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Hello all, I'm a Mid 30's married British Indian guy with a below average cock. My wife is gorgeous thick Indian woman size 14 38dd's and extremely vanilla! It's taken me years to get her into toys. the thought of another cock scares her! But I would love her to be a full size queen at the command of a real bull with a proper cock to satisfy her with. While I'm locked in chastity and humiliated. I think of all the fucked up shit I would have to do, get her ready to be fucked, bathing her shaving her getting her best lingerie ready that she only wears for a bull never for me... only for it to come back ruined after she has been used! Be their personal slave and errand boy obeying every humiliating command given. Guiding big dicks into her, lining them up before gaping her ass licking her pussy as she gets fucked, cleaning up her creampies. I fantasise about my humiliation, forced bi, only being able to fuck her using the bulls used condom, getting them to cum over my pillow ... work clothes etc. Watching them fuck and cumming over her wedding rings only to make her sick up all the cum!

I don't know why this turns me on so much but it does!
Is this normal??

#slave   #humiliated   #humiliation   #wife   #cuckold   #husband   #indian   #british   #degraded   #used   #abused   #bull   #sph   #tiny  

Photographer can not resist directing is own cuckolding

I am a photographer and had an assignment for a modern relationship magazine involving couples in real live life style situations.

I asked my wife and best friend to model and they would get paid. Both had been models for me previously but in separate situations. I took them on a couples walk in the park; cooking together for a breakfast; a night on the town; cuddling together on the couch in the evening and even asked them to pose in a very innocent looking bedroom scene.

In each setting they were to truly act close and in love. The images were looking great and I was really pleased so were my editors who decided to expand the coverage to a keeping love and intimacy alive in a relationship.

They were perfect for the images, my wife is great looking and a very sexually aware person and kind of a flirt and my friend is tall, classically handsome and well I'll just say he knows his way around women.

The first photos were of them getting ready to go out. Her doing her makeup in a mirror with the back off her evening dress slightly unzipped and he putting on a dress shirt and tie. I was thrilled the perfect amount of closeness without being too much for my editors. I even asked them for a pose with a simple loving looking kiss. It was perfect.

We went to a nice hotel lounge with perfect backgrounds. First they sat at the bar for a few shots and had a drink while I shot from across the room with a telephoto lens, too far away to direct them so I asked them to just act natural in the part of a loving couple. The dress she had chosen was amazing and showed her perfect figure and cut low enough that her cleavage was somewhat on display. He was in a dress suit with a somewhat tight jacket that showed off his muscular chest.

They were perfect together and even held hands and got close whispering in each others ear, even a light but intimate date night kiss. Then I asked them to move to a darker part of the lounge with a stream of light pouring in gently from the side. The light silhouetted him and illuminated my wife including her breasts.

At this point I was again across the room with a telephoto lens. They again played their parts perfectly. A waiter came by asking if they wanted anything. My wife leaned forward and I could see more of her breasts, and no dought the waiter was given an opportunity as well as he stayed by their table talking and paying attention to her every word and movement.

Suddenly I realized I was getting aroused watching the scene play out.

Nothing really happened at the bar and the photos continued to get better and better. In this spot they even touched and kissed more and more. I let them finish what was now their second glass of wine.

Finally, I had rented a room at this hotel, which was a luxury hotel in Des Moines. The room looked out over a beautiful part of the city with glowing night sky and street lamps. I had arranged for flowers and a bottle of champaign.

They were thrilled with that and continued to play their parts while I made more images. He opened the bottle and poured the glasses to just the right fill level. They toasted each other with their arms intwined like lovers would. Then he escorted my wife to the balcony. The lighting was amazing and he even put his arm around her waist very low and then moved his hand up close enough that he had to have been able to feel the side swells of her breast.

I kept making photos but I had begun to feel really excited. I worked quickly. Still playing the part they kissed a couple of times. I praised them for the images and asked for two more shots.

One, I needed a discrete shot that looked like he was unzipping my wife's dress. So I prepared the shot lighting so that all the lights were off but a candle and the city lights streaming in on them with a mirror in front of them. I said ok go ahead. My wife had her back to my best friend and she kind of giggled and smiled at me as he started to unzip her dress. I had them repeat the shot several times to get it just right and give my editors plenty to work with.

