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Anal Confessions

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Part 1. Well, I have a female in my past that we only were together for a weekend or two a month that went on for about 12 years but it was sex,drugs,rock and roll good, and bad, she was 35 years old , no kids , tight little body with tiny titties, nice nipples, very nice ass , dirty blonde long hair to her waist , sexy pretty feet and toes , smooth shaven pretty little pussy , we met on a phonechat line , I messaged her asking if she like to party and play, she sent me her phone number , a couple days later I picked her up at a trailer park she looked hot with a tomboyish look her hair in braids a white t shirt and a jean mini skirt with open toe sandals I had a room waiting at a local motel

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I've recently discovered showing a butt plug but my ass really turns me on I am not gay but I'm into anal sex.
I would love another man to take me from behind.

#secretconfession   #anal   #plug  

When I was 13 myself and 3 friends were playing truth or dare and at one point I was dared to put one of the friends cock in my mouth (didn't have to suck it just put it in my mouth) I admit I was hesitant but I did it. By the end of the day I did end up sucking the same friend in front of the rest. That was the beginning of my gay sexual experiences.
Over the course of that summer it became a routine thing for me and him to suck each other while the rest watched and yes I sucked the others also. over the course of the last 40 years I went back and forth between girlfriends and gay sex. I am not sure it the game has anything to do with it but for the past 10 years after my last girlfriend I have only had sex with men and I found I prefer the dominate type men and although I am not out I do enjoy going to the big city (as I live in a small town) and hooking up with men in places where others can watch me sucking cock or taking it in my ass.
Recently I have been with a guy that likes to travel a little from his town and takes me with him and has got me into humiliation. We go to bars and strikes up conversations with guys and if he feels they might be okay with gay conversation he will tell them I like being a faggot or cum slut then tells me to tell them what I like and I have to tell them I love sucking cock and swallowing cum and being a bitch boy.
This usually leads to me having to pull my guys cock out and start kissing and sucking him which in turn ends up with me sucking the other guys cock or a few depending on how many are there. I have been taken into the restroom and spit roasted several times and they seem to love it that my cock is caged and not allowed to cum until he gives me the key.
I love doing sexual acts in front of others and realized I also enjoy being used and humiliated.

#gay   #anal   #humiliation  

I am a married man, but I have been in love with and fantasized about a woman named Suzanne, who was my co-worker and is now my longtime friend. I am thinking about proposing a secret, sexual relationship to Suzanne, but it would require her to agree to 10 conditions, and I don't know if she would agree to even just one:
(1) she must show up at my home every night at 10pm and leave at 2am;
(2) she must be wearing no more than 5 items of clothing -- a shoe counts as one item;
(3) she must obediently submit to whatever I ask her to do;
(4) she must be prepared to be nude in an outdoor or public setting of my choice;
(5) she must be prepared to receive pain that I inflict that may cause non-permanent injuries such as bruises, welts, and cuts;
(6) she must be prepared to receive unprotected vaginal sex;
(7) she must be prepared to receive unprotected anal sex;
(8) she must be prepared to receive throat fucking that may cause her to puke repeatedly;
(9) she must be prepared to receive golden showers and to swallow urine; and
(10) she must be prepared to receive urine inside of her vagina, her rectum, and her throat.

#adultery   #coworker   #sex   #submission   #nudity   #pain   #bdsm   #anal   #oral   #vomit   #urine   #deepthroat  

I am a 73 year old widow. I live alone now. I found myself in a situation with a young man (18) who had never had sex and I let him do it to me everyway a man and woman can have sex. I even let him inside my bottom which I hadn't done in about 20 years. Last night he brought over 3 friends and I let the 4 boys have sex with me repeatedly through the night. I've never done anything like that before. They kept it up all night. All three of them shot orgasms in my mouth, all three multiple times in my bottom, and 2 of them did it in my vagina as well. I didn't even have time to clean up between them, they just kept going after one another. I spent 30 minutes on the toilet I had very loose stool after all that sperm up my backside.

I only had my husband, and had one affair with a neighbor when I was 20 years old and my husband never found out. I feel like a whore but feel very young too.

