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Beauty Confessions

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I have broke other people's trust, I fully admit to this and we will happily live with banished sin and banished against our pillars, boundaries, morals, values, honors by God.

Thank you so much

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I used to let women see me nude. Most women like how I look. They will smile or look lustful. Only the most attractive usually have to confidence to hit on me. So I used to let them see me nude if they wanted. They were very happy to see my massive muscular body and giant election with long term elections matched my movie star type face that still hasn’t wrinkled. They’d even pay to see me nude.
But there was a price to pay. A childhood of forced nudity; being molested, and rape.
I tried to shame women sneaking peaks at me (violating my privacy); whether it was my older sisters friends or whomever, but that didn’t work. In society people don’t seem to think men should be modest.
I’m all messed up. I’m too old to get over it.
At least I never treated others the way I was treated. In life we choose. I chose to be kind to others even though kindness was not shown to me growing up.

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I’ve had many people say they wished they looked like me. Well I paid a huge price to look like this. I guess i should have been a model or actor like people said. At least I’d have money.

#beauty   #model  

Ever meet a famous person? I met one once. We got along great. She tried to pick me up in front of my wife.
My wife got mad at me.
Eventually my wife divorced me. She said she couldn’t handle that other women ask me out.
But I never cheated. I never strayed. I only wanted her.
She says it’s not fair. I look young still. Is it my fault young women ask me out? I don’t flirt.
Well I’m very sick now. I hide it from her and our children. I keep giving her the chance to take me back. But she doesn’t.
She has no interest in anyone else. I’m her only ever love.
She admits now she only divorced me because her mom talked her into it.
This is for anyone reading this. If someone loves you don’t waste that. Especially true love. I’d die for her.
If you marry someone whose beauty stands out don’t expect others not to stare at them.
She got mad because a pretty semi-famous person tried to pick me up. I turned the lady down. It’s a compliment that you have someone others want.
All her friends would say your husband is the sweetest person I’ve ever met. He’s gorgeous.
She won’t even watch our wedding video. She’s beautiful. Melts my heart. I love her so much my heart aches.
But in the video as I walk in you hear all of her friends talking about my appearance. It bothers her. So she won’t watch it.
I cut off all my hair for her. Wore cheap clothes. But I look the way I do.
She also calls me arrogant. She says you think your attractive. No I don’t. I literally hate myself. But others think I’m attractive.
See she doesn’t know all of it. My beauty got me raped and assaulted as a child. I hate looking this way. But I can’t help that God made me look this way.
Well. I’ve stopped eating right. Not exercising. If she doesn’t want me then there’s no reason to be here anymore.
My poor health will take care of the rest.

#beauty   #vanity  

Pray and roll the dice for #beauty

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