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Guilt Confessions

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In 1986 when i was 12 years old a neighbor man asked me to sell him my dirty underwear. He said he would give me 100$
stupidly I did and i kept it a secret.
Years later i heard he had gotten in trouble for molesting little girls and they found over 500 pairs of little girls underwear.
I often wonder if mine were in his collection.


#12   #underwear   #young   #guilty   #secret  

I met my current girlfriend on a dating site. She's attractive but not amazing, however, she has a truly sweet personality.
While I was on the site I saw the profile of a girl who was my idea of perfection. I'd messaged her but never got a reply.
Today, I was out shopping with my girlfriend and I saw that girl from the dating site. She looked so beautiful I felt like crying, I couldn't take my eyes off her.
I know my girlfriend is great and I'd recently decided I was in love with her but now all I can think about is the perfect girl I saw today, I will dream of being with her and feel really guilty about it

#crush   #guilt   #lust   #obsession  

I started sleeping with a guy I’ve always wanted to fuck last year even though he had/has a girlfriend.
I’ve always thought he was hot but have never been single when he’s been around (meaning he was in jail for the short time I was free between relationships since I met him about 8-9 years ago).
It was supposed to be one “encounter” … We had about 5 days while she was away and that was supposed to be it, however every time she’s been away since then he’s contacted me, the last couple of times even coming to me at my house (we lived just over an hour apart and I’d always gone to him). I’ve not once tried to reach out or been the one to instigate further hookups, it was always him, but not once was I going to turn him down. The connection is AMAZING, honestly I’ve had some of THE BEST sex of my life with this guy.
The weird thing is, even though I know his partner I just don’t feel guilty, I don’t give a fuck, I would and probably will continue to fuck this boy every time she is out of town.

#ifuckedyourboyfriend   #illdoitagain   #mostselfishthingihaveeverdone   #noguilt  

I recently became so close with one of my friends who is very innocent and straight forward. She once started talking about how aroused she was and I was shocked to hear that. I was like "It doesn't feel right to share these stuff" but she said it's okay as since she just shared her inner feelings. As days went now we talk a lot about sex (we don't sext each other but share the interest fetishes) sometimes I get aroused listening to that. I feel bad about getting aroused and I told her about it. But she was like as long as you are not thinking about doing with me it's not a problem.

#bestfriend   #guilty   #embarassing  

After I drink hot tea I rewarm the last of the water and put the teabag back in. Then I let the warm teabag sit ontop of my clit until the whole area is warm and pulsing. Once I'm good and hot, I massage the warm teabag in circles, faster and faster until I cum.


Im in love with both of boyfriends roomates.. I long for them so much. I just want to curl up on their laps and spend my time with them in their arms. Not to mention the sexual fantasies.. I won't ever do anything, they are all close friends and im not that kind of person it just.. hurts.

#love   #heartache   #guilt  

My (m.29 at the time) fiancé (f. 28 at the time) died 2 years ago, we were together for 9 years. It happened out of the blue and we didn't see it coming. Ever since then i've gotten so depressed and lost myself so much from the person i used to be that i'm not sure she would still love me. I've started having panic attacks over the silliest things about my own health (i.e., think i'm having a heart attack, stroke, ect...) with no reason to believe that those things are happening or could. I tried going to therapy not long after she had passed away, but i didn't like the doctor, he just felt really robotic and like he was reading from a script, so i stopped going, and haven't done anything about it since. i'm not sure if it's survivors guilt or something, but i almost don't care to take care of myself for reasons i can't exactly pinpoint. i don't want to talk to my parents or friends or other family about my mental health situation because i know it would just upset them and make them sad for me and i don't want to do that to them. sometimes i just want to pack the most basic of belongings and just disappear out of their lives and maybe they'd just forget about me and i can have a do over with my life. i don't think i ever would, but i think about it a lot.

#depression   #survivorsguilt   #mentalhealth  

When I was in HS I used to babysit a neighbors kids. The boy was an infant but no real trouble and slept all the time. He may have been a retard.
The daughter very precocious so one day I was playing with her roughhousing a bit and I don't know why but I got hard. Remember i'm in HS at that time like 40 yrs ago. Anyway the daughter, she looks at it in my jeans see the boner and reached over and touches it. She has big eyes o i Took it out. She still grabs it rubs it etc. Even though she was like a kid it felt so good. I let her play with it for awhile. but i'm about to lose to.ripping pjs off and enter all 3 holes till she begged for mercy. Anyway I ws just about to do that then I dont know she looked at me and I got my moment of poise.
In the end I just picked her up took her to bed kissed her o the forehead then left....does she remember it an
Sometimes I wonder if she even remembers it or not and realizes how close her situation was about to change.

