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Stripping Confessions

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My crazy girlfriends dragged me out of the shower to embarrass me in front of boys. I know we were all friends and it was just a friendly joke, but watching boys looking at me naked and hearing them saying "nice pussy" turned the joke into a very humiliating one. My worst nightmare of being seen naked had come true. I got forced to show everything that day and I'm sure those boys loved it. The stupid part was, as embarrassed as I felt, had to laugh right along with all of them. I guess it was all teenage fun.

#friendly   #stripping   #horesplay   #embarrass  

As a 15 year old virgin male who'd been masturbating since entering puberty, I was more than a little interested in seeing a naked female or one partially dressed; to be honest any female in her underwear or less. While on holiday at my grandmothers. After spending a few hours in the local cafe, I was walking home (she lived in the country in a small group of houses) on what was a pitch black moonless night and I knew that a 50+ year old lady lived in a house nearby lived on her own and seldom had any visitors. As I walked along the very dark path, I could see the lights of her house and as I could easily hide under the cover of darkness I decided that maybe I could peek at her through her curtains. I slowly made my way into her garden and moved as quietly as I could towards the light shining out through the bottom of the window. To my great surprise and delight, the curtains were short and there was a one inch gap at the bottom where the hem was above the window sill. She was watching TV. After about 20 minutes with nothing happening, she turned off the TV and it seemed that she was going to bed. She turned off the lights in the room and a few seconds later a light came on in what was a nearby room on my right. My heart was racing and I was praying that this was her bedroom and that her curtains would have the same gap, which in fact turned out to be the case. I lowered my eyes to sill level and there she was in front of me, less than ten feet away and totally unaware of my presence. She was wearing a floral dress that unbuttoned down the front. My cock was instantly hard when she started undoing them and stepped out of the dress. She stood before me wearing a white bra, a tan coloured girdle and tan coloured stocking; she wore no panties and her hairy pussy hairs stuck out under the bottom of the girdle. With cock in hand I stroked for all I was worth as the unclipped her bra and dropped it on top of her dress. She rubbed her free tits and I could see her nipples getting hard. Next came her stockings and girdle and as she stood naked before me I came. It was clear she had no idea she was being peeped at and appreciated though once naked she left the room and I guessed that when she left the bedroom she went to the bathroom. That was over forty years ago and I have never forgotten that experience or that night. I had seen my first mature naked female in all her glory and I was horny and excited enough to want to see more.

#peeping   #stripping   #naked   #girdle   #dress   #bra   #stockings   #unbuttoned  

I’m a 14f and a couple days ago I saw my crush changing in the locker room,, I was lucky enough to have my locker placed right next to hers and I got to see her strip, I couldn’t stop blushing and I tried to not make it obvious that I was looking... but now I can’t stop imagining her and I always masturbate to the thought of her.

#crush   #masturbate   #naked   #stripping   #bi  

I never thought I'd be answering de door and seeing my15 year old brother standing outside crying and completely naked. He ran right passed me and into his room without saying a word to either me or my mother. I don't think I had ever seen my brother so naked, since we both little kids. It took some time for him to calm down and build up the courage to tell us what happed. He was obviously embarrassed about talking about it to his mother and his 17 year old sister. Like most nights he used to hang out in our community park a block away from home. A park where boys and girls form our neighborhood and the neighborhood on the other side of the park would meet. He told us some older boys were harassing him, took off his clothes and exhibited him naked in front of giggling girls. None of his friends help him and found himself with no clothes, stark naked, no place to hide and a crowd of girls having fun looking at him. Humiliated realizing his clothes were gone, he had no choice but to run a block home naked embarrassing himself. He now refuses to go to school, because most of the girls that saw him were from his school. End of the story and my brother now lives with my aunt, in a deferent town and deferent school. I stayed with my Mom, going to school and hearing girls getting themselves turned on talking about my brother's dick for months.

#forced   #stripping   #humiliation  

I always had a fantasy of stripping in front of older women but I was to shy and scared. I used to stay nude mostly when my parents were out one day i decided to go out in my building corridor naked and locked the door in excitement of that. Thank god i had keys and it was afternoon so it suspect anybody around but before I could open the door the lady came from the front house came out and saw me naked with full erection. Fumbling and trying to explain why was I out like that and struggling to open my door with keys I anyhow got in and she never mentioned it to my parents but even today if she goes down with me in the lift I feel so embarrassed.

#funny   #stripping  

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