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Drinking Confessions

Read the best #drinking confession stories

Drinking. Two of my roommates went off for a beach party good time when Covid hit. Just a cold.
Came back & it swept thru everyone they knew.
One of them had her family hit hard. She ended up in family. So did some of her relatives.
So after people she loved went on permanent disability & worse. She got cautious. So did her friend.
But now each of their oldest relatives are vaccinated. Nothing to worry about. Party time. They stuck their kid back in school. They are going to bars mask less to pick up men. They are in there hung over. But bragging about all they drank & the good times.
Now that the south has their beaches wide open with the deadlier mutations it’s time to go to the beach for a week again.
You can’t fix stupid. They are confident they will survive the new virus because they did the first. Their elders are vaccinated. So they have nothing to worry about anymore. Time to go live again.
That is why our nation is having so much more death & stuff than most countries. We have spoiled people who only worry about themselves.
This is why our not vaccinating sick young people & parents with young kids once we knew it was safe is wrong.
Oh I get that hospital staff is first. That group home disabled & elders are second. Even prisoners.
But none nursing home old people should be behind the immune suppressed kids. Behind very sick & immune suppressed adults with underage kids. Behind the disabled who can’t follow PPE type rules. Not to be rude, but they are old. Already lived.
Or; put them all in the same group.
Then should come any high risk.
Then anyone else.

It’s obvi with selfish people who do not care about anyone else, that we can’t rely on them to look out for anyone but themselves.
That’s a cost of freedom. We have to let a lot of people die because they want the freedom to go get drunk & spread the new variants of death.
One thing this has taught us is why some past plagues were so deadly. You can’t fix stupid. You can’t fix selfish.
If a really deadly virus hit us it would spread thru America like an inferno, because too many just don’t care.
I do wonder this. One came home stumble drunk. Talked about how the other drunk more than her & kept drinking. Both came back same time. So who drove?
The one is saying the other drunk even more. So did the other set & sober before leave? I didn’t see other come in. I’ve never seen either drive drunk. So I’ll assume the driver sobered.
I have never drank so I don’t even know how it works. I think bartenders check them. Hope so.
I worked with two drunks that got arrested after leaving bars drunk. They were so mad. Said the cops were waiting. I made a lot of people mad. I said good. I’m glad. I pay the cops to set outside the bars. Have a cab take you there. Then one has to take you home.
One guy said well what if I find a woman who only gets loosened up when she’s drunk?
You’d think the world would like me. I’ve never drank; smoked, or done drugs. I worked hard. Charity work. I volunteered to help people in life or death situations.
But you get sick & discover you don’t matter to society at all. You don’t ever want to be homeless.

#selfish   #covid   #pandemic   #drunk   #drinking  

I've recently been going to lots of parties . I always get crossed faded ( its when your drunk and high) and it always messes me up even more. But, I can't stop. I feel horrible after but, at the moment I feel so good. And I love to go to crazy things with my friends when I go out to party.

#crossfaded   #weed   #highlife   #drinking  

I love my girlfriend with everything that I have and will do anything for her. She's one the best parts of my life, but her drinking is her default to life's stresses. I wish it wasn't because she changes into someone I don't recognize when she drinks. She's says hurtful things to me and gives me anxiety by how reckless she becomes. Tonight I woke up in the middle of the night only to feel my back and legs wet, she had pissed herself in the bed. I wish she didn't drink so much when things get stressful because I love her, I just don't love drunk her.

#soulmate   #girlfriend   #drinking   #issues   #guilt  

The second time I slept with my boyfriend I asked him to put his finger in my ass while we had sex, when he did that, i asked him to put his dick in my ass.

#sex   #anal   #slutty   #drinking  

I'm drinking a beer and driving while I confess


My girlfriend sometimes smokes and drinks when she is with her friends. I beg her to stop but she just can’t. She so hard headed. If only I could tell her how unattractive it makes her when she is like that. I’ve seen vids of her throwing of from being so drunk. Made me wanna leave her right then. And today I saw pictures on her phone from last night where she was high with her friends again. It just makes her so ugly to me. She insecure as it is but if only I could tell her how gross and ugly it makes her when she is high. I wish she’d stop doing it. She lies and sneaks to do it and denies being addicted but I know she is or she would’ve quite. If you’re my friend and you do it that’s whatever but the girl I want to marry and live with. Shits gross.

#preference   #gross   #smoking   #drinking  

Hey I'm 12 (female)and I tried to kill myself by Drinking Bleach... Why u ask well I had to poop so I did. I didn't realize that there wasn't any toilet paper. I was solo mad and I asked my Brothers and sister to go see if there was anymore in the other bathroom. NOPE THERE WASN'T. so the told me to use a fricking SOCK (a white sock) I said no. So sat there for a while then BOOM my siblings busted the Door open and watched me yell and scream at them. So I looked on the counter and seen some bleach I opened the top . Then I thought to myself I could go to hell if I killed myself . so I closed the top. And wiped my ass. And eventually use the sock. AND THAT WAS I THINK WHEN I WAS LIKE 5 OR 6 and my family won't EVER LIVE IT DOWN YEARSSS LATER

