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Wrong Confessions

Read the best #wrong confession stories

I confess. I screwed my son's girlfriend. And it was oh soo good. It was one of those things, right time, right place, right moods. Not sure other than it just happened. Now should I feel bad that she is younger than my daughter? It's all good, unless he marries the girl. Then what?

#sex   #sonsgirlfriend   #confession   #wrong   #son   #daughter   #younger  

Weird dream I somewhat remember me eating out another woman when my husband walked in on us. And that is all I remember, but I keep thinking about it. And when I do, I end up getting wet and horny. If I am alone, I end up masturbating. I am twenty one, married, and never even thought of another girl. So weird and wrong. What is going on. I cannot make sense of it. A love / hate thing.

#firsttime   #weird   #lesbianaction   #husband   #sex   #horny   #wet   #wrong   #eatingout   #masturbation  

Me and my son's girlfriend shopped all day for swimsuits. We shared changing rooms as we assisted one another. I confess I got wet, horny, and filled with naughty thoughts. I am straight but got so aroused by her. I found myself looking her over. And now I get wet thinking of touching her naked body, and more. Something is wrong with me.

#lust   #badthoughts   #sexy   #horny   #naked   #wet   #daughter   #son   #swimsuit   #confess   #help   #wrong  

Lately my boyfriend has been really into me deep throating his dick while giving him head. The other week I was giving him road head as we were driving around his hometown around 11 PM when he pushed my head down forcing me to take in every inch and then have me hold it there for an extended period of time. I naturally have bad gag reflex, and when I tried to pull back from deep throating because I was having he pushed me down even further causing me to throw up in his lap.. He now knows that deep throating is on my terms or else he'll end up thrown up on!

#deep   #throat   #gone   #wrong  

A friend and I are straight female teens who sometimes sunbathe nude in the backyard if we are sure none will be around. She noticed the neighbor looking out his second floor window. We didn't look to let him know we knew. And he's cute so we just bathed and chatted making up things we could do to get him excited. So for the first time, we kissed another girl but did nothing else. I haven't told my friend but I got so excited. Now I masturbate thinking of having sex with her outside as my neighbor watches and jacksoff. The thought of doing so wrong, eating my friend and having him watch makes me feel so nasty and horny. I want this to become real.

#pussy   #neighbor   #kiss   #horny   #exhibitionist   #straight   #lesbian   #masturbate   #nude   #sunbathe   #friend   #nasty   #wrong  

I still think about my ex boyfriend too much.

#wrong   #guilty  

At 18 I got married as a virgin to my high shcool sweetheart. Five years later and he is still the only one I want to be with. But now I have started masturbating to the tune of a younger coworker. She compliments me and says sweet and innocent little things. I find myself getting aroused. A few times I wanted to touch myself. I could not wait to get home. I am straight but I have started fantasizing of her. I am suddenly curious to another girl. Like now, I masturbate and dream of different scenerios. I want my husband to walk in on us naked. We are so busy that he isn't noticed. I am on my knees with my ass in the air tongueing her pussy, squeezing her round tight ass, rubbing her perky tits, and kissing her lips. Then out of nowhere my husband slides his big fat cock in me and pounds me to orgasm. Then he pounds her as I ride her face. My husband fucks good so she will not be disappointed. I want to watch and participate at the same time. I know how to please myself, so I am confident I will please her pussy good. I want her to feel what I am feeling.
My fantasies may not come true but you know what I will masturbating to. At least into the near future.
I cannot believie I just wrote my confession(s)!!! I am wrong.

#virgin   #straight   #threesome   #coworker   #ass   #pussy   #aroused   #girl   #husband   #wrong   #confession   #masturbation   #perky   #round   #firm   #sex  

Is it wrong for a girl to masturbat?

#wrong   #help   #what   #ok   #girl   #young  

We were getting out of the pool at the same time and I accidentally ran my hand cross my best friends ass and across her pussi. It was a freaky but legit accident. She said nothing so I think she didn't even realize. But me, I cannot stop thinking how it felt and what a turn on. I was instantly aroused and I have masturbated for a week now, just thinking how I want to do it again. I have never touched a girl before, even accidentally. For the past week, I think of her more than my boyfriend. Now I am curious, can accidents be good, I think I may want more touching on her. I am so horny. And the older I get, the more I want sex.

