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Eating Confessions

Read the best #eating confession stories

I recently got tricked into going to my cousin’s wedding after party. I’m not into weddings, don’t get all the fuss over it and see it as a waste of money and sanity. Of course, strange things happen at them. Occasionally, something good.

My cousin and I are not close and rarely see each other. We’re polar opposites but have nothing in common. We do now. His new wife. At the reception after party his wife came up to me to introduce herself as I rarely attend family functions. I figured it would be yet another meet and greet then onto the next person. Nope.

We started talking and she actually was interesting. She looked like a naive, young bimbo and I’ll freely admit I didn’t think much of her because she was with my Jughead looking cousin. I had more common interests with her than I ever did him. Or was it just her flirting her butt off?

Regardless, we slipped out back to have a more in depth discussion on a topic I actually take seriously. She starts in with the dirty talk. Woah is this girl drunk already, or does my cousin just suck like I assumed? Who cares. Grabs my crotch and starts nibbling on my ear. For once in my life I amazingly say nothing and just go with it.

She wasn’t drunk but I had feelings she was just curious as I’m often the mystery guy as i do my own thing and try to avoid anything nerve wracking. I seem to attract it, even when minding my own business out back.

She started kissing me and I kissed her strongly right back. Became a full blown make out session. She stops, licks her lips, smiles and says “I had to get that off my chest.” I just stare at her smirking. She says I’ll be back. I roll my eyes and am shaking my head trying not to laugh as she went back to the wedding table with my cousin.

Another cousin of mine I actually like came up and says what was that all about? I acted like I didn’t know what she meant. She said ****’’a new wife was all flirty. “Is she drunk -already?” I guess so. Just met the girl. She’s friendly.

i went back to my table out back and attempted to enjoy all the crappy, cheesy Coldplay and all the lovely CCR and Eminem without wanting to shoot myself, so I went outside to get some quiet. I went further around back as the smokers were dominating the front area.

Around back I saw one of the cute bridesmaids. Brief chitchat. She is definitely drunk and starts relaying how my cousins’ wife is a whore. I smiled. She then asked what made me smile. Oh just a hunch.

She then said she’ll pick one hot guy and screw his brains out. I asked is this is a common occurrence at weddings. She said oh yes and that they all screwed anyone they deemed fascinating or attractive. Seemed like a regular answer knowing how some people can be at weddings.

She then said that she saw her dressing me down at the reception. I rolled my eyes. She said I guarantee you’ll be inside her in some capacity before the night is over. She headed back inside beyond trashed. I just started laughing to myself. Man my cousin can sure pick them. Another cheating hoe supposedly in love with my yucky cus but cheating already.

I went back inside and there she was. Her dress now somehow became a skirt. Great legs, killer a** and a pretty nice rack. Well hello there. I smiled and walked back to my table: She followed. She starts asking a lot of questions. Beyond annoying. I said “do you want to get something more off your chest, or is that just commonplace for you?” She started giggling.

I smirked as I can’t smile like regular people amazingly can. She told me even though she loves my cousin and they’d known each other for years (she was his deceased wife’s close friend), that she loves meeting new people and she’s never seen me. I started thinking of the drunken bridesmaid’s comments. The load of bull this chick just gave me, but I’ll humor her. Let’s see where this goes.

She told me she wanted to f**k but there was no real way to do it, even though I could tell she was nervous. I said that there must be a basement or back door closet, why the hell not? She starts giggling and licking her lips. “You’re a naughty one, where’s he been keeping you?”

She went back to my cousin who per usual is trashed out of his mind. At least he had an excuse here. One of the few things he does well is get loaded and insult people.I look over in disgust. It wasn’t the slutty wife he just married who was much like his dead wife in that department, only she was actually attractive, but the drunken, skinny bigot she just married. What a joke.

I immediately started laughing and badly I must say. I sounded like the joker. I grabbed a beer and went back outside: I must’ve been out there a solid 20-25 minutes before I realized she was about 5 feet away from me grinning. I know that look. Fine by me I hate my loser cousin anyway and hey she started this, I’ll gladly finish.I did. Twice..

We found an old closet full of chairs and folding tables they used for functions at the hall. She went down on me and me her. We got it on, on an old tent type of surface. After I finished the first time we both started laughing. She got dressed and said “meet me back here in a couple hours, I want some more.”

I highly doubted that would happen again as in a couple hours she’s likely be in a hotel while my cousin slept it off. Wrong again. We met again back at the closet and hour and a half later and redux. Again, once more only this time against a wall.