#anal   #vaginal  

I've done this a few times now, feel guilty as hell about it but sometimes I get so damn horny I want to fuck and don't care who it is. I feel straight but I guess I'm bi male. I don't like to see other guys but when I get so bad and I'm super horny and can't find any women to fuck I will fuck a shemale, tranny, or even a cute crossdresser. All the ones I've fucked are very passable in public, and no one knows, but I have fucked and gotten sucked by guys who dress.
I just returned from an afternoon romp. I found a very cute crossdresser, who wanted to meet at an adult theater. We exchanged some pics, she convinced me that they were her real pictures. Her ad on craigslist said that she wanted to meet at an adult theater complex, go into a booth, and suck cock, then get her/his bare butt spanked red, and have the guy cum all over her naked asshole. She only sucked though, but I was super horny and had gotten a bit high.
I met her, and she was gorgeous, just like her pictures, I had no trouble picking her out of the crowd and lots of guys were already trying to get her in their booths, thinking she was a really hot blonde girl. We went into a booth with no gloryholes so nobody could watch, locked the door and she was taken apart my belt, zipper and pulling my pants down. I purposely didn't wear any underwear so my thin 8" popped out semi hard already as I was feeling her tiny tits under the top of her tight, sexy dress. She got to her knees with her little perkies sticking out and started sucking, eventually she reminded me that she sucks only. When she tasted pre-cum she moved up still jacking my hard cock, and bent over at the waste.
"Spank me baby, spank your little momma's ass, beat that ass baby, like I'm a whore momma"
She jerked and licked with the occasional suck, and I beat that ass red. She pushed me in back of her and told me to shoot all over her whore ass. I had a lot of pre-cum by then and pushed my cockhead to her crack and had so much precum I had it right at her asshole.
"No, don't . . . I don't do that, just suck. Cum on me baby, cum on me"

"Fuck that bitch" I grunted, and with that I pushed my lubed cock up her asshole and started holding her down and fucking her like crazy. She started trying to pull away, punch me, do anything she could, she was kicking and screaming, and I knew that no one in the back booths gave a shit. They all figured what was happening. I shot off very loudly and talked loud enough for every one of the guys there to know I'd just fucked this horny little CD whore up her/his ass and shot off. She was whimpering a bit and went slack. She made the mistake of slumping on the floor bent over the bench. I opened the door, putting away my cock, and motioned the next couple of guys in. As I walked away I saw one of them sticking his cock in her ass, and she started screaming again, this time yelling "rape" and the second guy who went in stuck a really, really thick cock in her mouth and all I could hear was muffled crying. I stuck around to watch two more guys get off by fucking her then left.

I was just so fucking horny, she was so beautiful, I had to pop her asshole. I wished it would have been better, that I could have dated her a bit, and maybe talked her into mutual, consentual fucking, but I wanted her ass, I wanted to fuck and cum inside someone, right then, not wait around. It's a shame, I shouldn't have done rape to him/her but I needed to fuck and cum. So it appears did some others.

#cd   #oral  

It's hard to write this without admitting how young I was. I hope the curators of this website will protect themselves and others by banning anything unfortunate.

However, I am going to speak of something that began exciting me when I was quite young. I am going to speak about the fantasy of anal penetration.

In my case, the fantasy began quite early. Unsurprisingly, it began with books. The Steely Dan III pegging fantasy in Naked Lunch, for instance. Then there was Myra Breckenridge, with its exultant description of an All-American boy's loss of his nether virginity.

But denial is a wonderful thing. Thanks, perhaps, to Norman Mailer -- yes, an early hero of mine, and I've never claimed I was smart -- I always imagined myself as the triumphant pegger, never the peggee. Only many years later was I able to imagine myself as the one on his stomach, parting his legs to make the target of cerise-rimmed brown more accessible in a bedroom's dim light.

In other words, it took me a long time to realize I'm a born bottom -- or sissy, if you prefer. I have never acted on this belated knowledge, most likely because I'm too damned old.