#girl   #brush   #wrong   #touch   #accident   #straight   #curious   #want   #liked   #imagination   #horny  

I was grown up in a very bad neighborhood where girls were seen as sex objects. When I was 13 I touched a girl wrongly in my school. I touched my best friend's sister wrongly. I touched a girl in my neighborhood wrongly. All during my teenage. I even said sorry to my friend's sister that "I am ashamed of what I tried to do and please forgive me" she forgave me but I still feel that I did something really bad. Please people I understand today what it means and I am ashamed of what I did, but it was all because of my innocence. I knew I was doing something wrong but I didn't knew it's so wrong.

#sexabuse   #wrongtouch  

I started a new job fairly recently. It's an office job and I have a lot of new colleagues.
Someone started calling me Dennis on my first day there. My name is not Dennis and is not even lose to Dennis.

But I am really shy and anxious when it comes to social situations, so I did not correct them when they started calling me Dennis.

It's been 3 weeks now and most of them started calling me that.
Well, I guess I am a Dennis now.

#job   #new   #wrong   #name   #correct   #work   #office   #colleagues   #anxious   #shy  

I'm angry all the time over how arrogant and stupid my mother is. I just want to punch her in the throat. My mother blames everyone else for all her problems. She’s the one that ignores ever single warning about her fantastic life choices or who to trust. Then when things go south it’s OBVIOUSLY not her fault. Like my cousin, who is a notorious con artist AND has scammed her out of money in the past. She ignored every red flag and decided to buy a car from him. A car that she hadn’t even looked at before buying.That he insisted be paid in cash. It’s been 2 years and she hasn’t seen that car that supposedly exists. Yes, my cousin is an ass hat. However if my mother even listened to other people for once in her life she might see that she’s partially to blame. Maybe she might even make better choices in life if she paid attention to other people’s opinions and beliefs instead of living in her own world of denial and aggressive narcissism. But until that day comes, which it wont, it’s everyone else’s fault.

#family   #familyissues   #narcissism   #stupidpeople   #cantacceptblame   #neverwrong   #anger   #punchingpeople  

I am a straight married female that set up a bachlor party for my brother. I went into a strip club for the first time ever. I embarresed to say one of the girls excited me so much that I could not wait to get home and masturbate. My fantasy is to eat her while my husband fucks me from behind. What's wrong with me? I have only ever been with my husband, so I confess.

#straight   #lesbian   #confession   #wet   #horny   #embarresed  

A fly landed on a tissue I masturbated into and I was thinking "ha dirty little bastard I hope it doesn't get pregnant". Had a giggle to myself but now the fly keeps flying round the room and landing on me I don't want to kill it ha.

#masturbation   #tissue  

I recently stayed at my friends house and he had a mother and her two daughters staying at his house. He got a phonecall from the mother saying could you come pick us up from somewhere and he left saying i will be about 1 hour. I was left alone in this house and i remembered that earlier on i went for a toilet and noticed that there was a girls school uniform left in corner of the bathroom where obviously the girl had come home and had a bath. Now i am way too sexually peverted to let a situation like that slip through my fingers and headed straight upstairs. Now is probably a good time to describe these girls. One is 12 and the other is 14, both have inherited the lovely blue eyes and long blond hair of their mothers and they both radiate youth and innocence. My friend knew of my panty sniffing obsession but maybe thought i would not stoop so low to sniff underage girls panties. There is a lot he does not know about me. Anyway i went upstairs and into the bathroom and picked up the panties (iI still dont know which one they belong too. hopefully the 12 year old) and took a great sniff and i have got to say i have stole lots of panties and never have i smelled such a therapeutic smell. it was a aphrodisiac and my cock went instantly stiff and i knew i had to taste this little girls pussy on the thin lacy material. I have to say i have stole many ladys knickers and they have not come close to the lovely taste and smell of that adolescent pussy. I think i would do it again if the oportunity arose. obviously i do not not condone this complete disregard of a young ladys privacy but you only live once and this is one of those oportunities that was way too good too pass up. From a very sick bastard.

