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Forced Confessions

Read the best #forced confession stories

I had always tried to ignore the group of boys that bullied me in school but secretly worried that they were going to, sooner or later, catch me alone and with no help around. Felt relatively safe while in school with teachers around but scared about leaving school to walk back home. One day my heart turned over when I bumped into them walking home and practically intimidated me off the side walk and into a wooded area. It looked like they were looking for a place where no one could see and told me to get undressed in front of group girls that were with them. I remember them laughing and girls telling them to force me to take it all off. I remember standing naked with this two boys grabbing my arms and giggling girls looking down at my penis and reaching to touch it. I remember it went hard on me and the sheer shame of being held in front of them was something that made me feel worthless. Stood there humiliating myself while they had fun and ran away. Remember picking my clothes off the ground, getting dress as fast as I could and walking away thinking I could never confess to anyone what ad just happed and eventually everyone knowing about it in school. I later found out that they had done the same thing to other boys just for the hell of giving girls thrill. Boys that kept lying about it and telling everyone it never happed just to save face.

#naked   #forced   #humiliated   #girls   #deplayed  

My wife of 28 years was caught by me cheating with a man in a motel room. She admitted that she'd cheated with 22 different men throughout our marriage. About 8 were one night stands, others were longer term affairs, sometimes with up to 3 affairs going on at the same time. Yet through all this I got all the sex I wanted from her. I asked her if our 2 grown boys were mine and she said that they were as she had blood testing done when they were younger. I didn't do anything at first, I let myself stew in it a while, then told her she could fuck all the guys she wants but if she wants to stay married then she has to let me do what I want. She agreed.

I now have a total sex slave and she seems to love it. I make her come home every night, she's not allowed out of town trips anymore unless I'm waiting in the connecting room. I see her cum filled cunt after she's cheated, and I get to do all the kinky shit I've always wanted. I make her fuck and suck me in public, we've gone to swingers clubs where she has to watch me fuck other women then suck my cock clean of their pussy juice. I started writing things on her. At first a little mild, once when going to see a lover, I wrote just above her pussy "Fuck my wifes' married cunt" then wrote "Sperm deposits here" with an arrow to her pussy. On her rump I wrote "Buttfucked at 13 and still going"

Now I made her go to a tattoo parlor and have "married cunt for use" tattooed above her pussy, she can't even wear her skinniest bikinis anymore without it showing, and she has "I take cock up my ass" on her butt cheeks. One of our sons was in town for a week and as she was fixing breakfast she was in her panties and he could read it through. Her boyfriends don't seem to care, they still fill my slaves cunt with cum.

#tattoos   #exposure   #cuckold   #creampies  

Ever since my firs sex with a much older woman who used to pee and poop with me during, before, after sex etc. I have been fascinated with women on the toilet. It's very difficult to broach the subject. I am now 19 I still fuck the old woman and still do toilet play with her. I have a girl now who is a bit fat, and has pretty low self esteem, and is only 16. I took her cherry in all holes except her mouth, someone got to that before me, three someones in fact.

About 2 weeks ago I made her start leaving the door open while peeing and pooping, after a couple of days I started standing and watching her, making her spread to show me. She didn't like it and complained. So after a complaint a couple days ago (after almost 2 weeks of her peeing and pooping with the door open or being watched) I gave her the ultimatum. She either does what I want or I leave. She was too fat to think she'd ever get anyone to fuck her again, so she relented. I told her to stand up over the toilet and bend over, and pee and poop in front of me. I watched it all spray out of her then the brown log come out of her ass and plop down. Some of the pee and poo missed the toilet. I told her not to wipe her pussy or ass, rather with her hands wipe the toilet and floor clean and pick up the poo and place it into the toilet. Then I told her to come out of the bathroom and sit on my cock with it going up her shitty asshole.

She's mine now and I have two toilet ladies to play with.

#toilet   #nc   #bbw   #pee   #poo   #forced  

I'm 16 and bisexual.

When I was 14 I had a gf. She was so pretty and we made out like everywhere including the bathroom of our catholic school. I love making her moan.

After breaking up I had this guy friend who courted me. I went to his house then he attempted to kiss me. He did it again and I responded. It became torrid and he started grinding between my legs. It made me so hot but I wasnt't ready for sex. But even if I was screaming no he forced his dick on my mouth and eventually forced it in my pussy. At first it was hella painful bcuz I was a virgin. But he did lots of things that made him scream his name. It was so hot and we can't stop what we were doing.