I came home to find my wife fucking another man in our bed. She was extremely apologetic and begged me not to leave her. She's dependent on me to fund her lifestyle. I made a compromise with her. We'd stay married and I'd pay for everything, but she was no longer my wife, she was my whore. To fuck whenever, wherever and however I wanted. She had never let me fuck her in the butt so she was reluctant but eventually agreed.
The first night I fucked her backdoor gently. To cum in my wife's asshole for the first time was amazing. As she got looser and better at taking my cock I started to fuck her harder and harder. I wanted to ruin her asshole beyond recognition. I only have a modest sized cock so I started using vegetables to stretch her out more and more. Eventually I bought a collection of dildos to fuck her poohole with.
Of course she hated every penetration, every thrust. But she wanted to be financially secure so she just took it.
One day I took her to the doctor (a female doctor) to see if I was doing any damage to her anus. The doctor was obviously very uncomfortable with the discussion and examination and tried to refer us to a different one, but I insisted on staying with her. She determined that my wife's shitter had indeed suffered some damage, but it wasn't serious enough to require surgery. She said that my wife may have difficulty holding in bowel movements in the future and I was thrilled to hear it.
I let her fuck other men, on two conditions; that she only let them fuck her pussy, and that she always asked them what they thought of her asshole. I wanted to hear the opinion of every guy she fucked, and I always asked her while inside her rectum to help me cum.
She wants to leave but I won't get a divorce. It's far too much fun having my own little anal whore!

#slut   #wife  

It all started when I was 9 years old . My family needed to travel for a few weeks and hired a sitter for me, As I had to be at school without a long absence if I was to move up to the next grade without Summer School ! Bob was young, athletic and good natured so we were a better fit than I understood at that time. Over the first few hours, we got closer and closer. Bob was very attentive to me and my whims. He would look deeply into my eyes it was as if He was reaching my soul. This drew me even closer to him. soon there was a bit of brushing my hair out of my eyes & soon there was gentile furtive brushing my hair back or out of my eyes, light pats, touches or rubs and this made me feel pleasantly different than usual. After several hours of talk and play I was beginning to feel very relaxed and strangely attracted to by all the attention.. Then, He looked very deep into my eyes for a long time which started to arouse me and he pulled me very close up to him. I could feel his heat and became aware of his musky scent which gave me a tingling in my crotch. Now he clasped my head in his hands and and firmly planted a very sensuous French Kiss on my stunned lips. His tongue pushed into my mouth and started a fire to smolder that I never knew was possible. We Kissed again and again ,each time with more heat and a rising passion that I could not yet understand. We ground into each other as his hands ran all over me. he gave me hot kisses on my earlobes and the sides of my neck as he worked my shirt open. soon he was tweaking and kissing my nipples and this was making me burn with lust and desire for things I did not as yet understand. Then he let his hands slipped down on my globes in a very warm and sensuous way as he squeezed and massaged. Somehow he managed to drop my pants and undershorts to the floor and step me clear of them. Bob kissed my shoulders and chest as he removed my shirt and I was now very aroused and could not think what to do about it. gentily Bob's fingers moved from my globes towards my crevice and went lightly exploring as he moved inward. I felt a light electric fluttering as the finger tips brushed my rear entrance, but soon the touch was more intense and pulsation on that small rosebud. Out of nowhere some Crisco appeared on his fingers and it was soon spreading around my entrance with a pulsing and thrusting motion. I started to thrill to this new intense sensation and he slipped a finger slowly in and out ever so slowly with a twisting and circular motion. This got a follow up of a second finger and a more vigorous stretching and expanding motion. I noticed that my small tool was now very hard and then I felt a third finger join the stretching party. By now I was loosening up and becoming very relaxed, so I started to thrust back on his fingers as he pushed in and after some time He was all in up to the third knuckles and now rotating too ! Bob withdrew slowly from me while giving me a very hot and deep French Kiss that seemed to reach way down into me. At this point he took my hand and lead me easily down the hall to the Bedroom ! Once there, he places his hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me down on my knees as he moved in with his fully erect Cock which he rubbed on my lips as he massaged the nap of my neck. As his cock brushed back and forth on my lips, it was as if I was mesmerized and my mouth opened as he slid in. I closed my lips around his head and got to work with my tongue and soon he was thrusting in and out, all the time going a bit deeper. After a while he was all the way down my throat with his 8 in. tool and I was loving it ! Then he stopped and let me, up so he could take me onto the Queen sized bed. He whispered in my ear hotly that he needed me and wanted to make me his ! He asked if he could have an orgasm deep inside of me because he wanted and needed me badly. We French Kissed for a bit and I said YES that I needed that too ! After a time he moved into the missionary position and prepared to open my carnal love canal up, wide ! I was so besides myself with Heat, Passion & Raw Lust, that I would have done absolutely anything he asked of me ! Many very enjoyable hours had past to get me to this point and now I wanted to give it up completely to become his cock slut and pussy-boi ! Bob took firm but gentile charge and mounted me to make me his Bottom as I spread my legs open to give him all the access he wanted. Bob kissed my little head just a short bit, then scooped my legs under the knees and raised them to my chest as he slid a hard pillow under my buns which gave him perfect alignment to enter me. i placed my arms and shoulders over my calfs, thus locking my position up to give Bob all the action room he wanted. We continued to French Kiss and feel each other all over. I felt a tapping on my rosebud and it sent thrills through out my entire body. this continues for sometime and got stronger and stronger which sent me over the edge with craziness as I was now so hot that I was mumbling incoherently and begging Bob to ram me hard and deep, as I tried to thrust to meet his teasing thrusts ! Now Bob moved forward a bit at a time with each thrust going in slowly and deeper. After some time when he was well in, he met with some resistance that had him pause. Then he told me that he now needed to break my anal cherry and there would be some pain, but if I could bear with it the feeling afterwards would be beyond anything I could even imagine as it spread throughout my mind and body ! I told him I wanted to be his and he should go ahead with it ! Bob braces himself and quickly placed a French Kiss lip lock on my mouth that completely covered any possibility of sound coming out and strongly thrusted forward into my deep as I yelped as the pain consumed me. Now he paused to let me get my balance and let the pain subside. Soon he was thrusting in and almost out slowly again and now was starting to feel like I was being elevated to paradise on a cloud ! The feeling was very electric & thrilled every cell in my Body to the point of disorienting me far away from reality ! My Lover soon picked up the pace of his thrusting until he was hitting into me hard fast and strong and I was thrusting to meet him with all my strength ! I never dreamed Life could get this joyous & Good and juice was flowing freely ! After some time I felt a charge in my crotch & Bob filed my deep up with a massive breathtaking Orgasm that shook us both from end to end ! Now,I was marked as His & a wide open Happy Bottom ! This was just the first 24 hours of a month long Sitting Job and I was an eager student that was willing to learn to do it all. We were at it every day, as often as our strength would allow ! After that, I went to his place on the down low almost ever day to practice what we shared together freely but privately ! Then he bought other Men Friends around to try me out and I just loved the variety that some of these hot sessions brought ! Most of these men loved my Carnal Skills and use them as often as they can even now !

