. We are not so close but we started to spend more time together recently. I feel so happy around him. He makes me laugh. He is not my type but there is something different about him. I told my friends about how I feel and they guessed who ı was talking about before ı even told them. They said that he acts close to me as well. They said that he sometimes flirts with me. I felt that before too but I wasnt quite sure. But he acts so cold to me sometimes and then comes and flirts with me. I feel so guilty for liking him. I told my boyfriend that ı liked being around him as a friend. But I know it is a little more than that. I dont know what to do. And also he has a girlfriend too. I cant stop thinking about him. He acts like he feels the same about me but then he acts like he doesnt know me. I am clear that ı dont want to risk my relationship but I cant seem to Shake this feeling of me.

#boyfriend   #cheater   #love   #relationship   #guilt  

I'm in love with this guy for over a year now... but there are two problems. For one, he has a girlfriend and for two, he's the best friend of my boyfriend.

#love   #problem   #girlfriend   #best   #friend   #boyfriend   #secret  

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