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Lesbian Confessions

Read the best #lesbian confession stories

I'm a happily married woman of 31 with one child and a terrible secret. For the past year I've been cheating on my husband. I'm not weird or anything but I've fallen in love with someone else. It happened so fast I'm still confused myself but I think I finally must confess that I'm in love with another woman. I've never felt this way before with anyone. I can't control myself I'm in love with the babysitter Shelby. It started so innocent and soft but it's become something else.


I am 19 years old, female, in very good shape and pretty. I have been having sex for about 4 years, and only two nights ago had my first sex with another female. She is 42 years old, incredibly pretty, and a rich doctor. She is divorced, no kids, and lives in a big mansion. She seduced me, and I loved making love with her. I found I like the taste of her, and don't feel self-conscious any longer about my smell or taste. I am seeing her again tomorrow night, I am so wet. I've never had this kind of experience with a man.


16 f and I get really turned on by sex confession. Especially lesbian ones (I'm straight). They make me so wet.

#lesbian   #straight   #masturbating  

I am a straight girl worried when I masturbate while thinking of my chemistry teacher lecturing me on how to eat pussy as she licks, tongues, and sucks me. It's the same scene that puts me in a dream like state until I have the biggest O. Why? And where did this crap come from? I cannot tell anyone. But at the same time it would be crazy to tell her if she would take it ok. I am weirding out.

#pussy   #teacher   #masturbation   #orgasm   #lesbian   #dream   #suck   #lick   #toungue   #lecture   #weird  

I am 18 female, with a nice looking face, and very nice body. I was a little bit of a slut from about 13 to 15 fucking 24 different boys. My boyfriend is now 25 and met me when I was 16. I have only been with him and three of his friends, at his urging since I met him. He was taking pictures and video of us having sex, in all ways, oral, regular, anal, and some of me and his friends. He told me he was going to let the pictures on the internet since our sex life had gotten boring. I begged him not to, and really begged him not to leave me I would do anything he wanted. He knew that other guys had pictures and videos of me, so a month ago he told me to find another girl and have sex with her while he watched and then did whatever he wanted to me. I did that and did it about 6 times after that first time. Last week he wanted more and I told him I'd do whatever he wanted just to stay with me. He made me do it with a dog. He video recorded the whole thing, and took pictures. Now he says if I do anything he doesn't like, or say no to anything he'll leave and post the pictures. He's made me do it three times more in the last week with 2 other dogs, one belonged to his friend who watched and then had sex with me before and after. I'm writing this with canine cum leaking out of me right now. My boyfriend doesn't let me wear panties anymore and I have to wear skirts and dresses all the time. Every morning before work he cums inside me and I have to ride the bus to work and work with it running out of me. I do love him but don't want to do all these things, but I'll never get another man if he shows those videos and pictures.

#mf   #mmmf   #k9   #lesbian   #ff   #nc  

I am 22 yo married lady who likes reading stories. I have never done a woman but these stories make me want to experiment. I masturbate and confess. Just don't tell my husband, please.

#lesbian   #pussy   #lick   #taste   #eat   #straight   #husband   #secret  

I masturbate while fantasising about my lesbian friend.

#masturbation   #lesbian   #guilt  

I am a 18yo girl and i get so horny thinking about my brother's girlfriend. When she comes round i find any excuse to watch her especially when she is wearing tight clothes. Once I saw her naked with my brother in his room and she was sucking his cock. I watched for as long as I dared. I want to touch her and I keep masturbating thinking about her.


Currently in college I am in a wonderful relationship with my girlfriend of two years. We are very happy with one another and even talk about Internet women sexually. One night while having sex, she looked at me dead in the eyes and asked if I would like it if it were our friend. Our friend is a lesbian girl who's super attractive and I've dreamed of fucking her. I obviously said yes in the heat of the moment and she made me call her by our friend'said name. This went on for about 5 months until we decided to fuck while at our friend'said house. Again, I would moan our friend's name and I would finish very quickly.

