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I take advantage of heavier more desperate girls when I go to bars or clubs. I’m 25 and I’m 6’3, and I’m in amazing shape. With this brings female attention. I do still have fun with hot girls but sometimes I get off on going for easy prey. With hot girls it’s me having to lead the convo and get them in bed but with desperate uglier fat girls its them coming at me wanting to get in bed. They probably get rejected a lot so when a good looking guy wants them they go all out. Best pussy I get is from fat chicks that are alone and drunk at the bar. Some have husbands and some are just lonely and want dick. I love using them and I never wear protection or pull out. I’m not going to see them again so I just cum inside then and dip.

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I was sleeping at my friends house and because his much younger sister was at her friends I was able to sleep in her room. After me and my friend were done hanging out in his room and decided to go to bed I went to his sisters room. Even though his sister is younger than me she is still good looking. I went to her dirty clothes hamper and grabbed some socks. I had one to my face and one I used to masturbate with. I just smelled her dirty feet and I had cum in the sock. I felt guilty after and I put the socks back with her dirty clothes. It felt really good but also I felt weird after knowing what I did. I was thinking of her while masturbating as well. Then when I left before I went I grabbed her dirty underwear and just licked and smelled them, then I put them back.

#sex   #sexy   #guilt   #sock   #socks   #dirty   #weird   #feeling  

Every time my boyfriend's little sister is hanging around I feel my juices flow and I get tingles. She is the total package. The way she moves, talks, gestures, and dresses or shows that hottest bod. Such a sweet and pretty face, hair, eyes. I just want to eat her pussy and I have never ever even thought about another girl. Why her and why now? I cannot tell anyone. Everyday I masturbate thinking about having sex with her. I don't even think of my bf that way. HELP!

#pussy   #built   #firm   #sexy   #hot   #tingles   #wet   #masturbate  

Not sure when it started I guess when I was younger, I was always attracted to younger girls. The first Time I had a blowjob I was nine and she was seven. As time went by I was realize that I wanted younger girlfriends. As years past several girls came in and out of my life. I've been married it didn't work out and got divorced and moved around a bit when I finally settle down I found a nice place in Southwest Texas. I graduated college years before settled into a new job for my profession that I'd add. I does been an avid bicyclist and I was repairing my bicycle in my driveway and garage area of my house and I noticed some kids in the neighborhood couple younger girls there's a lake behind my house and they were fishing. I remember talking with them and there was this one girl was very strikingly beautiful Spanish dissent gorgeous eyes beautiful hair cute little curves very young about 12 years old. I befriended her and kind of took her under my wing she stuck out from the other kids and other girls because she was taller. I think at that point knowing that it was a mutual attraction on her behalf I don't think she knew what she felt she was so young but I immediately knew I was attracted to her. As time went by we spent time together hanging out goofing around being silly I met her parents very nice people they were in need of my services for my job profession and I help them out graciously. Like I was saying as time went by the kids would do things play the normal games like spin the bottle truth or dare and they would always come to congregate around me which is weird I just think they were attracted to me because I was kind of silly and very young at heart. I remember one day her and I play truth or dare at her request of course and she said to today are to me and I said dare she pondered for a second and she's looked at me right in my eyes and dared me to kiss her I was shocked. Luckily we were in my garage I pulled her towards me leaned in and I Kister on the lips I was a magical kiss. As we parted I was speechless and she was too but she was smiling and she said it's my turn so I had asked her to think there and she said there and I said kiss me longer. She came towards me I was sitting down in a chair at that point she leaned in and put her arm around my shoulder I tilted my head to the side and we kissed French kissed eventually the next thing I knew we were making out. It was a rush it was so erotic I was so aroused and I know she was too it's like she was or she couldn't get enough of it it was something so new and so fresh and so Exciting for her. As time went on we played truth or dare. Always pushing the envelope she has to see me naked she wanted to see what it looks like and I asked the same as our relationship continued we explore each other's bodies at this time she was about 13 1/2 14 years old I told her about oral sex, I myself am not a big fan of that but I really enjoy doing it on a girl the first time I went down on her she Kutin Mohnton pulled my hair it was like an instant sensation for her she couldn't get enough and it was a rush for me. Usually in the morning before she had to get to school she come by my house I told her that the back door of the house is always unlocked for her she would come in take all of her clothes off and climb in the bed and straddle my face very dominant which I believe that's from her Hispanic upbringing she grab my hair and she ride my face force me and be very dominant about me eating your pussy which was a huge thrill I couldn't understand how some young woman as young as she was would be so dominant. As more time passes we try different things she would send me videos of her fingering herself she would also go on vacation her parents would send her back to Mexico to visit her family and she told me about stories of her and her cousin Heather would kiss and how they would play with the dog and her cousin would let her dog eat her pussy and then they both tried the dog in the dog would fuck them this was mind blowing to me I don't know where she thought her learned about these things but it is what it is she's a very erotic woman she always has been and always will be what you came back to the states we would see each other and continue our relationship and she told me what she did in Mexico I was shocked I jog dropped but she told me how much it felt how good it felt when she had a cock in her and asked me to fuck her I was very much obliged the first time I had my cock in her it was amazing her gorgeous 10 scanner beautiful breasts and the beautiful shaved pussy was just glistening watching my cock going in and out of her which is mind blowing she was very dominant when we fucked she pushed me down straddle me grab my cock and immediately slam down on it I'm never been with an aggressive woman like this before never complained always complied absolutely amazing the rest is history!