Dear ex boyfriend, I hope you find peace in heaven and love I couldn't give you when you were alive. Sorry for making you feel like a I am here feeling like shit myself, I wish I could do something to bring you back to me, but unfortunately I can't. I am hurt because I loved you too...I still do it's just that I didn't know how to show it. Forgive me if you can....I will always love you even though you are not here with me, but your memories are.

#suicide   #guilty   #forgiveness  


I confess to being a cocaine addict, among other things that I want to confess about. This is a long story and I will keep it as short as possible. It all started when I was in middle school, just as I was finishing 8th grade, i had reached a point in my life where I had become aware of how alone I was. I was being bullied my whole life in high school but only when I turned 14 did the loneliness begin to really hit me. I wanted to fit in with everyone so badly that I was willing to do anything. Once, I saw a group of popular kids doing drugs in the bathroom stall and they caught me looking at them. I asked if I could join and they didn't believe that a girl like me would even dare to do drug with them and thats when the insecure little girl inside me forced me to put aside all rationality and I just went for it. Since that day I have been battling addiction, depression and anxiety. I have to spend the rest of my life popping pills for my withdrawal symptoms and depression and I have to work my ass off to get my self-esteem back on track all for a second of impulsivity. Till today, I would say that i regret no thinking of the consequences. I regret not thinking of myself or my family before jumping into the trap. More than anything, I want to go back to the day and get the last 6 years of my life back...

#addiction   #depression   #guilt   #cocaine  

I get off thinking about my ex boyfriend. We kind of "hate" each other and I know this is wrong. The worst part is, I get turned on by the thought of his calves. But it's not my fault he's so damn hot :\

#guiltyassin   #imsorry   #dirtygirl  

One of my co-workers is sick for two weeks now. I think I have something to do with it. He always brings is thermos jug with him to work, and he's a really nervous and bustling person, so I put some suppressant in his tea. His reaction on the drugs were hilarious but now I feel a bit guilty.
I hope he will be fine soon!

#sick   #suppressant   #tea   #guilty  

I confess to being lazy. I try and do as little work as possible. I often don't do homework assignments until the last minute. As I type this, I have readings I am supposed to be have done. I have not done them because I can't bring myself to do the work. Sometimes, I get lower grades than I should because I was lazy and didn't work as hard as I should have. One time, I put off an assignment for months after it was due.
I nap often because I am so lazy that sleep is a better option than actually doing school work.
I am guilty. I am a sinner. I will seek out ways to discipline myself, and do penance.

#lazy   #school   #guilty  

Well I play this game with my friend and we’ve played it for years. I got so greedy I went onto my friends account and took her stuff. She had no clue it was me and I felt sooo bad after. I went back on and gave her her stuff back but I didn’t have everything so she missing some items. This has been about a year and still haunts me. I’m thinking about telling her when we are older so she won’t be as mad.

#guilt   #hack   #friend  

My best friend is lesbian she has a girlfriend and I have a bf but last night me and my bestie had sex I felt so guilty but it was so good we are like 13 tho and yk it was really wierd after that I really feel embarrassed and ashamed of myself for doing it with her I hope god can forgive

#lesbian   #sex   #cheating   #sad   #guilty  

There's this guy that works at a store near me. He has to be the hottest guy I've ever seen. And every time I go to the store and see him he catches me staring, I know he's too old for me but damn. I'd do anything he told me to. The thing is I have a bf and I feel guilty just thinking about this guy. When I know I have 0 chance with a guy because they're 10/10 and I'm a 1/10 I usually don't even bother thinking about them but I can't stop! Help! Is it wrong I think about him?

#guilt   #fantasy  

I did hurt many people in school mostly, but in real life too. I feel sp bad with it. I thought i can tell them that im sorry, but will it change anything? I've made their life a hell just because i want to. Should i again step in their way just to tell them im sorry just because I WANT TO?

#shool   #guilt  

I am 18 and read these stories often and masturbate to them frequently all these stories of young hot horny girls turn me on and I wish could fuck the girls

#masturbation   #guilty   #pleasure   #horny  

I’ve been thinking about my sexuality for some time, I downloaded Grindr and met up with some guy and Got my first blowjob by a guy and then I didn’t like it so I know what my sexuality is now

#guilt   #resent   #disgust  

I sat at the back of the auditorium at my school during a play and fucked myself. I dont know what came over me but i couldnt stop and almost got caught, i wasnt masturbating to my classmates i was just really horny.

#school   #play   #exibitionism   #caught   #guilt  

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