The second shot was more intimate. They needed to be in bed looking like they were finishing the night in a loving affectionate embrace. They were kind of surprized but agreed. So my wife told him to finish what he started with her dress offering him her back. I shot more of this as the zipper went down and suddenly realized she wasn’t wearing a bra. He pushed the straps off her shoulders and I could see her in the mirrow and so could he. My best friend was left standing there as she walked to the bed. He hurried to remove his clothing and was now down to his boxers. I could tell my wife was feeling fine from two glasses of wine and the campaign. They were both laughing - me too. The laughter reduced the embarrassment and tension of the moment.

So I went right to work giving them instructions, which really felt weird tellling my best friend how to embrace my wife and make it look real. I mean seriously they, at this point, needed little direction. They were almost on auto pilot. My wife’s breast kept poping free from the sheets and she kept covering them as they made different positions for me. I know my best friend had to have an erection, you could see it bulge up in the sheets and my wife I think felt it as they hugged and kissed.

When I was done I decided I wanted a couple more shots. I couldn’t help it. In my mind I wanted more and though maybe I would even join them. I told my best friend to lay on top of my wife and hold her breast so the camera couldn’t see more of their bodies to just about thier waists. It didn’t really take much convincing. My wife giggled again and ask me if that was really what I wanted. I nervously nodded yes. So she boldly exposed herself and held the sheets up for my friend. At this point I saw that they had both removed her panties and his boxers. They were skin to skin and I saw that my friend had a huge erection.

I was shocked but said nothing trying to act professional. I arranged the shot with the sheets just discretly showing a little skin and I even moved his hand to exactly the right spot to cup my wife’s breasts perfectly so her nipple would not show. Which as I arranged it, left his fingers covering right on top of her nipples. At this point my wife made eye contact with me as he arranged himself on top of her.
Then suddenly I saw her eyes roll back and her mouth gape open. My mind was racing and I wondered if he had penetrated her. I quickly began shooting images again. I made several photos then told my best friend to slide down three of four inches. I made more images then told him to move up five or six inches. That’s when I became sure he was inside her. She gripped the sheets and and gasped for a breath so deep and held her breath as he moved forward.

In a half a second or so she opened her eyes to look at me and I knew this was her moment, their date, not mine.

So I acted like my battery had died. So lame.

I told them I would be right back. But they knew it would take me at least 12 or so minutes to get to my car in the parking garage and 12 or so to get back. They had at least 20-25 minutes. I mean it was only fair of me to give them an opportunity to finish what I had started. So I left not appearing to hurry.

As I closed the door I heard my wife moan really hard. So instead of going to the parking garaged I stood there outside the door listening to my best friend and my wife have sex. After 10 minutes the elevator down the hall arrived and I started walking away so it didn’t look like I was eavesdropping to the couple from the elevator. As I got to the elevator and they past our room I heard my wife scream as she came. They kind of freaked and hurried to their room. I went to the bar.

I had a shot of whiskey and the bartender asked me where the models were. I said they were busy. He laughed and said he would be busy with her too if he was that guy, as he added how perfect her tits looked. That was intence and he noticed my uneasiness and gave me another pour on the house. When I went back to the room. They were dressed and seemed perfectly alright, as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred.

My best friend left. My wife decided she wanted to go to the bar. On the way down she said she wanted more towels in the room and walked to the front desk to tell them. We then went to the bar to the delight of the bartender. Who poured our drinks on the house. He got an eyefull as my wife’s breasts were showing off wonderfully. She kind of teased both of us right there in public.
After our second round we went back to the room. Where I discovered that the bed had been remade. We made love and nothing was ever said.

But I was hooked and still am. I decided to tell them the editor loves the images and that the editors want to use the same models. What is even more amazing is that the editors have said just that, they loved the images and they would like to do three more shoots. Each one progressively more clear on their personal intimacy. They are also tripling the modeling fees to $1,500 per hour.

So, now I am in a position to have been told by my editors, I will need to use the same models, my best friend and my wife, as models for the next chapters of arranging for my deeper and more complete cuckolding and paying them to do it. -FH

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I constantly cheat on my husband.

#cheating   #promiscuous   #unfaithful   #cuckold   #husband   #wife  

My fantasy is to watch my girlfriend have sex with another guy but she is completely against it.