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When I was 12 I watched my older sisters shower, dress, and sometimes masturbate. That is when I remember first getting a hardon. And it led to me masturbating. They never new I watched and jacked off thinking of their hot bodies. Now I am embarressed that this happened.

#horny   #sister   #masturbate   #hot   #sexy   #jerkoff  

I watched my college roommate masturbate without her knowing I was home. I liked it too much because my pussy got so wet that I went into the next room and masturbated as I imagined her walking in on me and going strait to eating my pussy. I felt so nasty and horny. Now I am embarrassed but also curious how it would be to have sex with another girl. We are two straight girls that only date guys.

#fantasy   #caught   #masturbate   #lesbian   #sexy   #horny   #wet   #pussy   #eating   #girlgirl  

I saw my sisters nudes on her cell, her boobs are huuugeee.

#incest   #sister   #sexyboobs   #boobs  

At 14 or 15 I recall standing at my mom's door and listening. I knew but didn't want to believe. I stayed because I was aroused and wanted to hear it all. I wanted to learn. But I knew it was funk because dad was out of town and our neighbor's sexy daughter who was a few years older than I was with my mom. She was HOT TONED BUILT PRETTY so I had to watch but the door was closed. So I could only masturbate and dream.
Sorry to bore but needed to confesss this. I could not tell my father. And I wish I could see what they did to one another. My mom, it's hard to believe because she loves my dad. I heard moans and bursts of pleasure sounds. I like my neighbor but it's wierd to get excited to hear your mom's pleasure sounds.

#mom   #teen   #neighbor   #dad   #moans   #lesbian   #sexy  

I recently wrote on here about my wife giving me a wedgie and me wanting more but not knowing how to ask for them. Yesterday I finally just asked and I wish I would’ve sooner! She gave me so many wedgies, I loved it and she was having so much fun! We’re both kinda new to this so any wedgie dares are welcome! Or special types of wedgies :) leave a comment

#fetish   #wedgie   #lesbians   #wife   #dares   #confession   #sexy  

I have never done it but I'd love to have a threesome with my husband and a hot chick. I want to find out if I'd like it. I'm 26 and normal except for this new fantasy and always so horny.

#pussy   #threesome   #hot   #sexy   #eat   #lick   #suck   #fuck  

When I was 17 I payed a hooker to makeout with me. I was so horny at this time and couldn’t pull girls at all. The hooker was this thicker black girl. Being a white guy a black girl was a turn on. We only kissed because she didn’t want to sleep with a 17 year old. It cost 80 bucks to tongue kiss this girl for 20 minutes. She grabbed my cock through my jeans and made me cum while sucking on my bottom lip. It was so hot. Even though her breath was horrible and her tongue and mouth tasted like weed and beer, it was the hottest makeout session ever. Being a virgin 17 year old making out with an older thick hooker. Even though I never did anything with a hooker again it still remains one of the sexiest memories I have.

#hooker   #hot   #kissimg   #sexy  

Me and my son's girlfriend shopped all day for swimsuits. We shared changing rooms as we assisted one another. I confess I got wet, horny, and filled with naughty thoughts. I am straight but got so aroused by her. I found myself looking her over. And now I get wet thinking of touching her naked body, and more. Something is wrong with me.