After that, I became addicted. We hade phone sex, sex in his hous and sext. I got so addicted to porn and until now I can't stop my habit of watching porn and masturbating before sleeping because I left the guy who got my vcard.

Now I want to call him every now and then to have sex even if I got back with my gf because so for nothings happening.

#addict   #sex   #forced   #bisexual  

I have developed a fetish for seeing girls and women in embarrassing outfits whether they get embarrassed or not is beside the point but as long as they are wearing a ridiculous costume or outfit like the villainesses from the Power Ranger series as an example. Anything that makes them look foolish, stupid, helpless, and/or whorish really gets my motor running and if they are forced to wear and outfit and get embarrassed because of it ooooh baby! And if they are oblivious to how stupid they look even better that really gets me there but sadly I haven't found too much for this fetish usually the things I find are missing one or two elements from the equation but oh my imagination is a very powerful thing ;)

#embarrassed   #whore   #forced   #stupid  

I've never had sex before.

I watch a lot of porn and hentai though, the kind where girls are getting groped and fucked in public against their will and I really want to try that. I'd loves getting fucked or touched by some random stranger I'll never see again. It just seems so....I can't explain it. But I'd love to try.

#sex   #public   #touching   #forced   #porn  

My bf made me into a complete pig.. when we first started dating I was in amazing shape I had toned abs and everything. But my bf started to fatten me up, he would feed me all day long. Over quarantine I gained 220 pounds, I’m now 316 at 5’’4. I laze around all day now. Even sitting up is difficult, don’t know what to do anymore so I just eat more

#fatty   #gain   #forced   #huge  

I'm married, 31 and I have kids. We live across from the local high school. I work from home and my wife works away. I noticed some of the girls walking past daily, and soon started chatting with them. Before long, we got very friendly. Two friends, both in grade 10 knew my son, so we had lots to talk about. With a little effort, one of them came to visit, sexy, big boobs for her age, tall and friendly. I kept flirting, and landed the occasional hand on the shoulder. Told her I'd be back now, and called her after a while. When she walked in, I was stroking my cock. Soon I was ramming her tiny pussy, hard, forcefully. It turned into a 4-times weekly thing. I'd love for her to get pregnant, and love to dominate her, inflicting pain, forcing her, and also getting her tied up. I'm sure I'll get caught eventually, but a young schoolgirl tied, helpless, calling me daddy and begging me hurt her as I please, is worth more than the shit I'd get. I get off on hurting her, especially slapping her and biting her all over. Last week I punched her, hard, in the face and on her tit, and she cried! I fucked her hard and sent her home. Her folks saw the marks and she got big trouble. Love it

