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Exhibition Confessions

Read the best #exhibition confession stories

I just love being but naked in public. I know that as a man this is frowned upon. I often think of what it be like if I was a girl. I think if I was a girl I would definitely be a stripper at a club just so I can be naked all the time.

#naked   #exhibitionism  

I work for a small family business. Last summer, there was a day where only me and my sister in law were working. She was busy updating a computer system. I went to the toilet, removed my underwear, then went back to my desk which is about 10 feet from her desk. She was so involved in her work, she never noticed or heard that I had pulled out my cock, and started stroking. I never expected to keep going but I ended up cumming all over the floor. It is simply one of the most exciting things I've ever done! I have done it again since then but with more distance between us. I hope to do it again on day even closer.

#masturbation   #exhibitionist  

I recently stayed in a hotel and got a first floor room near a little used entrance at the end of a hall. I cracked the curtains about 2 feet and turned on a lamp near the window. I stripped naked and began to watch porn on my iPad. The only persons using the entrance went in and out quickly. Then I saw a young woman in a short skirt walking her dog. She stopped right by my window. I walked over into the light and she saw me. She froze for a minute, and I did too, fully facing her, mostly erect. She slowly turn and walked away, looking back once and saw me masturbating- I shouldn't have done this, but what a rush!

#exhibitionist   #flashing   #masturbating   #exposed  

I'm addicted to exhibitionism. Before my boyfriend I was never compelled to show my body off to strangers outside of a tight dress at the club to attract attention. Soon after dating he asked if I wouldn't wear a bra with my dress as we got ready to go out to dinner. I was hesitant but aim to please. I was shy at first, being sure to have my long hair or sweater cover my unrestrained breasts. After a drink or two and some support from him I loosened up and started to enjoy it. The feeling of my naked breasts being covered ever so subtly with thin fabric in a busy public place was not only freeing but started turning me on.
As time went on I would always go braless with him it was out fun little thing. I began pushing the limits wearing tighter tops that were impossible to hide my protruding nipples. I began to enjoy the looks, and the hit rush it gave me. One time walking home in a short, low cut summer dress, my boyfriend started touching and kissing me on the sidewalk. Right in the open he pulled down my panties and I stepped out of them. I almost came it was so exciting. We decided to take a long route home and with him arm around me would flash a tit or ass or my pussy to passing cars and people behind us. My adrenaline was pumping so hard it made me super wet.
Since then I started to really enjoy for myself, not just for him. Running errands or answering the door wearing practically nothing became a regular source of pleasure. I've gotten rid of most of my underwear.
Just recently I took it to the next level. I work in a shared office and one day wearing only heels and a dress I pulled it up. I started to rub by naked clit. I pulled out my tits so essentially naked except my waist. My office has a glass wall and the thought of anyone passing by in this state made me cum so hard. Now I only masturbate in public. Sometimes on the train, or in a coffee shop, often with people watching. I love finding new ways to expose myself and new places to cum. I even took off my shorts and walked pussy out for a city block, what a rush!

#exhibitionist   #masturbate  

I went to a BBQ turned swimming party. I didn't bring a swimsuit. It's February and know one suggested it. Well they twisted my arm and I ended up swimming in a t-shirt and underwear. It was quite revealing and I was nervous. As I started swimming and playing I became relaxed. I suddenly realized I was performing for a group of gawkers. Most were strangers to me, but as I got aroused and horny I could care less who was staring. I was feeling like a naughty, dirty, little slut. I was hot and horny. Sometimes I wonder if my beauty doesn't shy men away, but not this day. I even recorded some girls inspecting me. I was so engrossed that I totally forgot I came with my boyfriend to his parent's party. Although accidental, that was my first experience transparently exposing myself for all to see. A once in a lifetime event. Now my fantasy is to have each one of them watch me as I sit here in my favorite position, legs apart, touching, rubbing, edgeing ever so slowly to climax. Knowing they will see me cum, increases my pleasure.

#seethrough   #swim   #party   #nasty   #horny   #masturbating   #tease   #sex   #exhibitionist   #fantasy  

My husband has for several years now been stretching me. Both anally and vaginally. He says he likes to loose feel, it's like I've just been gangbanged before he has sex with me. He started recently, this football season making me come in with his friends in the "mancave" and take down my underpants then he puts bottles in me while they watch. I pretty much have half the game with wine bottles, 1 liter water bottles, even champagne bottles inside me. Sometimes I have to masturbate with a bottle in front of him and/or his friends. The friends haven't seen my boobs but have seen me naked from the waist down several times, and see me or my husband put large objects and thick bottles in both lower holes. Last night he had me masturbate and I actually came in front of everyone, squirting everywhere. He then had me keep the bottle in my vagina and I had to take him in my mouth in front of everyone. He came and I was allowed to leave. His friends now say the most crude things when they come over if there is a game or not, and about an hour ago I had to take one to bed with me because my husband told me to do it (he was at work) because he "owed" the guy. The guy had a really big one, very thick and while he was pounding it into my butt he laughed at how big I am in both places. When he came inside me he knew I wasn't on birth control and said he hoped I got pregnant by him, that my husband deserves to raise his kid with what he owed.