I never saw her again in that capacity. It was as if she needed one last hurrah before she went off with my cus. Of course they were already married when I met her so perhaps I got a quality…

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I'm having an affair with my best friend's husband. She knows about it, and is okay with it. She even joins us sometimes. But my husband has no idea. I let him have an affair a couple of years ago. So I figured fair was fair. It was only a one night stand though, with his hot young secretary. They were going on a business trip, and I could tell he was into her and she was into him. So I told him if she wanted him, they could have one night together. It'd be his 'freebie'. He never told me I could do the same, but I've never really asked him either. We sneak around while my husband's at work. Her husband's dick is bigger, and he can make me cum while my husband can only do it sometimes. I love wearing his wife's lingerie. We're both about the same size, though my tits are bigger so I fill it out a little better. I always put on a lot of perfume, so his wife can smell my scent on him when she gets home. Sometimes she comes home a little early, and walks in on us. She likes to watch, and then eat his cum out of my pussy. The two of them have an open relationship, and it's what I want -- but I'm afraid it's not what my husband wants.

#adultery   #cheating   #sex  

my ex wife cheated, I confronted her and kicked her out of the house. I set up my rifle and watched this guy eat lunch. I had the rifle on his head and safety off, my finger on the trigger and pressing. I came very close to shooting him but knew I would be found.
I planned a set up where I would tie her in a chair and make her watch as I executed her family one by one. The only thing that saved them was my love for her little sister. She thought of me as a father figure and did not deserve to die.
I thought of suicide myself and just ending it all.

I did not kill anyone and just found someone new. I have a great wife I can trust and children I am very proud of.

#cheating   #wife   #mistakes   #suicide   #killing   #rifle  

I have been with my girlfriend for about 4 and a half years now. We started dating when we were in high school (i was 16 and she was just about to turn 16 in a few months). I love her more than anything in the whole world. But ever since we started dating, i lost contact with all my closest friends, both male and female. She always finds problems with them. I have been loyal to her, i never once thought about cheating.

I used to be known by everyone in my batch and the younger people. And had not one enemy because i was always friendly and kind and outgoing with people. And because of that, i was popular with people, even the teachers lived me even though im mischievous in class and school. Fuck it, even the principal knew me. Both me and my big brother who was graduated by then. I had a really good reputation and it’s not because i tried to, its because I genuinely was kind and caring while also being fun and mischievous and athletic! (I understand that i wasnt the smartest kid around). Where as my gf was mostly surrounded by 3 toxic friends who equally lacked the social skills but was feeding negative and toxic things into her mind. My girl is smart and beautiful and extremely talented in sports as well! But those friends of hers were lazy at studies, tries to act like they’re it and like they are princesses who know exactly how people are when they are just protected children who hasn’t interacted with people! (They genuinely thought that life always goes as it is in movies). They brought down her grades massively and were hiding behind my girl while she does the dirty work guided by the things they put into her mind. They are also to blame for her starting to think I’m cheating on her with other girls or doing things behind her back. My girlfriend also lacks the ability to empathize and understand people at all. I partly blame the fact that she has almost never been exposed to interacting with public and was always protected by her family. But she deeply cares and tries to protect the people closest to her. Hence, the reason she did the dirty work of those toxic friends of hers.

She told me to stop hanging out with the guys who always had my back, who have helped me even in the little things, the guys i used to have friendly rivalries in sports and gaming. They were my brothers and people who i have even considered to be my bestmen when i marry. And she knew that. But she made me to stop hanging out with them. For the littlest things, for inability to understand how boys are. Obviously boys act differently towards each other. That’s what friends are. Thats what makes us G’s. Some of my friends did warn me about her, that she and those 3 friends of hers have a bit of a bad reputation. But they all were really open to my feelings and genuinely gave her a chance and we’re friendly to her. I just wish she was the same. They were happy for me and didn’t want to do anything that would hurt my relationship badly. But when they saw that she just won’t stop with the misunderstanding and trying to push me away, they tried to do their best to pull me closer too. But none of them tried to force me out of the relationship, they all adviced me though. That i have 3 choices, fix the relationship and make her have a change of heart so i can hangout with my friends, break up with her, or let go of them. I obviously decided option 1. But sadly it didn’t work.