#young   #cheating   #abuse   #forced   #schoolgirl  

Hi, my name is Charlie and im 17. Last week, i was housesitting with my girlfriend for her mother. I knew her mum wouldnt be back for about 2 weeks and only me and Vanessa where in the house so i walked around Naked, like i would in my apartment. Vanessa left to do some shopping, and getting munchies and films for our night in. She locked the door to keep people wandering in on my nudity. I decided to start cleaning the house as a surprise for Vanessa when she returned. And i knew no body without a key could get in and see me and my manliness in all our glory. Little did i know that her neighbour, Annie, a middle aged woman was instucted by Vanessas mum mother to come and check in on her daughter every so often with the spare key. She entered but didnt say a word. She krept in so slowly and stealthily, she could of robbed us and i would never have knew. I was doing some cleaning up as i said and i picked up a lacy pair of black panties, i held up close to my eyes to see if they were clean or not. However, stealthy Annie saw it a different way.
"What the heck do you think you are doing, you little Panty sniffer, i come to check how my friends daughter was doing and i walk in on her boyfriend sniffing her panties, what is it? Do you like the feeling of them? Do you want to wear them? Oh, your member likes the sound of that, look at it, sticking in the air, hard as rock! You want to wear them!" However i really didnt, i was just so aroused of a sexy middle aged women walking in on me why i was so naked. But i still felt intimidated by her. Her eyes meant buisness, she looked dominant, and definately wasnt afraid of an old teen, no matter how muscular i was! She snatched them out my hands. And she shoved them in my face, pushing me back against, the sofa, i tried fighting back, but she was strong and dominant! She thrown me down, my feet sticking in the air, whaling around everywhere, i was so aroused. If only Vanessa was like this. But no way was i about to put on this panty, without a fight. I kicked her in the head, but it was no use, she pinned me down, and started pulling the g-string up my legs, and before long, i was stood in the living room wearing only my gfs mums panty. I was so embarressed. But totally aroused.
"Oh you like the feeling of womens clothes, well before tonight, you will have to get used to it anyway." What did she mean? I looked at her confused, she jumped on me, pinning me down, she pulled out some rope from no where. Why did she think to bring it? She couldnt of known this would be happening! She tied my hands to the radiator. "Right im going shopping, so dont go anywhere, Phh like you can" She left, i waited for what seemed like hours until she returned.
"Im not wearing that, or them, and especially that!"
This was my reaction when she pulled a corset, stockings, and a bra from her bag when she returned!
"Right,"She said "I have been out, bought all this with your credit card, used up my time, to buy you this sexy things, and you reject, them well your tied up so you dont have a choice!And you need to learn your lesson for sniffing panties, you little pervert!" "I didnt sniff the panties, you bitch" I yelled back agressively. "Oh you shouldnt of done that, now im definately showing Vanessas mum the pictures!" What pictures? "Now, i will release you but if you so what kick, or run trust me, the picture of you in the panties, tied up, aroused, and you will never live this down no put on your lingerie!" I was scared, petrified infact, i got up after she untied me, and i stood their! "Well? Give me the lingerie, i cant belive your making me do this!" She through the skanky lingerie at me. At first i stuggled putting on the bra so Annie helped me, and then she put on the corset, pulling them so tight, im sure my rib cage was going to colapse! Then she pulled down my panties and took the off me, throwing them in the hamper. Next was the girdle, and at first it was uncomfortable, but then it got comfier. Then annie started rolling the fishnet stockings up my hairy legs. She pulled out two massive breast forms, and squeezed them into my bra. To my horror, she then pulled out a thong. I shivered at the though of wearing it. "Im not wearing it," I said. She turned around " Oh really, but all the glue on the rest of your lingerie will have set by now so you will look silling without the thong. Glue? Set? I was horrified and attempted ripping off the lingerie, But it was stuck. It was useless but i might as well put on the thong to hide my growing penis. No use, even wearing it, it didn't do so well contained my massive dick. And i tried moving it but i winched in pain as it pulled on my many pubic hairs. The glue had set. I looked in the mirror to see, an obivous man, in slutty lingerie, i looked rediculous. I looked like a drag queen. I was looking at myself when my sight was quickly blocked by a pair of 6 inch high heeled thigh high boots. It was obvious i had to put them on, which i did, and the glue quickly set. I walked around the house, hearing the heels click, it was horrifying, I was a man, forced to wear drag,, stuggling to walked in 6 inch heeled thigh high boots. i was soo humiliated, I just stood their, in the kitchen, horrified, and the next minute, i felt something hard hit my head, and i was out cold, I awoke about an hour later to Annie, looking down at me. laughing taking millions of photos. She then shown me one, She had done my make up and it was so stupid, My lips, bright red, they looked massive and plump, my eyelishes 2 inches long, my eyebrows looked like slugs and my face was so draggy! Then above my head was a gigantic wig, that towered 2 feet above my head. And below, was a tight, tight dress that crushed my body. I looked in the mirror, and i was horrified, Normally in feminization stories the man looks into the mirror to see a women staring back, but no, for me when i looked in the mirror i saw a man in bad drag looking back. I was humiliated. The door slammed, and Annie was gone! What would she do with the pictures, would she show Vanessa? Too Late!
"Charlie, what are you wearing, are you wearing drag! I tried to rip it off but it was no use. She told me she liked it, and that she was alright with it, even though i told her i didnt like it , she denied me. The next day she used glue remover to remove eveything but couldn'nt get the boots off. We tried everything. But it was no use! I had to wear the boots for weeks even after her mum got back, Over these weeks i told her "I hate drag, im disgusted my the queers who do it, its discustin" I werent really, i support gays but i had to show her i hated it. She wasnt having it! How was i supposed to know she had a friend drag act! She got him to come over, and they both forced me to wear drag and since then i have been forced to wear drag in the privacy of mine and vanessas house, whilst she held the pictures Annie gave her and as payback for all the time i made her wear, skimpy clothing. I protested alot but it was no use. I got used to it no matter how much i hated it, To the outisde world i was a normal man, in our house, i was an drag queen who looked nothing like a girl. Out side i would wear lingerie under my clothing, and inside i would spend my time with Vanessa and Ryan ( the drag act friend) getting my nails done and walking around in 6 inch heels and short dresses. I didnt like it but i did it to protect the pictures getting out. And even now while i right this, im wearing a short leopard print dress, with thigh high 6 inch heeled boots and a bit blonde wig. Me, my wife and ryan are watching a kinky movie. Then vanessa starts jacking me off, i didnt even realise i had a boner! Then she tapes it back under my legs. Beyond my front door my drag life has never ended, and when me and vanessa got married privatley guess who was wearing the dress!