#cuckold   #cheating  

I want to watch my wife get fucked hard by another man (ideally a big black cock but any will do!). I want to see her pussy stretched as he pounds her. It will hurt at first but as he gets hot and wet, she'll soon be screaming in ecstasy as he makes her come in front of me. I want to see her pounded a few times until she is exhausted. The I'd like to take his cock and suck it until he comes while she watches. We've talked about the first part but although it's a hot fantasy for us both I don't think she'd do it really. I've no idea if she'd be turned on or horrified by the 2nd part but if she found it hot I'd do it straight away!

#cuckold   #blowjob   #mmf   #bbc  

I have a small penis. I allow my wife to have other men have sex with her. I only get to lick her pussy no other sex with her. She said I should have told her that I was small before we married. I have accepted that I can not satisfy her sexual needs and let her have sex with whom ever she chooses.


I wish my best friend impregnates my wife. I would love to raise the child as my own. I just want my child to have better genes than mine. My friend is triple the size of me, you know i dont deserve to have a child.

#sex   #cuckold   #sissy  

My wife wanted to have sex with a stranger to experience cheap thrill. I agreed that we would do it once in our life because she wanted it. Later when my job was not in good state she chose that stranger to be my manager so that she can fulfill her desire and also save my job. I didn't object her because we anyway agreed that she would have sex with someone outside marriage for once and we both thought it would be even better if it serves some purpose. We didn't directly ask my manager to have sex with her in return for my job, but we invited him to our house multiple times and she kind of became close to him. And one day they met when I wasn't there at my home. That was it. He never fired me after that.

#sex   #cuckold  

I am a male (55yo), happily married to a wonderful 36yo BBW. Since six months my greatest desire is to watch her having hard sex with other guys...

How can I convince her?

#cuckold   #bbw  

My first marriage our sex life was great, the best. We were so compatible on every level, since it was often her that brought up something new to 'spice' up our sex life. We did a lot of role play, anal sex, she loved to be fucked in the ass, and she would use a life-like strap on cock on me. I would often 'encourage' her to go out and have fun with her girlfriends on the weekends. Often she would go out dancing and get back home about 3am. She would only tell me that guys would be coming onto her all night, and her pussy was so wet when she got home, we would usually have sex unless she was too drunk or tired or I was too sleepy. But often we'd have sex within the day after that. She did tell me she did have sex with some other guys while we were married, usually when she went on a 'business trip' or when I was away on my 'business'. But shit happened, and we got a divorce, though remained friends. I wish we would've stayed married and built a solid cuckold-open marriage, which I'm sure that would have been the end result of staying together, which is, what I want. She met this one young guy, she said he had a nine inch cock, and fucked him a few times, though he had a fiance' back home, he was in town on a business trip himself.

#adultery   #cuckold  

Cuckold cleanup turns me on.

#cuckold   #cuck   #hotwife   #sex  

Lately whenever I watch ameteur videos about cuckolding, or MFM wife sharing, it really turns me on thinking about another man having his way with my wife. All sorts of scenarios run through my head and it makes me hard. Him fucking her while she sucks me, or vice versa. He and I swapping our dicks in her pussy every 30 seconds or so. Her sucking us both at the same time until we both cum in her mouth. Don't get me wrong, using her is not my motivation. She enjoys everything I've mentioned very much, just only with me. So I think if she could get past the "social factor" of accepting it, she would really enjoy herself. She cums easily and in multiples, so it would double her pleasure, at least. The other option would be FMF because she's expressed to me over the years her curiousity about licking a pussy, because she knows how good it feels and she would like to give that to another woman. Her reference was "I wish I could do that to myself, or another woman". But I think the jealousy factor would get in her way, unless my position was, I wouldn't touch the other woman. Which I could do, just sit back and stroke, enjoying the show. Now my only obsticle is how do get the idea in her head so she will come around to it.

#3some   #threesome   #cuckold   #swinging  

My wife of 28 years was caught by me cheating with a man in a motel room. She admitted that she'd cheated with 22 different men throughout our marriage. About 8 were one night stands, others were longer term affairs, sometimes with up to 3 affairs going on at the same time. Yet through all this I got all the sex I wanted from her. I asked her if our 2 grown boys were mine and she said that they were as she had blood testing done when they were younger. I didn't do anything at first, I let myself stew in it a while, then told her she could fuck all the guys she wants but if she wants to stay married then she has to let me do what I want. She agreed.