And from girls, there was one girl in my friend group that she hated for some little reasons. But i know if she actually tried to, they could have been really close. She was in a different class and some girls in my class were pretty popular as well. And as I mentioned, i was really close with my friends girls too. But i always kept my girlfriend above them. Even so, my girlfriend wanted me to completely stop talking to that girl she hates and she wanted me to be rude to her and hate her too. I obviously can’t do that, a bond i have cannot be just broken and turned into hate. I tried to fix the problem there and remove that hate as well. I wanted my girlfriend to see that the problem that’s there between them is a simple thing that can be fixed. But her pride and ego is too massive for her to let go. She pretended to try but didn’t put even 1% of effort in it. I gave as much effort as i can with her friends... but she didn’t. I never told her to stop talking to her friends. NEVER. I only advised her of the things I felt, and i asked her to think about it herself, she let them go only when they told her that she spends time with me more than them which is not true at all, they know it and she knows it... every person who knows about our relationship knew it’s a stupid reason to start treating her differently. So she let them go... so coming back to my story... this hate towards her the spread like a flame to the other girl in my class, which those toxic friends of hers had a massive role in. How am I supposed to stop completely talking to people in my own classroom? How am I supposed to let go of friends girl or boys who i have created a memories and strong bonds? They all tried to befriend my gf but she doesn’t try at all! In the end my teacher found out about relationship and advised me about it too but i was so blinded by love that i never listened to anyone! So i lost contact with my friends both girls and boys! We went to college where some of my closest friends went to, by then my girl did let me talk to them, but it’s as if we were acquaintances and not friends. And she still continued to judge people.

She even started these things with my family! I don’t think there is a single member in my family she hasn’t had an issue with! Even my baby cousin who just turned 4! My mother and father and brother too! Every single person! She tried to make me stay home when we planned family trips which we rarely ever get to go! But she goes on more than 20 trips a year! She doesn’t let me have time with my family bc i have to text her or call her! She blames me for her having a bad life in high school! She blames me for having a bad time in college! And now she’s having a bad time in uni. She acts as her and her family are the perfect people! And i have changed a lot! I was the most patient man you would ever meet... and i am patient towards people who aren’t my family. But I get upset quickly towards her and my family now. I dont have much fun memories in high school and at home, we’re at uni in a different country, most of my friends who were close to me dont know where i am no. I dont have social media other than one chatting app bc she made me delete them, i only have a few contacts saved on my phone. And recently when she gets angry she gets a bit physical. And she says i have changed a lot. But she never tried to understand why i have changed. She says that you only need 2 or 3 close friends. But the friends “we” have are choices of her own. She gets in the way of my decisions, where she thinks her advise is better than my own mothers. To avoid fights in my relationship and to stop a fight where she says i always choose others over her or where she says that i never take her side and say my family is always right, i follow her advise. And some of those have come back to haunt me. I sometimes think back to when i used to have fun with my friends. Or when i have fun with my family. It’s so sad, if she stopped her attitude, made the relationship we have more important to her than her pride and ego, thought of my family as her own and treated it equally, and just listen to me and trust my decisions as a man, we could make this work. She sometimes understands that she has an issue with anger. But that’s it. She says that her rude attitude is actually her being a genuine and real person. Which is bullshit. There is a line between being true and being rude which she doesn’t see. She says that she has an attitude and if i dont like it i can leave which she know that if i wanted to leave i would have gone a long time ago, she blames me for people thinking badly of her when I really tried and people really tried (and there are instances where I actually had some fake friends who were rude to her, i stood up for her and took her side. Which she doesn’t appreciate).

And I’m not an angel. I never said i was perfect, i was never said I haven’t done wrong. I have lied to her about things. But all of those lies were to hangout with my friends, or because I know she’ll freak out if i tell her, to avoid unnecessary arguments, to stop arguments. But i dont have friends to go hangout with anymore or play some games or anything. I still have to hide some little details about anything regarding females. Even if i said i had a casual conversation with a girl, I would end up in a fight. It has reduced though, she understands a bit more now. But with this rate of growth, i would be old and dead by the time she understands.

But I know she cares and loves me, she made a huge decision of giving up her medicine degree to do it later just because I couldn’t get in at the time as well. She helped me with my studies, she has stood up for me even to lecturers when i have been treated unfairly, sometimes secretly and sometimes without listening to me, because she knows that I’m too forgiving to people and too kind to people and sometimes they abuse that about me. She has made sure and advised me to not let people walk all over me just because I’m too kind and forgiving and i know if I’m hurt or injured she’ll put away everything to come for me... I truly do lover her... i couldn’t stand to leave her, i want her and need her but I just want her to understand me, who I am and what i need. I always try my best to keep her happy. I don’t want to leave her.