About 2 days after, my girlfriend was at her family's house helping when I got a text from our friend to meet her at the local super market and to come alone. I messaged my girlfriend and told her I'll be back later. Once there I picked up my friend and she told me to drive to the broken down mart a few blocks away. At this time it was winter and 6 pm was pitch black. I made my way over with her and parked asking why we came over her, she pulled memail into a kiss and smiled at me, pulling her shirt off showing no bra. I quickly tried to look away but she insisted I looked while she striped naked. Her short green hair all the hotter as she flipped it while undressing. I decided I'd touch myself as well and started stroking slowly. She smiled and commented on how thick I was as she told me she wanted me inside of her. I smiled and did what I wanted to do for the whole time we were friends, we made our way to the backseat and I slid into her.

Being a lesbian she was super tight, unable to take me fully until about half way through. We had to of been fucking for a long time because my girlfriend called mid way through. We stopped shocked and I tried slowing my breathing as I answered her. She didn't seem upset just worried as I told her I was fine and I'd only be a little longer. After hanging up, my friend confessed that she had caught my girlfriend and I while she was barely awake when we had sex at her house and heard me moan her name ad I finished. She continued saying she mulled it over for a day and decided she wanted to do it with me. I laughed and penetratedo her again as I kissed her passionately. I told her that we can do this anytime we wanted as long as my girlfriend never finds out. She agreed and I came inside of her in seconds.

To this day, I still fuck our friend under my girlfriend's nose. She'said on birth control to "control her flow" as she tells my girlfriend but me and her know why she's really on it. Even now as I type this, I'm laying next to a girl who's pussy I thought was impossible to get and it's all mine.

#lesbian   #girl   #guy   #straight   #gaytriesstraight  

I'm 16 with a nice body and like to show it. I realize I need to enjoy it before I grow up looking like my mom. Low riding baggy shorts, a big sleeveless tshirt, and never a bra is my normal attire. I get horny knowing all the men and boys are admiring and want me. I show what I can while acting innocent. I would say I am an exhibitionists except that I weird out when another girl eyes me with lust.

#tits   #tease   #teen   #braless   #exhibionist   #innocent   #lesbian   #men   #girls   #flash  

I love to vibrate my pussy while my girlfriend rides the strap on my knee.

#imlustingagain   #lesbianlust  

We are both straight girls sharing a two bedroom apartment. The rooms are at opposite ends which is good. But they are not far enough apart because I sometimes hear her masturbating and moaning. I don't want to, but I end up getting really aroused listening and imagine watching. I end up aroussed and masturbating with ideas of having sex with her. I no longer need to hear her moan to get wet, I see her half dressed and looking sexy and I get bad ideas. Time to move out before my curiousity takes over.

#lesbianthoughts   #roommate   #moans   #masturbating   #aroussed   #wet   #listen   #curious  

At 14 or 15 I recall standing at my mom's door and listening. I knew but didn't want to believe. I stayed because I was aroused and wanted to hear it all. I wanted to learn. But I knew it was funk because dad was out of town and our neighbor's sexy daughter who was a few years older than I was with my mom. She was HOT TONED BUILT PRETTY so I had to watch but the door was closed. So I could only masturbate and dream.
Sorry to bore but needed to confesss this. I could not tell my father. And I wish I could see what they did to one another. My mom, it's hard to believe because she loves my dad. I heard moans and bursts of pleasure sounds. I like my neighbor but it's wierd to get excited to hear your mom's pleasure sounds.

#mom   #teen   #neighbor   #dad   #moans   #lesbian   #sexy  

I'm a 16 year old girl and I am obsessed with lesbian porn.

#lesbian   #porn  

I am lesbian, have a mortgage with a long term partner, a dog, horses, the whole nine yards.
Sex life has somewhat dwindled and I find myself masterbating 3/4 times a week.
There's this women at work, straight and engaged (obviously) and so hot. She knows I like her and flirts like mad but openly admits she is a flirt. Infact everyone at work knows I like her, they also know my partner. She is my sole focus when masterbating, I envisage pulling up her dress, revealing her thong, pulling it down and slipping two fingers around her. All of this whilst bent on a table. I want to wrap her hair around my fist and pull hard as I fuck her, I want to see her when she comes.
Sadly this is all it will ever be, I would like to think I wouldn't cheat but if she offered it to me, would I?

