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Bi Confessions

Read the best #bi confession stories

Currently in college I am in a wonderful relationship with my girlfriend of two years. We are very happy with one another and even talk about Internet women sexually. One night while having sex, she looked at me dead in the eyes and asked if I would like it if it were our friend. Our friend is a lesbian girl who's super attractive and I've dreamed of fucking her. I obviously said yes in the heat of the moment and she made me call her by our friend'said name. This went on for about 5 months until we decided to fuck while at our friend'said house. Again, I would moan our friend's name and I would finish very quickly.

About 2 days after, my girlfriend was at her family's house helping when I got a text from our friend to meet her at the local super market and to come alone. I messaged my girlfriend and told her I'll be back later. Once there I picked up my friend and she told me to drive to the broken down mart a few blocks away. At this time it was winter and 6 pm was pitch black. I made my way over with her and parked asking why we came over her, she pulled memail into a kiss and smiled at me, pulling her shirt off showing no bra. I quickly tried to look away but she insisted I looked while she striped naked. Her short green hair all the hotter as she flipped it while undressing. I decided I'd touch myself as well and started stroking slowly. She smiled and commented on how thick I was as she told me she wanted me inside of her. I smiled and did what I wanted to do for the whole time we were friends, we made our way to the backseat and I slid into her.

Being a lesbian she was super tight, unable to take me fully until about half way through. We had to of been fucking for a long time because my girlfriend called mid way through. We stopped shocked and I tried slowing my breathing as I answered her. She didn't seem upset just worried as I told her I was fine and I'd only be a little longer. After hanging up, my friend confessed that she had caught my girlfriend and I while she was barely awake when we had sex at her house and heard me moan her name ad I finished. She continued saying she mulled it over for a day and decided she wanted to do it with me. I laughed and penetratedo her again as I kissed her passionately. I told her that we can do this anytime we wanted as long as my girlfriend never finds out. She agreed and I came inside of her in seconds.

To this day, I still fuck our friend under my girlfriend's nose. She'said on birth control to "control her flow" as she tells my girlfriend but me and her know why she's really on it. Even now as I type this, I'm laying next to a girl who's pussy I thought was impossible to get and it's all mine.

#lesbian   #girl   #guy   #straight   #gaytriesstraight  

I have to begin with a bit of a backstory. I met my (now ex) girlfriend 3 years ago at a party of a mutual friend. We hit it off rather quickly and I fell in love with her that same night. Because of me still going to university, we could only see each other at the weekend, as I am lived 3 hours away from home. Around 4 months into our relationship she confessed to me that she had slept with another man, because she felt lonely and desperate. She apologized profusely and I believed her - mistake no 1. I had one more year of university left and as I was told afterwards, she cheated on me several times with several different men during that period.After I got my degree, we both moved to another city. At first everything was great, living together seemed and felt like the right thing. I loved her so much. But it didn't take long until she became quite hostile and reserved towards me. She would try to start a fight every chance she got and made mountains out of molehills (if you know what I mean)We stopped having sex long ago, affection was long gone and this went one for a couple of months. And that's when she confessed that she's been seeing someone else for quite a while now. She said she wanted to break up with me and move in with the other man.She moved out immediately after this talk. I was so heartbroken. I broke off every kind of contact to her, even when she offered to stay friends. I just couldn't take it.Now to my confession: I am still living in the same apartment I used to live in with her. Two weeks ago, a letter was sent to my apartment addressed to her. At first I thought I would just throw it away, as I did with every other letter I got with her name on it. But I was just too curious. It was a letter from her credit card institute. It was the third reminder sent to pay for some long overdue debts she had and if she would not pay within 10 days they would take legal measures.I really considered telling her about that letter but that's when she sent me a really ugly message on Facebook. She insulted me and named me quite a few things, as she "found out" that I told my friends about why we broke up (b/c she cheated on me). She said I had ruined her reputation and that she would "sue more for all I have" and "cut my dick off"... stuff like that. It was really bad...So, I decided to not tell her about that letter.Please forgive me, but I really hope she gets some hell for what she did to me.

