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Younger Confessions

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When I was 9, I wanted big breasts because I wanted to self-lactate in case of emergency. Now I'm 15, and I have D cups, and I now think it doesn't work that way.

#breasts   #lactation  

I used to work at a library after high school. I was 21 and there were a lot of younger, teenage girls that worked there. One of them, on her first day grabbed my crotch and told me she was good at giving blowjobs. We would fool around at work, secretly. One day she texted me that she was home from school and alone, so I went over on my lunch hour. She proceeded to blow me and I took her virginity in her bedroom. We hooked up a few times afterwards. Years later (now both of us married) we got back in touch and picked up where we left off.

#coworker   #younger   #virgin   #cheating  

When I was a senior during august when school began . I was shadowing this 8th grader named Olivia . I just turned 18 and she was 14 . Being the the horny high schooler I noticed that she had an innocent sexy face and a developed body. I tried to contain myself throughout the day until my final period where I didn't have an 8th period . So as I was taking her to the shawdowing room in the school , she gave me her number. She said she could tell how hard I was trying to not check her out. and I blushed hard ! A little 14 year old gave me her number ! And she was on to me!

We texted for a week before I laid it out if she wanted to go out that Friday and she said yeah. To make a long story short we ended up having sex and I was her first. She ended up always want me to chill with her since her parents were never alone . To say the least for 2 'months I had daily sex with a small young girl.

It was up until she started to introduce me to her friends to have threesomes when I said no. I ended up breaking whatever we had since I didn't want it to get outta of control

#sex   #confession  

I am 19 years old, female, in very good shape and pretty. I have been having sex for about 4 years, and only two nights ago had my first sex with another female. She is 42 years old, incredibly pretty, and a rich doctor. She is divorced, no kids, and lives in a big mansion. She seduced me, and I loved making love with her. I found I like the taste of her, and don't feel self-conscious any longer about my smell or taste. I am seeing her again tomorrow night, I am so wet. I've never had this kind of experience with a man.


my cousin is 17 and i am 20. he is skinny/fit with beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair...gorgeous. unfortunetly, he is my 2nd cousin by blood i believe/: we have been talking on and off for about 4 years and have only met up twice for a week each time every 2 years. we have so much in common and i feel a real connection with him on more than just a physical level. we have flirted and cuddled and i think i have real feelings for him and him for me. unfortunetly i have a bf whom i have been wanting to leave for quite some time now but i just havent had the heart really i not sure if its my heart or his that isnt ready. all i know is that since this relationship i have become depressed, anorexic, and violent. he is a wonderful guy but i feel like all of these negative things are happening because im not happy where i am in this relationship rn and i started loosing feelings for him a few months ago. and the weaker my feelings get for him the stronger they get for my going back to visit him before the next reunion in 2 years. i plan on visiting in a couple months but i havent let my bf know yet...idek if ill be togther with him,at that point...even if i do break up with him i wouldnt want to be with anyone else except for my cousin. what do i do? i cant stop wanting him but i know its wrong/:

#cousin   #love   #cheating   #struggle  

Guy in his mid to late 40s. Obsessed with women half my age if not less. Legal, but less. Currently having sex with two such women, who's combined age still isn't mine. Yet, I obsess over both, keep constant contact, have done favors, and changed my screensaver to a photo of one of them.

I know this isn't the healthiest or best thing, but, how can I stop? I've got 2 twenty-somethings who are sex hounds and just drive me crazy..Fresh young things!

Also always on the lookout for more women of the same age and type..


I confess. I screwed my son's girlfriend. And it was oh soo good. It was one of those things, right time, right place, right moods. Not sure other than it just happened. Now should I feel bad that she is younger than my daughter? It's all good, unless he marries the girl. Then what?

#sex   #sonsgirlfriend   #confession   #wrong   #son   #daughter   #younger  

so today, I was a sub for an all male high school. I got so horny,I had to masturbate twice in the bathroom. The attention I was getting from these boys just gave me an incredible rush. I used to hear stories about teachers fucking their students and thought they were monsters, but even though I wouldn't do anything, I totally understand now.

#sexy   #teacher  

Last night I cheated on my husband with a 23 year old man. I'm 49 and loved every second of it.
We met at a club and went back to his place. We were all over each other before we even got in the door.
The sex was fantastic and he pushed every button in just the right way.
We're keeping in touch.

#cheating   #sex   #incredible  

I fell for a guy that is totally wrong for me. I have kids, he does not. I am 14 years older than him. He's moving about 2 hours away from my home to help build his business. Despite all those reasons, I am head over heels for him and can't stop thinking about him. Writing this today because I am going to his house tonight for dinner after I drop my kids off at my ex's house and I'm going to ask him to delay his move to see if our relationship really is real. I'm so nervous about what his answer is going to be.

#relationship   #younger   #older   #lust  

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