#lesbian   #frustrating   #sex   #lust  

Well I suppose that people spend a long time before talking or telling about things that should be kept hidden. I cannot be the only one, I was born like this, but of course I hated it and hid it. But not without acting out. I was always masculine, I played sports, both Volleyball and Softball. My Softball team member Amber was a full on bull dyke and every girl knew that she was out to fuck every girl on the team. I was scared when she came to me, she started by calling me names, belittling me for being so weak and miserable. She kissed me forcefully, grabbed my crotch and shoved me down on the couch in our living room. She called me a she bitch and little wimp and tore my pants and panties off and shoved her fingers in my vagina and kissed me hard on the lips. Your mine bitch, she told me, and she told everyone on the team. I was 17 and a virgin up to then, I had only kissed a couple of girls and never got beyond second base.

I had to wear a yellow ribbon in my hair so she could spot me in the crowd. Many days she took me into the girls' bathroom and I had to give up my panties and go commando. She liked the look of a hairy beast but on me she wanted the little girl. Her tongue was everywhere a tongue should never be, between my legs and between my butt cheeks, or down my throat. And her fingers were used to open my lips and to slip into my vagina, to grab my tits, to slap my thighs and ass. It was one day when I got mad and resisted her and got on top myself and forced kissed her and grabbed her tits and then stuck my tongue in her ear. Leave me alone I said. But she never did.

I never wanted to be like this, I wanted to know a man at least once, but I never have. All I know is tits and ass and vaginas. I have never known a dick. There, now you know. I'm a bitch lesbian.

#lesbian   #confession  

I've been a professional photographer for more than 6 years and love my job. I've become very popular and connected in the past few years and have spent a lot of time away from my husband and family. I'm totally ashamed to admit even to myself that I've been having lesbian affairs for more than a year now. One discreet affair with a model turned into an introduction into a parallel lifestyle. My husband thinks our babysitter was suggested by friends when actually we've been dating secretly. It's hard to admit but I think I'm a lesbian.

#adultery   #lesbian   #wife  

My husband's sister just ate my pussy and wow. I have had lesbian fantasies for years but knew I would never act on them. It's just the thought of something new. Thinking a woman knows what a woman likes. The exploring and being explored by another woman can get me wet and imagining while masturbating. I am only curious but also somewhat confused. I just want to know what it feels like.
Well we just moved and my married sister-inlaw came for a week to help out. We get along great and there was some flirting but I thought nothing of it even though she got a bit frisky at times. One morning I was making coffee when she entered wrapped in a towel. She was watching me and complimenting me and my looks. I was feeling a bit nervous and turned on at the same time. I turned and looked into her eyes. They were saying they wanted to eat my pussy. I leaned in and kissed her cheek. She immediately began to kiss me and dropped her towel. I was caressing her hot curvy body and we were off to exploring and probing one another for most the day, allowing just enough time to shower and start dinner before my husband got home from work. The rest of the week were able to get some work done while having fun. She returned home leaving me to wonder if I will crave just her or will it be her and her husband in a threesome? The thought of eating her with her husbands huge dick deep inside my wet pussy is hot. No one has ever eaten my pussy the way she did.

#pussy   #eat   #lick   #suck   #touch   #orgasm   #first   #only   #lesbian  

I am a straight married female that set up a bachlor party for my brother. I went into a strip club for the first time ever. I embarresed to say one of the girls excited me so much that I could not wait to get home and masturbate. My fantasy is to eat her while my husband fucks me from behind. What's wrong with me? I have only ever been with my husband, so I confess.

#straight   #lesbian   #confession   #wet   #horny   #embarresed  

I have a fake ID that says I'm 19. I have been getting fucked since I was 12 and that was not with my consent. I go through the motions really don't like having sex. I don't see what all the talk with the girls at school is about, it's really nothing for me but lying there and letting a boy cum inside me and risk getting pregnant. I've let 5 others guys, other than the first do it to me and I still feel nothing. I mean, it feels good, but so does my rubbing myself.

I quit school, hired out through an upscale escort agency and sell myself and my body for sex. I make a lot of money, I don't enjoy sex but I pretend I do and the men, especially older men love me for it. I recently added anal to my sex acts, and started doing sex with older women as well. I had my first orgasm with anyone, but more especially with a customer when I was with an older woman on a long weekend trip to San Francisco. We had a suite with a balcony and she took me out there. It was great with the fog coming in late a night and rushing over my naked body. I want to have a girlfriend in real life to have orgasms with too.

#prostitution   #straight   #underage   #lesbian  

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