#ex   #girlfriend   #revenge   #cheating   #bitch   #vengeful   #confession  

I really want an older woman like 20-35 to have sex with me because I think that having an older woman command me around and tease me is sexy. I want her to get a strap on and talk about how big her dick is and how I'm too young for her. I'm a 16 year old male and I just would love this experience please

#older   #sex   #mother   #dominace   #seduction  

My cousin (f13) and I (f15) are very close a couple months ago she came over my house to visit. We went up to my room and started talking. It soon got late and we had to go to bed. Growing up together we were used to changing in front of each other. She took her T-Shirt off and asked if it was okay if she took her bra off. Not thinking much off it I said yes. She unhooked her bra and let her tits hang loose. I never realized that she had really nice boobs until this moment. She got dressed and so did I and we both went to bed. She played down next to me and drifted to sleep. But for some reason I couldn't fall asleep. Seeing her lay there in her underwear and a T-Shirt with no bra really got me off. I started to master bait with her right next to me. It felt so good. I was so distracted that I didn't even notice that she woke up. When I calmed down and stopped she put her hand on my wet pussy and started fingering me. After that I started sucking her boobs. Now every time she sleeps over we fuck each other.

#sex   #lesbian  

I got distracted driving a large sausage truck ahead of the peloton in the Tour de France. I saw a lady showing her ta ta’s.
So I swung the truck over beside her and rolled down the window.
She said “my that’s a big load of sausage. I’m amazed you can squeeze it into those tight entrances”. I replied “that’s what she said”.
Then I heard all these annoying little bells and horns. It was the tour riders on their bikes. Bunch of nerds cock blocked me.
Well I drove my sausage truck on up the road. They interrupted me chatting her up, but I got those digits. Once this bicycle race is over I intend to get in her knickers. If she thinks I have a big truck, just wait till she sees the big sausage.


#tour   #de   #france   #stuck   #sausage   #truck   #bicycle   #race  

female, 14
when i was six i kissed a girl, but now that i think about it, it was more than just ‘a kiss’. we didn’t understand what we’re doing at the time because we were so young (we were both only six) we thought that it was normal to do that with your bff. and when she came over we would tell each other that we loved each other and we would touch each other while we were naked. our parents never knew about our little “affair”. it wasn’t until i moved away from my home town and started a new school when i was 11 that i realised it wasn’t normal and that i actually liked girls. i haven’t told anybody since. not even my parents. and i don’t regret anything i did with her at all. sad part is, i haven’t talked to the girl in years because she moved away years before i did when we were 8. i wish i still had her in my life:( a kiss would feel great right about now. :(((((. oh and i still haven come out yet because i’m too scared. whoops.

#closeted   #lesbian   #lgbt   #secrets   #bisexual  

I am an orphan. I was one when my parents died so I always lived with my aunt and uncle. They were my only family but it didn't feel like other families I knew. When I came out as bisexual to them they said it was just a phase and I would get over it. It made me feel like shit and it drew an even bigger gap in my relationship with my aunt and uncle. I was going out with this guy and one day we decided to take it to my place. No one was home so I guided him to my ant and uncle's room. We fucked like crazy on their bed and we came all over their bed, multiple times. To this day I don't think they know but they fact I do makes me happy and turned on

#sex   #bisexual   #revenge   #pride  

I identify as bisexual and I used to feel comfortable identifying as that but now I'm starting to realize I may be a lesbian. For some reason I feel ashamed and gross about myself. I just can't seem to accept myself no matter what.

#lgbt   #lesbian   #bisexual   #queer  

I am now out and in the working world. I have an MBA and work for a non profit. I have serious lesbian tendencies and fixate on different women, but if anyone shows any interest I break it off. I have never had any intimacies with another woman. As a student I lived with an uncle, a divorced man and it was supposed to be for convenience. I did housework and he gave me free rent. He took me into his room and told me he wanted me there from that day on, took my virginity and used me as for both in and out of bed women's work in his home. I live in my own place now but I go to his house to do housework, laundry and groceries and let him have sex. I have never had sex with anyone else and I don't really want to. Except for this.

Like I said earlier, I am always fixated, infatuated with, daydreaming about, masturbating to, some girl. I always say girl, but these are women, not girls. My recurring theme is masturbation is that I meet this girl and take her with me to help me do housework and we sit and do my uncle's laundry and that's where we kiss for the first time. My uncle notices and gives me permission and we go into the bedroom and have lesbian sex, or until I reach orgasm and then the daydream ends. My current fixation is on Katy, a recent graduate in Social Services, 22, blonde and blue eyes, long legs of a runner, very tight behind and she smiles at me when we talk. I am scared beyond scared to invite her to go with me to my uncle's house.