On Friday of last week my husband took me out to a park by the river where young teens go to have sex in their cars, and had me strip naked and lay on the hood of the car. Then he put a one liter water bottle inside me and kept me there playing with me for over an hour with clothes pins pinching my really big, pumped up nipples. Probably 20 cars of young teens passed me. I came 3 times with the bottle inside me. Several saw me squirting, and many parked so they could see me while they were screwing in their cars.

He says next weekend he's taking me back to the river and I can't come back in the car or get dressed until I get someone to get out of their car and have sex with me in front of him, and preferably someone who has a girlfriend who is watching him fuck me instead of fucking her.

I've become like his sex slave or something, and I am so embarrassed but don't want to change. I just wish I could do this and not be recognized or have anyone who knows me outside of that part of my life.

#fisting   #public   #exhibitionism  

So at a summer camp I used to go to, there was this weird tradition where boys would knock on the doors of the girls' cabins and have their junk showing when they answered. It was always a hilarious and taboo thing the boys did (no adult knew about it). One time, I told my cabin mates that we should do the same to the boys. They weren't on board with it cause they thought it would be embarrassing, but I eventually convinced them. So after bedtime, we snuck out in our PJs and went to the nearest boys cabin. We knocked and then dropped our pants, so when someone answered, our private parts would be on display. The boys were embarrassed and highly amused when they saw us.

The next day, word spread among the campers about what we'd done, so that night, we decided to do it again to another cabin since we had enjoyed last night so much. So we found another boys cabin and knocked with our pants down. When they answered their pants we're off too. Everyone was embarrassed and delighted at the same time. The one of the boys asked us to come in and we did. That same boy told us he wanted to show us something, and he proceeded to start rubbing his dick. We all laughed and acted like we were covering our eyes, but we all watched as he orgasmed and came on the floor. We all laughed with embarrassed joy. I had never seen a boy cum before, so it was a memorable moment to say the least.

When we got back to our cabin, I told my cabin mates I wanted to try what the boy had done, and I started masturbating on my bed. They refused to watch, and I didn't orgasm, but I really enjoyed it. They all would eventually try masturbation later on that week.

#exhibitionism   #group  

I am 18 year old dutch woman. My boyfriend has 20 years and is very dom. I walked down a street in a town where we were not known. I walked past 2 streets at 13:00 and everyone on the street on market day, I was naked except for his collar that he makes me wear. He then took me behind a small wall in a park in full view of anyone passing. He had sex in me with everyone seeing what a hore I was.

#public   #exhibitionist  

I like to touch myself while I'm near a window. I love the rush of playing with my pussy knowing that people might be able to see me. Today, I got a little bit crazier. I laid out on the deck in my backyard, completely naked, and masturbated. It was exhilarating! I don't know who saw but I don't care. I don't think I've ever squirted so much in my life. It felt SO GOOD to just let myself go like that. (I can't wait to do it again!).

#sex   #masturbation   #exhibitionism  

When I feel horny I like to leave the house with the intention of showing off parts of my body to cute guys. For example things I have done in the last few months include leaving off my bra and wearing a low neckline blouse and bending over to fuss a cute looking guys dog in the park. I know the guy was looking down my blouse and could see my tits and hard nipples. It makes me wet thinking about it. I also like to leave my panties off and wear an above the knee lenth floaty skirt and in a department store walk down stairs when a guy is at the bottom of the stairs and can see up my skirt. I also get on a train and sit opposite a guy on his own. I will pretend to read a magazine and cross and uncross my legs in a short skirt knowing that my panties or lack of panties is on show. I sometimes open my legs and scratch my knee making sure I move my knee upwards so my groin is on show. All the while I pretend I am engrossed in my magazine. I got myself off in the train rest room last month , really juicy orgasm in my panties and then showed my wet panties, in the way described, to a guy opposite sat on his own. The fact that i had chosen thin white ones to wear it must have been obvious that I was very wet.

#fetish   #exhibitionist  

I am a long time exhibitionist. I love to show my cock whenever I can. I love to stroke while in the car and always hope a lady in a tall vehicle will pull up next to me at a stop light. It’s happened a few times. Lots of people have seen me cock “accidentally”. Or so they thought. More confessions to cum!