#sitter   #anal  

I wanted to feel what it was like to receive anal sex. I don't know why, or for how long this has been a fantasy of mine, but I didn't find any attraction to other men. A few days ago I found a mtf tranny who didn't have a pussy yet, hadn't had surgery. She was also not going to because she liked using her cock. It was a bit bigger than I wanted, but attached to a really pretty girl. So I let her fuck me, and have 2 more times since. I can't get enough of that beautiful woman on top of me with her cock inside my ass, and me playing with her tits while she pinches and pulls my nipples.
I really like it this way. I've fucked her ass also, and we have sucked each other as well.

#tranny   #anal   #oral  

Today I got home from work and went straight to the shower. Before I got in to wash myself I inserted my buttplug into my arsehole. I did my usual shower routine and normally I push it out before I get out so I can clean it. But today I thought fuck it and left it in. I walked around the supermarket with this thing up my shithole, clenching and relaxing. Every hot girl I saw was subjected to a clench and a private fantasy. I picked out the most attractive, young checkout girl I could find and had a good old daydream about fucking her in the arse while I have my buttplug in. She'd be so disgusted if she knew what I was thinking. I came home just before and the plug was causing me some discomfort due to sitting on it for an hour or so, so I went to the bathroom and pulled it out of my hole.

All of this was so I can have the biggest hardest wank later. I'm gonna shoot for the ceiling on this one!

