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Curious Confessions

Read the best #curious confession stories

I am a straight young virgin girl learning the art of masturbation. I like to experiment and try different methods I read about. My newest thing is spreading in front of a mirror and seeing how big I can get my clit. I saw some really big ones and want to compare mine. I think I am becoming an addict to masturbation. The process usually starts as being curious and wanting to learn. So I search and read. This is how I found this site. Then the next thing I end up watching different porn. I went to lesbian with the intent of learning my own body better. I try most categories, but I find the lesbian style gets me going the strongest. Women's sex parts are the same but they can look so different in shape, size, color, etc. It opens my imagination and I wonder how my body will change. My boobs are just starting, but I hear they will end up being like my mother's. Now I have even been eating better because I don't want to get fat like her. I am straight, but confused why I get aroused looking at other girls. I confess I have even been looking at my friend differently and wanting to see her nude. We are the same age, but she is more developed and looks a couple of years older than me. I want to touch her and have her touch me. But I do not want to be a lesbian. Am I weird because thoughts of touching get me wet and horny?

#curious   #confession   #straight   #lesbian   #learning   #masturbation   #wet   #nude   #reading   #porn   #horny   #weird   #experimenting   #mirror   #clit  

I'm a horny boy who loves all sex. I finally got fucked in my butt last night! I've always been too shy to do it, and I worry that the guy I'm with will talk. And he better not. I was just soooo drunk and coked up that I coulnt help myself. He was great too. He told me to go use an enema, which I've done before, so no big deal. I washed myself in is shower, and shaved my butt. When I was done he was already in bed watching gay porn. I jumped in naked and we made out for a few minutes. Then he got on top of me.... Ugh his cock was so hard. He told me to lift up my butt and he put a pillow under it. Then he reached for some things in s drawer... I wasn't sure what but then I heard ripping and plastic caps. I figured he was putting on a condom--which he was. Then I felt him rubbing really slimy wet lube on my butt and into my ass. I was dying of anticipation. He asked if I'd ever been fucked before and I said no. So he wrapped his hand around his cock with his thumb pointing out toward my hole. He eased his thumb in slowly and wiggled it. It made me relax my butt hole, and he said stay open. Then he slid his cock in me in one thrust. It hurt a little but I wanted it so bad that panted past it. He left it deep in me for a few seconds then began to pump me. Have you ever felt a cock massage your prostate? Holy fuck! It was awesome. It only took him about 2 minutes to cum, and he sucked me off immediately after pulling his dick out of me. I came quick too. I wanna do it again tonight!

#bicurious   #first  

I always have to interfere in problems of others, not because I wanna help them but because I wanna know everything about them. I am just too damn curious. Most of the times those problems are total bullshit and I have difficulties trying to sound caring but I NEED TO KNOW everything.

#interfere   #problems   #curious   #confession   #difficulty  

I let my best friend suck my dick when my gf and I were having issues. Idk whether or not to tell her bout it.


When I was 10, my best friend was a boy, (and he still is) and we would flirt with eachother and stuff. He was really handsome and stuff, and eventually i started having fantasies about him, and one day we were playing ball tag and he lead me to this secret place in the school and started to kiss me. i kissed him back but we could hear a ball bouncing and it was our friend so we just pulled back. Even today, him and his/my friends touch me in weird places. -AJ

#bestfriend   #curiousity   #friends  

We are both straight girls sharing a two bedroom apartment. The rooms are at opposite ends which is good. But they are not far enough apart because I sometimes hear her masturbating and moaning. I don't want to, but I end up getting really aroused listening and imagine watching. I end up aroussed and masturbating with ideas of having sex with her. I no longer need to hear her moan to get wet, I see her half dressed and looking sexy and I get bad ideas. Time to move out before my curiousity takes over.

#lesbianthoughts   #roommate   #moans   #masturbating   #aroussed   #wet   #listen   #curious  

Me and my bf discuss many sexual ideas but never persue. One idea was a threesome. He wanted a bgg and I insisted on a boy boy girl. He would mention a coworker so much I wondered if they had something going. Once I met her, WOW! She sent sexual vibes to every part of my body. The first girl ever to give me such thoughts which I had to keep to myself. I was now very curious. Well the next time bf and I talked threesome, I agreed to his bgg knowing it would be her. But to keep him off track I told him I would only if we would do bbg when the right guy came around. So I had the best sex ever and Lucy pleased me beyond comprehension. I was shaking for days just thinking of it. Lucy and I were now friends and chowed on one another without my boyfriend knowing until he walked in on us. Now he is jealous and I want a new bf that's not a crybaby. I love men and not girls. But Lucy does something so new to me that I am confused.

#bbg   #ggb   #lesbian   #pussy   #threesome   #horny   #curious  

My confessions.
I am a married 23 female who enjoys reading sex stories when I am alone. I end up having multiple fantasies along with countless orgasms. I am always horny but it gets worse with age.
My second confession is a new but more frequent occuring fantasy that I don't know where it came from. Your stories got my imgination and sex drive off the charts? I have been wanting to have sex with my husband's younger sister. She has the total package; looks, personality, touch, I get so wet and moved when around her. I am so curious of her and why I want her so bad.
My final confession: I am masturbating.

