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Ex Confessions

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I'm 18 and gf is 17. We both go to school and work so not much time for us. When timing permitted I would go and wait for her at her home. Ater a few months I ended up in a heavy sexual relationship with her 14 yo sister. She was always there and we grew to know each other. She is so much finer in so many ways that I am in love and don't know what to do. My gf and I were going to move off to college together but now I just want to fuck and have great sex with her sister and cannot tell her what is going on. Her sister insists we need to be open and honest or she will tell mom and her sister. I'm Chicken Little headed for trouble.

#horny   #fuck   #sex   #nervous   #hot   #sexy   #young   #tight  

In college a friend and I had a little contest to see who could get the most guys to eat us out without reciprocating. I decided the easiest way to win was to create LEARN TO PLEASE YOUR WOMAN signs and posted them at a couple spots, offering private "oral sex instruction". Guys would come over and I'd explain the anatomy up close and personal, let them "practice" on me, and I would grade them and send them on their way.

In two weeks, 26 guys (and 4 girls) had tongued me to climax, and not one asked for return favor. My friend only got to four, and stopped talking to me after that. No regrets. God I was such a slut.

#oral   #sex   #slut  

I fucked my best friends girlfriend and she ate all my cum like a good.

#sex   #cheating   #friend   #cum  

Here's the deal. I'm in a loving, commited, fantastic relationship that I know will lead to marriage. We've been best friends for a couple of years and he's seen me through the best and worst times in my life. He also witnessed my emotional rollercoaster with my ex. This ex was a guy I dated on and off for about 3 almost 4 years. We never ended up in a commited relationship. It really only consisted of whenever I was in town, we'd hook up. There was a time I loved him, but knew he was just having his fun with me. He would tell me that after all he finished dating other people and I finished dating other people, that we'd get married. That he wanted me, more than anyone else. After going through this for almost 4 years, living off of the crumbs of attention he'd throw my way, I finally put an end to it and cut off communication. If the man really wanted me, he would have made sure no one else had me.

#relaionship   #marriage   #ex  

I'm 15 and ever since I was 10-11 I loved touching myself. My friend and I used to watch porn together at a young age as a joke and we didn't think anything towards each other until at a sleepover we were having a tickle fight and I sat on her lap and she wrapped her arms around me and laughed. She buckled her hips into mine and the way my clit felt made me feel weird so I started do it too. We ended up dry humping each other and later on when my parents when to bed she snuck under the blanket and began to lick my bits and I'm not even ashamed to say it felt AMAZING. Now whenever I'm touching myself I remember her tongue on my clit and it sends me haywire. I know im too young for sexual intercourse but I was at the experimenting age and it just happened out of the blue. Of course it was with another girl so it was safe,thing is is I'm scared to have sex with a guy,I'm at the age now we're in still deciding if I'm gay or not :/

#lesbian   #young   #confession   #sex  

Later this year I am due to get married to a wonderful woman. One small problem, over the past few years I’ve been getting more and more turned on by trans women. I’ve found myself looking and trans porn, reading stories and wearing women’s underwear. The other week it got so intense I found myself a trans sex worker and had a massage… and more… while I enjoyed the experience, she is m to f, fake boobs are really weird and her cock tasted really rubbery. I like a woman with a little extra, but I’m not I’ll be doing this again.

#sex   #trans   #lust  

My exams are going on now and Im really stressed.
I don't even know how to start. I'm scared. I have to study all night. Also I Have depression and anxiety and also get panic attacks. My parents doesn't care about anything else except grades and shit. My parents got in a big fight 2 weeks ago and my dad went to Singapore for business but he still hasn't called once. My mom says that i never know what's going on in the family and stuff and yells at me and hits me. She doesn't know how stressed I am and I worry about stuff so much.
I have no one to talk to. I see my friends at school and we can't really talk much because of exams. There's a lot more stuff and things are much more complicated than this but I really wanted to let out these stuff. I'm even thinking of taking drugs.

#exams   #depression   #anxiety   #stress  

Weird dream I somewhat remember me eating out another woman when my husband walked in on us. And that is all I remember, but I keep thinking about it. And when I do, I end up getting wet and horny. If I am alone, I end up masturbating. I am twenty one, married, and never even thought of another girl. So weird and wrong. What is going on. I cannot make sense of it. A love / hate thing.

#firsttime   #weird   #lesbianaction   #husband   #sex   #horny   #wet   #wrong   #eatingout   #masturbation  

I sit in front of the computer for 6 hours now, I have no friends, I haven't showered in a week, I've got an exam tomorrow morning and I haven't done anything for it.
Slowly but surely I think something is terribly wrong.....

#computer   #friends   #shower   #lazy   #exam  

It started out as truth or dare with my sister and her friend. We were teenagers. Mom n Dad would be upstairs asleep and we would stay downstairs and play. I had to show them my cock and they would show me their gorgeous tits. It progressed to me jacking off in front of them as they watched in awe, the cum spilling out of my volcano. I would feel them tits up and suck their hard nipples. One night my sister came into my room, she wanted me to feel her tits. Then she asked me if she could bounce up and down on my cock. I knew it was wrong but felt so right. She would slide the outside of her lips hitting the clit with my cock. When it was my turn she would get on her knees on the edge of the bed. I would slide it doggy style getting her off. She would hold her hand under my cock and catch my load as it shot out of it's constraints. Then one night when her friend was over We played our usual game. This time my sister got on her knees and her friend watched as I dropped to the carpet behind my sister. Both of us getting off. Another time when my parents were out of town my sis n I took over their bedroom. We got so stoned and horny and made out as usual spending the night in bed together. We did this up until the time she found a bf. She was 18 and I was 21 the last time we did it. We both went on to have our own families. I still fantisize of fucking the daylights out of her after I eat some mighty fine pie.