#anal   #anus   #arsehole   #buttplug   #wank  

I'm 39, turning 40 in a couple weeks. It's been kind of getting to me, I admit. I went out with my friends for a girls night and I have never cheated on my husband in our 16 years of marriage but this never got I knew in my mind that I wanted to. I drank a lot, knowing it's the only way I could go through with it. I hadn't had sex with anyone else since before we started dating, and I wanted to have a fling before I turn 40. If kill him if he did it, but I didn't feel guilty, but I do now. I got drunk and threw myself at a younger guy, we danced and I made sure to really show him that I wanted him. We kissed and messed around st the club, and we left in an uber to his apartment. I was really drunk but still had some sense and was thinking of a way out and when we got there he had a roommate who was smoking pot. I hadn't done that since college, so we smoked. I got really high and we kissed more and I just remember sitting on his lap topless and the next thing I was going down on him. This was in the living room of his apartment with his roommate in the room. I ended up having a threesome, they both penetrated me and we did things that I haven't done with my husband in years. Both had sex with me but it was as one at a time while I took the other in my mouth. Both had me anally, which is really embarrassing and painful. When I woke up in the morning I got dressed and ran out half drunk and got an uber home. It 9 am. My husband was very worried, he locate where I was and said he drove there but couldn't get past the locked gate. I told him it was one of my girl friends and apologized to him. He accepted it. He's throwing me a huge 40th birthday party so I don't want to ruin it. It's been a week today.

#threesome   #anal   #cheating   #wife  

I am a young teen girl, just finished by freshman year in HS. I have let lots of boys get with me naked. Though I am still a virgin. I let them do it in my mouth and inside my butt. The first two boys told everyone else, now I'm the school slut, even though I'm still a virgin. My brother even threatened to tell mom and day so I let him do it to me too.

#virgin   #anal   #oral  

Ok so around the age of 16 I got a present fron a friend. He as a gag gift bought me a dildo. It was tan and 9" with a suction cup on it. He handed it to me saying that I was a fag and would use it anyways. So I did. Before all else i was wondering what it would be like to suck a cock so I tried with my dildo. And by god did i love it. I deepthroated it down to the balls. I kept doing this for a long while until it geew tiresome of jerking it while sucking it so one day I snuck to my parents room and dug out some KY lube and spurted it on my toy. It took me hours before i could even take the head of it. Once i had it down to about 7 inches it began to hurt so i researched how to get around the pain so i could bottom out. Once i learned how i sat on it and shifted my hips till the head guided up my bowels. Once i was bottomed out i was nearly cumming. I rode it for an eternity before i shot. Once my friend came over he busted me because i left it stuck to the wall in my large closet with the lube pack on the floor. I admitted and he said to suck hin off if i didn't want the school knowing. So i did. He had a MONSTROUS dick at least 8 inches. I was able to deepthroat him because i was used to my toy. Once he shot in my mouth i gagged at the taste of jizz hitting my throat but promptley swallowed. I mean we still eased into him pounding the fuck out of my asshole. He blew the load inside me and i had to hold back from cumming. After about 10 mins i went downstairs and talked to my mother and she sent my friend home. Once he left she told me to keep the white cum from running down my leg next time he finishes inside me, i ran to the bathroom and looked at the back of my leg and saw the streak on my leg glisten in the mirror and nearly broke down. But my mother told me it was fine if i was gay just to keep it clean down there

#gay   #dildo   #anal   #male  

My wife of nearly 20 years is a total prude. She normally comes when I play with her ass, but always complains if I try to fuck it. She also wants sex to be gentle. She would often turn me down in the first decade of our marriage and I grew resentful (she comes every time we have sex).

I had a gf back in my 20’s pre marriage that was really sexual. I screwed her ass once on my suggestion and after that, she would ask for it. I would obsess about screwing my wife’s ass, but she thought it was dirty and complained and tells me no. Now I really am not into my wife, just a lot of resentment.

I started cheating on my wife, and I found that many, many women crave being dominated (spanked, tied up, even choked), and love the feeling of getting their ass plowed. Some young (20’s), some my age. They are also more agreeable in general and just overall more submissive. My wife would not follow me through the only exit of a burning building (unless I was leading her exactly where she already decided she wanted to go.)

My wife found out about my affairs and we are trying to work things out. But I doubt she will ever enjoy getting her ass filled up by me even if she lets me. I have lost my attraction for her because of her rejection of my sexual appetite.

Seriously considering divorcing her over this. Thoughts? If you were a woman, and loved anal, would you stay with a man who would not give it to you?

#anal   #adultery   #divorce   #bdsm   #spanking   #choking  

My ex girlfriend and I were very open with sex of all kinds when we were talking. We spoke about anal sex and she told me she would like to try it some day and entirely separately she told me she would like to be fucked while asleep(she was curious as to whether she would have an amazing wet dream). One morning when I woke up and she was still sleeping(she always slept much longer than me and she was a deep sleeper) I carefully moved her onto her so she was sleeping on her stomach. I straddled her and used my saliva to lube my dick and her ass and then gently had anal sex with her. I came inside her asshole. When she woke up she spoke about a dream she had about us having sex(she didn't specify anal or vaginal). I was too embarrassed after she started speaking about it to tell her what i had done. Even when she came back from the toilet with a puzzled look on her face.