#lust   #badthoughts   #sexy   #horny   #naked   #wet   #daughter   #son   #swimsuit   #confess   #help   #wrong  

26 yo straight female married 7 years. Lately when I am super horny and masturbating, I imagine our sexy nanny eating my pussy. It's difficult to mb between baby, husband, and nanny. I get turned on by the way she watches me breast feed, dress, bathe, ... . She is so exotic and special... I am embarresed at how out of control my thoughts are.

#nanny   #exotic   #young   #sexy   #lesbian   #straight   #husband   #baby   #bathe   #breastfeed   #pussie  

I want to have sex with the pool boy when my husband is at work. He is built and if the weather is warm he wears silky tight shorts and t-shirt outlining his build. The shorts are wrong the way they show his dong. I fantasize of pulling his shorts down and sucking his cock and before it explodes I climb on and ride. I'm 36 and I'd guess him to be 18, so I know he would like me to give him some lessons.

#fantasy   #lust   #sexy   #built   #milf  

I really enjoy watching my wife give random guys head while we are partying. It all started out very early on in our relationship. A little back story, we knew each other for around 20 years but the timing was never right for us to get together and we always kept in touch through we got together at 39 years old and had mutual friends so we'd see each other pretty often and would talk from time to time. My wife is a really sexy brunette 5'9" 135 lbs natural triple d tits with little sag and a beautiful ass that begs for attention. Her tits look amazing in or out of her bra and she loves to show them off. Me I'm 6'3" 245 and muscular I got the gym 4 to 5 times a week and keep fit I've got about 8.5 inches where it counts. Her and I had a lot of conversation about everything possible and we were really comfortable talking to each other I could tell she really loves sucking cock and has some amazing skills such as deep throating while I was cumming and her throat muscles massage my cock till every drop its all in her stomach. One night early on maybe 3 weeks into our relationship we were talking about things we've done sexually and she told me she loved to eat pussy and had been with a few women some of whom I know. So I soon learned she liked to flirt and that's just her it actually turned me on and we'd go home and fuck to intense orgasms. The first time we went out of town we met a kid at a dive bar near our hotel he was maybe 23 or 24 years old and there were only about 5 patrons plus the bartender, the bar bad a back room for the pool table that had 2 doors on opposite sides of a wall that was about 8 feet wide and it had a ledge to put drinks on and a few stools in front of it. So the 3 of us were shooting pool and drinking jack and cokes and doing shots of fireball. Her name is Tina by the way. So Tina says I want to dance and puts some money in the juke box and asks the kid to dance with her her m.o. is 2 fast songs and a slow song she loves to grind on whomever she is dancing with it's pretty sexy to watch her so they dance a few songs and she comes back over to me and gives me a kiss and asks if everything is ok and said she was having fun so I said I was fine and it was sexy watching her she looked at me and I asked her if he had a hard on and she smiled and said yes, she could feel it and asked if she could continue. I told her "hell I don't care if you suck his dick" wanting to see her reaction. she smirked at me and walked back over and asked him to dance some more which he was more than happy to. I ordered another round of drinks for is all and after a few more songs of her grinding her ass into his cock she came back over and asks me again if everything was ok and kissed me a bit slutty we all downed our shots and she leaned in and asked if I was serious about her sucking his dick at first I thought it might be a trick question and said if you want to I think it would be hot to watch. So she puts some more music on and starts dancing with him again this time turned her back to him and was really bumping her ass against him. She grabbed his hands and put them on her tits and the kid was a little shocked and nervous as in way bigger and would beat his ass if I felt like it So i smiled at him and gave my approval next thing I know her hands is behind her obviously stroking his dick in his pants she put his hands under her shirt so he could play with her tits for a couple minutes. She loves her mini marshmallow nipples pinched and they're always erect even if she's not turned on. So she turns to face him pulls her shirt up and shows him and let's him suck on her nipples meanwhile rubbinng his dick. She leaned in nibbled on his neck while unzipping his pants and whispered in his ear she was going to suck his cock and he came in his pants. He got embarrassed and left a minute later. But it was at that point I knew she was game and she knew I was ok and enjoyed watching her. we reminisced about that quite few times while we were having sex and still do from time to time, it was pretty hot.