I now have a total sex slave and she seems to love it. I make her come home every night, she's not allowed out of town trips anymore unless I'm waiting in the connecting room. I see her cum filled cunt after she's cheated, and I get to do all the kinky shit I've always wanted. I make her fuck and suck me in public, we've gone to swingers clubs where she has to watch me fuck other women then suck my cock clean of their pussy juice. I started writing things on her. At first a little mild, once when going to see a lover, I wrote just above her pussy "Fuck my wifes' married cunt" then wrote "Sperm deposits here" with an arrow to her pussy. On her rump I wrote "Buttfucked at 13 and still going"

Now I made her go to a tattoo parlor and have "married cunt for use" tattooed above her pussy, she can't even wear her skinniest bikinis anymore without it showing, and she has "I take cock up my ass" on her butt cheeks. One of our sons was in town for a week and as she was fixing breakfast she was in her panties and he could read it through. Her boyfriends don't seem to care, they still fill my slaves cunt with cum.

#tattoos   #exposure   #cuckold   #creampies  

I've had this fish for a while now. I really want to watch, or, listen to, my wife have sex with another man. The thought of her being a dirty slut turns me on like crazy. She knows this and indulges my fantasy through role play but, sadly, will never do it for real.

#fetish   #cuckold   #hotwife  

My wife sucked her cousins dick on our anniversary.

#cuckold   #incest   #sex   #wife  

My wife and I have been married for 21 years, and we are still very much in love. One night many years ago, I mentioned that she should have sex with other men, because she is magnificent and that others should get to experience what I have for years. She joined a couple of sites and found many men willing to participate. One night she started talking to a guy (who is also married) and they chatted many times, becoming closer and closer and agreed to meet for a date. They went on their date together and really hit it off, cuddling, kissing and very intimate for an entire afternoon and could not get enough of each other. Since the date my wife admitted to me that she had fallen in love with him and after years of online interaction, he has also admitted loving her (but his wife does not know). They have sent hundreds of pictures to each other and he has an 8" penis and mine is 4" at most, which is very humiliating (plus I suffer from premature ejaculation and he certainly doesn't). They regularly skype chat and get each other very excited. It wont be long now until they actually make love and my wife will have 2 men that adore her and worship her, one which will make love to her regularly and one just to love and adore. I am a bit jealous that he will be the one to make love and sexually please her, but I understand.

#jealous   #envy   #cuckold  

My husband and I were in bed talking about our pasts. He told me all his girl friends and his first wife had cheated on him. He told me everything, I listened, asked about what they did and how he felt. I noticed how his breathing increased. I hugged him to feel better. I noticed he was hard, like really hard. I touched him, wrapping my fingers around him. I looked deep into his eyes and suddenly I realized something important and asked, “Do you want me to be like them and cheat too?” -FHwife

#cuckold   #cheating   #willing   #confession   #lust   #temptation   #discovery   #hotpast   #girlfriends  

My wife has had way bigger dicks than mine. At first i was depressed, now it is something which i am proud of.

#cucked   #cuckold   #sph   #smallpenis   #hotwife  

My wife has had boyfriends off and on during our marriage. Until recently she has dated them on her own and then told me stories about her "adventures." With her current boyfriend she likes him to pick her up at our house. When he rings the doorbell, it is my responsibility to let him inside. If she is not ready my job is to suck his cock until she is ready. If he cums, I am to swallow.

Last night she told me next weekend I will be taking his cock in my ass while she watches.

#cuckold   #hotwife   #bisexual   #cheating  

On the surface I'm a happily married man with a loving, lovely wife.
But I am obsessed with getting my wife to cheat on me.
I have no idea why, but the thought of her having sex with other men, particularly doing things for them that she won't do for me, is an immense turn on.
I have suggested she cuckold me but she always says not to be ridiculous and she's not interested in other men.
I have set her up - unknown to her - with male friends of mine.
I've shown them nude photos of her, offered to let them seduce her.
Several have tried. Some have been successful. My wife doesn't know that I know she's been having sex with these guys.
I've loaned my friends a small camera which they hide in their rooms before my wife arrives and record everything for me.
My friends take photos and videos of her doing things with them and send them to me, sometimes while she's still with them doing things.
I watch the videos or look at the pics later and masturbate, wishing I could have been there to see it all first hand.
Does anyone else feel like this about their wife?

#cuckold   #wife   #infidelity  

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