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Promise Confessions

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I told my friend i looked skinny but i was actually really fat when I told her this we later on had a fight so she decided she would tell everyone so I started making up some lies about her.

That's what you get.

#lies   #fat   #annoying   #ugly   #promise   #betrayal  

I promised God I would never masturbate again and I stopped for a week and today I ruined it and I masturbated. I want him to forgive me and I'm sorry and I don't want to go to hell I just need his help : (

I cheated on my boyfriend once. We have been together for seven years. It hurts me to think about it, but one more time, I ask for forgiveness and to forget it from my mind forever.

I barely knew the guy. I was 18 and I had only ever had sex with my boyfriend. I began feeling like I was missing out, that maybe I wanted to try with someone else once. I regret it. I pretend it never happened. My boyfriend started to make me dinner. I told him I was going out for a little while to get away and think. I met the guy. I didn't actually plan on going home with him, but when he showed up, he was really nice and we got along well. My boyfriend texted me a picture of the dinner he made and told me it was ready and asked if I was coming home.

I curse at myself for not going straight home. If I could rewind, I would have never left that day, I would have never contacted that guy, and I would have stayed home with my boyfriend and ate the dinner he made me.

The guy told me he would never make me do anything I didn't want to do. But I went with him anyway. I told myself I would just hang out for a little while. It had been three hours and I was debating in my head if I would do it or not. I told myself that I was already there and that I should just get it over with so I could have that experience and so I could find out if I really wanted to be with my boyfriend. I ended up having sex with the guy and by the time it was over it was past midnight. I did not even really enjoy it. The guy asked if I wanted to stay over, but he said that the only thing was that he would have to wake up early the next morning for something he had to do. I said no and he drove me home, and thank god he did!

When he was driving me home we passed by my house and I saw my boyfriend waiting outside, staring at his phone. I looked at my phone and realized that he had sent me a whole bunch of messages and calls, my mom, brother, and dad had called. I told the guy to drop me off a block away from my house and I went home.

When my boyfriend saw me walking around the corner, I could tell he had been crying. He started crying again. It broke me into a million pieces to see him that way. He was shaken and he was worried. He was so happy to see me home. He told me that he had called my mom and dad and everyone we knew, he had even called the cops. I noticed that he had not even touched the dinner that he made me, it sat cold on the stove. It hurt even more. The cops came by to ask if everything was okay and i was forced to call my mom and dad who were states away and tell them everything was okay. They had been ready to come pick me up.

At first I told my boyfriend that I had met some friends in town and that they had wanted to hang out and my phone was on silent. (that story is mainly for my family) but I ended up telling him about the guy because he had gone through my messages and saw pictures of him. I told him it was just a friend I had met and that he was gay, because he really did seem to be gay. He had been a male model but he wasn't gay. He just looked like it.

Unfortunately it didn't stop there, it happened once more when my boyfriend had gotten mad because I didn't want him to meet the guy. It lasted maybe three to five minutes so I regretted that even more. We ended up moving back to my home state of New Jersey because our jobs had failed. Once back in our home state, things got better. We should have never left. It was almost as if it never happened. But I started thinking about it again and I was sad. My boyfriend would comfort me without knowing what was really wrong.

I thought maybe he didn't know. So tonight, I told him I don't like to think about that time. And he kind of understood. It was like an unspoken agreement. I told him I loved him so much and I would never ever hurt him like that. He trusts me a lot. And I brought up that incident and I couldn't believe my ears at what he said.

I knew that he had done something similar in the beginning of our relationship and he was so guilty he cried for hours and he stopped talking to any other girls and wouldn't even go near them. That is how I am now but with all the guys.

He told me that sometimes he thinks about that time away from our home in New Jersey and that he wonders if anything did happen with me and that guy, but he told me that whenever he thinks about that time, he knew that even if anything DID happen between me and that guy, he reminds himself that I had come home to HIM and I have never gone out again. He trusts me even more now that I have gotten it out of my system and I know deep in my heart that I would never do anything like that again. If I ever think about having sex with anyone other than my boyfriend, it disgusts me. I love him so much and we plan on getting married.

I am happy once again. Other girls may be debating on doing this (please don't make this mistake if you truly love the guy you're with, but then again sometimes you have to know for sure. All I ask is that you never cheat on your husband. Because you have already made that permanent commitment.), and other girls may look at this and call me a slut. I don't care, I know who I am and what kind of person I am. I am a good person who truly had a lapse during that time and I truly know that I fucked up. I know that I will never do it again. My boyfriend and I want to get married. Some people may scoff at that, but again, I couldn't care less. Fuck 'em I say. He is happy with me and trusts me completely and I am happy with him and trust him completely. For those people who think I will probably do it again, I will prove you wrong. In fact, you already are wrong.

#cheating   #regret   #unfaithful   #promises  

I need to confess.
I've never asked for much in my life. Just to be happy. I can't seem to ever find it though. Every time I do it always ends up being fake. I hate that so much. But a while back I found happiness in a girl. She was everything I've ever wanted and more. I devoted my life to keeping her happy and I did everything to do so. We were inseparable, or so I thought. One day, not too long ago in fact, she decided to just throw away all we worked so hard to achieve.
I was so devastated I tried to kill myself numerous times. When my knives were finally taken away I looked up key points on my veins and took thumbtacks to each point. Several at a time too. The pain was unbearable and I thought it would work. It didn't obviously. People saw the scars and finally I got help. I was gone for a few days but it felt like a lifetime. When I finally got out of where I was I felt better but not helped. I still have thoughts of death and suicide and am having them now as I type these words. The scars serve as my own permanent reminder of what I went through. Everyone wants me to promise never to do it again...but these promises have been made in vain....

#suicide   #ex   #breakup   #life   #promise  

My wife said to me: "Honey I promise you I will always be completely honest and open in our communication. It’s so important to a perfect relationship.
"I want you to be happy.
"So when you told me all your girlfriends and first wife cheated on you. I thought how perfectly honest and open you are for trusting me to know that about you. I’m not asking you to change for me.
"So I promise to cheat on you too.
"Honey we are just going to be completely perfect for each other."

#cheating   #cuckold   #promise   #relationship   #girlfriends   #perfect   #honesty   #willing  

I have broke other people's trust, I fully admit to this and we will happily live with banished sin and banished against our pillars, boundaries, morals, values, honors by God.

Thank you so much

#god   #love   #fulfilment   #righteousliving   #justice   #fairness   #equality   #promise   #forgiveness   #living   #jannah   #happyeverafter   #wow   #beauty   #embrace   #growth   #life   #woman   #man   #humanity   #unity   #peace   #harmony   #alligmenet   #mutuality  

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