#lesbian   #incest   #obsession  

I’m a 14f and a couple days ago I saw my crush changing in the locker room,, I was lucky enough to have my locker placed right next to hers and I got to see her strip, I couldn’t stop blushing and I tried to not make it obvious that I was looking... but now I can’t stop imagining her and I always masturbate to the thought of her.

#crush   #masturbate   #naked   #stripping   #bi  

Roommates have lots of pets. They fight. Bark. Hiss. Tear up. Only one is clean and doesn’t smell like litter box. I have two great fine tuned squirt bottles. The cats get wet face. I’ll hunt them. They even look at my room. Squirt. The dogs get it easier and harder when owners are gone. Special mix of powder and water. Itches. Burns a little. Like when yuh used to prank friends with itching powder. They come home or wake up & a dog is whining and scratching. Whatever.
They mostly steer clear of my room.
Sounds mean? I hear them yelling and cussing. That dog bit me. It ate my shoe. It drug the ham off the table. The cats in the food. It got litter on the food. It chewed a hole in the cushion. It tore up my new shirt. Damn it. Don’t scratch. Get your muddy feet off my dress. I have a date. Now I’ve got to change.
Those damn dogs woke me up all night. I have to goto work. Your dog shit on my carpet.
Help me get the dog. It’s chasing a car. It’s in the neighbors yard barking at 2am. The neighbors cussed me out.
They talk to the animals like humans. Mr shit please get down. That’s the dog that eats shit. There’s a black cat cat.
Mr shit; please quit eating shit.
Here’s a hint. They don’t speak English. However; they do learn that getting in my room makes their nose burn and itch.
Oh Mr shit. What’s wrong. Come see moma mr shit. You wanna go for a ride mr shit.
I love to hear them wonder. You ever notice mr shit doesn’t try to get in his room. I know. He got in my room last night and got in my bed. He stinks. Now my sheets smell like wet dog shit.
I’m not sure how to train the females to quit walking in when I’m nude. Or to get them to wear at least underwear. But I have got the zoo animals under some control.

#crap   #dog   #cat   #rabbit   #gerbil   #fish   #bird   #chicken  

When I was a teenager I was helping a friend of my dads do some work around his house, and one time when I bent over he started feeling my ass. I didn't know what to do, but I immediately got a hard on. I just smiled and let him continue, and before long he was unzipping my jeans and feeling my cock. I reached out and started feeling his and he was hard as a rock. He asked if it was my first time, and of course I said yes, and with that he sat back and guided my head to his crotch. He guided me and told me how to do it. To my surprise he soon started cuming in my mouth. I remember he did warn me first. I just started swallowing and took all of his cum without spilling a drop. That was the start, and I ended up spending the night with him on many occasions. I have been bi ever since.

#bi   #bisexual  

I am a straight young virgin girl learning the art of masturbation. I like to experiment and try different methods I read about. My newest thing is spreading in front of a mirror and seeing how big I can get my clit. I saw some really big ones and want to compare mine. I think I am becoming an addict to masturbation. The process usually starts as being curious and wanting to learn. So I search and read. This is how I found this site. Then the next thing I end up watching different porn. I went to lesbian with the intent of learning my own body better. I try most categories, but I find the lesbian style gets me going the strongest. Women's sex parts are the same but they can look so different in shape, size, color, etc. It opens my imagination and I wonder how my body will change. My boobs are just starting, but I hear they will end up being like my mother's. Now I have even been eating better because I don't want to get fat like her. I am straight, but confused why I get aroused looking at other girls. I confess I have even been looking at my friend differently and wanting to see her nude. We are the same age, but she is more developed and looks a couple of years older than me. I want to touch her and have her touch me. But I do not want to be a lesbian. Am I weird because thoughts of touching get me wet and horny?

#curious   #confession   #straight   #lesbian   #learning   #masturbation   #wet   #nude   #reading   #porn   #horny   #weird   #experimenting   #mirror   #clit  

I want to have sex with the pool boy when my husband is at work. He is built and if the weather is warm he wears silky tight shorts and t-shirt outlining his build. The shorts are wrong the way they show his dong. I fantasize of pulling his shorts down and sucking his cock and before it explodes I climb on and ride. I'm 36 and I'd guess him to be 18, so I know he would like me to give him some lessons.

#fantasy   #lust   #sexy   #built   #milf  

I have a crush on my friend who is a girl (I'm a girl as well.) She has came out to me and said that she is bisexual and I said I am too. I've always liked guys and I think I like girls but I don't know? It's very complicated. We've playfully kissed each other on the cheeks and I don't know what to do. I want to tell her I like her but I think it'll ruin our friendship...