#cock   #exhibition   #flashing   #nmcf  

I love driving around with my tits out, that feeling you get when you know somebody saw you... My pussy is wet just thinking about it.

Today I was driving and this old man saw my tits, his mouth dropped, and his head turned as I drove past. I hope he thinks of me as he jacks off. I just got done soaking my sheets thinking about him.

Currently sitting on my porch with my legs spread wide, getting some cold fresh air.

#exhibitionism   #flashing   #tits   #pussy  

I really like jerking off for girls, I've added random people on Snapchat just to do it, seems better with strangers.

#jerk   #snapchat   #exhibitionist   #wank  

I female friend of mine always asks me to give her money and I usually do. She wanted twenty bucks the other day and I said she had to show me her tits. She laughed and said I wasn't going to see her tits for twenty bucks. She said to give her the twenty bucks and take all of my clothes off in front of her. That's what I did. Not sure how that got turned around but it was fun.

#sissy   #exhibitionist   #voyeur   #nude  

I had my first real girlfriend when I was 14. When we made out I would take all my clothes off and would stay naked as long as possible. I got turned on walking around in front of her and she liked it too, although she never once took off more than her top. We would go to her house after school because her parents both worked and I would strip for her. She invited me over one Saturday evening telling me her parents would be away. When I got there she had some friends over and I wasn't sure what was going on until she told me they knew, she had told them and now they wanted to see. The teasing was nuts and it made me horny enough to do it. I went upstairs to my girlfriends bedroom, she came with me and as nervous as I was she was equally encouraging. I still remember the feeling of walking out from the bedroom going down the hall and getting to the top of the stairs. Too nervous to be hard I started going down and could hear their excitement when they saw me. I knew which step would let them see I had no underwear on and the squealing when I landed on it was insane, I was so horny. It wasn't long before I was hard and eventually I masturbated for them. After that I regularly stripped for her friends, who by the way were my classmates too. 

#exhibitionist   #nude   #masturbate   #girlfriend  

I am a young woman, tall, thin waist, long legs, and large natural tits. I am somewhat of a naturist I guess, I'm naked as much as I can be. I like being exposed in public. Just wearing a see through too small for me sundress gives me so much joy or an off the shoulder loose crop top so you can see under-boob or see down the top when I go shopping. I let the elderly man next door see my naked all the time. Just by walking outside around the yard. I buy tank top s and bikini's too small for me so they just sort of fall off by bursting. I love short skirts, like so short they barely cover my ass. I just can't help it. I once wore a see through blouse with no bra or camisal underneath with a one of my very short skirts to a local carnival. In the spring, when it was my prom, the dress I wore would have probably been banned at most school proms... and it fell off on the dance floor.

#flashing   #exhibitionism  

My naked confession... a few years ago, I was in an acquaintance's apartment in Toronto. A few young guys were there too.
I admit, I was smoking crack. Which makes me want to get naked. Which I did, so a bit later, I, middle aged guy, was walking around completely naked hitting the pipe, to these guys' astonishment. This was very cool, I thought.
They asked for some. I said "no, it's only for naked people".
It took them a while... but these two guys, late teens, early twenties, undressed completely, and a bit later we were all naked, getting high. They were embarrassed. At least one erection was seen.

#naked   #drugs   #exhibitionism   #voyeurism  

I am a divorced mom of two. And I have to get something out of my chest.

About two yrs. ago, I discovered that my then husband was having an affair with a coworker from the office he works for.

As angry as I was, I found the way of keep my head cold. I turned the blind eye for about a year while getting evidence of his actions, so I could build a strong case against him in the court so, I did.

A year went by and he acted very surprised when confronted with the evidence my lawyer presented to him. He knew he had no choice but to sign the papers.
Two weeks later after he moved out of the house, I threw a party to celebrate my long awaited divorce.

I work for a big company with medium to small branches all over the city (Monterrey, Mexico) which specializes in selling construction and builders materials.

Every branch has a secretary and two male workers. The big branches have two secretaries and up to four workers. where I work it's just me and two guys.

I would be lying if I said I've been an angel. Every now and then I would accept an invitation from my coworkers to have a drink and some kissing and fondling had happened when we were drunk but that was all. Never had sex with them even thou there's mutual attraction; much less an affair.

So I threw this party to celebrate and of course; friends, family and coworkers were invited.

Everything was so great, plenty of music, beer, tequila, carne asada and above all, happiness and laughter.

It was around 1 am that the first guesses started leaving so I told my then 6 & 8 y/o kids to go to bed, and by 2 am every family member and friends were gone. But back at the patio my two coworkers were still drinking and listening to music so I joined. We danced some more and at some point, I started to feel dizzy. I'm not a tequila drinker but I was so happy that I had a few shots while dancing.