#anal   #sex   #girlfriend   #ex  

My name is Melanie. When I was 13 years old, my dad took me and my siblings to a mountain village in Wyoming for the summer. He owned a condo there, and that summer I developed a crush on a teen boy who also was in the village for the summer. One day, the boy and I happened to cross paths in a parking lot next to the garage under his family's condo. He told me he wanted to show me something, so I followed him into the garage and all the way to the back corner where a door led to a small empty room. We entered the room, and he asked me if I wanted to make out. I nodded yes, and he closed and locked the door. We started to kiss and I felt his hand slide up the inside front of my t-shirt, his fingers slipping through my bra to my left nipple. To make things easier for him, I took off my shirt and bra, but then he asked me to keep going and to take off my sneakers, shorts, and panties, too. I said OK, but only if he promised not to do anything that would risk getting me pregnant. He agreed, and I stripped myself nude. He got on his knees and began to lick my clit and my pussy. It felt amazing, and I started to moan. Then, he stood up and asked me if I trusted him enough to go along with whatever he wanted to do. I was feeling excited and horny, and I impulsively said yes. He told me to get down on my hands and knees, so I did. Then, he took off his shorts and underpants, straddled my hips, and lowered his cock between my thighs. He had a huge erect cock. I felt the tip of it placed against my anus, and I felt his hands grab my hips. The next thing I knew, his cock was sliding into my asshole. I was surprised, but I was excited, and his cock felt so warm. It started to hurt as it stretched my sphincter muscles wide, but I bit my lip, and as his cock penetrated deeper into my rectum, he began to rock his shaft back and forth, and I began to moan with each thrust. The truth is that I was moaning from pain, but I didn't want him to know, and as I moaned with each thrust, I whispered "Yes" or "Fuck my ass harder" so he thought my moans were from pleasure. That turned him on even more, and he began to thrust his cock deeper and harder into my rectum. I was not only moaning louder with each thrust, but my thighs were shaking, and I could feel my whole body glistening with perspiration as I endured the burning pain of each anal stroke, reaming out my ass. He had tons of energy, and he must have been thrusting into my asshole at a rate of 120 thrusts per minute. This went on non-stop for half an hour, so he must have pounded my virgin rectum about 3,600 times. It hurt a lot, but it also started to feel good about half-way through. And he was loving it. He moaned with pleasure at every thrust. Finally, he delivered a massive load of cum deep inside of my ass, and then we both collapsed to the floor, his erect cock still lodged deep inside of my ass. We were both breathing heavily and sweating, and his cock felt so warm inside my rectum. My pussy felt wet, too. Any way, that was my first anal sex ever. And I never had a chance to be with that boy again before the summer ended. But I am now married and 31 years old, and my husband and I have anal sex regularly, like eight or nine times a month.

#young   #girl   #teen   #anal   #virgin  

I want my wife to watch me with a man. I want her to see me suck him off. I want her to see me swallow. I want her to see him cum on my face. I want her to see me on all fours, with him pounding my ass while he reaches around to stroke me. I want her to watch me go down on him in public. I really want to tell her that I have done all of these things before, and that I masturbate regularly to the thought of them.

#gay   #suck   #swallow   #facial   #anal   #masturbate  

Ok so to start Im 17m and I always felt straight until I was 15 and always got off to straight porn but i tried gay things with a friend and turned, and i always had been a bottom from day one, so yesterday i got together with a guy from a hookup site and he came to my house, and holy fuck did he like dominance, i got railed so hard i have to stand while writing this, he came after about an hour and i had blown a load 3 times by the time he finished, i had to lay down after my 2nd cum round because i couldnt stand up anymore and he kept going, it was the best and i plan to hook up again with him

#gay   #anal  

I'm a straight male who when he is alone puts on his girlfriends dirty panties and stockings and fucks his ass on camera for men as they jerk off and say dirty things. I don't know why I love to do it but I makes my orgasms even more intense and longer. Last night I did it for more than 5 hours. I lubed my ass up and got my dildo and anal beads and let men cum to my cock and brown eye.

#masturbation   #panteis   #anal  

Pray and roll the dice for #anal

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