We were still boyfriend and girlfriend at this point so The next time we had the chance was a couple months later and I realized she would never back down from a dare or a bet as long as it was in food fun. I had 2 weeks of vacation accumulated I had to take before the end of the year so we went to myrtle beach for ten days the second night we're there we went out for a few drinks and she had a tank top on that her massive tits weren't really hidden that well in and some tight ass shorts she works out regularly so she is pretty tone and her legs look amazing in shorts and she almost has a sexy ex pornstar or ex stripper look to her. Anyway another couple sits down by us and orders some drinks and the wife starts up a conversation with us and I engage her she has mane a nice c cup and a nice set of legs and ass and I notice her slightly overweight husband is occasionally staring at Tina from time to time when he thinks no one is looking, but I could see he was staring in the bars mirror. So i whispered to Tina I think he's checking you out and she was like no way his wife is hot. so I dared her go to the bathroom and take her bra off and watch if he stares at her. so she was a little buzzed and she's horny and up for fun when she's buzzed. after a few minutes I could see he was scanning the bar as if he was looking for someone and a moment later she was back standing next to his wife with her back to the bar so her tits were out and her nipples poking through the thin fabric. I order us another round of drinks and shots and the guys wife is talking to me asking me if I got jealous when men were staring at my wife to which I told her no I'm not jealous I know where she'll be later, and she said her husband was really jealous and would get pissed if guys hit on her and I said that's because your hot and if we were here alone I'd hit on you and she blushed a little and smiled at me. I was already thinking my next dare because I knew her husband was trying to look at tina. So my next dare was already brewing in my mind and I knew I wanted to fuck dudes wife and actually wanted to watch Tina eat her pussy while I fucked her. I honestly didn't know how much of a team player I had till that night. Tina come back next to me and asks if we're enjoying the conversation so I said yes and the guys wife said we were an awesome couple she was glad to have met us as they hadn't met anyone else they clicked with. I pulled Tina in and asked if she was ready for the next date and she just smiled. I said I dare you to go back on the other side lean against the bar and pull your tits out so he can see them she said what if his wife sees and I told her I'd keep the wife distracted so she makes her way back over and is talking to the husband and means against the bar and looked at me as if to signal to distract her. So I start asking her if they had anything to eat and she said she was starting to get hungry and was buzzed from the liquor and I told her we could order some food or we had a suite with a kitchette stocked up with food beer and liquor a block away at our hotel. and she started saying things like oh my God you guys are so cool, and I notice Tina pulled her tank top in between her tits exposing them to the husband letting him get a really good look at her amazing tits and rock hard nipples. So Tina took it a step further and grabbed his hand and put it on her left it and let him get a good feel for a few seconds before putting them away. She comes back over to me and I tell her to put a few dollars in the jukebox and take the wife and dance and make sure she invites them to our room for food and drinks. So Tina grabs her and says hey come dance with me and the wife looked happy to get up and move around for a bit. So Tina's rubbing on her and dancing pretty dirty for a couple songs and they come back and Tina says to the husband hey we've got some food and drinks at our room are you guys hungry his wife goes I'm starving and asks her husband if they could go with us as their hotel is across the street from ours anyway. So we walk down there and Tina whispers in my ear you want to fuck her don't you I told her what the wife said to me about the jealous husband and she looked like oh that mother fucker ok let's do this. So we get up in our room I open up the balcony while Tina gets food out and the wife says holy shit you guys got a jacuzzi in your room so Tina says yeah jump in if you want to and walks over and turns the jets on. So I get me n the husband a beer, pour drinks for the girls and some shots of fireball and break out some strong weed I'd been saving to get them to loosen up a bit..I light a joint and pass it around and the wife is high and the husband is openly staring at Tina's tits now damn near drooling on himself. Tina's already thinking about what she's going to do and says why don't we all get in the jacuzzi me n the husband go out on the balcony for some air and he asked me if we were swingers I told him we were not sure but enjoyed playing around and he says man your wife has some great tits so I said they feel great don't they and he looked nervous so I said don't be nervous to him I don't mind they are great tits and she loves showing them off. Then I said if your wife doesn't mind she'll let you play with them he said you wouldn't mind and I said not at all in fact she would probably suck your dick and titie fuck you if you were cool about it. He was pretty much speechless for a minute then he says we should go back in and I followed the girls were already in the jacuzzi I could see there others scattered on the floor so I knew they were naked in the tub. Tina says you boys coming in I said back hell yeah and stripped down his wife's eyes were glued to my cock and it wasn't even hard yet. The bus and was sitting on the edge of the bed like he was scared to get naked. His wife said come in the waters great and he said in a minute so I said to Tina you might have to go help him and she jumped out of the tub and walked over to him and told him if he wanted she'd help him with his clothes. I moved over in the tub and under the water grabbed his wife's and and guided it to my cock she was hesitant at first but her husband couldn't see and she kept looking at him to see if he was looking and started stroking me and said quietly I've never felt anything like that before. Tina gets in her knees in front of the guy and starts unzipping him and pulling his pants down he never even looked at his wife so I put my hand on her leg nd started rubbing she looked startled and a minute later let me rub her pussy I got a finger in and she felt tight and at any moment I know Tina is going to work her magic on the husband. So Tina gets his pants and underwear down and the guys dick was maybe 6 or so inches and maybe 2 inches wide rock solid she reached out and started stroking him and I knew I'd have to work harder to get my dick in his wife. So I stand up and put my dick in her front of her and she reached out and pulled me to her mouth and so Tina says to him let's join the others and they get in the tub so she makes him sit in the edge and kneels in front of him and wraps her tits around his cock and slowly starts pumping up and down not to fast so he wouldn't cun to quick. His wife is now completely open to the idea of me getting my cock in her and means forward so she can watch Tina in action I slid up behind her and rubbed my dick in her alit a few times and slowly started to ease into her and damn it was tight like she had never been fucked by a real cock before. Tina looked at her and put her husbands dick in her mouth and went all the way down then pulled him out so he wouldn't cum so fast so I could really bang out his wife. I pushed in as deep as I could and hit bottom and she started moaning after about another minute I could feel her tight pussy start to tremble and clamp down on my cock. So get the wife to straddle me and start riding me hard and deep. She started kissing me and told me not to cum in her So i for her to turn around and mounted her doggie style and pumped her pussy hard and deep she was moaning and say yes like that keep going and came hard again clmoing down on me so I said I'm close and she turned around and put her mouth on it and started sucking hard to make me cum. When I did she swallowed everything and I sat down and watched my wife start blowing him for all she was worth and when she sensed he was going to cum deep throated him till he came for what seemed like 5 minutes. Tina took one for the team and I love her with all my heart she is sexy and playful. I have watched give many guys head since then and she's gotten plenty of women to have sex with both of us.