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My boyfriend cheated on me recently. He admitted that he did it out of selfishness and that I was pushing him away, this was during my grandfather passing and he was like my second father, he said otherwise nothing I did contributed to his action and that at first it was cause he liked the attention he was getting, then he got annoyed with her because of how she started to treat him. We’ve been trying to get through it via separate and together but I’m starting to feel like I want to get payback, I’m angry and hurt very much still for obvious reasons and aside from the cheating our real has and still is amazing. We almost never argue, we communicate, anything he could want out of me I give and vice versa. What should I do?

#cheating   #relationship  

I let my wife go to Rosario beach with the girls for a concert. She is 51 but very hot and sexy. The girls decided to go in mini skirts and thong panties with no bra. So they could flirt and tease the guys. Wellyou wife got drunk and started dancing with guys and they started playing with her tits under her top. She has really nice tits. Then they started fingering her pussy and ass, that drives her crazy. They took her to the beach and pushed her down on her knees and she sucked 4 or 5 Dicks and swallowed their cum. After the concert 2 guys took her to a motel, I didn't hear from her for three days. They fucked her ass, pussy and mouth and came in her over and over again with no condoms. She confessed and said she was really sorry. She said she did not like cheating but she had a lot of fun and came like 8 or 9 times. She has since told me they are having another concert in one week, and can she go? I said yes I love her and she had a lot of fun.

#mexico   #cheating   #creampie  

I have been cheating on my husband with my ex since before we were married. Actually it started not long after we started dating.
He came to me and said that he regretted breaking up with me in the first place and that he wanted to get back with me so I told him where to go. My boyfriend was better in bed and more considerate of my needs anyway so I had no reason to go back to him.
Not long after that he got a new girlfriend and so he stopped chasing me and I didn't think anything more of it.

Then about six months later I was talking to some of my girl friends and one of them told me that my ex had been cheating on his current girlfriend with her. The two of them had actually dated years ago and he always pined for her so this wasn't much of a surprise. Especially as I always had a strong feeling they were having sex behind my back when we were dating. Any way she said that he had learned a lot from his new girlfriend who was older and more experienced. She talked for almost an hour about how good he was in bed and how forceful he had become.

This all made me laugh because he was anything but forcful before. He was really clumsy and would apologise every time he thrust a little hard. But the idea that he was now this dominant man in bed did get me a little turned on.
It was only a day later that I went round to my ex's house while my boyfriend was at work. We've been sleeping together ever since.

He still has his girlfriend and as I said I'm now married. If he left his girlfriend I'd go with him in an instant but I've had to settle for second best. I suppose I do still love my husband in a way but not how I did when we got together. The only time we have any fun in the bedroom any more is when we have threesomes or if he lets me use toys.

I hate my ex's girlfriend. She is the only reason I have to live like this.

#cheating   #ex   #husband   #boyfriend  

I'm a female, and I have been cheated on multiple times. Eventually, I started cheating. It feels so good knowing that I turn other men on. I find it really satisfying when I sext and flirt with someone new. The feeling I get when I am talking to another person other than my partner is amazing. It makes my current relationship feel boring, though. I usually do it over the phone, but it's cheating nonetheless. I know I would feel crushed if my partner did this, but somehow knowing it doesn't make me stop.

#cheating   #sex   #sexting  

I'm 45, pretty fat, not great looking, and married for 29 years. My husband never was too much for adventurous sex, even when I was skinny and pretty with nice firm, big tits. For the last 10 years I've been fucking any cock that will fuck an old fatty like me. Believe it or not there are lots of guys. I know I'm just being used as a place to stick it in and cum but I like that. About 3 years ago I started having anal sex. When I was young it kind of turned me off. I didn't like it because I knew I'd have to suck the cock that came out of the same hole I poop from. But now I think it's the very dirtiness, the nastiness of it that makes me like it. Before my husband fucked me I hadn't done anything but suck 3 cocks. He was the first to fuck me and was the fourth I sucked. Over the last 10 years, I've had exactly 58 cocks inside me, and now I've had 22 up my ass. I've sucked all of them off, plus many more. I was sucking strange cock before I started letting them fuck me. I'd have never believed a fat old cumhole like me can still get plenty of men.

#married   #cheating   #whore   #slut   #anal   #oral   #vaginal  

I've been using meth on and off for maybe 3 years now. The first time I did it I just know I liked the way it made me feel but I didn't think anything beyond that good high feeling, I was 14 by the way. Now since I've been smoking it I've noticed that it makes me really horny. My wife and I were doing it together in the beginning and it would make us really horny and would have wild sex, and role plays. We would role play about things that we know we wouldn't do or even think of on a regular basis. But when we were high we would just let our wild minds wonder.