#forced   #drag   #life  

I need to confess this.

A few weeks ago I went to see a band with a few friends and it was quite far from where we live so we took the train and stayed in a hotel for the weekend. I ended up sharing a room with my cousin. I am 17 and he is 19.

The second day we were going to the london eye but my cousin wasn't well so I stayed in the hotel with him to save money really, later he felt better so we decided to get ready and go for food so I headed to the shower, after a while I came out in my towel and found my cousin on his bed on his phone wanking his dick, I laughed but it was so awkward, After a few seconds he leaned over the bed and pulled my towel off, I tried to stop him but it was on the floor and I was totally naked, he told me it was fine and he touched my dick and im not going to lie it felt good, I was so shy but he pulled me closer and started sucking my dick and I soon got hard.

After sucking me for a while he pushed me on the bed and he forved his cock in my mouth and face fucked me so hard, I'd never sucked a guy before so I could barely fit his length in me so he threw my legs up and started licking my ass hole and i almost cum, it felt so amazing!

He tried to fuck my arse but I was too tight and he said it was normal because I am a virgin. Instead he wanked me to cumming and he ate it off my stomach before he turned me over and cum on my bum.

Since we have sexted and sent each other nudes over snapchat and I really want him to fuck my tight hole!

#virgin   #forced   #curious  

When I was 15 I went to an all boys boarding school, witch I thought it was more of a prison than a school. I was always being harassed by older boys just for the fun of it. They always hung out in bunches targeting younger boys to play jokes on. I wasn't the only boy they harassed, there were two other boys that went through the same thing. I never liked playing basketball because the showers were to far away from the main school building. Used to wait till everyone finished showering to take mine. It was also close to the cyclone fence that went around the school, where they used to chit chat with girls from the nearby school through the fence every day. One day they caught me alone in the shower with my towel rapt around my waist, dragged me out and strap me to the fence. They stood there waiting to hear the girls approaching, ripped my towel off and left me stark naked to get caught as girls went by. I had never felt so horrified about having girls gathering in front me, giggling and asking if I was going to get a hard on for them. All they did was have a good look, stick their fingers through the fences to wiggle my dick and watch it grow. My face was burning with shame, my dick was hard as flag pole and I wasn't going anywhere till some untied me. So humiliated I was totally at a loss of word, while they had a party checking me out from head toe. I guess they all sexually got off on it and it was them that managed to untie me and letting off the hook. I had never ran back into a shower as fast as I did and stayed there till they all left. What made me mad was that those bastards go away with it because I was to embarrassed to report it. I guess I wasn't the first or the last boy that got stripped in front of girls, but sure I'll remember it for years to come.