#curiosity   #obsession   #underage   #wrong  

For the sake of identification, let's assign variables instead of names.

So I have a (A)boyfriend, who is absolutely amazing in every way. I love him, with all of my heart, and I always will. He couldn't do a single thing that I would hate. He's perfect... and we're going to be married soon.

Before I met him, I was in an abusive relationship with this girl, and while I was taking her beatings and screaming, I found myself falling in love with this (B)guy, and he with me. It was obvious... we've even talked about it before, how we developed feelings. Well, I would even say that I love him, and I feel as if it's unfair and complete betrayal to my boyfriend. I feel like a horrendous individual.

Even now, seeing his (C)boyfriend online, acting like they have the most perfect relationship ever, I can't help but thinking of what new shitty, horrid thing he'll do to (B)him next. It infuritates me, and I just wanna get him out of it.

Am I wrong? Is it wrong to care for two individuals so deeply, at once? I feel as if I am. I have no clue how to end this... have a nice day.

#love   #sad   #wrong   #betrayal   #confession  

I am in a relationship with an amazing man. I love him more than anything.

We live thousands of miles apart and parting with him was one of the toughest things ever.

I have a friend who lives in the same dorm as me.

He's shown lots of interest but I've always turned him away. He's not attractive whatsoever, but he's a good friend of mine.

On the weekends, we like to get drunk and play board games in my room.

One particular night, we were playing jenga and trying to put the game away, but I was too drunk to stand. So we both just sat on the floor, his arm draped around me while I continued to sip a drink. He looked at me and asked me, "Are you tired?"

I shook my head and finished my drink. I was extremely intoxicated at this point, but I was still aware of what was happening. He finished his last drink too and I knew he was drunk.

He helped me to my feet and lifted me in his arms (this was normal, he always did this and put me to bed before he left).

He laid me down and looked at me. In that moment I wanted him to leave like usual because I was afraid if he attempted to kiss me, I wasn't going to fight back.

Unfortunately, he leaned down and kissed me and I grabbed him and pulled him onto the bed.

We made out feverishly.

I knew what was going on and knew it was wrong but I couldn't stop.

He lifted his face from me and asked, "Want me to turn off the lights?"

I said yes, obviously. Like I said, I didn't think he was attractive.

We continued to kiss and the whole time, I imagined it was my boyfriend.

We kissed for about 20 minutes until I called a halt and told him he had to go back to his room.

He didn't argue with me. He said okay and left it at that.

After he left, I felt extremely guilty.

I still do.

#cheating   #lie   #wrong   #relationship  

My wife had a company party and the motto was quiz show. There was even a quiz like the one "Who wants to be a millionaire?" and they even had telephone jokers. If she would have won, she would have gotten a week off and 500 pounds extra cash.
I was her telephone joker and she called me on the last question, if she would have known that, she would have won.
I told her the wrong answer because I don't want her to be at home that much.
She's annoying from time to time.

#motto   #quiz   #annoying  

I want to force a woman to strip in the park in the middle of the night. Not rape her, not even touch her. Simply threaten her, make her take off everything, even her socks and shoes. Then I tell her she can run home like that.

I'll never actually do it- it would be far too traumatizing to the woman. I'll never do it because if I do it once, I'll do it again. And again.

I simply had to confess my horrible fantasy.

#fantasy   #wrong   #strip   #naked   #park  

Although our time was brief, I know that I really liked you and I still wish that it could have worked out between us.
What hurts the most is not anything that you did but all that didn't happen.
I believed I would never find love in this life and that this was enough.
Meeting you has taught me that I want to love.
It was so easy to like you and easy to imagine and desire more.
However, in our time together it was inescapably evident to me that I am not the person you would love. Not now, not as I am now.
Would there have been a chance for us if this was another time in our lives?

#longing   #wistful   #heartache   #alone  

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