#sex   #confession  

I’m sexy; good looking; well endowed; great at sex; and had wild sex with a lot of beautiful women before marriage; probably over 200, sometimes with several in one night.
I wish I hadn’t. But I did.

#sex   #machine  

My college girlfriend and I had broken up. She wanted to get married and I was not ready. She met another guy and they set their date. He went golfing for a week with his buddies in South Carolina for his bachelor party. She was upset that he left her for that long.She gave me a call to see their new house. I went over and we fucked all night. We broke their bed. Our last fuck together.

#exgirlfriend   #fuck  

I want two men's penises in my vagina at once. I love the idea of them sliding in and out at. different times.

I've been looking on CL but haven't found anyone yet.

#threesome   #dvp   #gangbang  

I (f/23) started a new job recently, after being let go from my previous job.
I won't say what I do, but it is in an office environment with several desks and cubicles in one large room. When I started working there, one of my colleagues (m/53) was assigned to show me around and show me the ropes. He is very friendly and we get on really well.
He is also married with 3 kids and VERY attractive for his age.
But I myself are in a relationship with another woman and could not be happier with her.

Well, my colleague and I get on really well and have a lot of fun and often go out to lunch together and that is why the gossip started recently. They say that we are having an affair with each other and stuff like that. I get the stink eye a lot.

Last week, I was in our little kitchen where we are allowed to spend our lunch. I had a 5 minute break and just made some coffee and another colleague (m/around 30) came in and we made some small talk. But then he said that he had to go now before someone saw us, because he did not want that kind of gossip about him as well.

I feel so sad. What am I doing wrong? I do not want to cheat on my girlfriend! I just want some work friends that is all. Now, I am afraid to talk to my colleagues for fear that they think I flirt with them...

#work   #job   #flirting   #relationship   #affair   #sex  

I convinced my wife to have sex with both my brothers (on separate occasions). Loved the whole sharing her and reclaiming her afterwards. Am planning on sharing her with others if she would agree again.

Basically I have an ex girlfriend called Cassidy who I didn't realise how much I loved before I let her go and hurt her, but my first ever proper love before her a girl called Chloe she hurt me and passed the bad habits on to me when i was sat in months of pain I met Cassidy and we were all good for about a year and ye I got aggressive and I cheated on her and let her go but then she got really aggressive back and for that with this new boyfriend after me and she rubbed it in my face I knew she was gonna have sex with him but ye things are worse cos her sister was pornstar and I couldn't help but wank over her sister and now I fantasize about boys doing and writing stories about my ex meeting up with her new boyfriend and wanting know how they meet and talk and have sex I've been really looking for somone help and write stories about Cassidy having sex with her new boyfriend.

#pornstar   #cuckhold  

I just had sex with my boyfriend and I simulated an orgasm.

#orgasm   #fake   #sex   #boyfriend   #secret  

A while back, I couldn't take it anymore. I needed to get dicked down. I messed around on a few dating apps and ended up finding a few guys who were willing to hook up. I didn't have a working car just yet so I had a friend of mine drop me off at an apartment, I told him it was another friend's. I came into the apartment and I wasn't sure what to expect but admittedly it was great. Almost immediately we got right into business and I was being bent over the bedside having my brains fucked out by an older man. What I would give to have sex like that, it was some of the best sex I've ever had. I have no idea how many times I came that night but all I know was that I could barely stand afterwards.

#ftm   #gay   #sex  

I get turned on imaging my girlfriend fucking other guys. She has only been with me and I’m her first. But just the stories of her kissing other guys would make me hard. I want to give away her panties so creepy guys can smell her and rub her pussy juice on there cocks. She’s thick and has a big ass. If I could watch guys cream inside her and make her cum on top of them I would cum soooo much. But at the same time I’d get jealous. So I guess I’ll have to keep imaging it.

#hot   #sexy   #cuck   #cuckhold  

14 years old (f)
Ever since middle school people guys in general ask if I'm a lesbian or bisexual. I always said no because I never really questioned my sexuality from all my mom has taught me about liking boys and only boys. The boys that knew me well questioned me not just acquaintances, mostly the guys who I hung out with on a daily basis. In 7th I got really close with a girl we hung out everyday invited eachother to family dinners and everyday we hungout at school and walked home afterschool. Sometimes afterschool we would hold hands just for fun. Me at the time was dating a guy. Which without him me and her would of never met. Around that time I took therapy for my "depression" and family issues. At had it after school once a week. Everyday after school me and her would go to a fast food restaurant everyday just to hang out and eat if we had money. One day I totally forgot I had therapy and my mom told me to hurry up, me and her didnt walk alone we walked with a group of around 3 boys. I had to rush but she went to the bathroom so I ditched her. Ever since then she was mad. Then in 8th in the beginning of the year we became friends again but not bestfriends like it use to be. 2 months later she moved to another city. I was really sad I cried for her for not forgiving me, loosing her as a friend, and alot more. I had really bad grades in 7th and 8th grade that put me at risk of graduating so I decided to go to another school with only a limit of 15 students so they could help me out. 3 months later in half of the school year she came back to my old school. I was really happy because that meant I might see her again. We started texting ever since she moved and she finally forgave me but was devastated that I moved schools. We are going to the same high school and I'm really excited. I hope things can be the same again. We are slowly talking like we used to again. I told her about my bisexuality and that she is the same so that gave me hope but then she stopped talking to me less ever since she got with a guy or idk what they are but they are talking and now Im trying to talk to her more and I think she is single again. I have catched feelings for her and I'm scared to tell her because I don't want to loose our friendship if we date.

#bisexual   #frustrated  

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