Well now she has stopped completely. She don't know I still do it once in a while and its really hard to not be obvious so I have to hide it by drinking some beer so I can blame my slurring on the beer haha. But what I miss the most is the crazy sex and wild talks when we would smoke.

Here's my confession: I have a good friend that him and his girlfriend smoke it, and they're pretty much the one's I get it from. Well one day I get text from his gf and she tells me to email her to an email address she gave me, not telling me what for. I thought it was weird but I still emailed her. So she replies back telling me that she's very lit and starts complaining about my her bf that he's always on his phone and doesn't enjoy the high with her. So I ask her what is it that she wants to do to enjoy it, and then she tells me that she was sorry for what she's about to say but that this is the only time she has the courage to say it (when she's high) so she tells me that she's feeling really horny and that all she can think off is doing something sexual with anyone. By then I knew where this was going so I started telling her that I knew how she felt because I feel the same way and all that.

So we started talking about sex. We would ask each other dirty questions. We also started sharing fantasies and that night we both ended up feeling horny for each other. So ever since that day every time she's horny she emails me pictures or tells me how bad she wants me. I honestly enjoy our convos. We haven't had sex yet but there was 3 times where she dropped off some goods at my place and I would get her to give me blow jobs, and she would let me finger her.

So my conclusion is that now I have someone to share my horniness with when high.

#sex   #drugs   #friend   #cheating  

I'm bi, and married.

Sometimes I just get an uncontrollable urge to go down on another guy.

#bi   #cheating   #oral   #turnon  

I was staying with my friend and his wife while looking for a job. He was always bragging how hot his wife was and how good she was in bed. I thought she was plain and overweight, but she had a nice big wide fat ass.

Usually I would go job hunting shortly after my buddy left for work and not return until the end of the day. One day, my interview was canceled and I was near the house, so I thought I would stop by and grab a bite to eat. When I came in I heard my friend’s wife upstairs making noises. I went upstairs and peaked in the bed room - she was masturbating with a vibrator. I waited until she was in the throes of an intense orgasm, when I walked in and took off my clothes. She was bewildered, especially when I tossed the vibrator and mounted her. My friend was right, she was a great lay and orgasmed with me when I came deep inside her. After the glow of sex wore off she said she was pissed at me for taking advantage. Then I took her again, bending her over the bed. No complaints after that.

This became a daily routine after my friend left for work. It definitely prolonged my job search.

#cheating   #lust   #masturbation  

I am a man, married for 10 years. About 4 years ago, my wife had an affair, which lasted about 6 months. I came home one day and found her in bed with her personal trainer. I opened the door to our bedroom, and there they were. She said nothing, and i said nothing. I just left. I got in my car and drove away. as i drove i was extremely angry, and then i realized i was also very aroused. I was completely confused by this, but the more i thought about my wife having sex with this man, the more aroused i became.

I turned around and went home. I found my wife crying in the bedroom, and i just pushed her onto the bed and had the most intense and incredible sex of our lives. I could smell her sex and his aroma on her, and this just turned me on even more. After i came, i left again. I got a hotel room. The next day i told her what i felt. and told her if she was going to have sex with him anymore, we needed to talk about it.

Now my wife does have sex with other men from time to time, and i actually really love it. I am 100% faithful to her though.

#cheating   #wife   #sex  

I was working in Las Vegas several years ago. I was staying in a strip hotel and in the evening when I was done with work I would go out in the hallway and call my wife. One night as I am talking to my wife (I am in my lower 60s), this young girl of about 20 comes up to me and stands right next to me shoulder to shoulder. I did not move, kept talking to my wife. She didn't say a word, just stood touching my side. When I hung up the phone I say to her what's up. She says not much and gives me a gentle nudge. Well within about 15 seconds we were hand in hand kissing. We walked around and stopped every few feet to kiss. She could't go back to her room because her boyfriend was there, I couldn't go back to my room because I was sharing it with a co worker. We walked around and found the linen closet was open. We went in and kissed for the longest time. She was tall, slender, tiny breasts. I took off her top and sucked on her nipples for quite some time. She didn't want to go any further than that. Too bad both our rooms were occupied,

#infidelity   #cheating   #nipples   #topless   #hotel   #kissing  

I’m married and I have been cheating on my wife for the last 11 years. I just can’t stop. I have a serious problem. I enjoy thst im able to have sex with other women. One of those women is my mistress. Been with her for the last five years. We’ve tried ending it and we always come back together. Especially now that she is single. Btw her partner of 8 years is a woman. They have broken up and it turns me on so much. She’s all mine now.