#3some   #boy   #girl   #sexy   #dancing   #seduce   #bisexual  

I found my clit. Now I cannot stop masturbating. I do it every chance I get. Reading other peoples sex makes it even more irresistible.

#masturbation   #discovery   #exciting   #sexy   #horny   #learning  

I still get off to an old makeout session I had in middle school. She was a Mexican girl. Pretty thin. Nice lips and a great kisser. By far my favorite kiss. Her tongue was so soft and her taste was in my mouth for weeks. We never dated we were just friends and kissed a couple times for “fun”. Even though we were 12 I go back to her Facebook and see the pics of her at that age we madeout and I get hard and jerk to the memories.

#hot   #kiss   #sexy   #sex   #tongue  

I, a 17 yo straight virgin female with 1/2 dozen boyfriends over four years and just had my first sex with another girl. An exotic 14 yo friend who is much sexier and skilled than I ever will be. It was the longest, most intense orgasm of my life. I am embarresed, confused, and still quivering. Am I still a virgin? Why and how did I let it happen? And at the same time I wonder why I waited so long.

#exotic   #sexy   #teen   #orgasm   #embarressed   #virgin   #confession   #quiver   #moan   #scream  

Summer fun when my niece uses our pool. There's this perfect delectable teenage body in a small thin bikini that barely covers her tight little cute ass and perky round tits with a nice bounce. When wet you get a hint of her areolas and shaved pussy with gathered cloth wedged up her cracks showing a fat cameltoe and luscious ass. I watched and swammed with her the entire time. So horny I uncontrollably pushed my hard cock against when hugging goodbye. Come back soon my wife yelled from the kitchen.

#luscious   #teen   #sexy   #niece   #aerolas   #ass   #tits   #cameltoe   #pussy   #swim  

I lived alone and would flash this younger guy. I was in my 50s he was in his 30s. I never had sex with him. I did allow him to watch me masturbate with a vibrater through my bedroom window. Then he left.
Another time, I met him at a bookstore and walked around flashing him.I was dressed sexy, no bra or panties, stockings, high heels. His jaw dropped when I whipped out a boob. He reminded me about security cameras. I replied “Do I look like I give a fuck? You know he’s watching beating his meat”. Never saw him again.

#sexy   #flash   #masturbate   #beat  

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