#crush   #love   #lqbtq   #bisexual   #questioning   #friend  

15F. I’ve had a crush on a friend for the whole school year last year. She made me feel so loved and everytime I was around her I would literally shake so much because I was so nervous around her. I really loved her. But this year I changed schools and I still think of the many times She had flirted with me but I misread all of the signals. I regret not telling her my feelings because when I see her Instagram stories she’s posting posts of other girls which makes me feel so.. betrayed??? I don’t really know what I’m feeling honestly.


I knew ever since I was 7 that I liked girls. Now I am 27 and still claims I am straight when in reality I am bi.

The thing with this is, I have a long time boyfriend and I care about him a lot. But there is someone else I love - and the person in a she. I don't have any sexual attraction towards her cause just the thought of her with me at night puts everything off. But what I don't understand is that when I see her with someone else, it hurts. Like a lot. And I would cry.

Lately, I think I am slowly accepting girl on girl sexual relationship but I still cannot do it (maybe not until provoked). I am more of a cuddle person so yeah..

I wish sometimes I could be fair to my bf and come out clean. But I know it would break his heart and I cannot take it. So... yeah. Time and time again, I still cry, at night. Cause it hurts real bad. Sucks to be me.


I am 29, male, married. I'm 5ft. 9in tall, weigh 145lbs, with a 30" waist. Though married I and my wife have both had homosexual experiences in our pasts. I just finished the first week of a three week trip out of town without my wife. I only have about 5 hours a day of work the rest of the time I'm free in a temporary corporate apartment.
I don't know why, but I went to a gay bar and let two guys pick me up and fuck me. First in the parking lot bent over the trunk of the car, then they came back here and fucked me several times. I guess I got a renewed feel for having sex with men, and liked it. The next day I went out and bought some girl underwear, very sexy stuff, along with some lingerie and nighties. I started wearing the stockings/garter, panties and even a bra to the bar and felt so feminine amongst all the hunks there. I let a man take me back to my place and he was very gentle and his huge cock got so hard when he saw me in my undies. I slid my panties down and then lubed up, and laid on the bed. After sucking him for a while he entered me and we both enjoyed about 20 minutes of fucking. After that I went to the toilet to clean up, put on some makeup and sexy lingerie and went back out to the living room where he was watching TV. I sat next to him and he began kissing me, moving my bra to suck my erect nipples. He actually reached down and got my small cock hard and sat astride my lap and guided it into him. I came like never before then he got up, picked me up in his arms and took me to the bedroom where we went for round two. I have been dressing for the whole week, and even bought a couple of mini skirts, and blouses, and hit the bar. I'm really enjoying crossdressing and actual like getting fucked way more than I used to. I know it's dangerous, but I'm allowing myself to become a cum dump for men. I feel like a real woman, letting men use my body for their pleasure. Right now, I am going out to a clothing store, dressed in thigh high stockings, panties, bra, a black mini skirt and white blouse, fully made up, and hair fluffed, blown out and ready. My date from last night is taking me shopping, then to lunch. I guess I'll have to repay him somehow after we get back before he goes back to his wife.

#bi   #crossdress   #gay  

So I'm 15 and I've masturbated since I was 13. It all started when I found out was smut was. I would read specific smut about justin bieber or a band I liked at the time. I was always afriad to stick something up my vagina, so I instead would rub my clit until orgasm. I have a weird kink where I keep my panties on and just rub my clit over my panties until I cum. And cumming for me usually involves me putting on a playlist of all the sexiest songs i know, while my mind is so deep into fantasies about justin bieber fucking my tight wet pussy into tomorrow. Fuck, I need Jesus.

#kink   #panties  

I was 13 and she was 14 when this happened. When my cousin (f) and I (f) were younger (around the age of 7 or 8) we used to watch porn together, I first came across it on my older sisters computer & I ended up showing her (my cousin). As we got older and whenever we visited each other we'd watch and react to it together in private. One day, the door was locked and we were on the bed watching a lesbian porn vid. She suddenly says "I wonder what it would feel like" then I asked her if she wanted to try it and she said yes. Sooo long story short I ate her out.. At a huge family party might I add :/ She's completely straight and I'm bisexual, we don't talk about it but we still watch porn on days that we see each other. I'm now 16 and she's 17. Our families still don't know about anything that we do or have done (aka each other lol)

#bisexual   #young   #curious   #porn   #family  

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