#pranked   #naked   #forced   #displayed  

Until a year ago I was a normal guy. 18 had fucked 6 girls up to that time and never even thought about anything else sexually. I got into a situation and owed a guy about 12 years older than me a lot of money. The situation got out of hand. I even brought a girl who was a fuck buddy up to see him and she fucked him silly while I jacked off watching, hoping that would delay paying him for a bit, or take a little off the bill. He told her to leave and me to stay. He sexually assaulted me after I refused the first order to lay down, and he hit me several times and threatened me with a knife. He made me lay there while he fucked me and made me stay the night while he fucked me some more. In the morning we had breakfast, then around noon he made me suck his cock with more hitting. He made a deal which was more like an order as I had no choice. Since he "fagged me out" already I would stay with him as his girlfriend and he would let me work off the debt I owed. By now I knew he had a gun, and several knives and was afraid he'd use them. I thought I'd be able to date still, and just let him fuck me, and hopefully just get away with blowing him a few times, but I was wrong. I can't see anyone else, my family is out of town and can't see me this way. All girls are gone now, he even had me bring my fuck buddy over and he had her get naked thinking she was getting a 3way and then banged me in front of her. He now makes me dress in girls clothes (I'm rather small for a guy, and have a waist and curvy hips and bottom). I even have to dress in girls clothes when I go out, not just in bed where he bought me all kinds of sexy lingerie and outfits to wear for him. He made me grow my nails, my hair and has it styled and done in a woman's fashion. About 8 months ago or more he had a doctor in debt to him who started giving me hormone shots. My already small penis is only about 3 inches long, very thin, my balls are so small, and my boobs have started to grow. My man loves all this and loves my overly sensitive nipples. I've fucked and sucked him and some of his friends, but I'm now his girlfriend in all ways. The doctor checks me out regularly my boobs, my boipussy, everything. I have had some big changes and he makes sure I'm functional for my boyfriend. When my boyfriend hits me if I refuse, the doctor comes to the house to treat me after he's finished beating and fucking me.

I cook, clean, he supports me, buys me jewelry, nice clothes, a BMW and of course I take care of his sexual needs. I really liked fucking girls, but in a way I really like being taken care of and getting fucked too. I really like taking care of his needs and being there for him sexually. I am now a transgender living with my boyfriend, and all because I started betting on sports games and he let me get so far into debt. I think if I only got $ 10 a fuck, I'd have paid off my $50K debt by now. My butthole is loose, open and even the ring has grown and stretched, one of his friends says it's the most inviting "pussy" he's ever seen. I've started cheating a bit, I see that friend of his on the side, and even the doctor has started fucking me.

#nc   #gay   #bi   #violence  

I remember my girl friends in high school trying to convince me to get high on drugs with them. Always told myself I would never get involved in that and kept telling me it was no big deal. Told me these college guys would invite them to do coke in their apartment and don't know how many times I kept coming up with excuses to not go. I think it was pure pressure and not wanting to be less than them what made me go with them one day. I met them on our way out of school, walked a few blocks and remember four guys sitting around a cocktail table and feeling like the new girl in school. I soon found out getting young girls high was great way for guys to lure young girls and sexually seducing them. I remember the stupid powder going straight to my brain, watching my girl friend making out with this guy practically naked and an ending up with my panties yanked off getting my pussy eaten out in the middle of an oral sex orgy. I remember it was first grab, first suck and so high I really couldn't do much about it. All I knew was that this guy's head was wedged between my legs, was about to have an orgasm and just let him have it. The worst was that after he turned me in Jello, his dick hardly fitted into my mouths. All I could do was suck and end up with a face smeared with cum and washing off in the bathroom stepping over bras, panties and guys boxer shorts and hoping my parents would never notice when I got home. I guess I found out why coke is called the sex drug.

#coke   #sex   #forced   #orgasms  

Not to long ago I was in a relationship with a guys who would force me to do things that I didn’t want to do but made me think i did. He would trick me into saying yes but not taking it to far, since we are both 12 and shouldn’t be having sex. He took advantage of me and only a few people know. It took me so long to figure out that I should not be with him and even my friends said it was a bad idea but I was so in love and I was so wrong