All I remember from that moment on, is my coworkers helping me undress in my bedroom.

The next morning I was awaked by my sons moving my shoulder and slapping my face. MOM WE ARE HUNGRY!!!

Well it was still morning.11:40am

I opened my eyes and raised my upper body a little just to find out I was completely nude in the middle of my also completely nude coworkers who were still snoring.

I told my sons get out of the room... I have to get dressed.

As soon as they walked out I awaked both of the guys so they could get dressed and leave.

Feeling my anus a little sensitive, I jumped in the shower not before I took a pee and relieved my guts in what appeared to be a mix of liquid and foamy substance without the smell of... well you know what I mean.

"It must be the tequila"... I said to myself

That day was what appeared to me an endless Sunday. I was avoiding almost all day to approach the subject with my sons but, they were in a funny mood with awkward faces and attitudes all day long so by dinner time I had to finally ask them.

Roberto was watching!!! one immediately told on his brother.

Yeah but you too!!! replied Ricardo the youngest.


What those men were doing to you!

OMG! I didn't know what to tell them so I changed the subject and send them to sleep with the excuse of their early school tomorrow.

The next morning I walked into the store. Pedro and Raul (my coworkers) were there already.

So I asked them both... what the hell happened that night?

Raul very nervous asked me... you don't remember? nothing?

I said... of course not! otherwise I wouldn't be asking!

They told me that I was like in a trance, yelling at them to fuck the shit out of me. Pedro was going to start while Raul was going to wait outside the room but I told him not to. I was already undressed so they undressed as well and started to fuck me both at the same time.

And then what?... I asked

Well you wanted to have anal sex.

And?... I asked again

We gave you a beer enema

Omg!... I started to laugh. You did???

So you went to the restroom and then came back and we both had anal sex and all kinds of sex with you.

Ok...I said. That's pretty much some kinky night but still pretty normal don't you think?

At that point they looked each other to the eyes.

Ok OK... now what???... I asked

"Well... we told you your sons were peeping because the door was open and you told us to let them watch"

Omg!... I said that?

"Yes. not only that but you told them to get closer so they could see better"

And what did they do?... I asked

"Well they were there watching the show at the edge of the bed the rest of the night"

And that was it right?

"Ok you asked for another beer enema before sending your sons to sleep and we went to sleep as well"

I was in a shock but at the same time somehow felt a little aroused by the thought of me being capable of doing such things.

Not surprisingly, days later my sons asked me when was I going to throw another party.

We've done it four more times without the need of a large party, just tequila and beer. Just the three of us and of course those two who wouldn't miss the show.

#divorced   #bad   #mom   #exhibitionist  

I am 55yrs old, a little plump after having 5 kids, but not too bad. I have big boobs and they are still pretty firm. I have black and gray hair on my crotch. Before my husband died he was my only cock, I've had 12 cocks since, that's been over a period of 3 years, and I had lesbian sex at 13 to 16, and a few times during my marriage. I have a lesbian steady lover now who is only 40. Ever since I was a teen I have been showing my privates, my ass and my boobs to people out in public. No one would guess or even think I've done that but I do. I started when I was 13 and have been doing it ever since. Now I very rarely go totally naked in a park or parking lot, but I do sit with no panties and have my skirt up. I let my skirt or dress blow in the wind and get caught on all kinds of things so that I accidentally show myself in public. I have no idea why I do it, I even pee in public when I can. Through the years I've made sure my sons friends who hung around the house all saw me naked as much as possible, even the pool boy, and a few of the youngsters we've hired to mow the lawn through the years have all seen me. I really enjoy it.


I have been dating my boyfriend who is 20 for two years. I am now 16 and we have a great relationship. He has gotten me into a particular thing that I have really started to like. First, he won't let me trim or shave my pubic region. He likes me all natural, though I do shave my armpits and legs. I like to walk naked in public for him whenever I can. It started small as early as when I was 14 and we just started fucking, I would always keep off my panties whenever I saw him (except when I had my period, then even that after he made me start wearing tampons). He would lift my skirts up in the car, or pull out my breasts in the car. Sometimes in a restaurant he'd have me hike up my dress or skirt to let the waiters look. Even going to the store, or on a parking lot he'd have me lift my skirt or pull out my boobs to walk around. Now he has me walk in various public places totally naked. Usually places where others will be sure to see. I've strolled naked on the beach (not a nude one) in the early evening, parking lots at popular stores, and the biggest tourist street in our town. I only wear a collar when I do this. I really have started liking showing myself to others.


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