#sister   #sex   #horny   #masturbating   #curious   #married   #hot   #petite   #sexy   #attractive   #cute   #girl   #why   #confess  

I walked in on my son masturbating. I am embarresed. Now that I saw his penis, I keep wondering if he is that big or my husband is that small. So curious that I am googling average size. I am wrong but cannot help but think my husband is puny.

#embarresed   #sizematters   #huge   #puny   #son   #husband   #penis   #masturbating   #curious  

Last year I gave my first bj. My teacher offered a better grade if I would blow him. I immediately said no. And after a few days of thought I changed my mind. I think it was just the thrill of it because an A instead of a B was not a big deal. When I told him OK we planned a ride in his car. He drove and I sucked but mostly played with his cock until he came. It was shocking and disgustingly messy. I realized I had no idea what to do, but it worked. I liked that he loved it and wanted to know how to do it better. Without a boyfriend I went for my sister's because he was cute and I knew he liked me. He was more than eager to teach me. It went further than I planned and he took my virginity. We ended up fucking like rabbits every chance we could until my sister caught us. Now he is banned and my sister won't talk to me. She says I am a slut. I was so busy fucking I still don't know how to a good blowjob.

#teacher   #bj   #sister   #boyfriend   #fuck   #horny   #virgin   #16   #curious  

My mom forbided my ex to enter our home, and when we broke up it didn’t actually mattered to him what makes me think maybe he did something with someone and she knows it idk.


A lesbian coworker ran her hand up my crotch and I said nothing. I kind of liked it and now I am worried because I keep thinking about it which makes me curious for a girl experience. I'm married which makes this all the wierder for me. I'm confused now and even imagining my husband joining after me and my new friend get to know one another a bit better. Why am I feeling nasty, naughty, and so curious?

#pussy   #lesbian   #rub   #curious   #husband   #girl   #coworker   #confused   #help   #threesome  

Slowly masturbating and exploring before I slept I would wonder what my friend's boobs looked like naked. Well last week we showered together. Her breasts are far superior to what I imagined. They are rounded on the bottom, firm and tipped upward. They had a nice bounce to them. She looks more like 17 and I look more like 14 with hopes of having a hot smoking body like her someday. Now knowing how she looks has made me worse. I dream of touching, feeling and exploring with her. If I try, will she pull away and reject me or trace my body with moist lips and wet tongue putting me into submission of forbiden sex. I am always horny but masturbation has been my only sex. I used to think boys, boys, boys, but now my friend has my curiousity. How is it that she gets me so wet and aroused?

#curious   #bounce   #firm   #sexy   #masturbation   #forbiden   #horny  

I am a happily married woman to my husband of 17 years and I love him dearly.
With that said, I fantasize about being with another woman sexually very often. I want so much to taste her and make her cum. Seeing women tribbing makes me sooo wet.

#lesbian   #curious  

I must confess reading lesbian confessions got me worked up. I ended up masturbating to dirty thoughts of different women I know. I am a 27 SF married and never with a girl.

#curious   #daydreaming   #masturbating   #sex   #horny  

I'm a 33 yo straight female married faithfuly for 1o years. I confess and share my story and fantasies to you. I love sex and cannot get enough. My husband is good but I masturbate every chance I get. I have never interested or touched another girl. I don't understand why but the past few years my go to masturbation secret fantasy is sex with another girl, preferably much younger with a hard body. And now that I have a new smoking hot 21 yo neighbor that I cannot take my mind off of getting intimate with her. So I am chatting with her when her husband calmly approaches, introduces himself as he strokes her firm ass and winks at me. All at the same time. I wet my pants and felt a quiver run through my body. So hot and I wanted so much to let it be known. I need a threesome with my neighbors; now. I am past being curious. My hormones and brain are out of control and I don't know what's happening. Wet and horny.

#lesbian   #threesome   #masturbate   #sex   #wink   #wet   #horny   #straight   #curious  

Sometimes when I have sex I imagine I'm not with a man but another girl. We're playing a girl game and giggling under the covers and I'm teaching her how good my tongue feels on her delicate parts. I can't tell anyone about my thoughts or how I kissed the neighbors daughter and want so much more.

#lesbian   #curious  

I am a 14 year pansexual girl and I have been talking to this girl lets just call her Megan for a bout a year now. I met Megan for the first time last year and we became really good friends and we hung out and I gave her my kik which is a Social app and we text almost everyday and I like her a lot. She is also pansexual and she is so pretty she is the only girl I have had feelings for in almost 5 years she is really flirtatious and she makes me so happy I'm not the type to go after what I want so I can't build up the courage to ask her out but I wish I did I long for the day I can cuddle with her and kiss her and stuff.

#lesbian   #curious   #confess   #firt  

When I wear chastity I get curious about doing gay things. I want to be discovered and blackmailed into giving head.

#chastity   #curious   #humiliation  

i am 55 years old, when I was 12 ,I was fondled by a much older man(60-70 years old) I stayed at his house and he made me lay in bed naked with him he rubbed his penis on my butt I reached around and grabbed it and told him to stop, I did give it a quick touch, now I find myself wanting to find an older man an touch his penis

#straight   #bicurious  

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