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Dating Confessions

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Help! I'm in love with the little sister of my best friend. They live in the same house as me, so I see her almost every day. We talked about it and my buddy said that I should keep my hands of her and that he would quit our friendship if I tried dating her. I'm in a huge dilemma right now and I don't know what do do. We are best buddies since elementary school and I don't want to lose him but on the other hand I really would like to date his sister. She's super hot...

#love   #sister   #friend   #neighbours   #dating   #love  

I am seeing two different women right now. They are both amazing. After my divorce last year, my self-esteem was in the dumps. I did quite a bit to build it back up and, during that process, met both of these women. Like an idiot, I went on dates with both of them and I have not been able to choose who to stay with. Our town is small, I am going to get found out. I know I am. I need to make a decision and hope for the best because it's likely that the worst is going to happen.

#dating   #greed   #women   #cheating  

I have sex with my other women I meet off of dating apps at my home while my girlfriend is at work.

She comes home and we have sex after my cock has been in another womens pussy and mouth.

One time I fucked a 22 year old female and told her I have to go to work so she would leave in time before my girlfriend came home. She left and my girlfriend came home, she started sucking my fat cock after it was in another womens twat (unprotected sex and I came in her pussy). All I was thinking was that she was sucking off the cum and pussy juice of another women I had just fucked an hour earlier.

It's so hot I know I have to stop but I can't. It turns me on to know that I fuck other women and then my girlfriend right after.

#pussy   #cheating   #sex   #dating   #cum   #infidelity   #whore   #slut  

I use these online dating portals the other way around. The fattest and ugliest women get the highest or best rank. That's poetic justice!

#fat   #uglie  

So, I have never dated in real life, but after liking this girl online for almost a year we started dating. Now she's stopped me from killing myself many times and I have promised I won't end myself as long as I love her. The thing is I'm obsessed with her. When I know she's sleeping I can't stop thinking about her. I hate thinking lewd about her but hell, when I do I get extremely horny I want her. I always feel guilty afterward I couldn't bring myself into fapping about her. She's recently gotten a male friend and I see him as a threat but I can't do anything because it's an online relationship. I think my obsession is gotten out of hand. When I am horny I grind up on my pillow and when I'm not or trying to sleep I lay down with the pillow pretending it's her. I want nothing more in life than to at that least hold her hand. She's my whole world my only reason to live is her.

I have been dating this boy for a month now. I don't like him romantically but he's my first boyfriend and vice versa. He's a good person and I love him as a person but today he confessed he loved me. I don't love him back. I feel awful but I don't want to hurt him.

#lies   #dating  

We talked for 4 months but only met once cause im married. Because of the constant talking i was really into him but things fizzled cause i couldn't get out enough..... well i have a lot more free time now and have considered reaching out to him but is a year and a half too long? He's already messaged my online profile but with no pic he has no idea it's me.

#cheating   #dating   #sex  

I pretended to be a guy in an online relationship because the guy I like is bisexual with a preference towards guys, so I lied about my name my age and my gender, I just told him the truth and he said he still loves me

#lies   #gender  

I’ve spent time with the coolest woman in the world. So sweet. Super hot.

#date   #dating  

One reason I never wanted to date you is you still talk to and string along all your ex lovers because you have an addicition to receiving attention and adoration, even if shallow or superficial. The only time people still connect to an ex is when they are still having sexual relations with them. I do not, once the relationship is done, it is done and we go our seperate ways. Very black and white with this. The only exception is if you have children togther, that is acceptable. You speaking to your ex's and bringing your past into our present and future would be our demise because I expect loyalty. It is either me or them...and you chose the karmic and now you cannot sleep because you are missing me.