I've done this a few times now, feel guilty as hell about it but sometimes I get so damn horny I want to fuck and don't care who it is. I feel straight but I guess I'm bi male. I don't like to see other guys but when I get so bad and I'm super horny and can't find any women to fuck I will fuck a shemale, tranny, or even a cute crossdresser. All the ones I've fucked are very passable in public, and no one knows, but I have fucked and gotten sucked by guys who dress.
I just returned from an afternoon romp. I found a very cute crossdresser, who wanted to meet at an adult theater. We exchanged some pics, she convinced me that they were her real pictures. Her ad on craigslist said that she wanted to meet at an adult theater complex, go into a booth, and suck cock, then get her/his bare butt spanked red, and have the guy cum all over her naked asshole. She only sucked though, but I was super horny and had gotten a bit high.
I met her, and she was gorgeous, just like her pictures, I had no trouble picking her out of the crowd and lots of guys were already trying to get her in their booths, thinking she was a really hot blonde girl. We went into a booth with no gloryholes so nobody could watch, locked the door and she was taken apart my belt, zipper and pulling my pants down. I purposely didn't wear any underwear so my thin 8" popped out semi hard already as I was feeling her tiny tits under the top of her tight, sexy dress. She got to her knees with her little perkies sticking out and started sucking, eventually she reminded me that she sucks only. When she tasted pre-cum she moved up still jacking my hard cock, and bent over at the waste.
"Spank me baby, spank your little momma's ass, beat that ass baby, like I'm a whore momma"
She jerked and licked with the occasional suck, and I beat that ass red. She pushed me in back of her and told me to shoot all over her whore ass. I had a lot of pre-cum by then and pushed my cockhead to her crack and had so much precum I had it right at her asshole.
"No, don't . . . I don't do that, just suck. Cum on me baby, cum on me"

"Fuck that bitch" I grunted, and with that I pushed my lubed cock up her asshole and started holding her down and fucking her like crazy. She started trying to pull away, punch me, do anything she could, she was kicking and screaming, and I knew that no one in the back booths gave a shit. They all figured what was happening. I shot off very loudly and talked loud enough for every one of the guys there to know I'd just fucked this horny little CD whore up her/his ass and shot off. She was whimpering a bit and went slack. She made the mistake of slumping on the floor bent over the bench. I opened the door, putting away my cock, and motioned the next couple of guys in. As I walked away I saw one of them sticking his cock in her ass, and she started screaming again, this time yelling "rape" and the second guy who went in stuck a really, really thick cock in her mouth and all I could hear was muffled crying. I stuck around to watch two more guys get off by fucking her then left.

I was just so fucking horny, she was so beautiful, I had to pop her asshole. I wished it would have been better, that I could have dated her a bit, and maybe talked her into mutual, consentual fucking, but I wanted her ass, I wanted to fuck and cum inside someone, right then, not wait around. It's a shame, I shouldn't have done rape to him/her but I needed to fuck and cum. So it appears did some others.

#cd   #oral  

I'm a guy who admits to be turned on by being submissive to girls. I recently can't seem to get over the thought of being completely dominated by a girl by being told to have sex with her, without a condom while knowing in advance that she has an std. Or by being told to have sex with a girl and it's guaranteed to trick her into getting pregnant. Not sure why but I think of it all the time.

#forced   #submissive   #domme   #pregnant  

I never thought I'd be answering de door and seeing my15 year old brother standing outside crying and completely naked. He ran right passed me and into his room without saying a word to either me or my mother. I don't think I had ever seen my brother so naked, since we both little kids. It took some time for him to calm down and build up the courage to tell us what happed. He was obviously embarrassed about talking about it to his mother and his 17 year old sister. Like most nights he used to hang out in our community park a block away from home. A park where boys and girls form our neighborhood and the neighborhood on the other side of the park would meet. He told us some older boys were harassing him, took off his clothes and exhibited him naked in front of giggling girls. None of his friends help him and found himself with no clothes, stark naked, no place to hide and a crowd of girls having fun looking at him. Humiliated realizing his clothes were gone, he had no choice but to run a block home naked embarrassing himself. He now refuses to go to school, because most of the girls that saw him were from his school. End of the story and my brother now lives with my aunt, in a deferent town and deferent school. I stayed with my Mom, going to school and hearing girls getting themselves turned on talking about my brother's dick for months.

#forced   #stripping   #humiliation  

I once saw a boy in high school lifting a girls skirt so everyone laugh at her. I remember it was especially embarrassing because she was wearing a thong and got her white butt cheeks totally exposed. She just walked away completely humiliated and the incident went un reported because she never told anyone. Two weeks later my girl friends and I were walking through the park after school when these boys came run towards us with a bunch of clothes in their hands. The girl that had her skirt yanked up was with them and told us the clothes belonged to the boy that had lifted her skirt. The had stripped him and left him stuck naked in the park public bathroom. I remember we went inside and watched boys pulling him out of a toilette, I'll never forget the embarrassing expression on his face when they dragged out telling him if he liked girls looking at his dick, I remember watching his dick swinging side to side and my girl friends giggling looking at it. I think his helplessness and the fact that he had been forcefully stripped naked and forced to humiliated himself made it even more sexually erotic. Personally I got a sexual change out of it and didn't feel the least bit of guilt for watching. He deserved what he got for embarrassing that girl. If he would have done that to me, I would have sent him on his way home naked.