My wife is a wh*re. She cheated on me for several years. We’re in our 40s so maybe almost 2 decades. It’s hard to say. I gave up. She assumed I condoned or let her sleep around with 2 lovers of hers when I couldn’t satisfy her. I actually blamed myself because we became swingers because I wanted to sleep with a blonde woman that swung. I also stupidly thought it would make our sex lives better. It did for her.

My wife is more attractive than me. This is usually the case with most couples. I will only admit that here as I’m a fraud of a person. When people see the real me, I become more Republican than I actually am. We hide and hide often. That is slang for being full of crap. I am one being why I likely hide and pretend I’m all that when people that pay attention would know outside of having a great butt, I’m nothing.

We became swingers and were quite successful I believe that because my wife was and is gorgeous. She’s not as gorgeous as she was in her 20s and 30s but she has Lyme disease and stuff popped up. She also hides behind the bottle a log and is now a drunk, so she’s lost a few steps.

I still love her anyway but I wonder if she doesn’t cheat now because she thinks nobody would have her. Maybe that’s a good thing but I can tell she’s profoundly unhappy. After we had a few couples all those years ago, she started cheating. It was with a guy she had sex with when I had sex with his wife at the swingers club.

They hit it off more than I did with his wife. He was a built stud with long hair and I’ll admit if I was a woman I’d have killed to have his body and attitude. Face not so much but he knew how ti pleasure a woman and had a body most would kill for despite being much older than us.

I thought he and I were friends but that I believe was a facade and obvious lie so he could easily have access to f**k my wife. I didn’t know about it for years because it happened while I was working. Of course. Little hoe she said was.

I eventually suspected something was up because there was a sock that didn’t match anything I’ve ever worn near the side of our bed. I went to a shop that specialized in spying equipment and set up a dinky camera near our dresser. I put more all around the house because the investment made sense. In many ways I wish I hadn’t. They had sex in every room and in every which way.

He satisfied her better than I ever did and he did things I never did because I sucked at them. I guess for some of us it’s embarrassing to have our wives teach us because there are men out there that already knew. He sure as hell did much like another friend of hers I caught her with when he briefly visited us in the guise of a weekend trip before seeing his family. It was for her. Only her. Of course it was.

She stopped seeing my ex friend as I now saw him as despite lying to my wife that I still considered him a friend. All those hours of video and audio of them together I wanted to kill him. I almost did. I eventually told her enough of him or I’m done, only to take it back.

Many would likely read this and say why didn’t you dump her. Later, did once and she had other lovers during our time apart. I had one woman but I missed my wife. This was pure hell. At the time our 3 kids were very young and although they unfortunately knew all about the men she slept with even when they were sometimes around, we got back together and she moved back.

Within a week her usual lover was in our bed making love to her. It stopped, then started again so I told her let’s swing again to open up the marriage. She thought this was odd but she was excited. I wonder why. She also cammed as we didn’t have tons of money. This was my bright idea and seemingly showing off my then hot wife. What was I thinking?

Child services found out about it and we got in trouble. My wife did more because she was nude all over the web and my kids saw her. I guess one of them told. She became suicidal over this but like clockwork retreated to her lover again. Eventually, they stopped but she then listed after he real best friend who was better looking than her lover of several years. I left to attempt to clear my head.

This time I slept with several women I kept hidden from my wife because I already know what she was and likely still is. One was one of her best friends and I threw it in her face that the sex with us was incredible. Amazingly, it was and it was often: The problem was she was also sleeping with my wife and my wife fell in love with her.

This woman used both of us because she’s a narcissistic opportunist and another hoe. She stayed with us for about a year sleeping with both of us before finding a would be sugar daddy of some sort. I’ve realized I can’t have anyone that didn’t already have my wife or she’d come after them later. It’s likely still going on despite my wife finally looking average and being beat up from life. Good.

Her sex life is like mine, alive when we’re very horny or high. Sometimes when drunk which is often, she’ll tell me about all her conquests and one of them she always lies about when sober. I know otherwise. I have that on tape too. I slept in the next room while she slept with her best friend. She was in love with him and I found out she wanted to leave me for him but she panicked and went back to her older lover.