#fremale   #kill   #myself   #drinking  

My boyfriend took me to a party with his friends. He got me a drink which I thought nothing of but he had spiked it. I kept drinking getting out of control and totally drunk and I had a couple pot brownies not realizing they had pot in them. Everyone was playing truth or dare and we joined in. My bf dared me to take take off my panties(and I was wearing a short dress btw) so I did in front of probably 50 guys who wouldn't stop staring up my skirt. Then I was dared to go fuck my bf and I was a virgin who didn't rly want to have sex in high school but it happened and I was too drunk to catch my mistakes. We went into a bedroom and I drank some more and then he started kissing me. The kiss was so passionate more passionate than any other kiss we ever shared before. He started to take off my dress and I tipped off his shirt. He kissed me on the lips and then moved to my neck and gave me a hickey and moved down to my breasts and my stomach and my waste till he got to my pus. I moaned bc it felt so good I thought I could die. He was licking me so good I was ready to fuck him. I took his pants off and he was so hard. God he had such a nice dick. He forced me to suck it and I did. I feel guilty for enjoying it. He was rubbing it against my pus until finally he put it in and I let out a moan bc it hurt but it felt so good. We fucked for like 45 minutes until he came and I swallowed. We kept making out until we finally got dressed and came out of the room. Everyone listened to us and all the guys were trying to get in my pants and my bf told them to fuck off and leave me alone or he'd hurt them. We talked before about me being a virgin and how I'm saving myself which is the whole reason he cheated on me with my bff. He made sure I would get wasted so I wouldn't stop him and I've felt horrible about it ever since. I'll never forgive myself for what happened but I'm also never gonna forgive him bc he knew what he did was wrong but did it anyways. It feels good to get it off my chest anonymously.

#sex   #horny   #drinking  

I started drinking my own urine about a year ago; read somewhere that it is healthy to drink one glass of urine once a day; I now drink about 3 to 5 glasses a day.

I noticed it tastes different if I eat something different. When I drink champagne or something fizzx, I can taste it in my pee some hours afterwards.
It is very interesting for me and I feel much healthier than before I did it.

#pee   #urine   #drinking   #eat   #confession  

A few months ago I slept with my fiances cousin. We were just supposed to hang out as usual but I've been attracted to him since I met him so i had other plans. We went to a damn near where we live and just hung out and talked. We drank, smoked cigarettes, and even the weed he had. After several hours we drove around some and I brought up how I wasn't satisfied sexuality in my relationship. He said that wasn't fair and every girl deserves to be taken how she wants. After a while the conversation changed and we went back to his place. He turned on the TV and brough up the topic of porn and brought up his favorite website. And soon picked a video that involved both of our interests. After a couple minutes he said he was gonna have to turn it off because he was getting horny. I told him he could do whatever he wanted but I wasn't going to tell. He asked if I liked it and if I was sure it's what I wanted. And I said yes. He then told me I could finger myself if I wanted and I did. He pulled himself out and rubbed himself. Then he stood up and helped me off the couch. And then pushed me on my knees and fucked my mouth. He wouldn't let me use my hands and I just had to keep them on his sides as he grabbed my hair and shoved himself deep into my throat as I gagged. He slipped out and me licking and sucking his balls. Then he bent me over hands on couch and pulled my head up with my hair. And fucked my ass and pussy good and hard. Right before he finished he pushed me on my knees and shot his load all overy my face and hair. He feels guilty because he did it to get back at his cheating girl friend. I secretly want to do it again....

#cheating   #sex   #drinking  

I only got drunk once before turning 21. I was a good boy that followed the law. After turning 21, I began to explore the spirit and alcohol world. Since I was of age, I figured there was nothing wrong with it. While I was legally allowed to do it, it became something I did all the time, every day even. I know know that just because I was legally allowed to do something, didn't mean that I knew what I was doing. I have so many partial memories and times I wish I could remember

#alcohol   #alcoholic  

My (still) wife and I are about the be divorced. We separated a year ago and are living in different apartments and stuff. It's not long until we are finally officially divorced.
3 weeks ago, I went out with a buddy of mine. We went to a bar for some drinks. I met (almost ex) my sister in law there. She is a beautiful, young and confident woman. We started talking, danced, drank some beers and eventually ended up at my place.
I am not sure if what we did is right. We are dating now. On the one hand, it is ok because me and my wife are not together anymore and about to be divorced. On the other hand, she is my sister in law, so that's a big no no....

#sil   #sisterinlaw   #wife   #divorce   #divorced   #sex   #relationship   #dating   #bar   #drinking   #alcohol  

I have to confess something. When I was in high school there was a new girl named Katrina who was very pretty. And one day during school outside in the lunch area I let that girl Katrina pee in my mouth and I was drinking her urine in front of people. I really loved drinking that girl Katrina urine in front of people.

#highschool   #lesbian   #highschool  

Several weeks ago my sister and I rented an Air B&B to do a mini vacation. We stayed up drinking with her husband. He passed out on the couch while we continued to drink. We finally turned in for the night, she tried to wake her husband to come to bed but he was out. I tried sleeping on the floor but it was uncomfortable so I got on the couch next to my brother-in-law and fell asleep. I woke up later to him pulling down my sweatpants and underwear I asked him what he was doing and to stop and he whispered "shh. Don't worry, I won't tell your sister" I then felt him inside me, I tried to pull away but he had a firm grip on my hip. After he finished, he kissed me on the neck and said "That was nice kid" The rolled over and went back to sleep. I pulled up my pants then got back on the floor and slept there the rest of the night. The next day while my sister was in the shower he walked up and put his hands on my waist and said "that was nice last night, we'll have to do that again soon". I did my best to avoid him the rest of the trip. I chalked it up to drinking and bad decisions.
But this morning I took a pregnancy test and it's positive. I'm pregnant with my brother-in-laws baby. I'm so lost on what to do.

#pregnant   #sex   #drinking  

Pray and roll the dice for #drinking

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