This is a really long story but it’ll try to make it short, last year I started dating this guys best friend, let’s call this guy brad. So brad started spreading rumors about me since me and my boyfriend started dating and he bullied me everyday and got other people to do it too, he’s sexually and physically assaulted me and now he goes to a different hs but he still continues to talk about me and it’s been reported to his school but nothing has been done. How
do I get him to stop? 😭

#bullying   #help   #advice   #hate   #dating   #terrible   #confession  

A few years ago, I dated this girl. Long story short, it didn’t end up overly well, and she cut me off for quite a long while after we spilt. Eventually, we did start talking again and even started spending time together, as friends of course. Well about two months ago, she texts me out of the blue saying, “I still love you. Please give me another chance. I want to be with you.”
Now I’ve moved on. I’ve put our romantic past behind us and I’m trying to move forward as friends, and I’ve told her this, but she just won’t listen to me. She keeps telling me that nothing’s been the same since we spilt, and that I was the perfect one for her. It even led to her kissing me while we were in public, without my permission at all. I feel bad for her, but I have no idea how in the world to let her know once and for all that I’ve moved on, and that she needs to as well without losing a friend. I know it’s not my fault, but she’s kinda making me feel like it is, and that I need to change so she can be happy, but...I don’t know.

#love   #relationship   #dating  

There are two women that I am very interested in dating and the interest with both seems mutual. I know one is totally crazy and will do nothing but piss me off once we start a relationship because I've seen how shady she can be but I find myself drawn to her more than the other. I know she'll likely cheat on me, or take advantage of me, because I see her doing it with her current boyfriend with me but I just can't help myself. The other girl is really sweet, kind, sexy as hell, and for whatever reason, I'm just drawn to the psycho.

#attraction   #badchoice   #dating  

Im am in a committed relationship and it has been two years. I love my bf but I started to have feelings for a nother guy. He is my friend. We are not so close friends. He was acting close to me, he was touching me constantly so I thought that he might have feelings for me too. He has a gf too. We have this different kind of chemistry. But I love love love my bf and I dont want to risk my relationship with him. As I said he was actimg close but then it stopped. Now he just acts normal arund me. He is distant. I cant understand what happened. I just want to know that if he likes me too or not. I will not leave my bf for him but ı am just curious. I will forget about him. Its just hesmiles differently when he sees me his eyes shine. I think we have a different connection but we will never find out

#relationship   #cheating   #dating   #love   #commitment  

I came out as transgender male a while ago and most of my school just sees me as a biological guy and doesn’t question it but there’s a good portion that still know though. I like this girl who moved here recently and I’ve been talking to her nonstop and I’m falling hard for her. I just don’t know how to tell her I’m transgender

#trans   #transgender   #dating   #ftm   #lgbt   #help   #advice  

Do you have a boyfriend? Men lie (Your the one...I love you...your beautiful...) to women in order to use them for sex and unload their cum factory. Some men have multiple women but you think you are the only one. If you got pregnant or an std they will abandon you for another piece of Tits and Ass. Women need to stop giving husband (sexual) privlages to boyfriends (platonic) unless the put a ring on it. If they aren't paying your rent don't give them the cookie, dinner is only a make-out pass, nothing below the waist. Never waist more than 6 months to a year dating someone not advancing your relationship. Esp if you have been having sex with men for years and they still will not commit, as in marriage, you are just a drive in gas station for someone elses short term pleasure. Find a man willing to buy you a house, build a home, join families, upgrade your lifestyle. Quit wasting time on losers, you are not a prostitute so don't act like one. Yeah you.


My (still) wife and I are about the be divorced. We separated a year ago and are living in different apartments and stuff. It's not long until we are finally officially divorced.
3 weeks ago, I went out with a buddy of mine. We went to a bar for some drinks. I met (almost ex) my sister in law there. She is a beautiful, young and confident woman. We started talking, danced, drank some beers and eventually ended up at my place.
I am not sure if what we did is right. We are dating now. On the one hand, it is ok because me and my wife are not together anymore and about to be divorced. On the other hand, she is my sister in law, so that's a big no no....

#sil   #sisterinlaw   #wife   #divorce   #divorced   #sex   #relationship   #dating   #bar   #drinking   #alcohol  

I dated 100’s of beautiful women when I was young. I’m still paying for it. If a pretty woman smiles at me now I immediately walk off. You never stop paying for the sins of your youth. I used to love all the attention. Now I regret it.

#youth   #dating  

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