I’m a masochist but I love my overly slutty wife. I just do. Why I stay doesn’t say much about me but I love her. The thought of her alone in the world (let’s be honest she’ll never be alone) without me makes me sick. Maybe that’s because I just need her more than she needs me. She says she’s happy but why constantly drink? We try to woods things go as she doesn’t cheat now but only because she works so much and has several disorders. It’s hell but it’s life. I deserve this. It’s my private hell.

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After many years of marriage I finally shamed by wife into agreeing to get a guy that neither of us knows, in a city we weren't known it at all, and bring him into the bedroom. I hired an escort, he had a really big cock, and came with a recent medical test showing he was negative for diseases. She was naked in bed, with only one small light on, I went in the bathroom with the guy, gave him the money, and he and I stripped and as told to him in private, I had him do it the way my wife wanted. No kissing, she sucked him hard, I was rubbing her clit and licking her pussy and got her wet, the guy fucked her for about 30 minutes. I was sucking her tits, the guy took some turns sucking on them too. She didn't cum but he shot in her pussy. He pulled right out and I got on top of her and took sloppy seconds for the first time in my life. I loved it, I was fucking her like never before with his cum providing so much lube she felt like she was so loose and I loved it. She came twice while I fucked her used pussy and I added my load.
Once again, he was hard and he added a third load to her used up pussy, and then he dressed and left, just as we'd arranged. I opened the drapes, turned on a bigger light so anyone in the building across the street could see her and I naked. I then licked her pussy and she came three more times, I swallowed so much cum I didn't believe I would actually do it, but I didn't mind. She actually told me later she really got off on my licking her cum filled pussy. I cleaned her with my mouth, and kissed here with my sloppy sperm covered mouth, then fucked her again.
After that she got on top of me and sat her pussy right over my face and I got the rest of the 4 loads of sperm that were deposited in her hairy, loose, cum bank. I cleaned her out totally, and we both went to sleep. In the morning my breath was totally "sperm breath" and her pussy smelled like much used sex, the room was smelling of a woman who'd been fucked a lot. I fucked her again, and she once again got on top of my mouth for me to clean her.
We called the same guy back twice that week. Even now, back at our house, we fuck more than we ever have and each time she makes me clean her pussy with my mouth. We found something we both really love, and turns us on. I just wish she'd relax and enjoy it with the other men. I asked her about it but she said it makes her feel like she's not cheating because she's doing it for me, not to enjoy it. She loved the really huge cock, and almost came but had to force herself not to.
But she comes like crazy when I even talk about watching a big cock fucking her.

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I am a 42 year old guy happily married to a woman my age, a tall redhead who is in excellent shape and as goodlooking as she was when we started dating 20 years ago. We still have a good sex life, though it’s not frequent. We still mix up the routine a bit, and she still gives me head, and very well too. No matter what we do, though, one thing always happens: I go down on her. In 20 years, time and again, I haven't fooled around with her without licking her to orgasm. She absolutely loves it, and so do I.

All this is set up for something weird that happened about three years ago. My wife teaches at a college and at the end of the semester she went out with some colleagues for dinner then a bar. In the past she’s often gotten quite drunk at these events and gets home late. This particular time, she promised me she’d be back early because we wanted to fuck. It’d been a while. So once the kids were asleep I surfed some porn to get myself nicely primed, and waited. At about 11 she called to say she was going with a few people to smoke a joint in a park, then she’d come home. She happened to mention one colleague, let's call him Will, was going too. He was a colleague she talked about quite a bit, enough for me to think she had a crush on him, but not enough for me to be worried. I could hear people laughing and having fun in the background. I waited more and started getting worried at about 12:30. Finally, I heard the key in the door. It was past 1, but I wasn’t tired at all. I was raring to go. When she came in to the room she apologized for being late and said that they’d all had to go back to Will’s house to get the joint before going to the park. She undressed and we started making out and I rubbed her pussy. It was immediately pretty intense. Once she was about to come I shimmied down the bed to eat her out, but she kept pushing me away and said she didn’t want me to do that and she just wanted to fuck. That was strange. I told her I wanted to, and she said she didn’t want to again. I asked her why and she said nothing, and I said “just for a bit, okay?” She clearly wanted me to lick her, but something was preventing her from giving me the go ahead. Finally she said okay and I went at it.

It was only when I started licking her slit that I wondered if the reason she'd tried to stop me was that she’d fucked someone else earlier in the night and felt bad having my mouth where someone else’s cock had been. It wasn’t just the weird way she was acting or the fact that she’d tried to discourage me from giving her head (again, it had never happened before, and hasn’t happened since). It was also that her pussy was extra wet and tasted very different, quite a bit more salty and gamey. Whatever the reason it wasn't gross at all, in fact it was an incredible turn on. After she came, which was pretty soon, I crawled up onto her and I fucked her. While I did I whispered into her ear, "why didn't you want me to go down on you?" She said only “I was already so turned on I was worried it’d be too intense.” I said “really?” completely not believing it, but she only said “yes.” I came almost right away after that.