#punished   #nude   #forced   #humiliated  

I felt the urge to have sex and haven't had it for many months. I needed to feel my cock inside a woman. I saw several sexy women on the street, in parks and didn't want to do it but I knew the only way my ugly self was getting sex was to pay for it or force it. I didn't have the money to pay. I went to wait inside a washroom in a public park. While waiting a young man came in very drunk. I followed him out and from behind threw him on the ground in a patch of bushes. He could barely speak, I pulled his jeans down and then his underwear and spread some Vaseline on my cock and stuck it in him. He grunted but was unable to do anything else. I pumped him full of my seed after a very short time, probably only a minute. I hit the back of his head and told him to lay there and not get up. As I pulled my pants up and fastened them I stared at his raped cock, I guess I shot so hard none of my sperm was coming out yet. I walked away. I've done this a few times now, even once taking some cash and going to a street hooker and buying pussy sex with his money.

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I am a 46 year old woman, divorced twice, kids are grown. I have had 12 boyfriends and 2 husbands who have had sex with me in my life. I've always kept myself in shape and as thin as I could after 3 kids. My legs and ass have always stayed in good shape. I will let me cum in me in front, only my husbands and 2 others came in my mouth and I steadfastly refuse to have anyone in my butt.
I was on a date with a very wealthy super-handsome guy who is only 38 and divorced. After a very good and very expensive dinner and a trip to the theater, we were picked up by his limo. He raised the privacy window, and pulled out his cock and told me he wanted me to suck him. I don't know why but I just did it. I wasn't even appalled by his actions. I just started sucking his cock. As I did he pulled my 36C boobs out of my dress top and proceeded to stroke them and pinch my nipples. He came in my mouth and I swallowed it all and he deeply kissed my jizzed mouth moving his tongue around to get what remained. He pulled me over his knee, raised my dress and ripped off my panties and proceeded to spank me soundly. He said it was for being such a cum whore and an easy slut. After he was done we were at my place and he told his driver not to wait to get a change of clothes and meet him for the office at 7 in the morning.
Without being asked he came up to my place, the doorman could easily tell my hair was mussed, my lipstick messed up, and my boobs weren't placed back in my dress very well. I looked and my date hadn't bothered to zip up his pants. In my place I tried to recover and ask if he wanted a drink, when I turned back for an answer he was totally stripped and opening the drapes to the balcony so we could be seen. He told me to take off my clothes right there and I did it without question hoping I was going to get at least one orgasm out of the evening. I confess I'd planned on sex yet since it was our first time out together, so I was in full growth between my legs. It wasn't pretty. He asked if I had lube and I said I only had Vaseline, no vaginal lube, but I was wet enough. He went and got the Vaseline, and rubbed it on his cock. I told him he wouldn't need it. He replied that it was for me not for him.
"I made up my mind I'm fucking that ass tonight slut" he said
"No, I've never done that, and I don't do that, won't happen" I retorted
"Fuck you" was his answer.
With that he bent me over the back of my couch and I started screaming, he stuffed his socks in my mouth and said that he want' fucking that forest of a pussy but he was going to fuck me. He pushed it into my backdoor and it was hot and searing. After he was done he made me stand there even wiped up a bit of blood from my anus and showed it to me. Then took his belt to me. I was crying, my ass was red and swollen and I noticed he was hard again. He forced me on the floor face down, and fucked me again.
I came, not only did I get the biggest O I've had in my life, I had 3 of them while he banged me in my backside.
Now I beg him for it in my butt, suck him in public when he wants, let him fuck me in the front door anytime, anywhere, and beg him for anal sex.
He gives it to me but not enough. I now have two other guys who will do it to me that way, and I have several orgasms everytime I get a cock pistoning in and out of my butthole. I think back that I started letting the first boy fuck me at 14, and I've missed out on 31 years of sheer bliss.
I'm a buttwhore now totally, unwavering, submissively, giving my butt to any cock I can. I even went back to one of my ex husbands and let him do it to me.
too bad I missed out for soooooo long.

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