To this day I have no idea what happened that night. The only hint of anything else weird since then is that from then on she has barely mentioned Will at all, maybe one or twice. She used to talk about him pretty often. I think about that night a lot, wondering. Sometimes I like the idea that she went out and had some fun with someone else. It's not only a turn on to think of her doing someone else, which I imagine would be pretty fun and passionate for her after 20 years with the same person. I also like the idea that she would have this secret, something to look back on a feel horny, proud of herself, or just surprised at herself. Other times, when I think about it, it makes me sad and jealous. Most of the time, though, I have to admit it was probably all in my head. Probably she did just go to the park and smoke a joint, and the reason she didn’t want me to go down on her was that it was a hot, humid day and that she’d been biking all day. I guess I’ll never know, because there's no way I'm going to ask.

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Me and my girlfriend have been together for about 8 years now. We started dating around the age of 14. She was my first girlfriend, and I was her first "serious" boyfriend. Not that she was sleeping around, she just had a few other "playground boyfriends." Ie, non serious. But thats besides the point. We were dating for about 2 years, when her family moved to another town. We were both still pretty young, and our parents didn't think we'd last, so obviously, with us not driving yet, it was pretty difficult to see each other. We tried though. Even that far apart I couldn't help but feel how much I loved her. We took any chance we could to see each other. Always had things to talk about. Constantly joked about marriage and kids and all that.

She started seeing me less and less though. She started having plans with other people, and not wanting to talk to me as much. She told me about this new guy she had been hanging out with. Told me not to worry about it. They were just friends. And I believed her. She never let me meet the guy, but I figured it was conflicting schedules or something. About a year after she first started hanging out with him, she called me crying She had been cheating on me for the past 6 months, and had gotten pregnant from this other guy. (I mean, you all saw that coming, right?)

So we break up. I'm heart broken, and my parents are making me feel worse, telling me they were glad she cheated, so that I could finally get a good girlfriend (ie, one they approved of). I didnt care if people thought it was just a stupid adolescent love affair. I loved her. I was committed to her. And she completely betrayed me.

I didnt date the rest of high school. I was deeply depressed, and very stuck in my own head. I didnt talk to anyone. I failed all my classes, and started getting into drugs. The only reason I even graduated was because I got stuck in a work release program, and most of my grade was given to me by my store manager. Took me about 2 years to get over her. Took a little longer than I had hoped, because I found out she had changed her last name to his, which kind of re opened some wounds.

I just started dating this girl. Nothing serious. Its been about 2.5 years since the break up. I wasn't wanting anything too serious. We weren't even having sex. The occasional kiss was all we shared. And that was fine with me. But one day my Ex called. She wanted to see me and catch up. So I went, thinking nothing of it. Or at least telling myself that.

We've been back together ever since. I am raising her ex boyfriends son with her now. Its been almost 3 years. I shouldn't have let it get this far, because I hate the idea of raising another mans child. I mean not that hes a bad kid, he just kind of wouldn't exist if his mother hadn't fucked another dude... He looks up to me. He loves me. Now I'm more of a Father figure to him than his own Father (whos gone on to have 4 other kids, btw)... But I secretly hold this anger towards the son were raising. I know its not fair. And I know he isnt old enough to understand.. But I don't want him. I love them both very much, but I don't want them. Especially his mother... She is great, and nice and pretty and hard working. Always talking about how good weve become at being parents. But I just dont feel the same towards her anymore...

Like I said, its been almost 3 years of feeling this towards both of them... The only reason we havent broken up is because Im too scared of another 2 year heart break. And because I dont want her son to feel like it is his fault. Its not fair to any of us. But I cant bring myself to end it with her.

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I cheated on my gf of 5 years with her best friend. I had been doing so since 1 year now. I kept lying to both of them that I dont talk to the other person but yesterday they both found out about it and now have broken up with me. I feel guilty and sorry inside for doing such a terrible thing. I love my Gf of 5 years a lot but developed a strong feeling for her friend as well last year and i ended up doing such a terrible thing. I feel guilty inside and am unable to forgive myself. Also it pains me inside when i think about how heart broken the girls are because of me. I have honestly apologised for my mistakes but they are not ready to talk to me anymore.

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